10 Best Insoles for Knee Pain Relief (Reviewed in 2023)

The best insoles for knee pain relief are insoles that shift body weight from the knee areas to other parts of the leg.

This is because knee pain is commonly caused by repeated stress on the knee from too much stress on the cartilage therein.

Insoles for knee pain relief Features
Dr. Scholl’s Knee Pain Relief Orthotic Insole Best pain-relieving insole for knee
Comfysole Knocked Knee/Bow Leg Insole Best bow leg insole for knee pain
Profoot Runner’s Knee Orthotic Insole Best runner’s insole
Scholl Orthotic Knee To Heel Insole Best knee to heel insole
Jumpow Wedge Silicon Insole Best silicon insole
X-Muscle Insole Best breathable insole for knee pain relief
WalkFit Leg And Knee Relief Insole Best insole for improved stability
Superthotics Knee And Back Pain Insole Best knee insole for improved stability
EasyFeet Orthotic Insole Best insole for improper foot balance
Powerstep Pinnacle Insole Best insole for comfort

This often leads to inflammation of the joint of the knee. So, it is only logical that stress should be diverted from that area if the problem of knee pain must be solved.

This is why I have come up with the best insoles for knee pain relief to help you.

But how does stress divert from the knee?

It is by the use of insoles that can help to gear your motion in a way that would tell more on your hip and thighs, and other leg parts without sole pressure concentration on your knees – this is a form of even weight distribution.

Below are some of the insoles that have been designed to function in that regard. Make your choice.

1. Dr. Scholl’s Knee Pain Relief Orthotic Insole

Best Insoles for Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain mostly emanates from the accumulation of the effect several times of knee shock when the pressure hits on that area.

But this Dr. Scholl’s insole solves this problem because it is designed with the shock-absorbing technology that absorbs pain-causing shock, thereby preventing such pain from traveling up to your knee level.

Another cause of knee pain is a torn meniscus. It usually results at times that you bend and twist your knees as a result of bad shoe traction and improper balance.

This becomes impossible with Dr. Scholl’s insole as there is arch support and a deep heel cup that works for heel and toe stability.

The knee meniscus is two C-shaped cartilage pieces that serve as a form of cushioning between your thigh bone and your shinbone.

So, it only takes a reinforced type of insoles like this type with insole padding in the ball-of-the-foot and the arch to help for even bodyweight transition and pressure distribution to make sure that these C-shaped cartilage pieces align better and function well.

2. Comfysole Knocked Knee/Bow Leg Insole

Best Insoles for Knee Pain Relief

While most knee pains result from stressed knees due to complex activities and pressure on our knees, some people have to deal with this pain as the endoskeletal structure of their lower limbs (leg bones) are, by genetic reason, not balanced.

What do they do to correct this?

Some of them opt for surgery (which is not always successful) while others use insoles like this type to correct their gait and maintain good gait by driving pressure to other leg parts.

How does this happen?

Because the pains experienced by these sets of persons come from the fact that their feet are either turned inward or outward, this insole is built in the form of a wedge to either cover for inward lopsided foot balance or outward lopsided one.

The pairs are switchable to suffice for either knocked knee or bow leg wedge. Perfect!

This way, there is balance and even weight distribution. You do not have to worry much about the size — they can be trimmed to fit.

They are only available in just a single universal size that matches the feet of most adults.

3. Profoot Runner’s Knee Orthotic Insole

Best Insoles for Knee Pain Relief

The patella (knee cap) is one area that most people fail to pay attention to because they feel knee problems can only come directly from the knee joints. But this is not always true.

And why is that so?

It is because there are cases where the kneecap gets shifted resulting from misalignment. This can cause pains too, leading to difficulty when you are grinding, running, walking, climbing the stairs, or simply standing.

But this profoot insole can help ease your knee pains and bring them to a halt.  It depends on how strict you adhere to the guide on how to use it.

How can you use the profoot insole to ease knee pain?

When you insert the Profoot insole, make sure to walk as naturally as possible. There is a Gel shock support at the heel area to help you bring as minimal shock as possible during your bearing and carriage.

It is made of thermoplastic polyurethane which is soft and cool to slash down the possibility of further knee damage.

Unlike other insoles designed with outdated patterns, the Profoot insole is made based on revolutionary construction.

This means it has gone through tides of changes and improvements on past insole technology to surely deliver value as it features the Vita-foam technology.

And it is extremely lightweight. It relieves pains, absorbs shock, and takes the hit just so that your knee won’t have to.

4. Scholl Orthotic Knee To Heel Insole

Best Insoles for Knee Pain Relief

The pressure on the knee that leads to pain doesn’t just start from there. It mostly starts from the problem on the ankle down to the heel. The misalignment there results in the imbalance that gets to the knee.

This means an insole that can balance the pressure from the heel to the knee is the ideal choice. Well, here you have it. Scholl Knee to heel Insole does it.

How does this Scholl Insole solve the knee problem?

It solves this by stabilization, pressure distribution, shock absorption, and a good measure of comfort that will allow you to walk in your best natural gait possible.

First, it brings stability to your feet’ position thereby improving your gait. Secondly, it has a gel material and a medium arch type that make sure bodyweight is distributed on all foot parts without much variation.

Thirdly, it has a motion control structure with soft material that helps to absorb shock.

The great thing about this insole is its versatility. It fits different shoe and foot types. Although, when you insert it in your shoe at first, it would feel odd. But soon enough, they’ll become comfortable.

There are instances where they get thin and go flat after a few uses. This can only happen when you do not buy from verified distributors. There are fake ones too.

5. Jumpow Wedge Silicon Insole

Best Insoles for Knee Pain Relief

This is one of the few insoles that can offer you unrivaled quality because it is stuffed with great features that makes it function in multiple regards. To start with, it comes with dual wedge features – at the lateral and medial heel sides.

This way, there is good control on the hindfoot and forefoot such that there is no rolling out to cause knee pain. This brings excellent balance.

Why this brings comfort to feet with almost zero difficulties is because of the Silicon material with which it is produced. It’s soft and foot-friendly. Easily adapt to most foot types. Cool, breathable, and soft.

This insole has a moderate thickness that prevents the feet from rubbing and sliding, thereby keeping your feet in one place.

The result of this is that it brings alignment between the heel and the knee, and this improves posture and relieves knee pain.

One size of this insole can fit different shoe types. It is pretty easy to adapt. It is a cool supination insole. If however, this pair happens to lose the stickiness, you can take it off and clean it with warm water.

It would regain its original outside sticky nature in no distant time.

6. X-Muscle Insole

Best Insoles for Knee Pain Relief

This insole is made with EUDE foam. It is a smart speed-responsive material for feet protection. The insole allows for an adaptive fit and offers full foot support.

Hence, it is soothing and prevents knee pain, and also reduces foot fatigue. It has a moisture-wearing feature with a deep heel cup that gives balance.

Its unique design that gives support to the arch also adds to posture adjustment and correction of foot shape.

The fabric used for this design is the graphene compound. (the graphene compound is the thinnest known compound, and has about just an atom of thickness, which accounts for lightweight). It is pretty breathable and works for odor removal.

You can trust the quality too because the brand has been certified by REACH and CPSIA.

7. WalkFit Leg And Knee Relief Insole

Best Insoles for Knee Pain Relief

This is an innovative Orthotic Insole brand that offers you real value. Here you get three complete sets of customized insoles in three different forms; high, medium, and low.

This is so that you can get a perfect fitting. They are finely crafted with durable and sturdy copolymer resin.

Over time, they have proven to reduce thigh, leg, knee, and back pain. It cradles up the feet for increased stability.

The gel pad in the heel works greatly for cushioning and distributes weight evenly across all the feet components to ensure your heel does not roll.

8. Superthotics Knee And Back Pain Insole

Best Insoles for Knee Pain Relief

This is a unique biodynamic balance technology insole type that is designed to ease knee pains and relieve stress by striking a balance between your feet and knee as it positively alters the way that your feel gets to the ground.

It helps to maintain stability and brings comfort. Other foot-related issues that it solves range from; bunion, plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, tendonitis, and a host of others.

The high-tech polymer material of this design enables it to bring proper body and foot alignment.

It features a cushioned Bio-lock type of heel cup that makes it easy for stability between the ankle and the heel.

This way there is minimal shock and increased support to your ball of the foot and metatarsal. This is so that impact is shared equally on different parts of the foot.

The advantage this insole has over others is that it is of patented technology that suffices for many related foot problems.

9. EasyFeet Orthotic Insole

Best Insoles for Knee Pain Relief

It has been reported that there are instances too where knee problems result from common foot problems like foot fatigue, plantar fasciitis, improper foot balance, and all. How does this happen?

When people experience foot pain, they usually cannot contain it within themselves. Hence, in an effort to manage it, the pain tempers with their steps as they try to shift body weight from those affected parts which usually end up on their knees.

This means, to relieve knee pains, foot pains must be brought to a halt first. The designers of this EasyFit insole understands this to have infused certain quality features like;

High arch support; minimizes pains in the arch and brings comfort.

Antipronation reinforcement biochemical technology; this feature delivers shock absorbency because the air capsules and the gel forefoot promote cushioning.

Deep heel cradle; This feature comes with in-built heel support that helps the foot bones to stay vertical and balanced to aid stability.

This insole is designed with a cushioning layer of the TPU material and a polyurethane foam base – these make for a top-notch comfort that keeps you going all day.

10. Powerstep Pinnacle insole

Best Insoles for Knee Pain Relief

The powerstep Pinnacle Insole is designed to help bring relief to two core areas; the knee and the heel. However, it also works for other foot parts like the ankle, the arch, and for the neutralization of foot fatigue.

It is built with a dual cushioning layer that works for support, comfort, and balance. This increases motion stability and reduces excess foot stress.

When all of these are in place, the knee is faced with minimal burden. And the stress and pressure that the knee is saddled with becoming reduced, thereby increasing knee strength and improving gait.

The Powerstep Pinnacle insole is indeed the ideal choice when it comes to the diversion of knee pressure.

It is a podiatrist-recommended insole that has proven its worth over time with an excellent track record. It has the approval of the American podiatrists association.

It is firm, yet it offers flexible support. A fine blend of quality and comfort. To get the best fit, you are advised to take out the existing insole before inserting this one. This is one reliable insole that you can always trust.


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