10 Best Vibram Shoes for Flat Feet (in 2023)

I have flat feet and for about one and a half years that I have been wearing Vibram shoes, I have noticed tremendous changes.

I slowly eased myself into these shoes and now I can walk longer and even run without feeling pain. Safe to say my feet have never felt as good as this in a long time!

Best Vibram Shoes for Flat Feet

I am therefore making this list of the best 10 Vibram shoes that I am sure will help you with your flat feet.

  1. Vibram V-Trek Hiking Shoe
  2. Vibram V-Trek Trail Running Shoe
  3. Vibram KSO Hiking Shoe
  4. Vibram V-Alpha Shoe
  5. Vibram V2.0 Trail Running Shoe
  6. Vibram V-Alpha Black Hiking Shoe
  7. Vibram Trek Insulated Shoe
  8. Vibram V-Run Running Shoe
  9. Vibram KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe
  10. Vibram Bikila EVO

Vibram V-Trek Hiking Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Flat Feet

This shoe is one of my favorite Vibram shoes because it impressed me more than I expected.

I see it as the best Vibram shoe because of how it was constructed. This shoe possesses great strength and comfort that surprised me greatly.

As someone suffering from flat feet, I loved this shoe because it has a thick midsole that is very supportive of my arch. The rubber used for the outsole adds extra quality to this shoe.

The thick midsole and rubber outsole allowed me to walk on any kind of surface without feeling any pain whatsoever. I confidently wear this shoe because it ensures that my feet are comfortable and protected at all times.

The Vibram V-Trek Hiking Shoe possesses great traction, so whether you are walking on a wet surface or even on a rock, your safety is guaranteed. This shoe provides one of the strongest grips you can ever get from a shoe.

Made of a comfortable and stretchy component, this shoe is sure to adjust to the size and shape of your feet and also provide the necessary support wherever you may need it.

Vibram V-Trek Trail Running Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Flat Feet

This shoe is in the same category as the Vibram V-Trek Hiking shoe, although this one seems to be more suited to women and ladies. Also, there are a few differences between them.

With this shoe, you never have to worry about your flat feet anymore because of the polyurethane midsole. This midsole ensures that you get optimum comfort and support.

It is very thick and adequately supports the arch of your feet. The level of comfort present in this shoe means that you will not be feeling any pain in your heel or arch.

Just like the Vibram V-Trek Hiking shoe, this shoe also has its outsole made of rubber. The rubber material that is used to make this outsole is actually really durable and provides great traction on any kind of surface.

It does not matter how slippery or rough the road surface you are walking on may be, this shoe will be giving your feet an excellent grip.

Not only is this shoe great for flat feet, but it also offers protection to your ankle. This shoe is constructed with strong, grippy materials that offer hold and support to your ankle.

You will find this shoe to offer a lot of solutions to different types of foot problems.

Vibram KSO Hiking Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Flat Feet

If hiking barefoot is a hobby for you but you hate how uncomfortable it is because you have flat feet, then this shoe from Vibram is the best buy for you.

This shoe was made with different high-quality materials that make it one of the best hiking footwear out there.

The major materials used for this shoe are synthetic and textile, and both of these materials contribute to making this shoe sturdy and very comfortable.

This five fingers shoe helped me to reduce leg injuries and pains associated with flat feet whenever I am hiking.

I am able to spend more time on my feet and do my favorite activities without worrying about any pain or potential injury. In terms of safety and support, this shoe ranks very high.

The sole of this shoe is not made of rubber alone, but also polyamide and hypalon.

Forget the names of these complex chemical compounds, what they simply do is that they ensure the sole of the shoe is very flexible, supportive, and of superior quality.

These are necessary qualities because they are what your feet need.

The shoe comes in a range of sizes, specifically sizes 6.5 to 13. No matter how wide your foot is, there is a size for you.

Vibram V-Alpha Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Flat Feet

Walking barefoot can be an uncomfortable task when you are dealing with flat feet, that is why the V-Alpha is a great shoe.

It is a shoe that gives a barefoot feeling and it is fitted with the right features that ensure that you feel no pain while walking.

The major materials used to make this shoe are wool and polyester, and they help in making the shoe sturdy and comfortable. It also comes with a synthetic sole that is flexible and of high quality.

The breathability of the shoe is one you will enjoy because it will keep your feet dry and very healthy.

Your flat feet issues will be reduced when you wear this shoe. It has a 2mm foam on the insole that makes the shoe very comfortable. This foam also works as a cushion against stones, rocks, and other kinds of surfaces.

As you are dealing with pains from having flat feet, you sure do not want to add pains from hitting your legs against hard materials.

This is a shoe you can trust when walking on slippery grounds because it has a rubber outsole that provides an extra-strong grip.

As you walk or run, this shoe ensures that you get enough traction on the road.

Vibram V2.0 Trail Running Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Flat Feet

This has to be the shoe that looks good the most from the Vibram brand.

Unlike the other shoes mentioned in this list, the Vibram V2.0 Trail Running Shoe is made of mesh and synthetic materials.

The unique construction and makeup of this shoe, however, do not get in the way of the comfort and durability you will get from wearing this shoe.

Considering the features fitted in this shoe and the materials used in the making of this shoe – which includes a 3D cocoon technology – you can expect this shoe to be flexible and provide great stability to your feet.

This shoe adequately protects your feet when walking by proving superb traction on any kind of surface.

Whether it is wet, dry, or rough, you can be confident that the 3.7mm mega grip fitted in the sole of this shoe will protect you and keep you on your feet.

While this shoe may come in nice colors and designs, it may actually require you to break it in. The shoe offers great help in dealing with your flat feet so you can, of course, be patient for a few days to break into it.

Vibram V-Alpha Black Hiking Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Flat Feet

The Vibram Women’s V-Alpha Black Hiking Shoe comes with the same features as the Men’s V-Alpha model.

This shoe is made with full textile and the combination of synthetic and rubber ranks it high amongst shoes with great design.

This upper part of this shoe is well ventilated and has great breathability which helps in ensuring that it dries fast and does not retain odors.

As someone dealing with flat feet, you will find this shoe very comfortable because it is fitted with a 2mm foam that provides excellent comfort and cushioning.

This shoe is very soft and provides strong support which helps in reducing the pain you might be feeling in your heel or arch.

Furthermore, this shoe possesses great durability and flexibility, so if you are looking for a shoe that can stand the test of time and still look good while at it, this is it.

This shoe comes with a grippy sole that lets you walk through or on any kind of surface without any fear for your safety.

Whether it is rainy or snowy, you are sure that the sole of this shoe will keep you securely on your feet.

Vibram Trek Insulated Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Flat Feet

This is a shoe I love particularly because, of all the Vibram shoes I have worn, this is the one that fitted me best.

This is the best Vibram shoe to wear during winter because it is made of a polyester material that makes it very breathable, comfortable, and warm.

The shoe is built with materials that offer a warm feeling to your feet when you wear it during cold weather conditions.

The level of warmth you will experience in this shoe can not be overemphasized. Basically, no matter how low the temperature is, your feet will not feel cold at all.

Your flat feet can be easily handled with this shoe because it comes with a soft and durable rubber sole.

This rubber sole is so soft that it ensures that you do not feel any pain whatsoever in your heel or arch as you walk around in the shoe.

I mentioned that this shoe is great during winter, yeah? Well, you should also know that the shoe comes with an IceTrek technology that ensures that you have a strong grip while walking on an icy surface.

So, not only does the shoe prevent your feet from feeling cold during winter, it also prevents you from slipping on the snow.

Vibram V-Run Running Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Flat Feet

If you are looking for the best shoes to wear on your flat feet then you should not look further than the lightweight and durable Vibram V-Run Running shoe.

This shoe has the best lightweight design you will ever find in footwear. However, despite its lightweight design, this shoe does a great job of strengthening your feet which allows you to take long walks and even run faster without feeling any pain.

This is an ideal shoe to wear if you are suffering from flat feet because the shoe has a midsole that offers the best cushioning and durability that supports your feet.

The midsole of this shoe makes your feet very comfortable and absorbs all kinds of shock thereby ensuring that the muscles in your feet are not stressed and the flat feet are easily fixed.

You can wear this shoe when you want to do intense workouts or even athletic activities because it is made of a smooth fabric that provides you with the best comfort.

It is as well made with materials that make the shoe very breathable so your feet get sufficient ventilation as you engage in high-energy activities.

Vibram KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Flat Feet

This is another great minimalist shoe from Vibram to wear on your flat feet. Asides from the good support it provides to flat feet, I particularly love this shoe for how it can be worn in wet and slippery conditions.

This shoe provides strong and reliable traction on any kind of terrain, no matter how technical it is. The stability and support you will get from this shoe will make you feel confident wearing it.

This shoe may be minimalist in design and makeup but you will be shocked to find that it is stocked with amazing features that guarantee your comfort.

For example, this shoe comes with a padded tongue and a speed lacing close-up system that are there to protect your feet.

Like most minimalist shoes, the Vibram KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe is very light and is made with breathable materials which makes it airy.

All these simply mean that your feet will feel very comfortable in it because it is not heavy to carry and your feet will also get sufficient ventilation.

This is a shoe that will surely treat your feet right.

Vibram Bikila EVO

Best Vibram Shoes for Flat Feet

Last but not least on this recommendation list is the Bikila EVO shoe from Vibram. The multicolored shoe comes in a really beautiful design and styling that is appealing to the eyes and feet.

This shoe is a perfect representation of Vibram’s dedication to creating minimalist shoes that provide the best support and comfort.

Fitted with a VI-Lite material, this lightweight shoe provides excellent shock absorption and cushioning from hard or unsafe surfaces.

The midsole of this shoe is very soft and ensures that the arch of your feet receives all the support it can get. It also comes with an XS Run that provides maximum stability as you walk around.

The XS Run material also helps in ensuring that your feet have better and stronger contact with the ground without you feeling uncomfortable.

This shoe is one you can wear on any kind of terrain because it comes fitted with a rubber outsole that is very reliable and provides excellent traction on all kinds of surfaces.

The grip this shoe has on the floor will keep you on your feet at all times.


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