11 Best Metatarsus Adductus Shoes for Adults (2023 Reviewed)

What shoes are worth being called best shoes for metatarsus adductus?

Here is a sneak peek of my top 11 metatarsus shoes for adults and kids:

Best Metatarsus Adductus Shoes for Adults

S/N Name of shoe Ranking Rating (1–5)
1 Jointly Creating Women Non-slip Shoes Best overall 4/5
2 Vive Post-Op Shoe Best orthopedic shoe for metatarsus adductus 4/5
3 Braceability closed-Toe Medical Walking Best closed-toe medical walking shoe for metatarsus adductus 3/5
4 Orthofeet Proven And Footpain Relief Best orthofeet sneakers for metatarsus adductus 4/5
5 Orthopedic Kids Afo Shoe Best Orthopedic sneakers for metatarsus adductus 4/5
6 Women’s Comfortable Working Nurse Shoe Best metatarsus adductus with good arch support 4/5
7 Hoke One Men’s Bundi 6 Running shoe Best running shoe for metatarsus adductus 4/5
8 Braceability Ortho Wedge Forefoot Best wedge shoe for metatarsus adductus 4/5
9 Memo Michael Orthopedic Afo Leather Sandal Best corrective sandal for metatarsus adductus 4/5
10 ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op shoe

Post-Op Shoe for metatarsus adductus

11 Post-Op Shoe For Broken Toe Lightweight Best non-slip rubber sole shoe 4/5

First off, there’s the possibility of your noticing a child whose feet, instead of being turned outwards, get turned onwards.

One of the common culprits of this is the foot problem called the metatarsus adductus (MTA).

It has always been advised that parents should take proactive measures when it comes to MTA.

This is because research has proven that this said foot problem has always been combated with minimal difficulty when tackled early enough.

Here are what you should know about what every good shoe for metatarsus adductus should have

  1. It should have a feature that has a soft collar with a double density that should protect a metatarsus adductus patient’s feet from crushing.
  2. The shoe should feature an ultra-modern technology that has an outsole designed to cushion such a patient’s feet uneasiness or pang, which may result in further weakening of the joint, ligament, or muscles of the ankle region.

The idea of the aforementioned qualities we stated above that every good metatarsus adductus shoe should have, is dug from the foundation of the basis that they should control the extent of bodyweight-induced escalation, provide balance and halt the damage.

Jointly Creating Women Non-slip Shoes

Best Metatarsus Adductus Shoes for Adults

This is one of the best sports shoes for people, especially women with metatarsal adductus as it tackles some of their core problems with its ultra-modern technology features. Some of which are;

Lightweight: No patient of the said foot problem should be saddled with the burden of having to use a shoe that is heavy. This is why this shoe is made with ultra-weight technology to help you take every step with glide.

Breathable lining: The breathable lining feature and the tender cushioned insole help aid ease and guide the feet and proper positioning of the heel by a hollow carved technology pattern.

This gives support and makes this shoe just perfect for people who suffer from metatarsus adductus to find it easy during gym hours, standing, running, jogging, and standing.

The upper also helps blood and air to better circulate and comes with an option that protects the toes area and an outsole that helps with foot balance and arc support.


  • Breathable lining
  • Hollow carved technology
  • Proper air and blood circulation
  • Toe area protection
  • Lightweight
  • Arc support
  • Heel support

Vive Post-Op Shoe

Best Metatarsus Adductus Shoes for Adults

This Vive post-up shoe is a universal shoe that can be used by men or women. This shoe gives exceptional protection and support, especially after surgery and majorly for people with metatarsal adductus.

Its tread is non-skid, which makes provision for extra stability. A kind of stability that comes from the carefully designed insole.

One of its main features is its rigid rocker sole that is big on arc support and pain relief which also brings minimal pressure on the heel and the forefoot.

This Vive post-up shoe is very lightweight and is designed with a large square toe box that stands as a bumper that protects your toes and makes provision for extra room where bandages could also fit in after metatarsus adductus surgery.

Also, know that this is an adjustable shoe for the right and left foot. It is for a secure and safe fit.

It has a dual-strap feature that makes it easy for mid-foot support and exceptional cushioning where comfort is at maximum just perfect enough for sensitive feet.


  • Non-slip
  • It’s universal
  • Good on arc support
  • Exceptional cushioning
  • Non-skid


  • It’s quite expensive

Braceability closed-Toe Medical Walking Shoe

Best Metatarsus Adductus Shoes for Adults

We also discovered that braceability closed-toe medical walking shoe is one of the best shoes for persons with metatarsal adductus because of its postoperative protection, unmatched quality, and versatility that makes it suitable for fibreglass cast, bulky dressing, and metatarsus adductus feet.

If you’re undergoing treatment of metatarsus adductus, it is only logical that you guide and protect your feet during the healing process.

This shoe stands out as it suffices for varieties of conditions that range from 5th metatarsal break, bunions, hammertoes, fractured toe, heel fracture, and even Morton’s neuroma.

It also features a square toe design that comes with a protective buffer that guides your toe from stubbing and makes provision for a better fit for both left and right feet.

And to add, this breathability closed-toe medical walking shoe has a low heel style that delivers ease when working for longer hours.


  • Breathable
  • Good fit
  • Good heel support
  • Helps for different foot problems
  • Protective buffer
  • Suffices for both feet

Orthofeet Proven And Footpain Relief

Best Metatarsus Adductus Shoes for Adults

The orthofeet proven heel and foot pain relief comes with pillow-like support that eases pain.

The pillow-like support enhances comfort on the heel and foot, and even all the way up to the knee to help Persons with metatarsus adductus with a good measure of therapeutic massage-like feeling.

This Orthofeet orthotic shoe provides one of the best shoe solutions. This is because its sole is very lightweight and has an ergonomic design that brings about high-level balance.

Another core reason why most people with metatarsal adductus love these shoes is its distinct insole that has multiple cushioning layers that work greatly in maintaining superior comfort.

It also has software uppers and a very smooth interior lining and added foam-like padding which are great for sensitive feet. It is even regarded by experts as one of the best shoes for neuropathy.

Not to forget its wide toe box, quite a roomfy one that guarantees a non-binding fit in a way that makes it just perfect for easing pressure and maintenance of stability of all feet parts.


  • Good for pain relief
  • Multiple cushioning layers
  • Non-binding fit
  • It is roomfy
  • High-level balance

Orthopedic Kids Afo Shoe

Best Metatarsus Adductus Shoes for Adults

Toddlers’ feet are very tender. This is why Afo shoes are designed to provide added cushioning to their feet. Its outsole is elastic to accommodate varying feet of kids with metatarsus adductus.

This outsole has a shallow artificial physiological pattern that evenly distributes the weight on all parts of the musculoskeletal system.

Unlike other shoes that pay little or no credence to shock absorption, the Afo shoe is designed with a shock-proof system that helps to soften the blow around the heel area.

You should know that your toddlers’ feet are still being formed, as such, they still increase in size. The bones especially.

It is imperative to make provision for good support that will allow the feet to grow in a proper way.

This is the main reason this Afo shoe pattern ensures that there are stiff slides inserted to give arc support and prevents your toddler’s feet such that it doesn’t slant outwards or rotate inwards.

And to keep your toddler’s skin safe so that there’s no chafing during long hour use, in the backdrop, there are soft edges that help for this.

The Afo shoe is so endowed that the material from which it is made is 100% leather. As long as the fact is concerned—high-grade leather and great reflective elements.

Just so that the heel is kept in the right position to bring stability to the ankle when walking, the shoe features a high heel that has an extended inner wing that guides from possible fall.

The instep is built to cripple flat foot growth and bring about a proper foot and posture development.


  • Shock-proof
  • Great reflective elements
  • Soft edges
  • Great Arc support
  • Good instep

Women’s Comfortable Working Nurse Shoe

Best Metatarsus Adductus Shoes for Adults

The women comfortable working Nurse Shoes is one of the best in our collections of bests shoes for metatarsus adductus.

Interestingly, it comes with an adjustable closure that a patient can use to her taste – to either make the shoe loosely fit or tight, just according to the intensity of the metatarsus adductus problem of varying degrees of individual patients.

The fasteners traps it comes with are relatively wide such that they enhance the shoe’s versatility for both flat and wide feet.

It is one perfect shoe for women with metatarsus adductus because of its elastic hollow and wide round toe breath cloth and a super out knitted upper that just keeps the feet comfortable and in place.

What makes it ideal for this cause is its Air-cushioned sole that makes for good arch support.

One of the good ways to remedy flabby legs, which has its problem intertwined with that of persons having metatarsus adductus, is wearing this shoe as they make the feet swing back to firmness in all confidence.

Apart from tackling the problem of metatarsus adductus, this shoe also helps in working for long hours standing.

This is because of its cushioned heel and the outsole that doubles shock absorption. The upper is made of a mesh design, textile one and it is quite flexible and breathable that keeps the feet moderately dry.

A cool shoe, both on orthopedic relief and for style.


  • Adjustable closure
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Orthopedic relief
  • Super out knit upper

Hoke One Men’s Bundi 6 Running shoe

Best Metatarsus Adductus Shoes for Adults

The Hoke One Men’s Bundi 6 Running shoe features a removable insole that can be replaced with other options like memory foam insole so it can have an increased shock-absorbing capacity during use. Especially after metatarsus adductus surgery.

The shoe’s wide shoe vamp too is equally very important as it plays a pivotal role towards bettering balance.

It is one of the best running shoes for metatarsus adductus patients because of its exceptional mid-foot support on the arc.

Apart from this shoe being conducive for cold and warm weather after-surgery metatarsus sucks, it has an Artificial turf, it is non-slip and features an upper fabric that is big on weakening moisture that helps in keeping the feet moderately dry and cool all day long.


  • Mid-foot support
  • Removable insole
  • Shock-absorbing capacity
  • Non-slip
  • It has moisture-weakening agents


  • Not very breathable

Braceability Ortho Wedge Forefoot

Best Metatarsus Adductus Shoes for Adults

The next shoe on our list is the braceability Ortho Wedge Forefoot.

This is among one of the best shoes for metatarsus adductus because it has a special feature of 15-degree angle dorsi bottom that forces one, when walking, to shift the weight to the heel.

This leads to reduced pressure on the forefoot, and in turn, speeds up the healing process of a metatarsus adductus patient.

It also has a square toe pattern, quite spacious, that helps to deliver maximum comfort and serves as guide and also as a proactive bumper to protect the feet from further damage.

This design pattern also accommodates swelling and bandaging because of its adjustable fastener straps, medical-grade ones, thus, bringing ease to people with several feet problems.

Its insole is the orthopedic foam type that gives better shock-proof property, cushioning and support to the heel.

Apart from that, this Ortho wedge shoe can be adjusted quite easily and is accompanied by a quality extender tab.

Again, the shoe is designed with a natural alignment pattern that allows it to be compatible with both the right and the left foot.


  • Great heel support
  • Reduces pressure on Forefoot
  • Can be worn on either feet
  • Quality extender tab

Memo Michael Corrective Orthopedic Leather Sandal

Best Metatarsus Adductus Shoes for Adults

Ninth on our list is the Memo Michael  Orthopedic High-Top Afo Leather Sandal as one of the best shoes for metatarsus adductus included in our reviews today. It is one of the best classic-style European shoes.

It adapts to the child’s foot because it’s made of nubuck leather and natural material soft grain.

Some of the most common postural defects is the montage technology as recognized by specialists from which this shoe was made.

Diagnostically, this shoe functions with a monitoring system that is placed inside of the memo sole.

Another importance of this shoe is the maximization of foot comfort because of the goatskin from which the inside of the shoe is made, which is just great for a child’s feet.

This shoe breathes perfectly and doesn’t allow the foot to sweat because of the natural moisture absorbance characteristics of the material from which it’s made.

Aside from helping to speed up the healing process, another cool thing about this shoe is its ability to also correct existing foot complaints.

And this is made easy by some parts of the memo systems which include some set of inserts with an in-built Thomas heel that makes it have the correction character.

We were able to discover that It’s very suitable for children according to the recommendation of specialist medical practitioners.

This shoe is built with a V-tech montage technology and is big on adequate insole positioning during the process of the shoe’s montage.

And to say the least, it still has a heel stiff characteristic and a hilly upper that helps in the betterment of feet growth.

Here are some other key features this shoe has:

  • Adequately attached to the foot structure is soft leather made of natural materials.
  • The collar cripples the possibility of chafing and prevents pressure owing to the fact that it is made with soft foam.
  • The sole is elastic and very lightweight. It also has a physiological shape and is pretty wide around the toe area.


  • Moisture absorbent
  • Good pressure prevention
  • Corrects existing foot complaints
  • Very comfortable

ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op shoe

Best Metatarsus Adductus Shoes for Adults

The next in line on our today’s review for best metatarsus adductus shoes is the ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op shoe.

It is a perfect blend of style and a speedy healing process. Its rocker sole is rigid and allows for easy ambulation and also great pressure reduction on all types of sensitive feet resulting from varying feet aches.

The ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op shoe was deemed fit to be among our reviews for best metatarsus adductus shoes because of its unique features. They are:

Ability to fit universally; such that it can either be worn on the left or the right foot.

Ability to keep your foot in an excellent position aided by its high ankle strap.

It makes provision of stable protection and helps the toes remain moderately dry and makes sure that dressing is kept immaculate.

What could give your feet the best comfort they deserve if not an additional room and a square toe design that should serve as a bumper? Looking for a shoe with all of these? You got it here.


  • Universal fit
  • High ankle strap
  • Helps for the speedy recovery process

Post-Op Shoe For Broken Toe Lightweight

Best Metatarsus Adductus Shoes for Adults

The last shoe on our review on best shoe for metatarsus adductus is the Post-Op shoe For Broken Toe Lightweight.

And it is best for this cause because of its non-slip rubber sole that can suffice for varying grounds.

It is worthy to note that its producers specialises in producing medical orthopedics, knee orthoses, ankle orthoses, fracture walker boots and other shoes that works just perfectly for metatarsus adductus patients.

However, in the production of this very shoe, it was designed with a movable and adjustable loop and hook that allows for large height adjustment.

This could fit feet of different feet sizes and function well for both feet that are recovering from metatarsus adductus surgery and ones covered with bandages during the post-surgery period.

It is cool to note that it comes with a 15-degree Ortho wedge force that compels one to have his/her weight rested on the heels.

Such that there is reduced pain and pressure on the forefoot area after surgery or at instances when pains results from diabetic foot ulcer, metatarsal fracture, and other sensitive foot problems.

And here are the simple ways to use it:

  • You are advised to choose your relief shoes, as it applies to the location of your injury so you can cut off the excess traps when you’re done wearing them.
  • We recommend strongly that you use foot length to be the standard for choosing the size, this is to ensure accuracy of size selection.
  • When you need to walk, make sure to offload the areas with foot metatarsal and fractured toe.
  • The front design is round and fashioned in a way that allows it to play an excellent protective role. The fact that it has an ankle girdle cripples the possibility of having the heel slide and eliminates other hidden dangers, bringing comfort and cushioning such that there’s an awesome user experience.


  • Non-slip
  • Height adjustable
  • Excellent girdle

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