Why Do Crocs Have 13 Holes?

There’s a thing about the exactness of design styles if it relates to numbers, especially on multiple products that plant curiosity to our minds.

This brings us to this question; why do Crocs have 13 holes in them? What could the holes possibly be for? Perhaps the designers had reasons.

Why Do Crocs Have 13 Holes

Not only will the article explain in clear terms the reasons therein, but also, will highlight and give detailed and noteworthy effects of these holes; the advantages, disadvantages and tips on how to spot fake Crocs.

A similar thing as noticed between Crocs and clogs are their shapes and the holes at both the top and bottom of their sides. This allows for airflow, movement of water or any foreign object out of the shoe.

And this interestingly adds to the decoration of the shoe. Many people have the tendencies of having their feet sweating when they put on footwear; some at minimal, while others profusely.

As such, this calls for the need of having a shoe with good airflow. Having sweaty feet proceeds to have smelly feet. To avoid this, Crocs will help in no small way.

Here are some other reasons why Crocs have 13 holes in them

  • For the free movement of foreign objects stuck to leave the Crocs
  • For easy movement of water out of the shoe
  • The 13 holes show the Crocs to be an original
  • For easy ventilation of the feet

For the purpose of allowing free movement of foreign objects to go out of the shoe

We cannot disregard the annoyance that comes with small objects like tiny stones and other handy objects when they find their way into our shoes and the discomfort and restlessness they bring.

With Crocs, they find their way quite easily afterwards.

For easy movement of water out of the shoe

There are times that water finds its way into your Crocs, maybe when it rains or during walking time at the beach.

But with Crocs, seamlessly, the accumulated water will find its way out.

The 13 holes show the Crocs to be an original

These holes also point out the originality of Crocs. Though Crocs’ originality is not solely dependent on the number of holes they have, but also, the material from which they’re made.

Original Crocs are made of a material called Croslite which is a resin, it’s neither rubber nor plastic.

While it is true that Crocs provide people that wear them with proper ventilation and easy access to moving out of foreign objects and water from the shoe, there are people who find these holes uncomfortable.

For easy ventilation of the feet

The holes in Crocs also makes allowance for ventilation in the clogs. The holes allow for the easy movement of air in and out of the shoe which eventually soothes your feet.

Do all Crocs have the same holes?

The holes and whack-a-mole surface of Crocs are the core things that gives it its distinct look.

However, there has been an unending argument about the number of holes in Crocs; if they are the same.

Yes, original Crocs have the same number of holes in them and could, in most cases, be used as a determinant factor for knowing the authenticity of a Crocs product.

Other factors one can use to know whether or not a Crocs is fake includes:


One thing that every Crocs show model has is its own bar code. If there’s a similarity between a Crocs shoe model and another, then it is surely a knockoff.


There are specific selected colours that are available for the Crocs shoe model, if a certain colour doesn’t sync with the ones in www.crocs.com, then it’s definitely a fake one.


When compared to what is printed on the sole, you’ll realise that fake Crocs are often smaller.


Original Crocs are made from the Croslite material which gives them special qualities like; slip-resistant, lightweight and durable.

One key observable thing to know about counterfeit Crocs is the fact that it’s made with rubber. This ends up making it heavy and can be slippery when in contact with a wet surface.

Also, from the quality and finishing of the shoe, you could tell whether or not it’s fake.

To be on the safer side when purchasing Crocs shoes, it is advised that you buy them from official Crocs sale events, Crocs concept stores, official Crocs outlets and only authorized retailers.


You could easily spot an embossed Duke logo at the footbed. There are also two other things that an authentic Crocs should have; six even bump at the back and the eyes of a duke showing.

You’d also notice that the fourth bump that lies at the back is noticeably bigger than the rest.

The Duke’s both hand also shows, just like he’s holding a box from the edge, but with just three fingers.

Circulation nubs

There are circulation nubs that make Crocs shoes comfortable and ergonomic, Crocs pride itself on these. Counterfeit Crocs shoes has pseudo circulation nubs that give no ergonomic feel.

Do all Crocs have the same size holes in them?

The Crocs has its holes punctured in a uniform pattern that makes them look cool while beautifully sitting on the Crocs head.

Yes, all Crocs have the same size holes, hence the perfect fitting into them by Jibbitz whose sizes are all the same. The diameter which is exactly 8mm is just perfect.

Obviously, having different diameters of holes in the same Crocs will create some kind of irregularities that will defeat the purpose for which they were made.

However, some users have reasons to makes the expansion of those holes using different types of equipment to suit whatever reason.

Some are for larger air passage, further beautification of the shoe, need for bigger Jibbitz charms holes and other reasons.

Nonetheless, these are cool so long as the users get value and are satisfied with the product purchased.

What are the things that go into the holes of Crocs?

  • Jibbitz charms
  • Water
  • Air
  • Tiny stones

The Crocs’ shoe model is designed in such a way that makes it quite comfy and spacious where need be for maximizing its sweet feel during use.

One of the strategic methods to create a better user experience by the manufacturers as seen are the holes that sit beautifully on it.

However, there are certain things that go into these holes, most of which are;

Jibbitz charms

Jibbitz charms are those funny little objects like images, characters, letters created by Crocs and pinned into the holes of the Crocs shoes to create a fun, and trendy feel to the Crocs shoes.

As soon as you snap your Jibbitz charms into your Crocs classic clogs, they can stay for as long as 24-72 hours without getting out of the holes.

This gives the trendy vibe to the owner and wearer of the Crocs clogs.


On rainy seasons, especially on days of heavy downpours, one could get drenched and get heavily soaked, which in the process could even lead to “athlete foot.”

But this doesn’t apply to someone wearing Crocs as the holes within allows for an easy escape from excess water in times like this.

During a beach walk too, at your leisure, there’s no better shoe that will suffice at the aforementioned instances.

Tiny stones and sand particles

You must have, on many occasions experience situations where you somehow find sand particles inside your shoes.

This comes with a whole lot of discomfort as they keep pricking your foot. They sometimes cause injuries.

A sweet thing about Crocs is how it allows these particles to get out with so much ease and bring a better user experience.


The human metabolism – the complete set of chemical reactions that occurs in humans varies from person to person.

This leads to how we react to food, how we sweat and lots of other things. While others sweat at a minimal rate, others sweat profusely, from face down to feet.

Sweating body part, if not very well exposed to good enough air, precedes foul smell.

This is one core problem that the holes in Crocs have successfully eliminated as they allow for easy air passage.

How many Jibbitz can fit into a Crocs?

Technically, a total of 26 Jibbitz can fit into a Crocs pair. But it is advised to just put a few of them as too much of it will defeat the purpose of beautifying the shoe.

You know Crocs are very versatile. They are popular shoes too. There are only a few ways you could customize your Crocs shoes.

The fact that there’s growing acceptability of Crocs in most social situations is great. This has made many people look for other ways in making them even better by adopting Crocs Jibbitz charms.

These Jibbitz charms range from party animals to movie characters and some other unscripted popular notions like “black lives matters”, “gays are humans too” and whatnot.

Jibbitz can go for both adults and kids as it boils down to individual desires.

But looking at the holes in Crocs shoes, one may want to ask, how many Jibbitz can go into a Crocs shoe. And why?

How many Jibbitz can fit into a Crocs shoe is totally dependent on how many holes there are in a Crocs pair of shoes as each Jibbitz is supposed to fit perfectly into a hole and beautiful lay atop the shoe.

Are there Crocs without holes?

Yes, there are. Examples are the Crocs unisex adult men and women and Crocs women specialist clog, Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II clog, amongst others.

With concerns coming from people of different disciplines, some of which are made vulnerable to ills when wearing Crocs, the shoe company has readjusted its product designs in a way to accommodate them.

New Crocs are now made. Most of which are made with thicker protection layers.

These sets are made with the company’s patented proprietary closed resin.

In a written statement, Crocs said there has been raised of concerns on medical practitioners; doctors, nurses and midwives, and others too.

The concern was raised on the possibility of their getting injured if needles or other instruments fall through the holes on Crocs.

There is this worry about the uncertainty if Crocs generates static electricity which could lead to a possible knock out of medical equipment.

It was reported that earlier this year, a ban was placed on Crocs by Rapid City regional hospital in its dress code.

Here are Crocs without holes that were made to defeat susceptibility to possible ills.

Crocs unisex adult men and women

Why Do Crocs Have 13 Holes


  • Fit: true to size
  • Fabric type: synthetic
  • Sole material: Ethylene-vinyl acetate


This product was designed with chefs, nurses, doctors, and hand workers because of its thick construction and toe protection from spills.

It gives a massage-like experience because of its contoured footbed which increases arc support and could be used during long working hours.

Crocs women specialist clog

Why Do Crocs Have 13 Holes


  • Fit: true to size
  • Sole material: synthetic
  • Outer material: leather


This product is made with a slip-resistant tread that protects you from falling and makes you gear up for the grind.

And to protect your feet from spills, it has an enclosed toe and heel meet workplace.

It is also easy to clean water as mild soap helps to do the magic easily where a quick-dry follows almost immediately.

This is good for medical practitioners, it leaves no space for holes that could result in easy injury.

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