Do Crocs Make Your Feet Sweat?

The non-porous material with which the Crocs is made enables your feet to sweat more, and not only that, it also traps the sweat in the shoes and makes your feet and the Crocs slippery.

To find a way to counteract the sweaty feet, Crocs added holes to allow air into your legs and dry up the sweat.

Pretty impressive, right?

Crocs are the super comfortable footwear that people love to hate, a lot of people would agree to the fact that crocs do make your feet sweat. That fact is true. While I have not personally experienced sweaty feet while wearing crocs, it happens as a norm.

This can be due to the fact that the number of sweat glands produced by the feet differs from person to person and most people naturally have more sweaty feet. 

So, do not exhibit disbelief when your friend does not experience sweaty feet while you do when putting on crocs.

Why do crocs make your feet sweat? – Further explanation

We have established that most people have more sweaty feet than normal and thus can contribute to your feet sweating in crocs.

But that is not the case for some people that have normal feet but still experience their feet sweating whilst wearing crocs.

  • Crocs are made from a rubber-like material ( it’s called Croslite) and the material is nonporous (something can not escape).
  • When you put on crocs, you are encasing your feet in a rubber box especially if you own the solid crocs.
  • Rubber does not breathe (nonporous) so everything would be hot and your sweat would become trapped and can not escape.
  • This will make everything feel wet and can lead to odor if the sweat sticks to rubber.

Wearing a sock might help to reduce your feet from smelling but Most times, no matter how you wear socks with them, the rubber that the crocs are made of can still make your feet smell really bad.

Keep in mind that the crocs with holes are very breathable and they are not as bad.

What do you do when crocs make your feet sweat?

Crocs do make feet smell and this can be caused as discussed above by the material of the crocs, your feet, or even hygiene.

So, if you encounter sweaty feet from wearing crocs, we all know that this can lead to odor so the best way to prevent this odor is to keep your feet from smelling.

Below are a few things to try when crocs make your feet sweat

Wear socks

A few people would disagree and say this method does not work but it does. A reason for their disagreement is due to the fact that they are not using the right socks to combat this.

I noticed that socks made of polyester do not breathe as much as socks made with wool and polyester socks tend to make your feet smell more especially when combined with shoes that do not breath.

Always carry an extra pair of socks to change when you go out wearing crocs

Wash your crocs and feet

This seems easy right, but it is actually neglected a lot of times. Wash your crocs regularly, bleach is recommended for use. Also, wash your feet most times during the days especially on hot days.

Spray deodorant

Yes, you read right, it works to prevent sweaty feet. You can also use an anti fungal cream

How do you prevent crocs from making your feet sweat?

Small fact, our feet have more sweat glands per inch than any other place on our body. Below are some of the proven ways to reduce your sweat production and prevent crocs from making your feet sweat.

Do not wear very tight crocs

Thus is a no no for someone that enjoys comfortability and no sweaty feet. This is because crocs that are too tight are not comfortable and very tight crocs would increase the probability of your feet getting sloshy and sweaty when worn.

Wear crocs that leave space for your feet to wiggle as tight ones will restrict air flow and increase the temperature between your feet.

Apply foot powder

Talc free powder or deodorant help to absorb moisture away from your feet, there is plenty at home remedies you can yet as an alternative such as the cornstarch and baking soda powerful combo

Use antiperspirant

This is highly needed and effective if you have chronically sweaty feet. You can buy an antiperspirant and apply it all between your legs toes, feet soles, and in your crocs too. Antiperspirants block sweat glands and stop your feet from becoming sweaty in the first place

Drink a lot of water

It is easy to forget to keep hydrated especially when it is hot outside or summertime and your body sweat more. Always drink a reasonable amount of water a day to stay hydrated

How to make crocs comfortable

I like wearing crocs but one time I purchased a pair of crocs and they were just too tight, I could not return them too. Here are few things that worked for me and I have found to make crocs more comfortable

Using the dryer to loosen them

  • Put them in your dryer along with towels to uniformly diffuse the warmth. I recommend to leave them for three minutes on end and continuously check it
  • Remove the crocs from the dryer while they are still hot and flexible. Put on thick socks, slip your crocs in and stroll around for five minutes  to expand them while they chill
  • If they happen to still be tight when you remove the socks, put them back in the dryer for three more minutes. If they get too free, toss them back to contract them.
  • This method worked out for me in making the crocs more comfortable

Another way to achieve this result is by placing the croc in a pot of boiling water for less than a minute and immediately wearing them for a while once you can bear the temperature of them outside the water. This would remold the crocs to your feet.

Crocs that don’t make your feet wet 

There is a wide range of crocs out there and with their differences, their functions range too. I have listed out three of my top picks of crocs that do not make your feet wet

Crocs men’s and women’s bistro clog

Unlike the usual crocs, the crocs are closed, do not have holes in them, are waterproof, and do not make your foot wet at all. These crocs are the perfect combination of comfortability and efficiency.

The closed design is perfect especially for preventing your feet from any kind of spills or getting wet. This pair of crocs were made differently, I have never slipped while wearing them and they were made especially for those that work in hot wet, and slippery places like restaurants, etc. 

I have tried different types of crocs and in terms of waterproof, reliability, ease to clean, and affordability, this particular crocs is one of my top picks.

While most would agree that they are ugly and they do not breathe at all, my feet have never hurt while wearing them. If you need a very slip-resistant waterproof shoe that will protect your toes, these crocs are perfect.

As most people have said about crocs, they are not made for elegance but practicality and they serve well for that purpose. These crocs are much better suited for indoor uses, for example, work areas.

Crocs unisex adult specialist li clog

These crocs are excellent for outdoor work. The normal crocs I own have holes down the side and on the top which gives you wet feet even just walking on damp grass, this pair of crocs solved that problem for me.

In addition to preventing your feet from getting wet, they also have deep heels which are better for securing the foot in the shoe and preventing wet socks.

I tested these crocs by wearing them nonstop for a week and these crocs hold up remarkably well when exposed to hard use. For people that still feel crocs are ugly and obnoxious, the specialist is the sleekest most normal-looking of all crocs from the way it is built.

These crocs are suitable for outdoor activities like camping, gardening, dog walking and so much more have noticed that the ankle opening is smaller on this model and it not only further reduces the amount of dust that gets inside, but it decreases spillage and flopping as you walk.

Crocs women’s specialist clog work shoes

These are comfortable to wear standing all day, they do not have vents so liquids do not get in easily thereby safeguarding your feet from getting wet. While wearing these crocs, my feet slip in easily and there is a good amount of space for my feet.

Due to their design and the fact that they do not possess vents, they can make your feet sweat more than usual but this is not a huge deal for most people. overall, Your feet will be happy when wearing these crocs.

FAQs on Crocs

Are crocs good or bad for a sweaty foot?

The answer to these questions varies depending on the type of crocs and also hygiene. if proper preventive measures are not carried out, crocs can be bad for sweaty feet.

This is due to the rubber present in crocs that can increase your feet’ sweat and can also lead to your feet stinking. Also, blisters may form if you walk for a very long distance with crocs.

Overall just make sure to wash your feet and reduce your sweaty feet before putting on crocs. Also, make sure your crocs are not too tight and that they are properly ventilated.

Why do people dislike crocs?

People dislike crocs for so many reasons which I will be sharing below

  • They believe Crocs is not fashionable

Crocs do not fit the traditional criteria for fashionable shoes. To most people, they do not look anywhere aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

  • Most people do not find crocs comfortable

There are people for example women who frequently wear heels or people that require more ankle support who do not find crocs comfortable in any way thereby despising them.

This is because, for people that wear heels regularly, it is not uncommon that they would reach a point where their Achilles ligaments would shorten thereby walking in flat shoes which is dangerous and cause serious injury.

While those that need more ankle or foot support may sometimes have collapsed ankles or week knees.

  • Crocs are costly

Most people think that original crocs are way too overpriced which is true. Though the knock-offs are affordable, the original ones are still expensive for a shoe molded out of rubber-like material.

  • They think it is ugly and people look childish and stupid wearing them

The majority of people call them ugly shoes and call them the tackiest sloppiness fashion trend in history. Crocs are believed to be uncool by people that dislike them, most people even call them duck shoes or clown shoes.

The dislikes also come from their utter and complete disregard for style, or indeed attractiveness

  • People wearing crocs are usually labeled as slackers

Since crocs are the all-time comfort shoe made out of rubber, people mostly group them under the category of shoes that should never be worn out because they are not fashionable in any sense, and wearing them means you are very lazy.

  • The hate on crocs has become a trend

You know how in high school where a particular thing was labeled cool or uncool by a majority of people and how every other person agreed because they wanted to fir, blend in, and not be called the weirdo.

That is what is happening with crocs. While most people have reasonable reasons for disliking crocs, the other majority simply just hate it because it has become a trend to do so.


Crocs are suited in design for a large proportion Of people worldwide but there is also a natural division between them and those people who have reason to dislike them (some more legitimate than others).

Crocs regardless of their look or price are good comfy shoes that can be worn in the right way for even people with sweaty feet. They frame your natural foot instead of covering them and a good way to just let your feet breathe.

Most people talk about how they slip while wearing crocs but that has not been experienced by me and a majority of people.

So overall, everyone’s needs and taste are different and all I would say is that you do what suits you.

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