Crocs Nubs Hurt – What Can I Do?

Crocs nubs hurt you because of what it is being made of and the position it is being made which is in the inside sole of the Crocs and this makes it uncomfortable or painful for you.

The nubs are like little pins sticking to your toes and underfoot. At first wear, you may feel comfortable and they may possibly hurt you if you have foot issues like bruises or plantar fasciitis.

Before we get into the details, here is a sneak peek of what you can do when the Crocs nubs hurt you.

  • Wear thick socks
  • Apply oil on the nubs
  • You can also use paper tape
  • Pour powder on the surface of your Crocs
  • Break in your Crocs

Crocs nubs can also hurt the feet because of how it has been made in the inside sole of the Crocs which makes it look or act like a sharp object in the Crocs. This is why it is not advisable for those who suffer from painful aches, bruises on the heels, or plantar fasciitis to wear them.

Crocs Nubs Hurt - What Can I Do?

It feels like little pins sticking in my toes and are very uncomfortable. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you take care of it?

The nub is made like a bump in the footbed, funny enough people who are yet to purchase the Crocs shoe read the review from the people who have already purchased the Crocs and feel scared when they read them and they would end up not purchasing the Crocs because they do not want to go through the same pain.

After purchasing a shoe like Crocs, you would want to know a few things about it. Most of the time these questions are being asked before the shoe is being purchased like where it can be worn, what it can be used to do, and all.

The questions that are asked after it is being purchased are questions like ‘why Crocs nubs hurt?’ crocs nubs hurt the feet because the Crocs do not secure the nubs adequately. This makes the Crocs feel uncomfortable while it has been worn a few times.

The Crocs are a rubbery clog with beautiful designs and they have nubs that are built to make the Crocs comfortable and ergonomic and the nubs are located in the footbed below the Crocs.

The Crocs can also be worn for different occasions and different weather conditions depending on the type you purchase. Some of them have portholes while some do not.  Those with portholes allow ventilation into the Crocs while those without portholes comply with perspiration in the feet.

The most common issue people have with Crocs is the nub. People complain about the nub in the Crocs hurting them and ask for help on what to do to stop or prevent the nub from hurting them.

What can you do to stop Crocs nubs from hurting you?

Crocs Nubs Hurt - What Can I Do?

Who opens up about a problem and feels happy without getting a solution to the problem? Definitely, no one would feel happy without getting a solution to his or her problems. In this article, I would tell you what you can do to stop Crocs nubs from hurting you.

Do not panic, what you would have to do or get is not something so difficult. To stop the Crocs nubs from hurting you, you just have to put on;

Wear thick socks

When you put on socks while wearing your Crocs, the nubs would flatten out little by little and it would also make the crocs comfortable for you to wear.

Plus a lot of reviews from different sites showed that, when some people wear socks, it makes the Crocs comfortable for them.

Most people enjoy their Crocs while putting on socks but if you put on the socks and you do not like your Crocs with them, you can just wear the socks for a few days while wearing your Crocs and after a few days or weeks, you can stop wearing your socks with the Crocs. We’d assume that the nubs would have flattened out a bit by then.

Apply oil on them

This is another way for you to stop the Crocs nubs from hurting you. Although a lot of people haven’t tried using this technique because they feel comfortable when they wear socks with their Crocs, this alternative is for those who still do not feel comfortable after wearing socks.

Apply oils like coconut oil, vegetable oil, etc to the part where it hurts and after a few days of applying the oil, the nub would have become less abrasive which should make your Crocs comfortable for you.

If you feel scared or concerned about the color of the leather of your Crocs, you can purchase and make use of a leather conditioning oil instead of the oils I mentioned earlier.

Use paper tape

Paper tape can also be used to stop the Crocs nubs from hurting you. Apply the paper tape to the area that is hurting you, this should also make the nubs less abrasive.

What can you do to prevent Crocs nubs from hurting you?

Prevention is better than cure is the normal saying of the folks. This saying also applies to everything and anything you choose to use. Whatever would hurt you and would make you start treating the pain, you should try to prevent them or abstain from those things.

Back to the question “what can you do to prevent Crocs nubs from hurting you?†there are things you can do to prevent Crocs nubs from hurting you and I would be mentioning them below.

Warm your crocs

n terms of warming your Crocs, you have to put on socks. Putting on thick socks would prevent the Crocs nubs from hurting you. You can also make use of an appliance like a hairdryer to heat up the part that hurts you for about 30- 40seconds.

Try to put on your socks with your Crocs and walk around with them when they are still warm. When you notice that they are not warm again, put off the socks and try your Crocs without them, they should feel comfortable now.

Mold them up

Wear your Crocs and put them in a bucket filled with water. When they are well damp, bring them out and wipe the water off a little with a towel but leave them wet and try to walk around with your Crocs while they are wet.

You would notice that whenever you wear your Crocs while it is raining, you wouldn’t feel any pain. This is because the water helps to reduce or prevent the nubs in your Crocs from being abrasive.

Make use of oil

I already mentioned this earlier, applying oil to the part where you feel the nub makes it less abrasive. Apply the oil available in your home to the part and after a few days when you no longer feel the pain, you can stop applying the oil and if you think adding those oils would reduce the leather quality, you can purchase a leather oil and make use of it.

Trim them

You can make use of a shoe trimmer to trim away the numb but this might make you like the Crocs anymore. Although most people from the reviews I read, trimmed away the nubs and felt okay with it while some didn’t like the look of Crocs anymore. So it is not advisable to trim away the nub.

Why do Crocs have nubs?

When you see something you do not understand on what you purchase, you would surely want to know why it is there and what the main purpose is, and that goes to the nubs that are in the footbed of the Crocs.

So “why do Crocs have nubs?” Crocs have nubs to stimulate and soothe healthy feet. They also have nubs to create a circulation of blood flow around the feet for better movement.

This nub allows you to make use of the Crocs during the rainy season, it doesn’t make it slippery like all other rubbery clogs that have been made. It also creates shock absorption with no irritation in the feet as though this makes some people so uncomfortable that they want to cut or trim the nubs away.

I discovered from a few reviews that the Crocs have nubs because they act as a soft comfortable bed for the balancing of the Crocs. for a lot of you that do not know which part of the Crocs is called the nub, I would briefly describe the nub for you.

When you purchase your Crocs, the footbed of the crocs at the back of the Crocs is where the nub is. It looks like something that is swollen on the feet but it is made in a beautiful way.

Do all Crocs have nubs?

Yes, all Crocs have nubs but not in the same position and not in the same shape that is why you see different types in different types of Crocs in different shapes and styles. Sounds great right?

Yeah, I can tell. Like I said, each Crocs has a different shape of its own nubs and what is used for. The nubs are called circulation nubs by the manufacturer and the work or mission of the circulation nub in Crocs is to make it comfortable and ergonomic.

Some fake Crocs also have nubs but it doesn’t make the Crocs comfortable and it doesn’t have the ergonomic feeling in it. Original Crocs must have a distinct nub that you have to feel below the foot sole.

Which Crocs have nubs?

In this article, I would be listing the Crocs that have nubs below and I would be telling you what they do.

Endeavor Crocs

The Endeavor Crocs have nubs and this has no portholes like the rest of the other Crocs plus it makes it suitable for a few weather conditions. The absence of portholes in the toe area results in the compilation of perspiration.

This makes it unhealthy for a person with skin sensitivities and so it cannot be used for someone who is just recovering from foot surgery. These Crocs are stiffer, which does not flex easily on the upper.

The circulation nubs here serve as a stimulating product to healthy feet.

Crocs Reflex

The Crocs RX Reflex are motion Crocs and the nubs that are present in these Crocs are prominent and stiffer in the footbed and they give no heel protection.

These Crocs are good for people with diabetic foot conditions plus they have a protective toe cap that keeps your toe from hurting and also heels that would prevent you from sliding during the rainy season plus they also reduces or eliminate friction.

Which Crocs do not have nubs?

After my research on this question, I found just one Crocs that doesn’t have nubs, and this Crocs was designed for men.

Crocs men’s Kaleb Loafer

These Crocs are casual slip-on and they are very comfortable with canvas uppers. You can also put on these Crocs at the seaside because of the comfort you would gain from it.

They are also lightweight and from the reviews on amazon, these Crocs ranked 4.1 out of 5, isn’t that great? Of Course, it is.


Crocs Nubs Hurt - What Can I Do?

Crocs is a rubbery clog that is beautifully designed for men and women, even girls and boys. It can be worn everywhere, anywhere, and anytime.

Most people who do sport wear the Crocs while they play their favorite sport and while some even wear the crocs for fashion because it has different colors plus different designs.

The thing that makes people stop wearing Crocs is because of the pain they feel when they wear the Crocs and the pain is from the nub that is in the footbed of the Crocs.

In the article, I stated you can put on socks to make the nub less abrasive and I also listed some other things that you can do that stop the pain.

I hope all the steps I listed above and other things would be of help to you. Kindly put down your comments and suggestions in the comment section below.

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