9 Reasons Why a lot of Fake Crocs are Out There

The reason why you can have a lot of fakes out there for any product is first of all the purpose that product serves. No normal person would prefer a product that won’t serve them.

When you want to buy a pair of Crocs, you consider why you need them, how much you do you have to buy the original Crocs amongst other reasons.

Reasons Why a lot of Fake Crocs are Out There
The Amoji Clog: A replica of the original Crocs

These feelings and human desires have made smart people manufacture and sell replicates of these products to the public at usually a lesser and considerable price.

The reasons why there are a lot of fake Crocs out there is the basis of our discussion and we will dive right into looking at them straight away.

  1. High demand for Crocs
  2. Sales flow
  3. Price
  4. Unavailability of real crocs
  5. The frenzy to have a pair of clogs
  6. Simplicity of design
  7. Durability
  8. Getting away with infringements
  9. Ignorance of the real Crocs qualities 

High demand for Crocs

Due to the simplicity and durability of crocs, it has not just won the place of a work from home shoes but has become the most desirable pair of footwear, from the period of the 2020 pandemic to the present day.

This has placed it on the spot for the most desired and must-have pair of shoes.

Almost every human sees the value of crocs and may want to get them.

This high desire for it has made a room or given manufacturers the audacity to reproduce pirated copies of this product.

This is because they may believe that the Crocs company is not able to reach out to so many people that may want to have a pair of crocs shoes.

Also, reasons for the manufacture of fakes can be based on the lack of reach on the part of Crocs to some interior parts of a country or state.

A lot of people have seen, heard, and read so much about these Crocs that they now want to have a pair too.

This feeling leads to several inquiries on where, how, and when one can lay their hands on Crocs.

Smart and business-oriented manufacturers around that environment or even far away that get to know about the demands of the public on Crocs would make possible arrangements to supply them a fake pair that looks very much like the original.

Even a business-oriented person could find the solution to the high demands by simply connecting with a manufacturer of fake Crocs to supply the public in need.

Sales flow

If I need a pair of Crocs and on going to a store, I can’t find a real one but a fake one, I’d just buy it.

This is because I wouldn’t even take time to identify the fakeness of it. I just want a pair of crocs.

As long as it serves me and can give me value for my money, I would simply just buy it without caring to know about its originality.

The inability of the Crocs company to expand their sales reach despite the high demand is one reason we have a lot of fake Crocs out there.

Another thing, imagine that you replicate a product, throw it out into the market for public consumption and in the next week, you get a lot of wholesalers calling and asking for more of your products, I bet a thousand that your thoughts are to produce more.

This will only mean that your product seems to serve more like or even better than the real product in a way.

So, you will definitely be encouraged to now mass-produce more of your fake Crocs into the market which will, as a result, earn you more money.


Let’s take, for instance, you go to a store, find a set of crocs, varying in price from low to high.

You can’t seem to find any difference in their looks, just the price. I bet you’d go for the cheap one.

This is entirely different for people with enough or good financial ability.

You may only need to go for the low quality just when you can’t afford the expensive ones. If you got the money, you wouldn’t mind the price.

People always believe that cheap things only give out cheap values. And so, some people may even go ahead (beyond their financial strength) to purchase the most expensive for this reason.

In essence, you can find a lot of fake crocs out there simply because they always come cheaper than the original ones.

And the majority of humanity are living averagely or below average even. This gives more room for the production of fake Crocs based on public demand.

Unavailability of real crocs

Reasons Why a lot of Fake Crocs are Out There
HOBIBEAR Unisex Garden Clogs: A replica of the original Crocs

Real Crocs are only produced in six countries of the world at the moment; Brazil, Vietnam, Bosnia, Mexico, Italy, and China.

This makes it a limited product to easily get your hands on.

The unavailability of Crocs, especially when shoes are sold out when people need or want them would create an opportunity for other people of talents to forge the product’s design and take a share of the clogs market.

I can’t and would not have to travel all the way to Italy or Mexico just because I want to get a pair of crocs shoes.

While wasting that money on transportation, when you can easily lay your hands on a cheaper ( though low budget) pair of Crocs right within your immediate environment for a price maybe 1/4 of your transportation fare.

For one, buying the fake crocs in your local shop won’t cause you harm, it is less risky, less expensive, and can serve you the purpose of the original crocs, even on a better stance.

When you consider this, you will see more reasons why fake crocs are out there, because everyone likes what will serve them at the lowest cost. It all depends on getting the value for your money.

The frenzy to have a pair of clogs

People use Crocs for a lot of reasons. They may need it for a vacation, working at the farm, indoor and easy to go footwear, or simply to show that they are part of the trend.

It doesn’t matter the reasons though. What matters is the desire for a pair of Crocs.

Now when these desperate people go out there in search of a pair, they may not find the real ones but then, there are some good-looking crocs.

The deal is to get a pair or probably just the feel of it and now, you have the chance to. The buyer would obviously pick the pair without a second thought.

Simplicity of design

The Crocs designs are quite easy to copy and replicate as there is really nothing so complicated in the design.

It is just a tent-looking kinda footwear hole all around the top layer and canoe-looking foot space.

This can be easily reproduced, especially with the level of high technology we have now.

A pair of Crocs can be remade in nearly every look within just a matter of little time. The design is indeed easy to copy and produce.

People will eventually begin to make and remake the products with just a slightly different look not so easy to notice until you maybe buy the original and fake, put them together, and run a close observation and analysis on them.

This simplicity in design has only given manufacturers of fake crocs an easy way out in the reproduction of the real crocs with the fake ones.


The originality of a material does not really guarantee its durability.

Don’t get me wrong. Original materials always come with good quality but you will also agree that their competitors would also want to beat the level of their quality by enhancing theirs.

This will make fake manufacturers research several ways and patterns that could canter the real crocs and when they find a way, they explore it and people may eventually fall in love with them.

For instance, real Crocs are created for the reason of fashion by its fancy look. But there are people who may not be interested in aspects of durability, and if the fakes serve this purpose, why not?

Maybe they have heard people talk about how they wore their original pair of Crocs into a swamp and after a few days or weeks, it became bad.

But when they got the fake Crocs it served them for almost more than the desired or more than it cost, they will eventually want to buy the fake ones that offer their desired level of durability.

This becomes a call for the production of more fake by their manufacturers.

Close but not exact semblance to get away with infringements

Although the real Crocs are made of a unique material, the materials used in making the fake ones are almost the same in quality.

It is not so hard to differentiate if you maybe haven’t used an original pair before.

The manufacturers of the fake Crocs are so smart and pay attention closely to details that they will produce nearly almost a copy of the original pair of crocs.

They hide the fairness of their products in the open. They don’t replicate exact copies due to copyright infringement or laws but give you something almost like the real ones.

The designs are almost the same, except for some slight differences that may sell the fake ones out. However, it is very difficult to uncover their disguise.

Ignorance of the real Crocs qualities

I will give you a highlight of some differences between real and fake crocs that people really don’t take note of when they buy them.

This lack of knowledge of the differences has only created a world of more fake Crocs production because people buy fake Crocs thinking they are original.

For one, the original Croce is very expensive due to the unique kind and quality of the materials that are being used to produce them.

Crocs are produced in just six countries of the world at the moment due to popular demand because it was originally produced only in Canada.

These countries are Mexico, Vietnam, Italy, Brazil, Bosnia, and China.

So, you shouldn’t think you may have bought a fake pair if you see them made in China as each of these countries has their country trademark on each pair of the original crocs they produce.

The Chinese produce better quality than the Mexicans even.

Also, the logo button on an original Crocs is always accurate and shiny on the surface.

There is usually a sticker placed on a button for the fake Crocs.

An original pair of Crocs always comes with a hanger branded with the company’s logo.

Also, they are sold with various labels carrying essential information about the model name, material, and size of the crocs. Fake ones don’t.

In the middle of the sole of an original pair of Crocs, there is a crocs logo.

It also carries some information about the size and manufacturer of the products, with an inscribed official website for the crocs company( www.crocs.com).

An original crocs is sold in transparent plastic or white paper bag branded by the real Crocs company.

And the words “Boulder, Colorado” come just opposite the website with a comma and not a full stop on the sole.

I wrote an article on How Can You Tell If Crocs Are Fake, you should check it out.

Finally, an original Crocs material does not perspire. They are adjustable and fit into your feet by taking the shape when you wear them, that you don’t even remember you have a shoe on.


I believe some of those manufacturers of fake Crocs would be thinking they are doing the crocs company a great deed by maintaining customer satisfaction by making available crocs shoes, even though they are remitting zero percentage of profits to the crocs company.

The real Crocs are always way more expensive than the fake ones and this is one reason why those who can not afford the original ones go for the cheaper ones, and this gives a rise in the production of fake Crocs.

However, reproduction of products without the permission of the original trademark is a copyright infringement and can incur huge penalties if a lawsuit is issued against you.

You could lose all your wealth into owing debts.

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