Tricker’s vs Red Wing: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Tricker’s and Red Wing shoes is the leather they use in their uppers.

While Tricker’s use calfskin which has been tanned using a combination of vegetable and chrome tannage, Red Wing is made from oil-tanned leather.

Trickers vs Redwing

Both brands make boots and shoes. If you aren’t someone who knows the difference, from afar it is possible to conclude that you are looking at the same shoes.

However, variations in raw materials can make all the difference when it comes to leather quality and durability.

Every brand tries to distinguish itself from the other by sourcing leather that is not just durable but can give its shoes a unique patina.

This way you may be able to tell the shoe brand apart.

What is the use of this comparison?

It is important that we have this comparison because of different strokes for different folks. Both brands make high-end shoes and boots.

This means you are presented with two apples that cost the same amount. It is now up to you to make your desired choice.

But how do you make a choice if you know nothing about the features of the two shoes?

This is where an article that makes this comparison is necessary. I’ve done the work, yours is to follow along as I break down the features of the two shoes.

I’m going to show you the pros and the cons of each shoe brand by examining one or two pairs each.

Then we’ll go from there to checking the similarities between them, their features, price, sizing and fit, and finally why you should buy either brand of shoes.

Come with me.

What are the pros of Tricker’s shoes?

The pros of Tricker’s shoes are as follows:

  1. Extremely durable
  2. Resoleable
  3. Flexible
  4. Comfortable soles
  5. Handmade

Extremely durable

Tricker’s shoes are made from a variety of high-quality leather-like calfskin and are tanned with the oils from the English Oak bark which gives the leather a tough feel, making them extremely durable.

Of course, the leather softens over time and use but the toughness gives the shoe stability.


Tricker’s shoes are resoleable because of the construction of the welt. They are made with Goodyear welting which preserves the upper leather from damage when the sole wears out.


Handmade shoes are usually flexible. This refers to how the shoes are able to flex with your feet when you walk in them.

The more than 200 steps to put the parts of the shoes together ensure that the seams are firm just enough around the last to make them comfortable.

Comfortable soles

One of the major parts of a shoe that contributes to comfortability is the soles. Tricker’s go further with the technology of their sole construction by using Goodyear Storm welt.

This allows the sole to be more comfortable. It increases durability and flexibility giving the shoes grip. The Tricker’s Bowood Brogues shoes are an example of Tricker’s shoes with the Goodyear Storm welt.

Trickers vs Redwing
Tricker’s Bowood Brogues


Trickers’ shoes are handmade going through arduous sewing by hand to follow the tradition of quality that gave the world some of the best leather shoes.

Every pair of Tricker’s goes through a process that requires more than 200 painstaking steps by hand. There’s no comparing a shoe that was handmade with one that is produced by machines.

What are the cons of Tricker’s shoes?

Cons of Tricker’s shoes are:

  1. Longer time to break-in
  2. Chunky
  3. Protruding soles
  4. They are rare
  5. Price

Longer time to break in

Tricker’s are highly durable shoes. The footbeds are made of leather which holds your feet.

Unlike synthetic footbeds, this requires more time to break in. In those times before break-in is achieved, you will endure some discomfort.


You will have issues with styling if you are not one who is used to chunky shoes. Chunky shoes match well with certain dresses and if you don’t have them in your wardrobe you may have to begin investing in more formal dresses.

Protruding soles

The soles on the shoes generally stick out which also adds to the chunky look of the shoes. The soles stick out from the welt construction, and it does so in 360 degrees around the shoe. Some users find this look off-putting.

They are rare shoes

Tricker’s hardly go up for sale in just about any store. They are shoes of antiquity. For this reason, you find them in selected stores, offline and online. Tricker’s shoes are even only on Amazon UK.


Tricker’s shoes prices are a hard sell. If you want quality shoes at a cheap price you need to look elsewhere because some of the cheapest Tricker’s shoes on Amazon sell for as high as £395.

These Tricker’s Bourton Acorn Brogue shoes cost £415 on Amazon.

Trickers vs Redwing
Tricker’s Bourton Acorn Brogue shoes

What are the pros of Red Wing shoes?

Red Wing boots are one of a kind. Here are the pros of Red Wing shoes should want to buy them:

  1. Heavy-duty Boots
  2. Durability
  3. Longevity
  4. Lightweight and comfortable

Heavy-duty Boots

Red Wing boots are purpose shoes, they are constructed to fit the work environment and rigor of use.

They are tough in the uppers and soles. If you need work boots for outdoor life, Red Wing is your friend in need.

Red Wing Iron Ranger is one of the best boots for factory workers and outdoor life. They have resilient leather and oil-resistant Vibram sole. They provide great traction.

They are not only awesome for work but can also be styled with semi and casual clothes.

Trickers vs Redwing


One notable attribute of Red Wing shoes is their tough construction. Though you have to break them in like other boots in their range, soon after you do this you’d come to appreciate the versatility of a Red Wing boot.

If you value durability and performance, then buy a Red Wing. You can find tips on how to care for your Red Wing and prolong its life on the Red Wing website.


An amazing pros of Red Wing shoes is the longer you wear them the better they look. The leather ages beautifully. You only need to clean them with oil-based products to elongate the life of the leather uppers.

So much time is invested in their tanning process to give the product the enviable patina. Hence if your Red Wing sole wears out, a cobbler can easily resole it for you.

Lightweight and comfortable

Red Wings used to make shoes and boots for soldiers, then after the great wars, they made boots for factory workers, hunters, all of this before they started making boots for the rest of us.

The Red Wing company understands how to make functional boots and shoes that pamper the feet by offering the exact weight and comfort that supports the human feet.

Workers and regular folks alike can enjoy the lightweight shoes on factory floors as well as outdoors hiking.

What are the cons of Red Wing shoes?

Red Wing has the following cons for an almost perfect boot:

  1. Not roomy
  2. Old fashioned styles

Not roomy

Some users complain about Red Wing boots not being roomy enough in the toe box. The lack of room makes the boot fall apart earlier than they’re supposed to.

Old fashioned styles

Other users have complained about Red Wing being out of touch in the modern world. The Red Wing heritage boots are just that, heritage, traditional styles.

This isn’t a real problem for the majority of Red Wing fans. Red Wing styles may be stuck in the past, but it is a beautiful past all the same.

What similarities do Red Wing and Tricker’s have?

Now let us compare similarities between these two iconic legends in the shoe-making world.

First glance: features

All shoes from both brands feature the following elements:

  1. Leather or suede uppers
  2. Lace closure
  3. Steel eyelets or hooks
  4. Brogue holes in Tricker’s
  5. Stick outsoles in Tricker’s
  6. Welts
  7. Buckle straps on some Tricker’s
  8. Moc toes in Red Wing
  9. Leather soles and dual side goring
Trickers vs Redwing
Metal eyelets and buckles
Trickers vs Redwing
Moc toe
 Trickers vs Redwing
Dual side goring
Trickers vs Redwing
Brogue holes, stick out soles and welt

Overall Quality

Both brands deliver top-notch quality in materials. From upper materials to soles, each brand uses genuine materials and unmatched, traditional construction styles to give unique shoes.


The most important material in both shoes is the leather they use. Red Wing has a dedicated tannery called S.B Foot Tanning company in Red Wing,

Minnesota from which their leather is maintained. Great quality leather comes from this tannery.

Tricker’s source their aniline leather from everywhere in Europe.


Red Wing uses a single density, direct-molded urethane sole. This type of soles delivers the superior durability needed in work environments like oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing.

It helps the soles give traction and high resistance to oil and other chemicals.

Tricker’s use unique ultra flex soles that are a combination of leather to provide flexible slipperlike comfort.


Once broken in, Red Wing shoes are extremely durable shoes that last almost forever. The more you wear them, the finer and stronger they get.

Tricker’s are not just durable shoes, but the company goes further to provide great options for prolonging the life of the shoes further with their extensive repair service.

This way, your Tricker’s should last a lifetime even if you wear them to the moon and back.


Trickers are high-end shoes. They cost more than even some shoes termed high end. A pair of Tricker’s on Amazon UK is more than £415. Are they worth the prices?

For sure. They are more than worth the price in my opinion.

Red Wing shoes are somewhat more pocket friendly. Some Red Wing cost about $150 on Amazon.

The Red Wing Heritage Moc 6 is $299.95 here.


The insoles compliment Red Wing’s heritage footwear. They are designed to provide comfort, improve footwear fit, and be durable.

Tricker’s use full leather insoles. The reason is that leather insoles breathe better, retain their shape for longer, and it helps to prevent common foot problems so users feel comfortable all day.

Sizing and fit

Most of Tricker’s men’s shoes and boots are true to standard UK men’s sizing. It is important to note though that when you buy, it would be Tricker’s sizes displayed on the website, not UK, EU, or US sizes.

Tricker’s shoes sometimes depend on the last that was used to make the shoe, such as the Tricker’s Bourton Acorn Brogue, Henry, or Keswick.

For many, Red Wing fits a half size larger than their sneakers. If you are for example a size 11 in other shoes, order 10.5 when buying your Red Wing boots.

Red Wing boots are usually roomy in the toes so if you have narrow feet, order a full size smaller. If you have wider feet, order a half size smaller but in the Red Wing EE/EEE.

Why should you choose Red Wing shoes?

If you want versatility; a shoe or boot you can wear at work and off work, then you choose Red Wing boots. Choose Red Wing because they are durable, comfortable, and cheap for the quality they offer.

Why should you choose Tricker’s?

If you need that stable shoe you can rely on for formal occasions, then you should buy Tricker’s.

If you love dressing up English style, appearing in quaint dresses – government men and women, business dresses, and all formal occasions.

If you are upper class and want to look the part, buy Tricker’s.

Final thoughts; my verdict

My final decision is to go with Red Wing boots. Of course, they aren’t brogues, but they allow you to appear everywhere and places Tricker’s shoes won’t fit in.

And they are less expensive, which is a huge deal if you ask me.


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