Vans vs Thirty Two Boots: Which Is a Better Snowboarding Boot?

Snowboarding boots are usually known to be designed for high performance. They are durable, comfortable, quality, and very flexible. In this article, we will dwell on two brands of boots; The Van Snowboard and The Thirty Two boot.

The major difference between these snowboarding boot brands is that Vans boots are made of Lug-sole while Thirty Two boots soles are made of foam. Thirty-Two boots run true to size while Vans do not run true to size.

Vans vs Thirty Two Boots

Looking at the similarities, the most noticeable similarities between the two boots is that they both have traditional lace systems, they are comfortable, quality, flexible, supportive, and universally acceptable.

History of Vans Snowboard boots

Paul and James Van Doren were the brothers that started Van. They both worked for Randolph Rubber Manufacturing Company for decades before beginning theirs.

Paul Van Doren decided to launch his shoe brand after working at Randy’s, a shoemaker. Paul Van Doren decided to launch his shoe brand after working at Randy’s, a shoemaker.

Van Doren Rubber Company started on March 16, 1966, in Anaheim, California. It was the first company to make professional skate shoes and snowboard boots.

They sold footwear directly to the consumer cutting out retailers completely. They delivered the best thick sole American-made sneakers.

Mark Van Doren, the son of the co-owner James Van Doren, made the first version of Vans Skateboard in 1970.  Van started producing snowboard boots in 1995.

The boots combine street smart style with high performance, this is to ensure the wearer stays warm and dry all the time. Its success lies solely in its versatility and universal appeal.

History of Thirty Two Boots

Thirty-Two began producing snowboard boots as far back as 1995. It was made “by snowboarders for snowboarders”. The company is owned by Pierre Andre Senizergues, a former freestyle skateboarder.

Its headquarter is in Lake Forest California, United State and it was founded in 1995. They produce footwear and apparel for skateboarding.

Thirty-Two boots are owned by Sole Technology. It is a true action sports brand that also produces Etnies skate shoes.

Why you should wear Vans skateboard boots

Vans boots are known for their vulcanized rubber construction which provides skaters with an excellent grip and exceptional support while skating.

It is made for beginners to advanced-level riders. It has V2 waffleflex outsole and an EVA midsole. The sole gives a good grip and traction for all conditions, it has V2 footbed and the liner is a V1 Ultracush with smooth wool liner.

It has a synthetic style material like EVA foam and thin nylon. It is made of lug-sole and the outer material is made of nylon.

These boots have a Popcush liner construction alongside a 3D molded anatomical liner made of Popcush foam, this liner is supportive, super comfortable, and ventilated.

The boot also incorporates an airflow perforation and a Nylex moisture-wicking top sheet.

The boots have a traditional lace-up system, the laces are made of brass with reinforced metal eyelets for the lace closure around the ankle.

The sole of the boot is made from a combination of carbon and rubber.

Why you should wear Thirty Two boots

It has a thin liner which is a hard and stiff foam that can flex. A thin molded footbed with loads of arch support and maximum heel hold.

The outsole is made of an Evolution foam that offers support, traction, and lightweight cushioning. It has extra padding for added cushion and soft flex.

Thirty-Two boots have a comfort liner system constructed with dual density and foam for good flex and support.

It also has a heel overlay to prevent spillage. It features a traditional lace closure type and a medium-high cradle which gives the boot a bit of mobility on the top.

The sole material is made of foam and its outer material is made of synthetic. It has a tailored lacing technology and an integrated internal lacing.

It is lined with microfleece for superior warmth and prolonged comfort. It is 100% heat-moldable for a secure and customized fit. It has a 3D molded tongue for even flex.

Its tailored lacing technology offers a hybrid instep lockdown, its internal lacing provides a superior heel hold to the feet.

Vans Vs Thirty two boots: Comparison

Features Vans Snowboard boots Thirty-Two boots
Sole Lug-sole Foam
True to size Do not run true to size True to size
Outsole V2 waffleflex outsole Evolution foam
Outer material Nylon Synthetic
Technology 3D molded anatomical liner Tailored lacing technology

Discussion of the similarities between Vans and Thirty Two Boots

Lace system

They both feature a traditional lace system which works pretty much like a lace-up shoe. Traditional laced boots features a liner with a tightening system and regular laces.

These laces are replaceable, affordable, and as well adjustable. Sometimes getting them to be very tight might be a little challenging as they tend to loosen up during the day.

This lace system offers a secure and snug fit for skating. It can be tightened and loosened as well to the wearer’s fit or comfort.

It ensures an overall tightness and fit. Usually, the inner part of the boot has a pull string while the outer part is done up with laces.

Place of Production

Both brands began their production of snowboarding boots and are still producing boots in California.

Thirty-Two snowboard boots can be located at Lake Forest California, United States while Vans snowboard boot has its headquarters located in Costa Mesa in California.

Though both brands began in different years, they both have the same place of boot production.

Comfort and support

The boots offer a high level of comfort and support for a pretty long time. These brands of boots are the most comfortable skating boots you can ever find.

Due to the kind of materials these boots were made with, they are less rigid and very comfortable. They will definitely keep you comfortable all day long.

Though Thirty Two boots may be uncomfortable at first after a couple of rides they are very comfortable.

Thirty-Two boots have a low-profile footbed which is biochemically designed to provide maximum arch support. It offers more support from the liner.

Meanwhile, Van boots are known to be comfortable, supportive, durable, and responsive.


These boots are known to be durable for an all-day adventure. Research has shown that a typical boot should last for about 100 days of riding.

High performance

The boots give the wearers the ability to have a freestyle performance. They were designed for high performance and tough activities like skating.

It was made with quality materials that make it last pretty long for skating.


The boots are very much flexible because snowboard boots need a lot of flexibility as they allow you to move freely.

Thirty-Two boots offer a medium to firm flex, this boot can give you high performance and support with its medium flex.

Meanwhile, Vans has an intuitive internal fit that suits all experience levels and as well provides a good adaptable flex control. The boots have soft flex and offer out-of-the-box comfort.

Quality material

The boots are made out of exceptional and quality materials that ensure that it is durable, comfortable, and supportive. From the laces to the outer part, to the sole, they are all quality and outstanding.

They are made from the highest quality materials which makes the boots suitable for both beginners and experts. They are made of premium-grade materials with exceptional footbeds. Thirty-two snowboard boots are made of eco-friendly materials.

Universal acceptance

These boots are part of the most recognized and accepted snowboarding boots in the world. They are widely known and among the top-selling boot brand.

Top 3 Vans Snowboard boots you should buy

Vans Hi-Standard Men’s Snowboard Boots

Vans vs Thirty Two Boots

Its sole material is made of lug-sole, its outer material is made of synthetic leather. It has a traditional lace-up closure type.

The laces are made of brass with diamond laces hook for a secure fit. It offers good support as well as comfort. The outsole is made of V1 Waffle Lug, it is aggressive and suitable for all-terrain.

This boot is the best-selling Vans boot and can be used for modern performance. It features a single-density V1 PopCush footbed for good impact cushioning alongside an anti-fatigue design.

Vans Infuse Boa’s Snowboard boot

Vans vs Thirty Two Boots

It is a high-performance boot that features a groundbreaking performance. This boot incorporates Vans Hybrid Boa closure system.

This Boa closure system is a combination of a traditional lace system with an unrivaled heel-lock of a side-mounted Boa and a custom glide.

This design allows for a perfect fit, flex, and stiffness and it ensures that you have a secure and ultimate performance.

It has a V3 Ultracush liner and a V3 Popcush footbed. It is very supportive and comfortable. Its outsole is made of V3 UltimateWaffle. It has breathable waterproof valves and a control system.

It has a Slide Guide technology for adjustable flex control.

Vans Standard MTE boot

Vans vs Thirty Two Boots

It has a traditional lace system, it offers extra support at the top part of the boot for superior stability and response.

Its footbed is made of V2 Popcush. It is waterproof vulcanized and has a seam-sealed construction. It also features a waterproof valve that allows the boot to manage moisture by wicking away.

Top 3 thirty-two boots you should buy

Thirty two 32 exit snowboard boot

Vans vs Thirty Two Boots

Its sole is made of foam and it has an integrated lacing system. The outsole is made of evolution sole, it has a comfy fit liner.

It incorporates an instant out-of-the-box comfort which gives no room for a break-in. the Evolution foam absorbs bumps and tired feet.

Thirtytwo men’s shifty boa snowboard boot

Vans vs Thirty Two Boots

Its sole is made of foam, it has a fleece lining. It offers a high level of comfort and features a comfy tongue that provides extra padding for added cushioning alongside a soft flex.

It gives a good grip to the feet and keeps the feet in place. It features a BOA lacing system with an internal lacing on the liner.

It is constructed with a dual-density intuition foam that offers moderate support and comfort and still provides a soft flex.

It is 100% heat moldable and provides incredible warmth and comfort.

Thirtytwo men’s lashed 19/20 snowboard boot

Vans vs Thirty Two Boots

It features a foam made out of foam and a traditional lace-up type with a team internal harness on the liner. This boot is one of the most recognized boots in the world. It has an ultimate fit and a medium flex.

It is constructed with a dual density intuition foam that provides enhanced comfort, good flex, and superior comfort. It is very comfortable and fits perfectly.


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