Tricker’s vs Alden Shoes: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the two shoes is the type of leather they mostly use in their uppers. Most Alden shoes are made with shell cordovan leather while Tricker’s uses kudu and calfskin leather.

Tricker's vs Alden Shoes

Everything else is similar.

Both brands specialize in world standard, utterly high-quality shoes.

Both brands are old-school, family-owned shoe businesses. Both have a long history of using high-quality leather and durable soles.

A little bit of Tricker’s and Alden

Tricker’s is English while Alden is American.

Alden has been making shoes for men since 1884. It was founded by Charles H. Alden himself in Middleborough, Massachusetts. It is now the only remaining of the original shoemakers in New England.

Tricker’s was founded in 1829 and is the oldest established shoemaker in Britain.

Both companies are known to make shoes of outstanding quality.

Why this comparison?

Well, as you now know, these two brands are nothing like you’ve ever seen in the world of shoemaking. Their products are out of this world when it comes to quality and durability.

Very few brands can compete. But enough with the hype.

The reason for this comparison is so you can make the best choice between two great brands.

As you will soon see, both brands are pretty much keen on providing not just stylish and classic shoes, but also timeless designs that are worth every dime you put down on them.

If you are going to buy Alden, you ought to know if they are worth the huge price they come with. The same goes for Tricker’s.

What are the pros of Tricker’s shoes?

High-end shoes like Tricker’s do have pros and here they are:

  1. Extremely durable
  2. Resoleable
  3. Flexible
  4. Comfortable soles
  5. Handmade

Extremely durable

Tricker’s are made from English Oak bark tanned leather known to be durable. The leather is so tough that it is even harder than some of the rubber patches on the heel of their shoes.

This durability is what provides the stability that you enjoy when you wear Tricker’s. Over time the leather gets softer though.


Tricker’s shoes are constructed using Goodyear welting in the outsoles. This involves folding the uppers in between the insole and the outsole before sewing it down.

This way when the outsole wears out the whole shoe can be resolved and it will look as good as new again.


Tricker’s shoes are handmade. They go through more than 200 steps to come as stylish iconic shoes. It is this handcrafting that affords the shoes the flexibility users feel when they wear them.

Comfortable soles

Some of Tricker’s shoes like the Tricker’s Bowood Two Derby Brogues are Goodyear Storm welted, a design different and even better than Goodyear welt. This gives more durability and an impressive grip.

Goodyear welts give more flexibility too, which is how most Tricker’s shoes are constructed.

Tricker's vs Alden
Tricker’s Bowood Brogues


Being handmade makes shoes more flexible and easy to wear. Each Tricker’s shoe goes through more than 200 steps to come out the other end.

Using leather that softens with time, and that molds to your feet, the shoes are some of the most flexible you can own for these reasons.

What are the cons of Tricker’s shoes?

Tricker’s shoes aren’t a hard sell on many fronts. However, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t got its own cons:

  1. Price
  2. Longer time to break them in
  3. Chunky
  4. Soles stick out
  5. Their rarity


If we went by price alone, Tricker’s shoes are a hard sell. They are high-end shoes even though some believe they’re better called mid-end.

Whatever the case, Tricker’s come at steep prices for the majority of folks who might want quality at a small price.

Some of their cheapest shoes on Amazon go for as high as £395.

Tricker’s Stow Marron Country Brogue Boot is sold for £445 here on Amazon.

These prices are several times higher than some really genuinely durable shoes in the market.

Longer time to break-in

Get ready for tough times when you buy Tricker’s shoes. The leather is tough, expected to mold to your feet.

But before this happens you might experience some discomfort as the skin of your toes blisters. Of course, once you are past this phase bliss follows.


Tricker’s make chunky shoes. Know this before buying them except you are one who’s into such designs.

Some folks don’t fancy chunky shoes because they are retro-looking and may be difficult to style with casual clothes.

Whereas chunky shoes may be limited to country clubs, exclusive gatherings, and other such elite parties.

Soles stick out

Tricker’s make shoes with soles sticking far out on the edge. This also makes it difficult to style Tricker’s shoes with casual clothes.

They like to wear tuxedos, suits and other formal dresses. I guess we know why. Tricker’s are English shoes. The English are conservative people, hence they’re more at home with these sorts of designs.

Their rarity

By rare I mean, Tricker’s aren’t the kind of shoes you find in every store, online or offline. They’re high-end shoes, usually in demand by the rich and royal class.

Tricker’s aren’t even on Amazon America. You’d have to buy them off Amazon UK, and other such dedicated vendors.

What are the pros of Alden shoes?

Alden shoes are world-renowned. Their qualities speak for themselves:

  1. Extreme durability
  2. Superior stability
  3. Rebuilding and restoration

Extreme durability

If you want shoes that can last and last, then Alden shoes are your best bet. They are made with the best leather from tanneries that produce the best full-grain leather.

Their construction process ensures that the shoes endure the most rigorous use.

Superior stability

Welted shoes take time to construct and are expensive to make. The stages are rigorous. But this is one of the best things about Alden shoes.

They use Goodyear welting for their shoes which gives them great stability.

You can feel this stability in the heels and the way the shoes flex from the heel area to the arch and forefoot.

Few brands are able to do this, and this makes Alden shoes one of a kind.

Rebuilding and restoration

Every shoe shows wear and tear with time. Though Alden shoes are built to weather the test of time, they also wear out.

Some users are able to use shoes properly, caring for them. Others don’t. Also, a person’s lifestyle determines just how well their shoe lasts.

Alden allows users to send their Alden shoes back for rebuilding and restoration. This is why they use welting construction so they can rebuild the soles of your shoes.

This means you can continue to have an Alden shoe that looks new year in and out.

What are the similarities between Alden shoes and Tricker’s shoes?

The two shoes have the same silhouettes, material-wise they share more than one similarity. Taking the full range of shoes from both brands into consideration they are:

First glance: features

  1. Leather uppers
  2. Seam construction
  3. Lace-up closures
  4. Brogue holes
  5. Protruding soles in some of the shoes
  6. Welt construction
  7. Wide toe box in some of the shoes
  8. High heels
  9. High ankles in boots
Tricker's vs Alden
Alden Men’s Calfskin Toe Boot
Tricker's vs Alden
Tricker’s Bourton Acorn Brogue shoes
Tricker's vs Alden
Tricker’s Stow Brown Dainite Brogue Boot

Overall Quality

There’s undeniable quality in both shoes. They are made from leather that is sought from the best-known tanneries in both America for Alden and Britain for Tricker’s shoes.

Uppers are great-looking and durable, soles are tough and give stability, in both brands.


The two brands use either Calfskin (mostly Tricker’s). In the case of Alden though, they mostly use Shell Cordovan leather.


Tricker’s use ultra flex leather soles to provide flexibility when walking. These soles provide slipperlike comfort without compromising durability and quality.

Alden on the other hand uses several types of soles. Some of their shoes have all-weather walking soles, others have basic commando soles or Goodyear’s bottoms. These soles are featured in different designs of shoes that you buy.


Uncompromising durability, that’s what both brands offer. For both brands, it is a matter of ideology and tradition to stick to durability. Their names are attached to it.


High-end prices are what both brands represent in the world of shoes. They are so expensive even members of the British royal family wear Tricker’s. Their prices are upwards of $300.


Tricker’s use full leather insoles in all their footwear. This is because leather breathes better, retains its shape longer, and helps to avoid foot problems like sweaty feet or athlete’s foot.

Alden does the same thing with their insoles. They use leather, with pure vegetable tannage.

Sizing and fit

Most Tricker’s shoes are suitable for standard wide feet. Tricker’s feature their own width fit 5. They are true to standard UK size too. However, when you are buying you have to consult their own size chart on their website.

Variation in last shapes makes Alden shoes fit differently and in various sizes. Some shoes fit ½ size larger than others.

Each of their shoes is marked inside it with the size. They provide more information for sizing here on their site.

Why should you choose Tricker’s shoes?

You should choose Tricker’s if you live in the UK and often attend balls, that’s all the British ever do, right. If you are one who loves dressing up fine and lives in the countryside then buy Tricker’s shoes, be English.

Why should you choose Alden shoes?

Well, here’s an all-American shoe. So buy it if you love being American. If you love heritage, vintage American-made shoes, if you love quality and happen to have a deep pocket, buy Alden shoes. Be proud to be American. Also if you love tuxedos.

Which is better: my verdict?

Very hard to choose.

I’ll go with Alden shoes. And this is because they’re just like the American English; suave, classy, and non-conservative as much as Tricker’s shoes.


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