Burton vs Thirty Two: Which is Better for Snowboarding

The Burton boot and Thirty Two boots are part of the best snowboard boots you would like to have in your closet. Apart from being affordable, they give just the right amount of comfort and enable high and good performance.

The major difference between Burton and Thirty Two boots is that Burton’s sole is made of rubber while Thirty Two boots are made of foam.

Burton vs Thirty Two

Burton has a BOA lacing system that is adjustable while Thirty Two boot has a Traditional lacing system which is also adjustable to fit. Both boots offer long-term comfort, a secure grip, and good traction.

What does the first glance say about these shoes?

What do you see at the first sight of the boots? What feature strikes you first and what physical quality or qualities catches your attention when you see these boots?

Let’s take a quick peep at these boots and see what they are made of.


Burton vs Thirty Two

  • Polyurethane outer
  • Out-of-the-box comfort
  • Rubber sole
  • True to size
  • All-terrain
  • BOA lacing system
  • Coiler technology
  • Shrinkage footbed reduction technology

Burton boots have a combination of a micro-adjustable fit system and binding compatibility.

The boot features two lace paths for a secure fit, it snugs from top to bottom with the twist of a dial.

One interesting feature of the Burton boot is its medium flex PowerUp tongue that creates a snug fit between the boot and the tongue.

The boot also incorporates a total comfort construction that offers an instant broken-in feeling right out of the box. It is soft and cozy, thereby providing warmth and exceptional comfort.

It has insulation for low-bulk warmth and inner lace. Burton boots are not just comfortable straight out-of-the-box, but they also fit true to size. It is designed for all types of terrain.

Its laces are very easy to adjust. It has added cushioning and provides ankle support.

Burton boot sole is made of rubber, its outer material is gotten from Polyurethane. It has a Man fur which is fuzzy and soft and can provide the feet entrance with comfort and warmth.

It has a snow-proof gusset that is completely sealed at the lower part of the boot to keep your feet warm and dry.

The boot has a BOA lacing system which features a Coiler technology that uses an inner coiler that recoils the lace back into the inner spool, this gives room for lace management and a snug fit.

The boot is lightweight with an out-of-the-box comfort, it is designed to last for the wearer. It has a shrinkage footbed reduction technology that helps to reduce toe drag and reduce the boot’s overall footprint.


Burton vs Thirty Two

  • High performance
  • Comfortable
  • Traditional lace system
  • Foam sole
  • Synthetic outer
  • Tailored lacing technology
  • Internal lacing
  • Extra padding
  • 100% heat moldable
  • Microfleece

Thirty Two boots are versatile and designed for high performance. They are adjustable and as well comfortable.

Its lacing system is quick and very easy to adjust. It has a durable and flexible construction, it sole material of this boot is made of foam and it has a synthetic outer material.

It would interest you to know that the boot features a tailored lacing technology as well as an integrated internal lacing. It even has extra padding for added lightweight cushioning.

This boot also features a liner system that is constructed with dual density and foam for ample support and flex.

It features a traditional lace system and a microfleece for long-term comfort. Thirty Two boots are 100% heat moldable and have a 3D molded tongue.

Comparison between Burton and Thirty Two boots

These snowboard boots will be compared based on the following features;

  • Sole
  • Outer material
  • Technology
  • Lacing system
Features Burton boot Thirty Two boot
Sole Its sole material is rubber Its sole is made of foam
Outer material The outer material of this boot is Polyurethane The outer material of this boot is synthetic
Technology It has a Coiler technology It incorporates a tailored lacing technology
Lacing system BOA lacing system Traditional lacing system


Burton sole is made of a Vibram rubber outsole. This outsole offers an incredible grip of Vibram in a lightweight pack. It has 30% recycled construction with an added rebound and also an added cushioning of dual zone EVA.

Burton sole incorporates B3 Gel in its heel and toe. Its EST optimized midsole carefully lowers your gravity center and improves comfort.

The sole also has a shrinkage footbed reduction technology that reduces the footprint of the boot as well as minimizes toe drag.

Burton boot sole

Thirty two sole is made of a molded evolution foam. The sole offers good traction. It has a heel overlay to prevent slipping. It is rigid and suitable for all-terrain.

Burton vs Thirty Two
Thirty Two boot sole

Outer material

The outer material of Burton boot is Polyurethane. It is an eco-friendly material that helps to keep water away from the boot.

Polyurethanes contain millions of air bubbles which give the boot an Ultra-lightweight feature, excellent thermal insulation as well as a nice comfort.

This material also offers maximum protection from external agents or properties. The material absorbs vibrations as well as energy, controls temperature, offers safety, durability, and comfort to the feet, it also offers better insulation than other materials.

Thirty Two outer material is synthetic. Synthetic can also be known as vegan, it is a material that looks like leather but it is not made from animal skin.

It is designed to look like leather, it is made originally from plastic. Synthetic material consists of natural fiber and it is also waterproof especially when a certain chemical is added to it.

That is to say, Thirty Two boot is a waterproof boot. Synthetic material of Thirty Two boot offers a lightweight feel and a high amount of breathability.


Burton boot has a Coiler technology, this technology helps to ensure a fast tightening or loosening of the boot grip.

It ensures comfortable all-day wear. Burton boot has a BOA lacing system that features the Coiler technology that uses an inner coiler that recoils the lace back into the inner spool giving enough room for lace management and a snug fit.

This Coiler technology helps the wearer to adjust the boot to any level that fits perfectly.

Thirty Two boot incorporates a tailored lacing technology and a recoil flex control for perfect and comfortable wear.

Its lacing is pretty easy and quick to adjust. This lacing technology is designed to provide a perfect fit.

Lacing system

Burton boots have a BOA lace system. This system is a smart and patented system of pulling on and off your boot. It is an alternative system for the traditional lace system as it offers comfort and no pressure point.

The laces are replaced by stainless steel wires connected to a turning knob. This turning knob is used to tighten, loosen, and even snapping your bootlace into place. How is this BOA closure used?

  1. To tighten your boot, push the dial in then turn clockwise(right).
  2. To loosen your boot, pull out the dial

Burton vs Thirty Two

Burton vs Thirty Two
Boa closure

Thirty Two boots feature a traditional lace system. This lacing system works just like the lace-up shoes. It features laces throughout.

The inner part of the boot has a pull string while its outer part is fully done up with laces. The lace can be replaced whenever they break.

They have no pressure point, unlike the BOA closure. You can control how loose or tight you want your boot to be.

Burton vs Thirty Two
Traditional lace system

Why you should buy Burton boots

This boot is very versatile with outstanding features, it is a boot you should have in your closet, especially during winter. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting this boot.

Burton boot is affordable and has a medium for soft flex. It has a dual-zone BOA system, with this you can control the upper zone with the front dial and the lower zone with the side dial, making the boot micro-adjustable to the foot.

It also locks the rider’s ankle in place, giving maximum heel hold and comfort. It incorporates a liner that gives insulation keeping your feet warm all day long.

It also features a grippy outsole, this outsole features rubber on the toe and heel of the boot giving the rider an extra grip in slippery condition.

The sole gives good traction, good cushioning and it is lightweight. The boot is quite comfortable, supportive, and protective.

It utilizes a one plus liner with integrated lacing, this allows the liner to adapt to your foot and give more control and firmness.

It has snowproofing, which prevents the liner from getting damp on wet days or on slippery floors.

Below are some cool Burton boots to help with an easy purchase.

Why you should buy Thirty Two boots

Thirty Two boot can be considered after checking out some of these features.

Its lacing system is a traditional lacing system. It flexes naturally. It offers good comfort and protection. It has an evolution foam sole unit and it gets rid of high-frequency vibration that can come up through the sole of the boot.

It is heat moldable and helps to lock the heel. It has a comfortable footbed for a comfortable rider and fits perfectly.

It features a synthetic outer material and incorporates a tailored lacing technology. Its lacing system helps to give a secured grip and ensure that the feet are in place while skating.

Below are some nice Thirty Two boots to help with an easy purchase:


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