Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot Shoes: Which Is Better?

In the shoemaking industry, two companies have carved a niche and made a name for themselves by being unique and offering a different value from other shoemaking brands in the industry. These two companies are; Feiyue and Vivobarefoot.

The biggest difference between Feiyue and Vivobarefoot is that Feiyue makes authentic lightweight canvas and sneakers that are peculiar for their comfort and flexibility while Vivobarefoot exists to create shoes that let your feet do their natural thing.

Feiyue vs VivobarefootFeiyue vs Vivobarefoot

Shoes from Feiyue company are popular amongst athletes, especially martial artists. These people love the shoes because they are light and are fitted with all the right features required for them to excel at their art.

Vivobarefoot is a shoe-making brand established in the year 2012 and based in London.

A little bit of Feiyue and Vivobarefoot

As unique as the products from both brands are, what separates them is the functionality.

Shoes from Feiyue and Vivobarefoot are fitted with great features that serve particular or multiple purposes.

For example, shoes from Feiyue are functional and light that they are the favorites of athletes and martial artists.

This shoe became popular when performers of the opening ceremony at the Beijing Olympics wore it to the stage.

Vivobarefoot on the other hand is very unique in the way they manufacture foot-friendly designs. Healthwise, barefoot shoes are the best kind of shoes to wear because of the many benefits they provide to the feet.

Shoes from Vivobarefoot ensure that your feet connect to the ground as much as possible.

Which is a better brand between Feiyue and Vivobarefoot?

Choosing which brand is better between Feiyue and Vivobarefoot is not so hard a decision because while Feiyue has been existing and creating value since 1986, Vivobarefoot recently came to the shoemaking industry in 2012.

Feiyue started earlier and has a headstart they have been able to create more products and improve on such products which, therefore, makes them better a better brand than Vivobarefoot.

Another angle to this comparison is that the unique offering of Vivobarefoot is their barefoot shoes, however, Feiyue also has zero drop shoes that are basically similar to barefoot shoes in every way.

This simply proves that everything Vivobarefoot can do, Feiyue can do it better.

Both companies are great at what they do and they have excellent products. It would be perfectly normal if you find shoes from Vivobarefoot to be better than that from Feiyue.

Reasons why Feiyue is better than Vivobarefoot shoes

Asides from my personal preference for Feiyue and thoughts on both brands, there are actually some hard facts and evidence that support Feiyue being a better brand than Vivobarefoot. Some of these are;

  • Padding
  • Popularity
  • Pricing


One super advantage Feiyue shoes have over Vivobarefoot is the padding in the soles. The sole of all Feiyue shoes, including the zero drop shoes, are fitted with padding, although it is reduced and minimal.

On the other hand, Vivobarefoot shoes have no padding or cushioning whatsoever because they were designed for your feet to have total control and do their natural thing.

The sole of these shoes is super-thin and is almost non-existent so your feet can truly feel the surface you are walking on.

Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot


Another reason that makes Feiyue a better brand than Vivobarefoot is the popularity and international recognition it has gathered over the years.

Like I mentioned earlier, Feiyue was the chosen brand by the performers of the opening ceremony at the Beijing Olympics.

This sole event brought the brand to the limelight and it would not have been possible if the brand did not have great quality.

On the other hand, Vivobarefoot does not have a big reputation like Feiyue.

Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot


In terms of pricing and cost to get a pair of shoes, you will find that products from Feiyue cost way lesser than that of Vivobarefoot.

Without any doubt, products from both brands possess great quality so a lack of quality is not the reason for a reduction in price.

We can deduce that Feiyue is a better brand because it has more customer-friendly pricing coupled with excellent quality.

You can get a Feiyue shoe for as low as $35 but that is not the same for a shoe from Vivobarefoot.

What are the similarities between Feiyue and Vivobarefoot shoes

Yes, both brands share a lot of similarities ranging from a method of production to features fitted into products, and so on and so forth. Some of the common similarities you will regularly find are;

  • Leather
  • Canvas
  • Minimalist products
  • Slip-On Shoes
  • Waterproof Shoes
  • Removable Insoles


The main raw material Vivobarefoot uses in the production of its shoes is leather. In the same way, Feiyue also uses leather in producing some of its shoes. In many Feiyue shoes, you will find the upper to be made of genuine leather.

Take for example the Feiyue Fe Lo Classic shoe. This is one of the classic models from Feiyue that has its upper completely made with genuine leather.

This is similar to the Vivobarefoot Gobi II desert boot (on Amazon) also made with 100% leather.

Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot


Another common similarity you will find in these two brands is the canvas material they both use for their products. Canvas is the traditional material used by the Feiyue brand.

In fact, the company is already a powerhouse in the canvas shoemaking industry. Similarly, Vivobarefoot also has some of its products made with canvas.

Taking a look at the Feiyue FE Mid 1920 shoe (on Amazon) and the Vivobarefoot Primus Lite shoe (on Amazon), the similarity of the canvas material is very evident.

Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot

Minimalist Products

Minimalist shoes, in simple terms, are shoes that were created to approximate barefoot running or walking conditions, unlike traditional shoes.

This is another similarity you will find in both brands. Feiyue and Vivobarefoot are frontrunners in the manufacturing of barefoot minimalist or zero drop shoes.

The Feiyue Fe Lo 1920 shoe and the Vivobarefoot RA II are perfect examples of zero drop and minimalist shoes.

Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot

Slip-On Shoes

Both Feiyue and Vivobarefoot share a lot of similarities, especially in the design of their respective shoes. One type of shoe you will find both brands making is slip-on shoes.

The Vivobarefoot Ra Slip-On shoe (on Amazon) is a barefoot shoe that is versatile and can be worn for work and for play.

It is light, breathable, and comes with a thin sole that gives the best barefoot feeling. Similarly, the Feiyue Embossed Slip-On sneaker is another excellent shoe with an athleisure design.

Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot

Waterproof Shoes

If you are someone looking for shoes that offer complete protection from water and every other form of liquid, then it might interest you to know that both Feiyue and Vivobarefoot have manufactured great shoes that are 100% waterproof.

The Feiyue DF/1-781 is a skate shoe that is completely waterproof. Also, Vivobarefoot also as a tracker hiking boot that is fitted with a sealed inner membrane that makes it keep water out completely.

Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot Feiyue vs Vivobarefoot

Removable Insoles

Despite the fact that both shoe brands manufacture minimalist shoes that have little or no support or cushioning, they still manage to have a removable insole fitted in their shoes.

Vivobarefoot on one hand has all their shoes come with removable insoles, except their dressy flats. Feiyue, also, has a removable insole fitted in all its products.

Major differences between Feiyue and Vivobarefoot shoes

Just as there are a million and one similarities between the shoes from both brands, there are, as well, many other differences.

Differences in techniques of production, features fitted in products, and many more.  Some of these differences are:

  • Eco-Friendliness
  • Outsole Material
  • Durability


Very few companies ensure that their production processes are ethical and environmentally sustainable, but Vivobarefoot is among that few.

Vivobarefoot uses a wild hide byproduct that prevents materials from ending up in landfills. This feature is not something we can say about Feiyue.

While it is mandatory for firms, especially global brands like both companies, to practice ethical production, we know that Vivobarefoot does it better than Feiyue.

Vivobarefoot uses leather that is gotten from Wild cattle and tanned hides that ensures that minimal water and chemical are used.

Outsole Material

Feiyue and Vivobarefoot use different materials in making the outsoles of their shoes.

Feiyue uses rubber to make all its outsoles, and this rubber contains reduced padding. On the other hand, Vivobarefoot uses a lightweight TPU to make its outsoles.

The lightweight TPU used by Vivobarefoot has high resistance to wear and tear and this material is deemed to be better and more comfortable than the traditional EVA foam.


In terms of which of the company makes the most durable shoes, Vivobarefoot edges Feiyue by a stretch.

Feiyue shoes are great and have an all-round quality, however, the soles might leave much to be desired. Vivobarefoot soles might be ultra-thin and almost feel like they are not there, but you will find the soles lasting long for up to 3 years.

No matter how often you wear them, Vivobarefoot shoes have proven that they can stand the test of time more than your average shoe.


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