Fairfax and Favor vs Penelope Chilvers: Which Is A Better Boot?

Fairfax and Favor and Penelope Chilvers are two brands that are renowned for their production of a variety of top-quality boots such as ankle boots, tall boots, tassel boots, and lots more.

However, in this article, we will be comparing them to know which one is better. We will be carrying out this comparison in categories such as durability, sole, price, sizing/fit, leather, looks, and overall quality.

The major difference between boots from Fairfax and Favor and Penelope Chilvers is their sole construction.

Fairfax and Favor boots’ soles which offer your feet maximum comfort, a firm grip, and a perfect fit are made with a mixture of leather and rubber materials and complemented with a memory-foam insole which offers your feet maximum comfort.

Meanwhile, Penelope Chilvers boots’ rubber tread soles are built with Goodyear welt construction – which is regarded as one the best construction method ever.

Fairfax and Favor vs Penelope Chilvers

These soles provide more comfortability to your feet and a more perfect fit as you wear them continuously and are highly durable.

They are also breathable and waterproof.

Comparison between Fairfax and Favor and Penelope Chilvers Boots

First Glance

Fairfax And Favor’s boots

At just a first look at Fairfax And Favor’s boots, you can acknowledge their absolute beauty. They have an attractive and stylish look which is made possible by their uppers which are made with full-grain, easy-to-clean leather material.

This waterproof upper offers maximum comfort and an assured long-lasting use.

The beautiful look of these boots’ upper is oftentimes complemented with has a gold shield logo at its heel region, a leather pinch tab, and a soft sheepskin lining that provides extra comfort and warmth.

In addition, they have a perfectly matching thick and sturdy outer sole attached to them.

Also, the beautiful look of these boots coupled with their well-built structure, makes them versatile, as they can be used for town walks, beach walks, and walks around the park.  They can also be worn with jeans, dresses, skirts and with formal wear.

Penelope Chilvers boots

Meanwhile, Penelope Chilvers boots, on the other hand, are built with a well-crafted oil suede upper that has adequate lining.


The Penelope Chilvers boots practical and stylish boots have a high shaft, flexible side gussets, and a rugged rubber sole. However, these boots are a less-attractive look as compared to Fairfax and Favor’s boots.

Overall Quality

Fairfax And Favor’s boots

Fairfax And Favor Boots are stylish and well-built boots that are well-known for the top-quality they deliver on each shoe.

They are built with quality materials to not only give you an elegant and versatile look but to also provide your feet with maximum comfort.

They are built with both suede or full-grain leather, which you can choose from, and a well-built interior leather lining to provide your feet with extra comfort and to hold the footwear in shape.

They also have scalloped edging, a stretchable panel that ensures its perfect fit, and a traditional Fairfax and Favor tassel for added beauty. These boots are built to fit any event and outfit whether dressy or casual. Fairfax And Favor’s boots are also true to size and can be dressed both up and down.

Their sturdy and long-lasting sole which offers superior comfort is built with a blend of rubber and leather. This sole is coupled with a memory foam insole for extra comfort and warmth.

In addition, some have a zip closure that doesn’t give you issues opening or closing it and a wide heel design that makes it easy to walk in.

These shoes are available in a variety of widths that everyone can choose from to get a perfect fit. They also have different elegant colors and both a heeled and flat construction which you can choose from.

These boots might seem expensive but their standout features make them worth every penny.

Penelope Chilvers’ Long Tassel Boots

Penelope Chilvers’ Long Tassel Boots are practical and elegant-looking boots that have both a perfect fit and a perfect style.

These well-made boots which are made up of either suede or Spanish leather have a scalloped edging on their zip panel similar to some on the Fairfax and Favor boots and a leather tassel on their zip. They are also well-constructed with a deerskin lining.

Their rubber tread soles are built with the traditional Goodyear welt construction which ensures it firm grip on your feet and gets more comfortable as time goes on.

This well-crafted construction makes it durable and commendably waterproof. However, it is stiff and less flexible. This boot is also stretchable and is available in different widths to fit everyone.


Despite Penelope Chilvers’ Long Tassel Boots’ enormous top features, Fairfax And Favor Boots beat them in terms of overall quality.


Fairfax and Favor boots

Fairfax and Favor boots are made with either suede leather or full-grain leathers like the vegetable-tanned leather called mahogany leather, which is gotten Wickett and Craig – a Pennsylvanian tannery which is regarded as one of the best tanneries on earth.

To get its stylish look, mahogany leather undergoes a rolling process that involves dipping it in wax and oil in a large tub called a vat. This material is rugged leather with a versatile dark-brown color that complements different dress patterns.

In addition to its toughness and versatility is its breathable and its waterproof structure, which prevents moisture from accumulating on your feet and also makes it wearable in all weather conditions. Their leather upper is also coupled with a shearling lining for its long-lasting use.

An example of boots made with this leather is Fairfax and Favor’s Sheepskin Boudica Boot.

Fairfax and Favor vs Penelope Chilvers
Fairfax and Favor’s Sheepskin Boudica Boot

Penelope Chilvers Boots

On the other hand, most Penelope Chilvers Boots are built with suede leather, which is renowned for its use in the production of clothing, bags, shoes, and lots more. It is produced from the soft underside of the skin of animals such as deer, goats, lambs, and calves.

And due to its production from the soft part of the skins of the aforementioned animals, it is flexible, thin, and soft.

To attain its softness, the material undergoes a mechanical process that exposes it to an abrasive surface which is either built with either emery paper or sandpaper.

However, due to the exemption of tough animal skin layer on it, it has less durability as compared to mahogany leather and other full-grain leathers. It is also advisable to avoid wearing these boots in the rain or to places which will make them wet.

One of Penelope Chilvers’ boots made with this leather is the Oscar Suede Boot.

Penelope Chilvers’ Oscar Suede Boot


So, due to the use of full-grain leathers like mahogany which offer great durability, versatility, and being rugged, I will say the Fairfax and Favor boots have better leather.


The price range of Fairfax and Favor boots is between $200 to $400, while the price range of Penelope Chilvers boots is between $230 to $500.


Penelope Chilvers boots are generally more expensive than Fairfax and Favor Boots.


Fairfax and Favor Boots are true to size and have stretchable side panels which enhance their perfect fit on your feet. Also, they have a suede pull tap for easy slip in and off and a memory form insole for overall comfort.

In addition, it has a leather interior lining and a hand-stitched construction which provides extra comfort and a fantastic feeling.

Penelope Chilvers’ boots are good examples of style and comfort. They fit perfectly and are double-stiched for enhanced stability. They are true to size and have enough width to make your toe relax and move freely.

They also give your feet a warm feeling whenever you have them on.

In addition, they have rubber tread soles which are built with Goodyear welt construction for a firm grip and extra comfort.


In total, it is safe to say Penelope Chilvers boots offer a better overall fit.

Why you should choose Fairfax and Favor Boots

  • Sole: Its soles are sturdy and are generally built with a blend of rubber and leather materials.
  • Lining: They are made with sheepskin leather interior lining for extra comfort and warmth. This lining also helps keep these boots in shape.
  • Upper: Fairfax and Favor Boots are made with either suede or full-grain leather such as mahogany leather and lots more.
  • Comfort: Fairfax and Favor Boots offers maximum and superior comfort when worn.
  • Durability: Their soles and uppers are built with top-quality materials which ensure you can use them for a long time without issues.
  • Build-Up: They are built with an attractive look to meet the eye with a well-built memory form insole for added comfort. They are also true to size and have a stretchable panel which ensures it perfect fit.

Why you should choose Penelope Chilvers Boots

  • Sole: The rubber tread soles of Penelope Chilvers Boots are built with a traditional Goodyear welt construction which gives it a firm grip, extremely comfortability, and a waterproof structure. These soles are highly durable and become more comfortable and accustomed to your feet as you wear them consistently.
  • Upper: Their uppers are mostly built with suede leather material which enhances its flexibility, and softness. However, some of these boots are built with well-built Spanish leather. These uppers are also complemented with a deerskin lining for extra comfort.
  • Comfort: Penelope Chilvers Boots are built with perfect craftsmanship to provide a high level of comfortability.
  • Durability: Their soles and uppers are also built with rugged and top-quality materials to ensure their long-lasting use.
  • Build-Up: They are true to size and have a double-stitching construction for adequate stability. They are also built with a stylish look which gives your feet elegance.

Which is better?: My opinion

In my opinion, I will pick Fairfax And Favor boots over Penelope Chilvers’ boots. I rate the overall quality offered by the former’s boots over that of Penelope Chilvers’.

The extra comfort and warmth offered by the Fairfax And Favor boots’ sheepskin leather interior lining and their stretchable panel which ensures they fit perfectly are some of the features which stand them out for me.

In addition, they have a more beautiful appearance as compared to Penelope Chilvers boots, and an additional comfort-enhancing memory form insole which is absent in Penelope’s chilvers’ boots.


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