Skechers vs Converse: Who is the Winner?

Converse shoes combine rubber, canvas, denim, and other premium materials for shoe production and with its durable and versatile concept, I will choose them over Skechers.

Converse is the brand of shoes that all the cool people are wearing. They are not only very stable but comfortable too especially if you have narrow feet.

Skechers vs Converse

They look about the same as any other kind of shoe, including Skechers, which depends more on texture and of course, marketing.

It is no news that everything Converse does is about making shoes more comfortable for people with narrow feet, but their new models say otherwise.

Anyone can now buy Converse brands without thinking too much about tight fits.

Why did I choose Converse?

Healthy thinkers need healthy feet, and for this reason, I admire Skechers shoes. There are numerous options available for those who like an extra-plush feel to their feet.

But the classic style, denim canvas, and an inner rubber sole make Converse shoes one of the most popular brands of sneakers on the market today.

Their Louie Lopez high shine suede uppers always look great and feel even better too. See it here on Amazon.

Skechers vs Converse
The Louie Lopez high shine suede uppers

Built with a durable upper designed for constant wear, a padded collar and tongue provide comfort and support, while a reinforced toe cap adds durability.

A double-stitched heel cup will help you slap the ball to the hoop every time. And for playing basketball, these outstanding sneakers are extra cushioned to deliver a smooth comfortable ride.

Made with canvas and premium rubber, the classic Converse All-Star Chuck Taylors is offered in a wide array of colors and styling options. Wear them with your favorite rolled-up jeans or dress them up with a pair of dark denim pants.

The durable rubber outsole provides endless stability and support as you move from one activity to the next.

With Converse, the drive is in making fashionable, vintage-inspired shoes. As the original choice of rebels and icons, these sneakers have forever changed how people look, think, and move.

This tradition by creating colorful footwear is playful, durable, and comfortable enough for any occasion. So whether you want to make a statement or keep it simple, Converse always goes with the flow.

Differences between Skechers and Converse

Skechers vs Converse

  • Converse has more durable uppers
  • Skechers are roomier
  • Converse are more balanced and comfortable
  • Converse has more durable uppers
Skechers Converse
Memory foam materials Canvas material
Roomy Narrow shape
More breathable More balanced
More waterproof brands Mostly non-waterproof

Skechers is more waterproof

It is generally thought that memory foam is superior to canvas material shoes for the reasons:

Skechers memory foam strong points:

  • Are more comfortable.
  • The difference in firmness can be fine-tuned, making it suitable for different people.
  • The memory is long-lasting
  • It absorbs moisture better, making it more reliable.

Converse material strong points:

  • Converse has more durable uppers
  • The rubber-enhanced sole makes them more grippy, durable, and safe.

In an attempt to improve the performance of the memory foam in Skechers, new polyurethane foam was developed by the company to have a unique ability to absorb shock, compared with other foams.

Converse shoes are like the memory foam shoes of the past decade. They’re made of man-made materials, and they’re designed to be flexible.

They combine cloth and synthetic substitutes for more flexibility too. The result is that they conform to your foot in ways that pure leather or canvas-only material shoes don’t, so you can walk more comfortably than with traditional shoes.

Skechers are roomier

Narrow-shaped shoes like Converse are comfortable to walk in, but not to run in. This is because the shape of our foot means that our heel hits the ground first, and that makes it harder to push off.

For exercise, the heel hits the ground first, so it has more inertia than our toes. The result is that we can’t keep running long enough for this extra inertia to turn into speed.

Ever heard of less volume means less cushioning? It’s true that you can tell whether a shoe is roomy or narrow by looking at it. But shoes are not the only things we wear.

Our feet are covered with skin, so when we wear roomy shoes, we don’t notice them; and when we wear narrow ones, we don’t notice how narrow they are.

And if the two things were really precisely interchangeable, then no fashion-savvy person with narrow feet would choose to wear more Skechers; they would be wearing Converses ones instead.

This doesn’t mean that the real difference between roomy and narrow shoes is in their shapes (not necessarily); it’s in our perception of them.

If you believe you see a difference between these two brands, even if there isn’t one, it will make things harder for you to notice when they turn out to be different. You need to know that:

  • Converse shoes are naturally heavier than Skechers
  • Converse doesn’t have as much volume around your foot
  • The volume and extra-padding is what gives you shock-absorbing cushioning in Skechers

Converse are more balanced and comfortable

Shoes are designed to take advantage of differences in human anatomy. The foot is shaped like the letter “T”; if you draw a line across it, it is roughly rectangular.

This means that shoes should sit just above the anklebone so that the heel should be slightly wider than the foot.

The trouble comes when you start trying to design shoes for people with wide feet. But they found out that people with narrow feet don’t like them because they feel constricted and unbalanced.

So, they added special features to make the narrow shoes more comfortable: extra padding, or a higher arch, or both.

And that’s how all shoes are made today. If you really want to look at them closely, you can find some differences among these brands, but not enough to make it worth worrying about.

  • Skechers fit is tighter and more even
  • Skechers came up with “hikers,” long-legged, heavily padded shoes for people who need extra room in their footwear.
  • Converses are more balanced and comfortable

The Converse was new when I bought them, but I’ve had them for years, so they’ve molded to my feet. Since my feet are pretty flat, this means the right shoe is conspicuously wider than the left shoe.

The Skechers shoes were new enough that they haven’t molded to my feet yet. This makes them a little more comfortable than I’d hoped.

They also protected me from water better than Converse ever did. The tradeoff of course is that it’s harder to get Skechers shoes wet than it is with Converse.

Skechers is more waterproof

When in contact with moisture, my Skechers are more comfortable than my Converse shoes. This is because of their enhanced waterproof technology.

You have two pairs of shoes and both are running shoes. But one is made to be waterproof or slightly waterproof while the other isn’t really good t getting wet.

You need to walk outside sometimes in the rain, so you having a pair of Skechers is a smarter choice here.

Converses shoes are better for long walking because you will need sheer balance for longer periods.

Even though Skechers are lighter, more comfortable, and better for walking, they are better for walking only when it’s raining.

Technically, there’s a difference in the outer material that makes Skechers shoes shinier, and more of it. But the point is that they keep water out, but they do it by preventing water from getting in.

Similarities between Skechers and Converse

Skechers vs Converse
The Chucks All-Star Converse

They are both dress-up shoes

The most important features of dress-up shoes are:

  • They don’t have to fit.
  • They can be in any form.
  • They can be made to look different at will.
  • They are comfortable
  • They are made of premium quality

Clothing affects us in many ways, but the way it makes us feel seems especially important. Dress-up shoes like Converse and Skechers don’t give you an advantage over other people.

They just make you more interesting than they might otherwise be. Wear them to dinner parties and get people talking about shoes, and discover for yourself what a good idea it is.

A few years ago I was in a shoe store and noticed that some of the shoes had more than one use. You could wear them for walking and dancing, or just to go shopping.

They were called “dressier” shoes. They are usually made of leather, but sometimes they are plastic or wood or covered with silk or velvet.

But these days, dress-up shoes can be found in many concepts, and this is one of the strong points of Converse and Skechers because both are sports shoes but can be worn with countless dress-up outfits.

There are dress shoes from both Skechers and Converse for young people, for adults, for men, and for women.

They both present sporty value

Both shoes are a triumph of design. They are light, comfortable, cheap, and available in a wide variety of styles.

These qualities make them perfect for casual wear – but they are not as well suited to running as the old-fashioned running shoes that inspired them.

Sports shoes are designed for the specific purpose of sports, so they are more comfortable to wear.

Both Skechers and Converse shoes can effectively absorb the impact of sports, reducing the burden on our knees, hips, and feet.

They are lightweight, breathable, and non-slip. They are made of high-quality material that is comfortable to wear.

Both are great for maintenance

Skechers especially are usually easy to clean. Most sporty shoe designs are machine washable, especially those with breathable fabric upper part, which can promote air circulation inside the shoes, preventing odor-causing bacteria breeding.

You can also wash them by hand with warm water and mild soap. Sports shoes are very durable because their soles are made of high-quality rubbers or a special kind of hard plastic.

Sports shoes have a wide toe box so your toes have enough space to move freely during running or walking.

Both brands have good shock absorption

Skechers and Converses have better shock absorption capability than other kinds of sneakers or more dress-up shoes.

There is a good cushioning effect on every step you take when you walk or run in sports shoes.

Their shock-absorbing capability is especially important for feet protection when you walking or running on hard surfaces such as concrete roads, asphalt pavement, etc.

Both shoes can effectively reduce the chance of injuries caused by falling; they also provide good support for ankles and feet joints; plus they promote

Similar design values

The old-fashioned running shoe is a lot clunkier than a sports shoe. It is heavier and stiffer, too.

Both brands are made out of different kinds of materials, with more cushioning on the heel and less on the toes. These design features are intended to help the foot run better.

Converse, Adidas, Skechers, and other companies that make sports shoes sell not just to people who want shoes, but to people who want to be athletes.

At first, that might seem obvious. If you make sports equipment, of course, you want your product used in sports.

Sports shoe companies have similar design values. Their whole business model depends on making people buy into the idea of being an athlete.

They create an identity around their brand of shoe that goes far beyond the function of the shoe itself.

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Final words

I’m not sure what to think about this one, but Converse is the kind of shoe brand that I can wear for years.

I found a pair of Converse sneaks in my closet over ten years ago, and have been wearing them steadily ever since.

My dad loves them so much, in fact, that I think he’ll be wearing them for years to come.

This takes nothing away from the shoe-making prowess of Skechers. They are in fact, tasteful and high quality.

And although they’re lightweight, well-padded, and roomy enough to slip into almost anyone’s shopping list, they won’t save you from blisters when walking around in them all day due to weaker stability.

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