Skechers vs Asics: Similarities & Differences

Have you ever wondered if there was a difference between Skechers and Asics?

Have you been befuddled by both brands to a point of indecision when it comes to purchasing each product from both brands?

Do you wish to know the difference between Skechers and Asics?

Skechers vs Asics

Then this is the best place for you. In this article, I am going to be making a lot of comparisons and contrasts between Skechers and Asics

You should bear in mind that both brands are known to be producers of some of the best sneakers in the fashion industry.

Therefore, there is nothing to be skeptical about when it comes to both brands. This article is to guide you into the specific differences between Skechers and Asics.

From both sneakers, you can see the obvious differences. However, let us delve into this topic for better clarity on both brands of shoes.

Similarities between Skechers vs Asics

Skechers vs Asics
Skechers vs Asics

There is no doubt that there are a lot of similarities between both brands. This is the reason why we are bringing up the comparison in order to help people make their choice with the information they get from this article.

Therefore, let us get into the details by looking at the similarities between both amazing brands of shoes.

  • They are both durable
  • Skechers are Asics are comfortable sneakers
  • Great outsoles
  • Made for similar purposes


This is the best part of these brands.

When it comes to durability and strength, both brands are made of strong leather material.

For example, the Skechers Afterburn sneaker is one of the best sneakers I have used by Skechers.

This sneaker is made with one of the strongest materials I have ever seen in all my experience as a shoe collector.

It is made of a strong waterproof leather upper material, which is resistant to moist and does not accumulate air.

Generally, it is obvious that air and moist are the major determinant of what damages the quality of sneakers.

Therefore, when you find a sneaker that is made to resist both factors, then you should not waste time by getting a pair.

Therefore, when it comes to durability, Skechers makes a lot of durable sneakers, which can withstand any pressure and harsh usage condition.

Skechers makes a lot of strong shoes, which makes it one of the favorites for food service workers all over the world.

For the Asics brand, the same can be said about this brand. Asics makes a lot of strong quality sneakers that give assurance for long-term delivery.

If you plan to do a lot of heavy and consistent wearing, then you should go for Asics brand. One of the sneakers made by this brand, which has lived up to its reputation is the ASICS men’s GEL running shoe.

This sneaker is one of the best running shoes I have ever come across. There are times I got caught in a muddy floor surface with fear running down my chin, my fears never became a reality because my ASICS men’s GEL running shoe has proven defiant every time.

ASICS men’s GEL running shoe is one of the strong shoes that are made by the Asics brand. Therefore, you can trust the durability of both shoes.

They are dependable, reliable, and can be trusted. If you need a brand of sneakers that can last for more than 4 years, then Asics and Skechers will fulfill your wish.


When it comes to comfort, Skechers and Asics are great choices. If you are looking for the most preferable brand, then you should go for any of these brands.

The comfort and convenience that I have enjoyed influenced my decision. Furthermore, the reviews from customers based on how much they enjoy Skechers and Asics has brought about this decision as well.

There are a few points to note concerning both brands.

Skechers brand has the following features, which makes them comfortable:

Insole quality

When it comes to the insoles, Skechers shoes have soft, cushioned, and comfortable insoles that will fully support your feet for long hours of standing and walking.

The feeling that comes from wearing Skechers sneakers is cushioned and pumpy. The insoles feel like walking on a feathered pillow.

You can stand for hours without feeling tired. You can walk for hours without feeling any pain in your feet or arches. The SKECHERS men’s go-max sneaker is one of the best sneakers that makes me comfortable and convenient.

It is made of comfortable insoles that will keep you on your feet for hours without fail. Standing in the SKECHERS men’s go-max sneaker is good for those with tender feet muscles.

In addition to this, the Skechers women’s appeal sneaker is also another sneaker that has soft and cushioned insoles.

Walking or standing for long hours with this sneaker will give your feet and toes the best treat you can ever imagine. The feeling you will get from wearing this sneaker is second to none.

Spacious fit

There is enough space in Skechers shoes. This will keep your feet comfortable. The space in Skechers is wide enough to create enough wiggle room for your feet and toes.

An example of such a sneaker is the SKECHERS men’s go-max sneaker. In addition to this, the Skechers Afterburn sneaker is also another sneaker that is made by the Skechers brand, which makes a lot of spacious shoes for your feet.

Therefore, if you have wide feet, you will enjoy the comfort that comes from the adequate space in Skechers’ variety of sneakers.

Asics has the following features, which makes them comfortable for your feet.

Insole quality

The tender insoles of Asics make it one of my favorite shoes whenever I want to enjoy the comfort of my shoes – majorly for taking a light walk in the neighborhood.

The ASICS men’s GEL running shoe is what I wear for light walks in the neighborhood because of its soft gel insoles. The insoles of this running shoe have a massaging feeling that comes with it.

This is why I love to wear it for a light walk. If you have an injury on your feet, then you can trust in the ASICS men’s GEL running shoe to give you an amazing feeling.

In addition to this, you can walk for long hours with this shoe without any issues. If you are looking for a sneaker that will provide 100% comfort to your feet and toes, then you can trust in the ASICS men’s GEL running shoe and Asics brand in general.

The leather material of the Asics brand is tender

That is, you will not experience rubbing whenever you walk around in this shoe. Furthermore, it is easier to break it in.

Unlike other hard leather materials, the Asics brand is easy to walk around in without stress. This is another major quality of Asics that I love.

You will be able to break this sneaker in within a few days. Therefore, you stand to enjoy a comfortable insole, with a flexible leather material that is friendly to your heels.

From what we have studied, both brands are comfortable enough.

Sole quality

When it comes to the quality of the outsoles of sneakers, you have to look out for firm grip and strong outsoles.

Skechers and Asics make some of the best outsoles for sneakers. The outsoles that come with the sneakers of both brands are of high quality.

Walking on slippery floor surfaces is safe with the Skechers and Asics brand. You will not trip or fall with these brands of sneakers.

If you take a look at the outsoles of Skechers Afterburn loafer, you will observe a huge traction pattern underneath the outsoles. This is the same as the ASICS men’s GEL running shoe.

Therefore, there is no discrepancy between both outsoles. You will enjoy stability and firm grip with any of these brands of sneakers.


Skechers and Asics make a lot of running shoes. Therefore, if you are looking for the top brands that make running shoes, Skechers and Asics make the list.

They have all the essential qualities of a good running shoe. In addition to this, both brands have the stability and firm grip in their outsoles to keep your feet stable on the floor while running on different trails.

The flexibility of the outsoles is another quality to consider in both brands. Their outsoles are flexible enough to bend in whatever position you want as a runner.

Apart from running, Skechers and Asics can be used to perform other athletic activities.

Let us look at the differences between Skechers and Asics

S/NO  Differences Skechers Asics
1 Product variation It has a lot of product variation It has lesser product variation
2 Weight It is heavier in weight It is lesser in weight
3 Steel toe-cap It has a steel toe-cap feature It does not have a steel-toe cap feature
4 Fit It has a snug fit It has a relaxed and wide fit feature
5 Design framework It has lesser designs It has many designs

Product Variation

This is a major difference between both brands. When it comes to product variation, Skechers has a lot of products compared to Asics. Asics makes majorly running shoes.

Therefore, if you need something other than running shoes, you might not have a wide range of options to choose from in Asics.

However, when you come to Skechers, you have a lot of options to select from.

Let us look at the different product variations of Skechers brand.


Skechers have loafers. This is different from sneakers or dress shoes. Therefore, if you don’t need sneakers, you can get a pair of loafers from the Skechers brand.

An example of these loafers is the Skechers men’s moccasin loafers, which are strong and comfortable enough to keep your feet in the best position for long hours of walking.

Ballet flats:

For those in the corporate world, you can enjoy Skechers ballet flat. The Willow flat is great for those in the corporate world.

Compared to Asics, Skechers gives you the opportunity to select from their wide range of products.

Weight difference

When it comes to the weight of both shoes, Asics is my favorite. It has a lightweight dimension, which makes walking faster. As an athlete, you can run faster with Asics because of its lightweight.

Your tender feet muscles will not be affected whenever you walk around in this shoe. Skechers is heavier than Asics. Therefore, if you like wearing heavyweight shoes, you will love Skechers.

Steel toe-cap

Skechers has a steel toe-cap feature, which protects your toes from getting smashed by heavy objects.

With Skechers, you can work in an industrial environment because your toes are perfectly protected from heavy objects.

Furthermore, the toe box is covered by a strong leather material that prevents harmful substances from hurting your toes.

However, Asics does not have this feature. Therefore, wearing it to an industrial area might put your toes at risk. Asics is good as a casual shoe for flexible outdoor activities.


Skechers requires that you order for a size higher in order to get the best fit for your feet. However, Asics has a relaxed and wide room. Therefore, you can order for a lesser size than the normal size.

Design framework

There are a lot of differences between the exterior designs of both brands. Therefore, if you are looking for a brand with more attractive shoes, then go for Asics.

Asics has a lot of beautifully made sneakers that will make you attractive. It has a lot of sneakers that are made with some of the most perfectly blended mesh.

An example of this is the ASICS gel contend sneaker which is made with a perfect blend of grey, white, red, and black.

However, Skechers is made with a simple design that will make you look cool. Skechers has a lot of designs. However, when compared with Asics, I will go for Asics when it comes to design framework.

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