Why are Converse so uncomfortable at first?

Want to get a new converse and wonder if they would get so uncomfortable for you and affect you in any way! Well, the truth is that Converse is slightly uncomfortable at first use when they are purchased. They could be hard on your heels causing discomfort.

But why?

Why is converse so uncomfortable at first use? When you purchase a new converse, it is common to have it uncomfortable and this is because their materials are stiff at this point.

Due to the stiffness of the shoe, you would experience little discomfort at your heels, ankle, and toes not until you have broken into the shoe. The converse would rub your feet and this can be discomforting but you don’t have to worry about all this because.

Why are Converse so uncomfortable at first

I will be showing you just what you need to do in order to prevent an occurrence of this. So you would do yourself a great good to read on…

But before that, let’s have a view of more reasons why Converse is quite uncomfortable.

More reasons why your Convere shoe is uncomfortable?

The fact that they need to be broken into

Converse are uncomfortable at first use because they are still new and need to be broken into first before they can become comfortable.

The process of breaking into your new shoe shouldn’t be a hard one and I will be showing you what to do in other to make it easy.

Once you have broken into your converse they would become very much comfortable and might even turn out to be your favorite.

Aside from breaking into your shoe, another thing that makes them uncomfortable is…

They have hard insoles

Most converse have a hard insole and there is also no pad present in them and this means that less or no cushioning is experienced.

With all this, more pressure is experienced on the feet which also contributes to the discomfort you get from a converse shoe.

Having no cushioning also makes converse not fit for sports activities. Trying them out on any sports activity would be a bad idea.

You might end up injuring your knee and ankle with the shock of jumping or landing on the ground with force.

Converse don’t absorb shocks so here is one secret to making you converse comfortable.

“Only wear them when you want to take a walk anywhere”.

Yes, use them to take a walk; they are much more a good fit for this because while walking there little or sometimes no shock is generated and this makes them comfortable and safe.

Another thing that makes them uncomfortable is…

The absence of an arch support

Apart from the fact that converse shoes have a hard sole, the sole are also flat and comes with no arch support.

Because the soles are also flat, they do not provide the arch support that you need in other to be comfortable while using them.

The absence of the arch support and presence of a flat sole makes converse a good fit for people with flat feet.

So if you have flat feet, the converse would be a very comfortable shoe for you but if you don’t have flat feet, stay with me because I will soon be showing you what you can do to your converse shoes to make them very much comfortable.

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Now you have your converse ready, let me walk you through things you need to do to make your converse comfortable.

What can I do to make my Converse comfortable?

There are quite a number of things you could do to make your converse comfortable but I have decided to put together the most effective ways to make your converse comfortable.

Imagine having fun around with your converse and your feet are comfortably fitted in the shoe that you don’t need to border yourself.

All this can be made possible just by do the following.

Break into them

Just as I have explained earlier, one of the major reasons why your converse is uncomfortable is that they are brand new and like most other shoes, you have to break into them.

When you successfully break into your converse they definitely would get lost and much more comfortable.

With it been comfortable, you then have achieved your goal. “But how do I break into my shoe?

This should be the question in your mind right now and I am here to provide you with the answer.

Breaking into your converse can be done in a diverse way. One of them is wearing the shoe often until they become comfortable.

This is by far the most popular way of breaking into a shoe and this is exactly what most people do.

They wear their converse often until they are very much comfortable but this isn’t the only way you can break into your shoe.

It is important to know that the impact of wearing the shoe often can not be replaced with anything.

Every other way to do this is just to make the process faster and easier. So here is another way to break into your converse and make them comfortable.

First of all, get some old newspapers or papers that are not in use any longer and then squeeze them all together.

After that, you stuff up your shoe with the papers and then apply little pressure to it to stretch the shoe upper a bit and then leave the shoe stuffed overnight and remove the paper the next morning.

By doing this, the shoe gets stretched and makes it more free and comfortable when in use.

But this isn’t all you can do to make your converse comfortable and this leads us to the next which is…

Wear it with a sock

When it comes to breaking into your converse, using a sock with the converse will help a lot.

The sock can help you stretch the shoe a bit especially if you are using a thick sock with the converse.

The thickness of the sock is what does the job here so you would want to use a thick sock so you can get a good result in time.

Aside from helping out in breaking into your converse, a sock can also help protect your ankle from been injured which could be caused by the shoe while you are still breaking into the shoe.

The sock prevents the shoe from harming your ankle so when using a sock you can choose to use a short or long sock.

But you need to put on the one that will be able to cover your ankle well so it can help prevent the injuries and keep you safe and comfortable.

Wearing your converse with a sock also makes them even more comfortable and this is exactly what you want.

It can also help you to an extent with the arch support that you need to be comfortable and these and are what you stand to gain when you use a sock with your converse.

So here you have it. Work on these simple ways of making your converse comfortable and you would find the result surprising.

But there is still one more question that is yet to be cover and that is…

Is it normal for Converse to hurt?

Yes, it is. It is normal for Converse to hurt especially when they are just newly purchased and you are putting them on for the first time.

This is something that is common to most converse and is something you should expect if you try on a new converse without following the thing I have showed you earlier.

In other to prevent yourself from been hurt be your new converse shoe just follow all I have told you to do and you are just fine.

Instead of complaining that the shoe is uncomfortable and hurts you will notice that they are getting more and more comfortable day by day.

So all you have to do is simple and easy and the result is something that is great and lasts forever.

Your converse remains comfortable forever; isn’t that nice.

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