Can You Use Converse As Running Shoes?

Converse shoes are made more for walking/casual use than athletic use. There are many drawbacks to using Converse as running shoes, including Chuck Taylors.

You can run in Converse, but it is not advised on a professional level because there are a lot of disadvantages associated with using Converse as running shoes.

Unlike ideal running shoes, Converse casual shoes are usually too heavy, and as a runner, you will need lightweight shoes so you can run nimbly and the weight of the shoe won’t affect your running form/gait.

Can You Use Converse As Running Shoes

The general design of Converse shoes is made with a lot of rubber, which adds up more to its weight compared to lightweight running shoes.

Another way Converse can not be a replacement for ideal running shoes is when it comes down to the midsole/outsole. That of Converse is usually completely flat.

Even when you are not running on a professional level, you will need a slightly ramped-down toe area, to promote forward foot roll and a more efficient “toe-off” in your stride.

In addition, the canvas material used in making converse is, though flexible, but not very breathable enough to be used as running shoes.

Another reason why you don’t want to consider using converse as running shes is that the upper is usually made of canvas, making it less ventilated shoes for running.

There are many factors to look into when considering turning your Converse into running shoes.

Now that we have been able to establish the fact that Converse is no ideal replacement for running shoes, the rest of this post will expose you to the drawbacks to using Converse as running shoes, ideal running shoes you should consider, and whether you can wear Converse to work out.

The drawbacks to using Converse as running shoes

As mentioned earlier, I clearly will not recommend using converse are running shoes, and this is chiefly because of the more damage it will do to your feet than good in the long run.

The following are the potential drawbacks of using converse as running shoes:

Converse can hurt your feet

When you run for a long period of time, the converse can hurt your feet, unlike ideal running shoes that have an arched sole which would provide more support.

You might develop flat feet from the impact of running

Having mentioned that Converse shoes have an insupportable sole for running, you might start to develop flat feet from the impact of running with such shoes.

Your heel may hurt too

Running with converse shoes will make your heel start to hurt especially when you go on hardcore jogging.

This may not happen when you go on short sprints like running to the bus stop, though.

Converse does not have a lot of shock absorption

Converse is not the right shoes for running as they are quite flat and won’t do much, shock absorption wise.

In other words, they can not absorb the force when you jog on concrete. This is where the huge difference sets in between ideal running shoes like Nike Airs and casual Converse.

Shoes made by brands like Mizuno, Saucony, Asics, and Nike are better off than Converse when it comes to running because the latter will not only screw up your shoes but your body as well.

For some serious jogging and lose weight, it is better to invest in a pair of running shoes.

What shoes are then great for running?

If you want to up your running, it is advisable to invest in real running shoes.

To get a very good running shoe can be a little challenging looking at the large variety on the market of which some are not as quality as they claim.

In this vein, instead of settling for converse shoes that can cause damage to your feet, there are three impressive running shoes you should consider investing in as a runner.

The first one is this Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe which is a really great quality shoe.

Apart from being one of the best running shoes on the market right now, it does have really good cushioning and seems pretty sturdy.

In addition, the colors are nice and contrast each other well.

Although some of the reviews on this shoe show that the shoe is a little on the wide side, it is all about the size on one’s feet too, and so not a big deal.

This running shoe made by Under Armour has patterned groves that I’m sure would provide a solid grip too.

This, among other great features, makes it ideal for running and other active usages. It assures a balance of flexibility and cushioning to runners.

Featuring a lightweight mesh upper with a 3-color digital print, the charged assert 8 running shoe offers complete breathability.

Thanks to the Solid rubber outsole that assures greater durability with less weight by covering high impact zones.

Secondly, this Nike W Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Tb Running Casual Shoe is an iconic running shoe that offers more perforations.

It is designed with an engineered mesh upper that combines to target breathability in strategic areas.

It is really great to function as a running shoe with a slimmer heel collar and tongue that retains the comfort and gives that sleek profile.

I also recommend this ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Trail Running Shoe. You will want to have this as your running shoes especially if you are on that has very sensitive feet. for the latter situation, it is never easy to undergo the process of choosing shoes to buy.

But the trust we have always had with the ASICS shoe brand increased even more with this special running shoe that gives the right support needed.

It has the right durability, the right color vibrancy, very impressive Longevity of support, and of course, a 100% recommended for working out, walking, climbing, standing.

Significantly, the shock absorption is great and it is very easy to clean.

Similarly, the Adidas QT Racer Sport Running Shoe for women is designed with a textile upper for lightweight comfort.

It is made with a high-performance recycled material called Primeblue that sets it ready to hit the trails or the streets.

Equally highly recommended for running and other sports activities.

This Nike Men’s Free Rn 2018 Running Shoe is probably better than the above in just a few areas. Many of the reviews on this product tells that the shoe fits snug all the around, this is really cool for runners, thanks to the elastic.

It is a light shoe with great airflow, very flexible, and snug for running. With the right level of cushioning in this shoe, the feet will never hurt. Nike running shoes are excellent and comfortable as always!

Lastly, when it comes to running shoes, I must not fail to recommend this New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Roav V1 Running Shoe.

It is the true definition of uniqueness as it comes in casual athletic style.

As a result of the impressive fresh foam midsole, you will feel like you are running or walking in the clouds when using this running shoe.

It is designed to deliver an ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride.

This is the kind of shoe you would want to consider when you decide to step up your running sports and get a real running shoe.

I recommend it mainly because it stands out from other kinds of running shoes in terms of heel-to-toe drop for a supportive fit.

Can you run on the treadmill in Converse?

The treadmill is a very popular type of home exercise equipment that offers a straightforward, efficient aerobic workout.

Regardless of your fitness level or back conditions (In some cases), treadmills seem to be a good choice to begin a new exercise routine.

Even when you have the equipment in-house, what you wear on the treadmill matters as it is practically more like running.

As strength and endurance are developed, the treadmill can be used for jogging. Is converse comfortable enough for such activity?

If they can pose such a level of damage to your feet when used for running, how much more when on a treadmill.

For this exercise, you want to wear shoes that are comfortable, versatile, and infused with modern tech that will make your runs easier.

In the same way, Converse is ill-suited for running, it is not also ideal for running on a treadmill.

For running on both the treadmill or the road, it is better to go for shoes that are specifically designed for running, not casual converse shoes.

Is it OK to work out in Converse?

There are quite a number of weightlifting exercises that can really benefit from a flat shoe like Converse. These workout activities include squats, bench presses, deadlifts, etc.

Converse designs with flat soles help you to push through the heel, an essential movement when you’re lifting.

While this is one advantage of using Converse for working out, we must also note that they don’t have the good arch support for some workout just like the treadmill exercise that we have discussed earlier.

When it comes to workout activities that have to do with running and jumping, it is not ideal to settle for shoes that are as flat as Converse.

It is advised to wear cushy, comfortable athletic shoes to provide that extra support.

Even with this knowledge, there are still many people who when in the gym work out in Converse.

But, for a shoe that you can not walk more than half a mile in them before your feet start throbbing, how much more on a workout that you spend time on continuously, and sometimes, on a spot.

If it is a workout that requires you to do more lifting heavier weights or for a workout with light or medium dumbbells, it is helpful to wear flat shoes like Converse. But for others, go for ideal workout shoes.

Now, you don’t want to be caught between whether to go for flat shoes or for running shoes especially in cases where you do multiple types of workouts.

Hence, you can just go for a solid, all-purpose gym shoe like cross-trainers.

While the flat soles give more comfort and allow for a wider range of movements, they serve as a very versatile workout shoe great for aerobics, weight training, and multidirectional workouts like kickboxing.

Your converse is very much helpful, still. They come in handy for days when you want to do only heavy weightlifting.


In summary, if you have flat feet and prefer a more minimalist running style, you might be able to run in converse.

But for the majority, it is not ideal to use converse as running shoes simply due to their lack of support, cushioning, and relative flatness.

Professional runners, athletes, and sportspeople prefer to use modern specific running shoes and sneakers because it is wired to increase support and boost their running performance.

It is very important that you wear the right pair of shoes to jog because wearing the wrong pair of shoes (ie. converses) to jog might eventually bring problems to your legs.

Instead of running such risk, it is better to invest in a jogging shoe; and there are really affordable options as we have seen in this post.

Bottom line, Converse shoes simply aren’t ideal for running. I have a great love for Converse shoes so much so that I can wear them to almost any occasion safe for jogging or running.

For running, you make your feet happy when you invest in a nice pair of running shoes.

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