How To Make Chuck Taylor More Comfortable For Walking

Converse sneakers are one of the best sneakers I always wear. One of the reasons why I love wearing converse sneakers is because of how simple it looks. I don’t love wearing exotic or colorful sneakers.

Converse sneakers are so simple in style and fit on most outfits in a casual style.

However, there are a lot of concerns with this amazing brand of sneakers. The thin soles are a major concern which gives a lot of people sore feet after wearing them.

If you have poor feet or any pains or sores, converse sneakers might be a bit of a pain in the ass for you. The thin sole is a very major concern and this is why I have written this article to you.

Let me quickly highlight the steps to making your Chuck Taylor more comfortable before we get into the details.

  • Wearing socks helps a lot. Wear socks or change your socks often to help the footbed get a little bit softer and more cushioned.
  • Try breaking your sneakers in
  • Wash your converse sneakers often.
  • Get orthotic insoles or arch support inserts to further help.
  • Loosen the laces a bit.
  • Get a new converse sneaker that has better soles if all these tricks do not work for you.

There are several ways to make your Chuck Taylor more comfortable for walking and I would be talking about them briefly.

Chuck Taylor has been for years and it has proven to be one of the durable shoes out there. So, just a little twist here and there would solve the problem entirely.

Let’s delve into this fully shall we?

I love converse sneakers so much. However, the comfort I get does not match up to what I expected. I have designed simple ways to make my Chuck Taylor converse sneakers more comfortable for me.

These simple tricks work every time. My converse sneakers are now comfortable and I can walk in them for as long as I want to because of the simple tricks I used.

Wearing socks

How To Make Chuck Taylor More Comfortable For Walking

Wearing socks helps your feet and toes a lot from feeling the effect of the thin sole of converse sneakers. There is one important thing you must learn to do before you buy the converse sneakers; learn to try it on with the exact socks you plan on wearing it with occasionally or frequently as you deem fit.

This is a mistake a lot of people make and that is why when they wear socks, it gets a little bit tight or it has little or no effect on the insole.

While this might not be possible when ordering online, it is a good method for those who make their purchases from a local community shoe store.

However, if you have made the purchase and you are still having issues, then try wearing socks. Or better still, try changing your socks to a new one.

Wearing old socks for long makes the socks get thinner until it gets so soft and begins to rip apart. This is why it is good to change your socks occasionally. Wearing single socks for a long time would begin to cause your feet to feel the thin sole effect in no time.

Learn to notice the change whenever you wear the socks with your converse sneakers. Once you begin to see slight changes, then it is time to change the socks. However, wearing socks is a great way to make your Chuck Taylor converse sneaker more comfortable.

Wearing socks makes sure that you can walk for long distances without feeling any pain or pressure in your feet and toes. Try this method and watch how comfortable your converse sneakers would get in no time.

Here are the socks you might want to get:

    1. SMARTWOOL mini socks for men
    2. ORTIS MERINO wool comfortable socks
    3. ONKE men’s socks

Break-in your converse sneakers

How To Make Chuck Taylor More Comfortable For Walking

This is for those whose converse sneakers run a little tight or stiff. A tight Chuck Taylor converse sneaker is very bad for feet and toes. Wearing a tight Chuck Taylor makes it nearly impossible for you to walk for long.

I had a bad experience with this when I order a smaller size online. It literally bent my toes backward and almost gave me serious feet issues.

So, if you want to enjoy your converse sneakers, try breaking them in using some of these simple techniques:

Try bending your converse sneakers from time to time

When you repeatedly do this over and over again, you create a loop that allows it to break in faster and more easily.

You would do this by holding both the toe box and heel cup with both hands and then bend the shoe to form a V shape. Hold it in that position for a little while before releasing it.

Try it a few more times before you move on to the other shoe. Doing this would help your Chuck Taylor break in very fast.

When you wear your converse sneakers for long, it breaks in

However, if you need a quick result and effect, then you must ensure that you wear your converse sneakers frequently within the next few days after the purchase has been made.

Once you can do this, you would increase the break-in rate and make it more comfortable for your feet and toes.

Stuff your Chuck Taylor with socks

Maybe 2 or 3 socks would be good enough to create the right effect. After stuffing your Chuck Taylor converse sneaker with socks, leave it for like 1 hour and remove it.

Once you wear it and the desired result is not evident yet, then you can try it over and over again till you see the repeated result.

Heat is also a good way of making your canvas expand

One of the best ways to heat your canvas up is to apply a hairdryer on your canvas. A hairdryer helps to expand your converse sneakers.

Make sure you are wearing very thick socks before you apply the hairdryer heat on your converse sneakers. After wearing the socks, apply the heat at medium pressure on your converse sneakers.

Walk around with the sneaker while it’s hot till it cools off. It would mold your feet and become comfortable.

Wash your Chuck Taylor often

A dirty Chuck Taylor would be so stiff and smelly which is bad for your feet and toes. This is why it is very important that you wash your Converse sneaker.

The material can get so stiff if you don’t wash it occasionally. Furthermore, if you have not been able to successfully break in your Chuck Taylor converse sneakers, then washing them would make them loosen up a bit.

When you wash them, the material expands and becomes more comfortable when you wear them. Throw your converse sneakers into the wash often and see how very soft and flexible it gets.

Get orthotic insoles

How To Make Chuck Taylor More Comfortable For Walking

This is the best method to ensure that your Chuck Taylor is comfortable for walking around. Orthotic insoles are special soles that provide a high level of comfort to your feet and toes.

As a matter of fact, these insoles serve as arch support to your feet and toes. I have tried one of these and I can tell that they are damn comfortable to walk in.

Either with Chuck Taylor or other shoes, wearing orthotic insoles makes your shoe comfortable. For Chuck Taylor that has a thin flat sole, it is normal for your feet and toes to feel pains when you are walking for long periods of time.

This is the reason why it is very good to get these specialized insoles.

There are 2 types of orthotic insoles.

  • There is the insole that has been built, you just need to buy it. While it is possible that you would get satisfaction and comfort, you might not get the one that is for your feet.
  • However, a custom-made orthotic insole is the best option for you because it would be done solely for your feet. Orthotic insoles are good to make your converse sneakers very comfortable to walk in for long hours or periods of time.

This is healthy and has no side effects whatsoever. So, getting an orthotic insole works just fine. In case you don’t want a custom-made orthotic insole, get these ones and you would be just fine.

    1. SUPERFEET unisex orthotic insole
    2. PLANTA FASCIITIS insole
    3. PCS insole for flat feet
    4. FOOT orthotic insole

Loosen the lace a bit

How To Make Chuck Taylor More Comfortable For Walking

When you loosen your laces a bit from the bottom, you would create more room for your feet and toes to breathe and relax. This also would make you a bit comfortable to walk around in.

Get new converse sneakers with better soles

If you try out all these methods and you still don’t feel comfortable, then I would recommend getting another converse sneaker.

Chuck Taylor converse sneakers have a lot of new and improved shoes that have better soles than the ones earlier produced. So, you can get these ones for yourself and enjoy the amazing comfort that comes from them.

Check out these newly improved converse sneakers:

  1. Converse CHUCK TAYLOR all-star for women: This is an amazing sneaker that has a high sole which is good enough for your comfort and arch support. If you try all the methods above and none seems to work, then get this amazing all-star sneaker. You would love it.
  2. CONVERSE women’s Hi-top sneakers: This amazing sneaker has an orthotic insole that makes your feet and toes comfortable. Furthermore, the sole is very high and also makes walking extra comfortable. You can get this amazing sneaker as well.

Making your Chuck Taylor comfortable is not much of a big deal if you follow all the techniques I have listed above. However, you are free to make a new purchase if you try it all out and you don’t get the desired result (which I doubt would happen).

Chuck Taylor is one of the best sneakers you would ever wear once the issue of discomfort or aches in your feet and toes is sorted out.

What happens if your Chuck Taylor is not comfortable enough?

Wearing uncomfortable shoes has a lot of disadvantages which most times leads to health issues if it is not quickly taken seriously.

Your feet and toes also need to be paid attention to whenever you are planning to get a shoe.

Wearing Chuck Taylor that is not comfortable is the worst nightmare you should ever wish to have. Your feet and toes would be in the worst situation and condition you don’t like.

Apart from the pains, you would feel in your toes and feet which is most times excruciating and unbearable if you keep this up for long, there are other health conditions you would suffer if this remains consistent.

  • You can have sore joint/joint pain if your converse sneaker has poor arch support. This always happens when your sneakers cannot absorb the shocks and pressures that come from walking constantly. This always has a negative impact on your arches, heels and even knees leading to sores and aches in your joints.
  • You are prone to developing ATHLETE FOOT if your converse sneaker is not comfortable enough for you. This is a very uncomfortable situation to be in and it is not only restricted to athletes alone.
  • You would not be able to walk for long or carry out your normal activities with such uncomfortable shoes.
  • You would also be prone to wounds on your toes. Wearing uncomfortable converse sneakers like tight converse sneakers or a converse sneaker with a thin sole would definitely lead to sores on your toes. You don’t want to be in this situation as well. This is why it is very important for you to make your converse sneakers as comfortable or get comfortable converse sneakers.

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