14 Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer (but Cheaper)

Nike Blazers were favorites among skaters when they came out. One of the reasons why they were so loved was the way the vulcanized soles gripped the surface of their skateboards.

The suede and leather uppers withstood the stress skateboarders put it through. Nike blazers were all about traction, durability, and comfort.

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

Nike Blazers are some of the priciest sneakers on the market. Just to put things in perspective, there are other brands that sell higher but as you well know, higher price doesn’t always mean better shoes.

So, what if you are not unable to buy Nike Blazers, are there shoes like the Nike Blazer that cost lower and do not do badly on quality?

Yes. To qualify for this list they’d have to be either low tops or high-tops, they’d have to be durable and comfortable.

Now let me review some of them here.

Nike Blazer Alternatives Features
Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers Best durable replacement shoe for Nike Blazer
Puma Men’s Suede Classic XXI Best suede replacement shoe for Nike Blazer
Pro-Keds Men’s Royal High Best breathable replacement shoe for Nike Blazer
Adidas Men’s Adult Gazelle Low-top sneakers Best low-top replacement sneaker for Nike Blazer
Converse Jack Purcell Gold Standard Canvas Best soft-cushioning replacement shoe for Nike Blazer
Vans Men’s Half Cab Skate Shoes Best feet-supportive replacement shoe for Nike Blazer
Puma Select Men’s Clyde Sneakers Best leather shoe replacement for Nike Blazer
Converse Pro Leather Mid Men’s Fashion sneaker Best fashion sneaker replacement for Nike Blazer
Converse Luiz Lopez low Best replacement sneaker with a firm gri[
Puma Men’s Astro Kick Best replacement shoe with gel-sole inserts
Adidas Men’s Nizza Hi sneakers Best replacement sneaker with comfortable lace closure
Nautica Men’s Townsend Classic Low top Best lightweight replacement sneaker
Vans Old Skool Low Top trainers Best replacement sneaker with signature waffle soles

Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

First on the list is the Vans high-top king, the Sk8-Hi sneakers. You’ll just love the way the sneakers look, you get the same sort of vibe Nike Blazers exude. Vans will never fail you because they meet the requirements of durability, safety, and comfort.

Skateboarders love this shoe because of the grip underfoot, and the soft reliability of the insole. Solid all-round sneakers that fit perfectly around your feet.

The upper is canvas, the closure is lace-up, just like the Nike Blazer. It shares a strong similarity with the Nike Blazer in shape, silhouette, and functionality. I recommend this Vans in place of Nike Blazer any day.

Now the price of this beautiful shoe will make you go for it. Get it for $84.94  here.

Puma Men’s Suede Classic XXI

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

When Puma started making sneakers out of Germany back in the day, their shoes were one of the best. Today they are the third-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world.

Many folks who lived in the 80s will testify to the durability and comfort that Puma sneakers were known for. Here is the Puma suede classic XXL from that era.

One look at these shoes and you can see the resemblance in silhouette with Nike Blazer Lows. A novice to sneakers can almost not tell them apart from Nike shoes on account of the swoosh.

The Puma logo shares a resemblance with the Nike swoosh. But that’s not the only reason I put it on this list. I love how it is zero drop like the Nike Blazer. The lace closure and laid-back structure are all like the Nike Blazer too.

The uppers are suede which makes it easy to maintain, all you need to do is clean it with a wet cloth to get stains and dirt off it.

The insole is kind of thinner than it used to be in the 80s but this does not reduce the comfortability. You can always add an insole if you want. I did that with my own pair. It’s cheaper than the Nike Blazer.

Pro-Keds Men’s Royal High

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

Keds is an American brand of shoes with rubber soles. Their products are practical and utilitarian. I had a pair of the men’s Royal High back in high school and they were worth every dollar I got them for.

The Pro shares the same look with Nike Blazer Hightop. The uppers are very durable, tough canvas material, easy to clean and maintain. It’s got breathable fabric linings – as it should – for convenient summer use.

It is cushioned in the Footbed with foam, an added arch provides support for your feet too. Keds do not have such an obvious logo like Nike but this shoe spots the ked red and blue powerstrip at the midsole.

Adidas Men’s Adult Gazelle Low-top sneakers

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

This Adidas Gazelle shares a striking likeness in silhouette with the Nike Blazer Low. Take the Adidas stripes away, and change the uppers to canvas and you have yourself a Nike doppelgänger.

Adidas makes great shoes, and this one is no exception. Like the Nike Blazer this shoe goes back in time, to the early 90s with simplicity and style.

The suede material is retro and makes it beautiful for everything you want to style it with; casual and semi-casual wear like jeans and shorts.

They are comfortable for every weather too as they are lightweight, and the rubber sole gives you traction.

If you wish to ride skateboards with the shoes, you are sure to get the same satisfaction as if you wear Nike Blazers.

Converse Jack Purcell Gold Standard Canvas

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

I judged this converse jack Purcell to be on this list based on the resemblance between silhouettes. I placed the two shoes side by side and nodded at the toe boxes, the outsoles, and the low collar.

This converse design is old, dating back to the 1930s, around the time when the world was introduced to the awesome shoes now accepted as iconic for the transformation it brought to the sneaker world.

This edition though is updated with more layers of cushioning to provide support for your feet. These Purcells are the cream of the crop of converse shoes. They are many people’s favorite, you just have to buy them, wear them to understand the feeling.

What I loved about this shoe the most was the freedom with styling. Converse made this simply without the iconic Star, they out this small dash line at the tip of the toe box which I find greatly fascinating.

Vans Men’s Half Cab Skate Shoes

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

Skateboards, that’s the word. And that’s why this adorable shoe is on this list. This one tread runs through many of the sneakers from the 80s and early 90s era.

Many young folks today are unable to relate, but that’s alright. While these young folks are catching up let’s take a look at stuff about this Vans that makes it worthy to be compared with the Nike Blazer.

It is unlike any other Vans sneakers that I know of. It is designed to ride skateboards. The hightop is designed to wrap around your ankle and hold on to you.

The insole is soft for cushioning your feet as you walk or jump from your skate – these kids aren’t skating as they should – and if outdoors means just hanging out with your buddies, then you can do so in these shoes all day.

It is the only Vans that has its name written on the uppers and on the tongue apart from the Vans wordmark on the heel.

Puma Select Men’s Clyde Sneakers

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

Once again these Puma shoes are here courtesy of silhouette and comfortable insole. And don’t forget the brand’s insignia on both sides of the shoes. But the comparison between this shoe and Nike Blazer isn’t about the logo alone.

The uppers are hundred percent leather, built to last long through any weather conditions and any hazardous use you subject them to, like skateboarding. The soles are rubber for grip on surfaces and for stability.

Converse Pro Leather Mid Men’s Fashion sneaker

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

Folks, I had to let this sneaker on this list. If you haven’t worn a Converse Pro ever, then you will be interested in what I have to say about this shoe.

It is hightop and very stylish. The look is retro and can be worn with shorts and jeans.

The upper material is a mix of synthetic and leather; the star logo being leather. It’s got a super cool soft collar for the protection of your feet.

The closure is flat lace. Like the other converse shoes that made it onto this list, it’s got an outsole made of rubber for grip and traction. And you know what that means – they are great for skateboards.

Puma Select Men’s Ralph Samson Low sneakers

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

Ralph Samson was a basketball legend in the 80s. This guy was something big back in those days, literally. That is he was 7 feet and 4 inches tall. He towered over everyone. It is in his honor that these sneakers were made.

He is still alive by the way in the state of Virginia. But enough about Ralph. This footwear is iconic, and owning one should be a big deal for anyone. You join in the long line of legends once you do.

The Ralph Samson is a tough sneaker designed for the stress and rigor of the court. The uppers are synthetic for lightweight use, and flexibility. The outsole is rubber for traction too.

Hey, I’m not saying you can only wear them on the court. They can be worn with anything from jumpsuits, to pants and jeans. They can be worn for casual and semi-casual purposes.

Converse Luiz Lopez low

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

This low-profile shoe was named after Luiz Lopez, the child skate prodigy. Luiz designed this shoe himself, along with converse designers they crafted a shoe that fits his own skating style.

They dug into Converse archives from where they merged three different converse profiles into the shoe that now bears his name.

The outsole is Chuck Taylor All-Star rubber for the effective grip, the tongue is perforated for breathability, and the sockliner is OrthoLite and Nike Zoom Airbag for comfort.

Puma Men’s Astro Kick

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

This is for all the football fans out there. The Astro Kick’s design was inspired by football shoes. One look at the uppers and you’ll spot the stitching lines peculiar to football boots, and a synthetic leather tongue with the Puma logo on it.

According to Puma, the shoe samples a football shoe silhouette. According to me, the shoe looks like a Nike Blazer. It sits low at zero drop and flattens against the floor just like a Nike Blazer Low.

The SoftFoam sockliner provides superior cushioning for the wearer and comfort all day. Puma says it’s a football dressing shoe but I say you can wear these shoes with joggers, shorts, jeans, pants folded above the ankle for a radical style, and just about any dress that you find yourself comfy in.

They do come with gel insert soles which makes the shoes comfortable for walking. Those who have worn this shoe say it is quite an eye-catcher, and I agree totally.

Be sure to order a half size up if you aren’t sure about your own size. I have been wearing Puma for years now and I can tell you they are well made, comfortable, simplistic, and not overly priced.

Adidas Men’s Nizza Hi sneakers

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

I’m adding these Adidas high-tops for good measure. This shoe belongs in the era not far from the one where Nike Blazers reigned, in the 1990s. If you loved grunge music, you will love the Nizza.

Folks rocked these shoes along with Stone Temple Pilot songs, and Temple of The Dog. These shoes pay tribute to the edgy styles of those who danced to alternative rock songs.

Today you have the privilege to look upon these shoes with nostalgia. Adidas Nizza has a canvas upper, lace closure for a comfortable fit, a leather lining to keep things fresh, cushioned footbed, and a rubber outsole for grip.

Wear these shoes with skinny jeans, pants, shorts, and joggers. Be transported to the 90s again as you step on the gas with the music blaring through your radio.

Nautica Men’s Townsend Classic Low top

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

Nautica is an American footwear company founded by Taiwanese David Chu. Nautica makes clothes as well as shoes. I have put this Men’s Townsend Classic Low top for the reason of it being so close to Nike Blazer in silhouette.

It is an ultra-light shoe designed for the classy, yet simple men of the world. The rubber sneaker outsole gives it a quiet grip as you walk with it, the lace-up closure gives you a secure fit.

A versatile shoe, Nautica Men’s Townsend Classic is ready when you are running, hiking, walking, and dressing to go out on the town.

Wear these white shoes with a pair of blue, faded jeans, straight or pencil mouth, wear them with pants too. The suede stripes add a rich texture to the feel of the shoes. Placed side by side with more costly shoes, this Nautica can contend hands down.

They make for a great summer look if you are thinking of holidaying in a place where the weather is warm and you plan to be scantily dressed.

Vans Old Skool Low Top trainers

Shoes Similar to Nike Blazer

The iconic Vans is here again and this time to cap up this list with the eternal Old Skool shoes. One thing I’ve found to be special about Vans shoes is they are almost always true to size.

They will fit perfectly and wrap around your feet comfortably. I have six pairs of vans shoes from the Sk8-Hi to the one Star. I’ve worn each one for at least five years each and they are as tough as when I first took them out of their boxes.

I can tell you they still got more years in them. Now make sure you are buying the authentic ones. You can tell original Vans from knockoffs by checking the patch on the heel. If the patch looked like it is glued on, then you have yourself fake Vans.

This edition spots the iconic stripe on the side, lace-up closure, and a reinforced toe cap. Check underneath to see the signature waffle soles that Vans shoes are known for.

It’s also got padded collars to give your feet support and flexibility. They are unisex shoes so they can be worn with skirts, short dresses that stop at the knees, gowns, jeans, and for men, they can be worn with jeans, shorts, and pants too.

Vans shoes are tough. They hardly show wear; come rain or shine, rugged terrain, gym workouts, running, whatever activity you put them through, they are always in shape, unfazed.


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