Nike Lunarglide Substitutes: 9 Similar Alternatives

Nike Lunarglide shoe is a running shoe that provides stability and cushioning to the feet. It gives runners support and helps them perform effectively. They are also lightweight, breathable, durable, and relieve foot pain.

Nike Lunarglide Substitutes

It is footwear that has versatile use and an effective mechanism that can give athletes that enjoyable experience each day.

Meanwhile, Nike Lunarglide has become an old model, but the good news is that new and better running shoes are now in stock.

These alternatives are better and more reliable, they offer the same benefits, attributes and even more, they also come in a nice color combo to make the wearer look sporty yet fashionable.

Nine alternatives of Nike Lunarglide

  1. Odyssey React
  2. Brooks Ravenna
  3. Saucony Guide ISO
  4. Sonic RA Max 2
  5. Under Armour
  6. New balance Beacon
  7. Nike women’s Air Zoom Pegasus shoes
  8. Nike Men’s Air Monarch iv (4e) cross trainer
  9. Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 running shoe
S/no Name of Alternatives Special features
1 Odyssey React Best men running shoe 4.5/5
2 Brooks Ravenna Best stability shoe 4/5
3 Saucony Guide ISO Best running and walking shoe 5/5
4 Sonic RA Max 2 Best road running shoe 5/5
5 Under Armour Effective for running long distances and ample support 4/5
6 New Balance Beacon A shoe with good cushioning and maximum protection 4/5
7 Nike women’s Air Zoom Pegasus shoes  Best running shoes for women 4/5
8 Nike Men’s Air Monarch iv (4e) Cross trainer Best training shoes for men 4/5
9 Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 running shoe Best comfortable and durable shoe

Odyssey React

Nike Lunarglide Substitutes

This shoe gives the best comfort any runner can ask for, it is stylish, light, and durable, and it also has a balanced and soft cushion.

It is quite cheap and can last long. This shoe can also be known as an all-purpose trainer. Odyssey React is perfect for people with overpronation and flat feet.

It is made of breathable and durable fabric which makes running fun.

Brooks Ravenna

Nike Lunarglide Substitutes

Brooks Ravenna has a rubber sole and cushioning that is as light as a feather. Its GuideRails support technology helps to keep the joint movement on the feet in check.

It also helps to support the feet stride, it allows the knees and feet to move in alignment. This helps the body to move in a good motion and stay comfortable. This shoe has a quick transition and increases good body movement.

Saucony Guide ISO

Nike Lunarglide Substitutes

This shoe is one of the most respected running shoes that has taken off from Nike Lunarglide. This shoe has lightweight with a rubber sole.

It ensures stability and also helps overpronation. It has medial arch support that gives an effortless transition with each step taken.

This brand has both running and walking shoe.

Sonic RAM Max 2

Nike Lunarglide Substitutes

This particular alternative is extremely comfortable. Its sole is made of synthetic materials, it was made to withstand tough surfaces, it has amedial arch support.

It has great cushioning and offers comfort. It is the best choice for runners looking for a nice and durable trainer.

The Sonic usually fits the fit like a warm hug. The collar is wrapped in memory foam which helps to prevent blisters. The runner gets stability and comfort with the beveled heel and forefoot outsole.

With Sonic RAM Max 2 your desired speed is achieved with maximum comfort.

Under Armour

Nike Lunarglide Substitutes

This shoe is fit for all runners and can provide ample support. It helps runners to go faster and faster, it also has a UA Clone technology that helps to form the feet.

This shoe is made with a soft responsive cushion, it is not water-resistant but it is lightweight with quality leather. It has a solid rubber outsole that enables the wearer to carry out activities on the high-impact ground.

New Balance Beacon

Nike Lunarglide Substitutes

It is breathable and has a rubber sole that makes it comfy The shoe offers “fresh foam technology” that provides optimum comfort and gives ultra-cushioned lightweight with every stride taken.

Like other alternatives, it has lightweight and gives extra durability to the feet. It has a good amount of cushion that makes the shoe to be able to withstand tough terrain.

This shoe is a joy to run in, it makes running fun and enjoyable yet protective. It helps to provide cool comfort while running. It has an ultra-heel design that hugs the back of the feet, keeping it secured.

Nike women’s Air Zoom Pegasus shoes

Nike Lunarglide Substitutes

The inspiration for this shoe is gotten from the mythical winged horse, Pegasus. This women’s running shoe is made to enable high-performance and long-distance runners to fly, in the sense that it makes running on the bare ground feel like flying.

It is both breathable and durable. It has the “Air technology” that enables shock absorption and effective long-distance race.

It is also very supportive and light-weighted by making running smooth and swift. It is comfy and balanced, its shock-absorbing mechanism helps to save some amount of energy for the runner.

It is also stylish and can go with any sporty outfit.

Nike Men’s Air Monarch iv (4e) Cross trainer

Nike Lunarglide Substitutes

This shoe is a training shoe for men, it is made to make training sessions very comfortable. It has excellent cushioning and the pivot point gives traction on any surface at all. The phylon midsole provides shock absorption.

The outer material is made of durable leather and the sole is made of solid rubber for ample support. The Air-sole unit provides all-day support to the feet, it also has a lightweight foam midsole.

It is versatile and can be worn for sport as well as other activities, it provides breathability, comfort as well as durability, you’ll love training with this shoe.

Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 running shoe

Nike Lunarglide Substitutes

It is lightweight, breathable, and very comfortable. This shoe can take your sports activities to a new level. It gives you the comfort you need throughout your run.

It has added durability and can help secure your feet with a rubber sole, padded ankle collar, and lace fastening.

The sole is quite durable and it has a lace-up closure. The outsole provides additional traction and durability to the feet.

Why are these alternatives similar to Nike Lunarglide

Ample support

The alternatives give optimum support to enable running and training sessions fun.

The footbed, sole, and cushion make these running shoes overly comfortable for the feet to have a good balance and enable the wearer to be comfortable.

They offer exceptional arch support such that the wearer does not have to feel any pain while running or during training sessions.


They also have a very lightweight that enables runners and outdoor lovers to carry out their activities effectively.

Though they may look like shoes that are heavy, but they are indeed as light as feathers.


The comfort these shoes give cannot be over-emphasized, due to their flexibility and breathability, these alternatives offer maximum comfort to an all-day activity.

The shoes are not only lightweight but also help sports activities comfy and fun. It is suitable for those who need a lightweight shoe that has a combination of comfort and good cushioning.

This comfy feature helps the wearer to have an enjoyable running and training session.

Stylish and fashionable

These alternatives are quite stylish and make the wearer look fashionable. The shoes have incredible color combo that makes them not just look stylish but also fashionable.

The wearer tends to look sporty yet stylish. My favorite is the “4 desert pink rave shoe for kids”

Good cushioning

They all have good cushioning which enables the shoe to provide maximum protection to the feet. These shoes are also breathable and durable.

They can last for a good number of years and would wear out beautifully, though some may not be water-resistant.

What do these shoes have in common with Nike Lunarglide?

  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Great for sports
  • Breathability
  • Quality Material


One essential feature Nike Lunarglide have is durability, this feature can also be seen in the ten alternatives listed above.

Nike Lunarglide can last for a reasonable amount of years as well as the Odyssey React and Brooks Ravenna running shoes and other alternatives.

This is a unique feature that made Nike Lunarglide an exceptional brand and has made its alternatives exceptional too.

Its durability is a unique feature that these brands possess, this makes its wearers feel that buying the Lunarglide or its alternatives is worth the price.


Another feature Nike Lunarglide has in common with its alternative is that it is versatile. It can be used for sport as well as other activities.

Just as Nike Lunarglide can be worn for outdoor events and long walks, its alternatives too can do the same.

Mostly for sport

Nike Lunarglide is known to be used for sport. Though, it can also be worn for other activities.

It is a running and training shoe that gives you the support and comfort you need while running and training.

The alternatives too can serve exactly the same purpose, they can take your training sessions to a new level.


Both the old model which is Nike Lunarglide and its new ones are breathable. They give room for air to pass through the footwear. They are also known for their flexibility and breathability.

The shoes keep the feet cool and dry and they give enough room for the feet to move and allow air to go in and out of the shoes.

Quality material

Just as Nike Lunarglide is made of top-quality material that enables it to last for quite a number of years, in the same way, its alternatives are also made from quality materials.

The outer material, footbed, sole, even the lace are all made from quality leather and rubber. These quality materials help the shoe to last long, stay strong, and withstand tough terrain or long hours of running.


Sport can be really tedious sometimes, it can also be enjoyable and fun, it all depends on how the activity is being carried out and the well-being of the athlete.

This can be achieved if the sports outfit and equipment give the wearer a good amount of comfort and support because, without this, the activity will not be productive and efficacious.

The workout clothes, or sportswear, the shoe, the protective gear (helmet), track pants, gym shorts, jersey, and so on must all be comfy and light.

In this article, we looked at some shoes that can give you that comfort you need to carry out your sporty activities.

Since we cannot do without shoes in our daily sports activities and we also need ‘good shoes’ to give us that exceptional comfort, Nike Lunarglide, and its alternatives can help us get that comfort, support, and durability we need from our shoes.

Nike Lunarglide is an excellent brand and if you really want to know how true this claim is, then you should try one of its alternatives.

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