10 Five Ten Freerider Alternatives

Mountain climbing, biking, hiking, rock climbing even trekking can be very strenuous to carry out especially when it is being done all day.

Good shoes that are able to withstand tough terrain and hard conditions are needed to enable hikers and climbers to carry out their activities effectively.

Shoes that can be worn in the rain, mud, sleet, and snow without it wearing out, shoes that would give a good grip to the feet to enable it to stay in place while climbing or biking.

These are the type of shoes that are usually recommended for bikers and hikers.

10 Five Ten Freerider Alternatives

Have you ever heard of footwear called “a mountain bike shoe”? This is the brand that would be discussed in this article. Five Ten Freerider is a mountain bike shoe that is suitable for all hikers and climbers.

It has a rubber sole with a high friction versatility. It is the best shoe for extreme conditions and hard impact environs.

It is super supportive and comfortable. It can be worn for downhill mountain bike racing, rock climbing, wingsuit flying, kayaking, and of course hiking.

They can be worn by women, men, and kids, they are light, breathable, waterproof with strong impact. This shoe has an unbeatable grip alongside a high comfort.

Meanwhile, Five Ten Freerider is now an old model, but the good thing is that new and better mountain bike shoes are now in stock.

These alternatives are better and more reliable, they offer the same benefits, attributes and even more, they also come in a nice color combo to make the hiker or rider look ready yet fashionable.

It would also interest you to know that these shoes are available on Amazon any day anytime.

Let’s see what my 10 five ten alternatives look like

S/no Name of alternatives
Features Rating
1 Sleuth Best versatile shoe 4.7/5
2 Adidas Terrex Trail Best trail running shoe 4/5
3 Shimano GR7 Best Mountain Bike Flat Pedal shoe for men 4.4/5
4 Crank brothers mallet  Best shoe for gravity focused riding 4.9/5
5 ION Raid II bike shoe Best pedal and walking shoe 4.8/5
6 Moab Mid STX Best waterpower flat pedal shoe 5/5
7 Giro Chamber Best shoe for trail and downhill 5/5
8 Chrome Kursk Best classic flat pedal sneakers 4.5/5
9 Pearl Izumi X-Alp Launch Best Mountain bike flat pedal shoe for men 4.2/5
10 Scott MTB AR Boa clip Best mountain bike shoe for men 4/5


Five Ten Freerider Alternatives

This shoe is a “do it all” shoe. It is a versatile bike shoe that is made with recycled content. It has a pedal-gripping control which gives everyday comfort to the wearer.

Its sole is made of suede leather and also supper grippy. This shoe has multisport functionality. It helps you to move comfortably during work, school or on the bike.

The EVA midsole makes walking feel like a breeze and offers good efficiency on the bike. It is made of high quality, attractive, good fit, versatile and comfortable.

Adidas Terrex Trail

Five Ten Freerider Alternatives

This shoe is a hiking and trail running shoe that protects the wearer from long trail runs. It is a durable and hard-wearing shoe with an excellent grip and breathable upper which keeps the feet super comfortable all day.

It has a foot-hugging knitted upper which makes it lightweight and super comfy. It has a lot of underfoot cushioning that has an EVA midsole.

It is the best shoe for fast miles and for hiking because the rubber outsole with Taxison gives a strong grip to the feet. Also, the Torsion bar prevents bad flexing in the midfoot.

Shimano GR7

Five Ten Freerider Alternatives

This shoe is a killer trail and all-mountain flat pedal shoe which gives all-day comfort and well-rounded performance.

It is super comfortable and has great hiking abilities. It has a good grip and a good fit. It has toe and heel protection with neoprene to keep dirt at bay.

It has a Michelin rubber sole that is quite rigid and helps to provide a good balance.

Crank brothers mallet

Five Ten Freerider Alternatives

This shoe has long been a popular choice for all gravity riding and hiking, it has a rubber sole and it is the best for shedding mud. It has a strong grip and it is very easy to clip in and out.

It is both protective and comfy because it is comfortable to walk in and gives reasonable protection against rock strikes. It also has good arch support and is made of quality and protective materials.

ION Raid II bike shoe

Five Ten Freerider Alternatives

This is a mountain bike shoe with classic lace closure, it has a sneaker-like design with a strong sole. It has an excellent grip which makes it very comfy.

It is water-resistance and also has excellent traction. It is a versatile shoe that can be worn for cycling, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Moab Mid STX

Five Ten Freerider Alternatives

This is a waterproof flat pedal bike shoe, it is made of windproof material alongside a non-slipping sole. Its fabrics are quite breathable with a grippy sole and quality leather.

It also has a removable insole and a shock-absorbing EVA midsole. This shoe is lightweight, has a hook and loop fastener, and has a protective feature.

Giro Chamber

Five Ten Freerider Alternatives

This cycling shoe is meant for men, it combines athleticism, comfort, and durability. It is the best shoe for pedaling on your favorite trails, it features a Vibram and rubber sole.

This pair is water-resistant, it combines comfort and durability. It has a secured lace, an enhanced heel hold, and an ultimate fit adjustment.

The shoe is made for cycling and riding over rough terrain. This shoe gives confident strides to the feet, it gives a new level of performance while biking, riding, or cycling.

Chrome Kursk

Five Ten Freerider Alternatives

The Kursk is an original urban bike sneaker that is tough and cycling-specific. It makes on-bike performance and also walking super comfortable.

This shoe keeps the feet protected and makes biking fun and exciting. It is a sneaker-like shoe. The sole is made of Polyurethane material.

Pearl Izumi X-Alp Launch

Five Ten Freerider Alternatives

This is another cycling shoe that stands out due to its lightweight, stiff sole, and durability. It is best for trail riding, rigid, and with an excellent power transfer.

It is has a sleek look and a boa closure that makes it look exceptional and kind of different from other mountain bike shoes. It also provides ankle support and protection while cycling.

Scott MTB AR Boa clip

Five Ten Freerider Alternatives

This shoe comes into the picture when your outfit determines how effective and productive your activity will be. It gives maximum comfort and optimum durability.

It has a sticki rubber and an EVA midsole. it would interest you to know that this shoe offers the best traction for all conditions and this is as a result of its sticki rubber.

It has a high grip and it’s the best option for long rides. It also allows for arch adjustment and reduces forefoot numbness.

What I have considered in these alternatives to five ten

Ample support

The alternatives give optimum support to enable tough activities like riding, cycling, biking, and hiking fun.

The outsole, weight, and cushion make these running shoes overly comfortable for the feet to have a good balance and enable the wearer to be comfortable.

They offer exceptional arch support such that the wearer does not have to feel any pain while carrying out their activities especially on rough trails.


They also have a very lightweight that enables runners and outdoor lovers to carry out their activities effectively.

Though they may look like shoes that are heavy, they are as light as feathers, making hiking, rock climbing, mountain climbing less tedious.

Good cushioning and durability

They all have good cushioning and this ensures the shoe is max’ed up to protect your feet.

These shoes are also breathable and durable.

Water resistant

Most of these shoes are water-resistant, they can be worn in any season and any type of trail. They can be worn in winter as well as in summer, in mud, sleet, and rain.

Good grip

These shoes offer an excellent grip on the feet. It helps the feet to stay firm while it moves on rocky and rough ground. They give the feet the best grip needed for mountain biking.


Another feature Five Ten Freerider has in common with its alternative is that it is versatile. It can be used for mountain climbing as well as other activities.

Just as Five Ten Freerider can be worn for outdoor events and long walks, its alternatives too can do the same.

Mostly for mountain climbing

Five Ten Freerider is not called “the brand of the brave” for nothing, it is known to be used for mountain biking and other tough activities.

Though, you can always wear the shoes for other activities, it is a climbing shoe that gives you the support and comfort you need while carrying out your activities.

The alternatives too can serve exactly the same purpose, they can take you cycling and biking sessions to a new level.


Since we cannot do without shoes in climbing, hiking, kayaking, boating, mountain climbing activities and we also need ‘good shoes’ to give us that exceptional comfort that we need.

Five Ten Freerider’s alternatives can help us get that comfort, support, and durability we need from our shoes.

Five Ten Freerider is an excellent brand and if you really want to know how true this claim is, then you should try one of its alternatives yourselves.

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