Can You Return Vans Shoes Without The Box?

If for any reason you are not happy with the Vans shoes you have just bought, you can only return them to a Vans company-owned retail store, not through other retailers. But what if you no longer have the original packaging and box? Can you still return them?

According to Vans’ return policy on the criteria for returning an item, whatever item you are returning should be in its original packaging, with labels attached. But if you no longer have the original box, you can use any cardboard shipping box instead.

However, it also depends on the particular store’s policy. Vans’ return policy is very straightforward, but one issue is that their return policy can not be pinpoint on a particular page on their official Website.

Can You Return Vans Shoes Without The Box?

The return policy is scattered in Frequently asked questions(FAQs), making it a little difficult to wrap one’s head around it. It is really not user-friendly, to be honest.

It is for this reason that I have developed this post to show you, in simple and detailed terms, the Vans return policy as regards returning vans shoes without the original packaging and other related condition.

After reading this post, you will be able to understand how to return those wrong Vans shoes you bought.

In this post, we will also walk through the refund policy, because I believe that is the main part, isn’t it?

Well, It is expected to unhappy when you make the wrong purchase of shoes. And the disappointing part is that you only get to realize when you take it out of the box. Because you are excited to have the new shoe, you might have misplaced the box or gotten rid of it.

Now that you have read a glimpse of the Vans return policy, you are almost discouraged and thinking there is no way you can return the shoes without the box.

Hold on..

Since there are provisions for you to return the item, you do not have to be worried. This is the right time to bring to your knowledge the full return policies of the Vans store.

Things to know about Vans Returns Policy

Here, we are going to look into the criteria on Vans online return policy, which is return via the website, the criteria for Vans In-Store Return Policy, as well as the refund policy.

Vans In-Store Return Policy

For this return option, the item can only be returned to a Vans Retail Store and not through other retail stores like Journeys or JCPenney, as mentioned earlier.

First step: You can use the store locator (website or app)  to first find a Vans store near you

Second step: To process the return, take along with you the following to the store: The Original purchase receipt or order number, the shoe ( here it must be new and unwashed condition), should be packaged in the Original Vans box, and then the Return Form

Vans Online Return Policy

Going through the Vans return policy on their official website, the store accepts returns only by The U.S. Postal Service – USPS. As we go through the steps involved in this, you will see the requirements for returning the item.

First step: make sure the shoe is wrapped in its original box. Here, if you no longer have the original box, you can alternatively use any cardboard shipping box.

Second step: For in-stock orders, get a prepaid return shipping label from the Contact page and fill it up with the required information. For the “category” and “subject” field, choose  “Order Inquiry” and “Return” respectively.

You can get your order number from your order history and the Vans website, or you can check your email for the shipping confirmation details. After filling, submit.

Third step: Append the shipping label to the return package. Ensure old shipping labels are intact.

Fourth step: Send the package using USPS by dropping it off at the Post Office or a FedEx store.

Vans Refund Policy

You also want to know what payment methods are accepted by Vans and how the refunds are processed. Here is a simple, detailed explanation:

Vans offers a full refund excluding the original shipping cost for all products. The last time I checked, a refund can take up to 8 to 13 business days.

Vans stores in the US accept MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Amex, Klarna, Discover, Apple Pay, Vans Gift Cards, and PayPal. In addition, Vans stores do not accept cash, credit coupons, and even checks.

If you paid for the shoes via a gift card, Vans sends the refund to that gift card. Hence, it is advised to keep the gift card.

FAQs on Vans

Can You Return Vans Shoes Without The Box?

Can I return Vans after wearing them once?

According to the Vans customer service page, you can return your Vans within 14-days of receipt if you are not completely satisfied with them. If it is returned for refund, it must be in unworn condition and returned in its original packaging with manufacturer’s materials included.

If the shoe is in a good condition and still appears new, you can return it provided you have the original packaging box and receipt with you.

Can you return Vans without a receipt in-store?

Just like with every other store, it is very difficult to return a product and expect a refund without the receipt of purchase.

If for any reason you want to return your Vans shoes, maybe as a result of a material or manufacturing problem or does not fit properly, make sure it is unworn and unwashed with the original form of payment.

If you do not have the original receipt, your return must reference the order number, which you may reprint from the order status page on or from the order confirmation email.

Can you return Vans without the sticker?

Stickers can always be replaced. If the shoe came without the sticker, you can return it. However, the Vans return policy explains that returns must be in unworn and unwashed condition.

But if you still have the receipt and the original packaging you can return Vans at the Vans store as long as they still sell them in the store.

Can you exchange Vans without a receipt in-store?

Presently, Vans does not offer exchanges on its items. You can return unused and unwashed products to the store within 90 days of purchase with a refund. The refund is sent to the original mode of payment, as mentioned earlier.

According to Vans’ return policy, all items bought from must be returned online.


That is all about Vans return policy, USA, and what you should know about returning your Vans shoes without their original packaging. I think it is quite a simple and easy process compared to some other stores. The only downside is that Vans does not offer exchanges.

This is why when writing my shoe reviews, I always emphasize the need to choose your product carefully.. even you can still return and reorder later. It is better to spend time choosing the right shoes for you than to spend more time finding ways to return and refund.

No doubt, Vans shoes are one of the most recognizable and most loved shoes around the world today. One of the reasons why I love Vans is because of their high-quality construction and minimalist styling.

If you want to avoid the story of ordering the wrong Vans shoes and seeking for return and refund, always pay attention to the design, type, size, and material of the Vans before buying.

The design of Vans has to do with not only the color but also the pattern of the shoes you choose. It should satisfy your style, taste, and sense of fashion. Since most Vans designs come in several minimalist and subtle colors, they are very versatile to choose from.

Again, the type of Vans has to do with the construction of them. Make sure the Vans are what appeals to you visually, what fits more comfortably on your feet, and what suits you more for the activity you plan to do in them.

Lastly, the size of the Vans needs to fit your feet. Before even adding to the cart, check your shoe size against Vans size chart to ensure you buy a pair that will fit your feet. Other considerations have to do with the sole and the lacing style.

All and above, I hope you are now able to understand how to return those wrong Vans shoes you bought, with or without the box, as well as the Vans refund policy.

If you have a problem with returning your new Vans shoes which I did not include in this post, kindly share in the comment section.

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