Vans Shoes That Change Color In The Sun

Some Vans shoes change their color after being exposed to sunlight. It is amazing; I mean the mechanism behind the color changing of a Vans product.

List of Vans shoes that change color and how I knew about them

Vans Unisex Slip-on Rainbow Chex Skate Shoe Sneakers

I got to know about the color changes when I purchased it, it looks good though, and I prefer the color it showed after being exposed to sunlight.

Vans Unisex-Adult Authentic Core Classic UV shoe

I got to know about this a few months ago when my close friend brought his Vans shoe for amendment, he needed me to glue the sole to its side leather.

He explained how he has been observing color changes, although he was not harsh while giving me the full list.

Vans ERA (Canvas) Multi/Bright Shoe

The first time I observed this was when I bought some Vans products to resell in my footwear boutique.

I brought some outside in order to serve as a form of advertisement, so anyone rocking Houston should think of getting a new shoe.

This was when I realized the shoe changes in color after being exposed to sunlight.

The Vans color-changing processes and mechanism

Vans Unisex Slip-on Rainbow Chex Skate Shoe Sneakers

It is one of the most colorful vans brands that color when you expose it to sunlight, it has a multi-color surface which makes it looks attractive.

The majority of the customers who have bought acknowledged the innovation behind the design.


Vans Shoes That Change Colours In The Sun

The sole is built with a premium material one- it is also rubber and at the same time has a feet bed that helps treat your feet like a baby.

If you are not careful, you may end up confusing yourself when you try to analyze the reason the Vans Unisex Slip Shoe Sneakers color in the sun.

The leather of this product is made in multiple colors- red, yellow, green, purple, orange… just mention. The leather texture is slippery, so when the sun shines on it, there is a reflection, and this results in color mixing.

If you have ever mixed the color green with red and blue, I am sure you will get what I am describing properly.

After the mixing, it brings about a particular color, this results in to change of colors while under the sun.


Vans Shoes That Change Colours In The Sun

You should be careful while using this shoe in other not to injure yourself. This particular shoe is not slip-resistant and it slips on and off a skateboard or hoverboard.

If you will love to use your board for exercise, then it is not going to be safe if you will be using this shoe

Vans Unisex-Adult Authentic Core Classic UV shoe

The UV Ink Era Stacked took the classic Vans brand to something bigger than before.


This is a fabric type is of canvas, with a sole made with thick and durable rubber material.

Something you should know about the Vans Unisex-Adult Authentic Core Classic UV shoe is that it is one of the bestselling UV vans because it is stylish, durable, and gives comfort to users.

It has a lace-up front with the signature of vans waffle outside the sole segment- at the side of the lace position.

If I should rate this, this product is one of the most classic designs for men and women; it comes in varieties of sizes that will fit it for young teenagers and even babies.

It is very stylish and has a diverse pattern of colors, when you expose it to the sun; it changes the color of your shoe, makes it glitters- especially if you are wearing the white-colored type on a sunny street.

One of those reasons the Vans Unisex-Adult Authentic Core Classic UV shoe will change its color to a brighter one is because of its texture.

It is made with a leather texture that allows the reflection of sunlight.


Vans ERA (Canvas) Multi/Bright Shoe

I got this shoe in large quantity, so I can sell it in my boutique.

When I saw the color-changing at first, I was scared, I thought probably a chemical was poured on the surface of the shoe which might have resulted in the changes of color I saw.

I had to contact the Vans company, which was when I got to know that it is a new product that changes color when being exposed to sunlight.


Vans Shoes That Change Colours In The Sun

This shoe has a lace-up closure type whose outer material is being made with canvas, it is slip-resistance and is rated high by verified buyers to have passed well in the comfort test.

The sole which is made with rubber helps to create a feet bed that treats your feet like a baby.

The color changes occur when you go close to the sunlight, this is a result of what the texture was made up of, thick and tends to reflect sunray and hereby changing the color of the product.


Vans Shoes That Change Colours In The Sun

Why did Vans create these shoes?

Vans decided to try something new and unique

One of those reasons the brand built the color-changing shoe is to try something new, it is plain if it turns out not to work out well.

They are not going to produce more, as the Vans company is only trying to update their invention.

The shoe helps you to get noticed

When I wear a flashy dress, and I come close to you, aren’t you going to keep staring at me?

Even when I am so close, your eye can’t help but catch what looks cool from afar and then keep looking till I zoom off.

The same thing applies to shoes, even when ladies wear a glittering earring; attention is being given to that which sparkles.

You can’t just buy the new Vans shoe brand and just walk like someone who is not worth looking at twice, since what you are putting on is flashy.

This is an avenue to rock it in the city and perceiving like a celebrity.

Everyone stands, unconsciously looking at you and your shoe as you walk.

In order to get more customers

Don’t you like something that glitters?

Like you don’t want to walk on the street and make people sight you from afar till you walk out of sight. Everyone wants this, and it would be nice if you are the picture of the party.

Imagine, you see someone with a vans shoe that changes color at an outdoor party, everyone looking at him/her including you. I guess you love the shoe at a first sight and you will also want to get one for yourself.

This is simple… and it is one of those reasons the Vans brand come up with the innovation; to create a shoe that changes color in the sun.

Why you should buy these vans?

Why won’t you buy something that will make everything stare at you like a model… if that is not enough reason to justify the reason for getting one, then let me give you more.

Improvement in quality

Let talk about the qualities, when we discuss the new idea of Vans and how it has made an impact on the way users get access to comfort while wearing the Vans shoe.

I have tested the former and the latter, and I can tell you there is a big difference.

Apart from being slip-resistant or not, this is because most color-changing shoes wear made with a slippery texture that will help reflect the ray coming from the sun.

The inner sole of these shoes helps to walk more conveniently; the sides of these shoes are fully padded with thick foam.

It makes you feel special and important

Walking on the street and all eyes on you makes you more important.

If you have never been in that shoe, then I am sharing my experience with you, this is the reason I don’t wear my Vans to the basketball court again.

No, I want somewhere that has a large number of people, for instance, the part is a good place to be with your shoe.

I felt important almost everywhere I go with my shoe. I doubt if you have an idea of what It feels when I am with my Vans until you get into my shoes.

In terms of support, it has a padded collar to enable flexibility and support.

Not expensive

I was expecting to see an extravagant amount when I wanted to purchase the latest shoe from Vans, I thought since more features have been added, so it will be very expensive to afford.

I summon the courage to check the price because I was damn broke then, and eventually, it turned out to something I could afford.


A shoe like Vans ERA (Canvas) Multi/Bright Shoe is a better choice for you if you a shoe that glitter or changes color in the sun, which sole was made with premium and thick rubber- with a strong frictional force.

It has a thick sole which does not get damaged easily, this can assure you of safety while walking, and also giving you comfort since the footbed is fully padded.

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