Shein vs Myntra: Comparison

SHEIN and Myntra are two really great e-commerce platforms that have both served Indians for years now, and for good reason too. Many people really enjoy doing their shopping on these apps because they truly are cool to use.

The major difference between SHEIN and Myntra is that while SHEIN has a more specific product catalog, Myntra stands out by having a more diversified fashion catalog that appeals to the needs and wants of the Indian customers visiting the online marketplace.

Shein vs Myntra

Also, Myntra is more customer-friendly than SHEIN is because it offers more discounts and price cuts to its customers at regular intervals that really keep shoppers happy and satisfied.

People have been shopping with Myntra for years in order to satisfy all their fashion and lifestyle needs in ways that would last them for a long time. It is a much safer, and more efficient, bet for you to shop with Myntra instead of SHEIN.

Myntra’s effective approach to the e-commerce business of providing online Indian customers with the clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, and lifestyle products they need is one that is really great to behold.

Comparably, SHEIN doesn’t just have the same kind of consistency and rigidity that Myntra has in the fashion aspect of India’s online marketplace. These days, many more people are going over to Myntra to do their shopping.

When it comes to getting your fashion needs sorted out rightly, you should keep Myntra at the top of your mind. Shopping on the Myntra for fashion is really a much more fulfilling experience than using SHEIN to order your products.

Features of Shein

Shein vs Myntra

SHEIN is a fast fashion brand that was founded in the year 2008 to cater to the style needs of people all over the world.

This Chinese e-commerce app has a lot of experience on its side when it comes to procuring and distributing some of the best fashion products in the market today.

Although SHEIN mostly just focuses on the sales of women’s fashion wear, you can still find a fair share of fashion products that are suited for men and children as well. SHEIN’s fashion items are known to be trendy and really affordable.

Right now, the SHEIN app is being used by customers in target locations across America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Asia. As it is now, this feature of this e-commerce spans all over 220 nations and regions in the world today.

Some of the features of SHEIN include:

  • Specialization in The Sales of Fashion Products Only
  • Payment Gateway Integration Technology
  • International Business Focus

Specialization in The Sales of Fashion Products Only

SHEIN sells only fashion products online as it aims to offer the best wear to the customers that come on its app in order to get the most affordable products that they can get for their money.

Mostly, the catalog that you would find at SHEIN caters to women at large – there is a lot of female apparel on this shopping platform because women’s wear and accessories are their main focus for the main time.

When SHEIN first started its online sales business in India, the app used to be so popular amongst the Indian ladies because of how trendy and affordable the wears were to them. It’s clear to see that women are the primary target market of SHEIN.

Fashion products – and the sales of fashion products – is what SHEIN is all about.

Payment gateway integration technology

The in-app payment structure that SHEIN offers customers is definitely one of the key features of this e-commerce brand. The payment gateway integration technology that SHEIN offers is one that is safe, efficient, and really reliable.

When customers use this payment feature, there are fewer hassles with the way they pay for their goods because there is more leeway for them to make their payments due to the availability of options that there are on SHEIN.

When customers use the payment options available on SHEIN, they find that they can pay for their orders in easy ways that really give them the satisfaction of doing good business.

Because SHEIN has international holdings and interests, they have diverse ways that you can pay for the fashion products that you conveniently order.

International business focus

SHEIN is operational in over 220 countries all over the world on 5 continents including Europe, Asia, Australia, and America. From the way things are looking, it is sure that a global approach is what this online sales platform is all about.

SHEIN wants to take over the world with the sales of its affordable fashion products and services. It’s literally just another example of how Chinese companies seek global dominance with their commerce and trade.

Therefore, the focus for SHEIN is not just India, it is the world. SHEIN is concerned with having all the world as its target market.

According to the business models that this company has inculcated, women all over the world can really benefit from using SHEIN to shop for their fashion products.

Features of Myntra

Shein vs Myntra

Myntra is a fashion and lifestyle e-commerce app that was established by Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania, and Vineet Saxena in the year 2007.

This special shopping platform began its journey by first serving as a website and app where customers and users could customize their T-shirts, mugs, and other gift items.

Since its inception, Myntra has seen so much success that it even went on to find a veritable place in the fashion and lifestyle aspect of the e-commerce world in India.

In 2014, Flipkart acquired Myntra due to how great Myntra has been handling its own in the Indian online marketplace. Safe to say, this deal further changed the fortunes of this great e-commerce company.

Looking for great, classy, and trendy fashion wear in India online? Myntra is one of the most trustworthy places for you to go today in order to make your purchases.

You will surely find the best fit for you once you shop at Myntra.

Some of the features of Myntra include:

  • Focused Sales On Fashion and Lifestyle Products
  • Efficient Search Functions and Filters on The App
  • Try and Buy Feature

Focused Sales On Fashion and Lifestyle Products

Myntra is focused on selling the best kinds of fashion and lifestyle products to its customers that are located all over the Indian online marketplace.

When it comes to getting value for your money, you can trust Myntra to offer just that at mouthwatering prices that will certainly leave customers feeling very satisfied.

Myntra has been doing this for years; They really know how to serve you with the best fashion products that money can buy.

The fact that Myntra centers its vision on this niche is what makes them be true top leaders in this aspect of the Indian e-commerce industry.

Efficient Search Functions and Filters on The App

The beauty of the Myntra app is that you can easily search for the fashion and lifestyle products that you want within quick minutes of ease and comfort.

You can even search for specifics like patterning, sleeve length, ankle width, etc. when you are scrolling through the app to get your fashion needs duly satisfied.

Customers love the fact that searching for the fashion products that they want on Myntra can be so specific and exact to their particular desires at any time.

Once you know what you are searching for, you can really find it on Myntra quite easily.

Try and buy feature

Even if you are not sure of the sizing and the measurements of the wears that you want to purchase on Myntra, you can make sure of Myntra’s try and buy feature.

There is a trial and buy option at Myntra’s checkout that you can duly take advantage of if you don’t want to make any mistakes with your purchases at all.

However, not all customers and users are eligible to use this feature. Once you are eligible, however, you get to keep what truly fits you and then return the rest.

Differences between Shein and Myntra

SHEIN and Myntra are both well-suited to handling your fashion needs in India at all times; but when it comes down to it, there are some key differences that make Myntra the better option for you to choose from.

Customers end up choosing either of the two based on the personal reasons that are particular to them. In the end, it is important to do what’s best for yourself – you should shop wherever suits you perfectly.

The differences between SHEIN and Myntra include:

  • Customer Loyalty In India
  • Target Market
  • Ease of Searching for Products
S/no Features Shein Myntra
1 Customer Loyalty In India. SHEIN is a Chinese company that once got banned in India. Therefore, not many Indians patronize this brand often anymore. Myntra has a lot of loyal Indian customers and users that are always willing to make their purchases on the app.
2 Target Market SHEIN’s target market is stretched all across Europe, America, Asia, Australia, etc. in about 220 countries in the world. Myntra is focused on serving India and Indian customers only with the best fashion apparel.
3 Ease of Searching for Products The search pattern of SHEIN is not as efficient as Myntra’s. It is so easy and specific to search for products on Myntra.

Customer loyalty in India

When it comes to the number of people willing to buy products online from either of these e-commerce brands, Myntra has a lot more loyal customers at its base right now.

SHEIN once was banned in India due to some trust issues that haven’t been readily resolved just yet; therefore, you have more Indian people going on Myntra to tend to their fashion and lifestyle needs all the time.

Also, given the fact that Myntra is an Indian e-commerce marketplace, you can definitely expect to see more Indian customers patronizing them over the long run and in the short run as well.

There is just not that much trust for SHEIN in India as there is in Myntra. And the fact that Myntra offers quality fashion pieces as well, for affordable prices, makes customers really loyal to them over the years.

Target Market

While SHEIN focuses its interests globally, Myntra approaches its online sales of fashion and lifestyle products from a more local perspective that makes the Indians love to make use of them more.

Since Myntra focuses on catering solely to Indians, it would be a safe bet to say that if you are in India right now, your fashion shopping should considerably be done on homemade sites like Myntra that are created just for you.

This difference is one of the reasons why some people don’t go for SHEIN when they want to shop online. You need to shop in a spot that puts the peculiarity of your location at the forefront of its business approach to you.

Ease of searching for products

Myntra has a specific and easy way for customers to search for the products that they are looking for at all times. Once you are looking for your fashion wear on the Myntra app, you can most easily find what you are looking for when you use the right filters.

Customers love the ease that they get when they search for particular products on Myntra. Compared to SHEIN, Myntra does a much better job in helping customers find just what they were looking for.

Shopping on Myntra definitely brings more ease than when you use SHEIN to order for your fashion needs.


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