Nykaa vs Amazon: Comparison

In India’s e-commerce world, Amazon is undoubtedly one of the top leaders in the online marketplace where they have dominated with their presence for many years now.

Therefore, when compared with Nykaa, it is safe to say that Amazon is a much better online sales platform as they are more efficient, customer-friendly, diverse, and reliable than Nykaa is; given the stats.

Nykaa vs Amazon

Amazon has a reach and business capacity that Nykaa just does not have at the moment, and this shows duly in the way these two e-commerce apps do their businesses.

A lot of glowing online reviews have been written by customers about the efficiency of Amazon’s service and the quality of their products. These reviews, along with the actual market shares of this industry giant make Amazon one of the best places to order your products from.

When considering Nykaa and Amazon, the difference is truly very clear to see as there is so much global precedence and success that is associated with Amazon and its business model.

In order for you to get some of the best products online while you are in India, Amazon would be a great choice for you to shop with.

Why is Amazon Better than Nykaa (Explained)

Amazon is an industry giant that has been holding it down in e-commerce before most of the other companies in India came up and set up shop. The way that Amazon runs its business is often so much better than its competitors.

Nykaa really cannot be in the same category with Amazon for comparison (except for specialized reasons) because they both have different business approaches and they both have recorded different levels of success.

Amazon is at a stage of greatness and dominance that Nykaa can only hope to attain in years of consistent hard work and perseverance.  At the moment, however, Amazon is a better e-commerce app than Nykaa.

The reasons why Amazon is better than Nykaa are:

  • Diverse Products for Customers to Order
  • More Experience in The E-Commerce Business
  • Huge Discounts

Diverse Products for Customers to Order

Amazon doesn’t just sell only beauty and wellness products as Nykaa does, this veritable online app has so many categories of products that customers can pick from while they shop.

Because Indian customers can really order for anything they want in one place (Amazon), they prefer to shop on Amazon so that their shopping is more wholesome and relaxing.

All the products listed on Amazon have been authenticated by the management as original and high-quality; therefore, customers often do get just what they ordered without fail.

Amazon has a huge advantage over Nykaa due to the fact that they have a lot more products in their inventory. While Nykaa specializes, Amazon diversifies well.

More Experience in The E-Commerce Business

As I mentioned earlier, Amazon has been in the business of procuring quality products and selling them online for years now – even before the arrival of all the other e-commerce apps in India.

Nykaa just does not have the business experience and acumen that Amazon has at the moment. It took decades for Amazon to build itself up to the reputable company that we have all come to know now.

Experience is the best teacher, as you must have heard. There is no telling the number of lessons and insights that Amazon has inculcated into its business model based on how long it has been in the game.

More customers troop to Amazon, rather than Nykaa, these days because they really do trust the brand name that has truly become a household name all over the world.

Huge discounts 

Amazon is known for its huge discounts and great value for the products that it sells on its app, and we can see now that this is another way that Amazon edges past Nykaa again.

Amazon gives you more discounts than Nykaa does when you order your products. If you want to get the best value for your money and save up some money as well, it is a good idea for you to patronize Amazon.

Indians love shopping on Amazon because it seems to be discounts on discounts as you go on using the app. There are also special coupons that are applicable to loyal customers – you can take advantage of these too.

Nykaa Strong Points over Amazon 

Nykaa vs Amazon

Now, while Nykaa can’t really have a total strong foot over Amazon as the trade goes today, there are some things that we truly have to commend Nykaa for in the meantime.

Nykaa, Sanskrit for Nayaka (one in the spotlight), is an e-commerce platform that was founded by Falguni Nayar in the year 2012 with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

The area of specialization of Nykaa is the online and offline sales of beauty, wellness, and fashion products. A lot of customers attest to the quality of their product on several online reviews.

Since its inception, Nykaa became so successful that in 2020, it became the first Indian unicorn startup company to be pioneered and headed all by a woman.

Some of Nykaa’s strong points include:

  • Specialization in Beauty and Wellness Products
  • Offline Stores That Customers can visit
  • Inventorial e-commerce Model

Specialization in Beauty and Wellness Products

Nykaa specializes only in the sales of beauty, wellness, and fashion products online – and this is their major strength. Because they have put their focus on their niche, they have actually become so good at the commerce they do.

If Indian want to shop for cool beauty and wellness products specifically, they can confidently go to Nykaa in order to get the best items that would satisfy their needs.

The success that Nykaa has enjoyed by following their product niche solely is one that is appreciable, given just how recently they made their entrance in the e-commerce scene.

On the Nykaa app, you can shop for and order great beauty products that will satisfy you duly as far as you get the right kinds of products for you.

Offline stores that customers can visit

Nykaa boasts of at least 76 offline stores where customers can visit in order to shop for new items or pick up the products that they must have ordered on the app.

When you go to these Nykaa stores, you are really sure of getting just what you want without unnecessary hassles and back-and-forths. This kind of guaranty and assurance level is one that customers really appreciate – especially when they get their orders through.

The customer service is amazing, and you are bound to get the value for your money once you walk into one of the Nykaa stores near you and pick up your orders.

Inventorial e-commerce model

Nykaa is one of the only e-commerce businesses to make use of the inventorial e-commerce business approach. This is a model that has worked so well for them over the years that other companies have begun to model after it for their commerce.

Nykaa effectively uses this approach by purchasing products from the manufacturers directly and storing them in their warehouses that are all over Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi.

Once this is done, these products would then be sold to customers either through the Nykaa app/website or through the three offline store forms that Nykaa offers (Nykaa On Trend, Nykaa Kiosks, and Nykaa Luxe).

The Inventorial e-commerce model is really cool because it allows Nykaa to gain a lot from their sales while maintaining total responsibility for the condition and quality of their products.

Amazon’s strong points over Nykaa

Nykaa vs Amazon

Amazon has a lot of strong points over Nykaa based on the fact that there is a huge gap of years between these e-commerce brands that have been serving Indians for a while.

The loyalty of Amazon’s customers cannot be replicated by Nykaa at this time given the fact that Nykaa’s specialty at this time limits it to a particular of people who only seek beauty, wellness, and fashion products.

Amazon does good business day and night, week after week, year after year, and the success rate of this e-commerce leader is unprecedented – even in India.

There is really no question about it: Amazon has the upper hand over Nykaa.

Some of the strong points that Amazon has over Nykaa include:

  • Diversification in Product and Service
  • Trustworthy Experience in e-commerce.
  • Greater Discount Value.

Diversification in Product and Service

Amazon has more products and categories of products in store on their app than Nykaa does at the moment. Because of this, Amazon continues to have the better over online businesses like Nykaa who choose to specialize.

Most online customers today love the luxury of ordering all their products in one place – Amazon duly offers its users that opportunity because they truly have all you can need in their inventories.

Compared to Nykaa, Amazon satisfies a great number of customers with the quality, quantity, and diversity of products and services that they offer up for sale.

Trustworthy Experience in e-commerce

Amazon is a household brand that has been in existence for as long as when many people began to use the online space to make their purchases and orders.

They have been around so long, satiating the wants and needs of people all over the world – especially India – that several online product buyers have really come to trust them with their money because they give true value.

Trust is a very important part of a business. When you see the number of customers attesting to the efficacy of Amazon’s standards, you are sure to be convinced to patronize Amazon today for all the products you need to buy.

Greater discount value 

There is a true value when you shop at Amazon, and this is not just talking about the quality of their products and excellent customer service, you need to also consider just how much discounts are given by this great e-commerce brand.

As a loyal customer, you can get shopping cards and coupons that will duly help your shopping experience to be much easier as you scroll through the app.

Apart from that, everyone that does their shopping on Amazon gets access to many discounts on products that normally might be out of the budget a bit.

You need to take advantage of the various discount that you can get on Amazon today. Trust me, when you do so, you will really appreciate how you have spent your money.

Differences between Nykaa and Amazon

Seeing the features of these brands is not enough for you to really get why Amazon is much better than Nykaa. Let us now really go (in-depth) into those things that invariably one of these brands from the other.

The differences between Nykaa and Amazon include:

  • Range of Products Available to Customers
  • Level of Experience in e-commerce
  • Discount Value
1 Range of Products Available to Customers Nykaa engages only in the sale of beauty, wellness, and fashion products. Amazon procures, sells, and supplies a diverse number of products to its customers, including electronics, books, furniture, beauty products, wellness products, gadgets etc.
2 Level of Experience in e-commerce Nykaa has been in the online sales business for a lot fewer years than Amazon – they have less experience than Amazon does. Amazon has more experience and rigidity than Nykaa in the e-commerce world.
3 Discount Value. Nykaa offers fewer discounts than Amazon does on its products. Amazon gives a lot of discounts and price cuts to its customers and users.

Range of Products Available to Customers

This is one key difference between these online businesses, this is the major reason why Amazon is much better to shop with conveniently than Nykaa.

While Nykaa offers just a specialized number of products (namely beauty and wellness products), Amazon has diversified its approach to serving all its customers with just about all the products that they can think to order for.

Indian customers prefer to shop on Amazon because they can make all their purchases there easily, and they might even get special discounts on the multiple purchases they make – regardless of product category.

While specialization has its sure benefits, in the big leagues of competitive e-commerce, Nykaa can’t hope to win spots over Amazon because their specialty actually limits them from getting the big numbers in.

Customers would always mostly get on the shopping apps that offer all that they can think of or might think of, to buy. Amazon gives Indians the spot they need to do all their shopping.

Level of experience in e-commerce

It is a no-brainer that people often look at your history when they want to consider doing business with you. And this is what we have here between Nykaa and Amazon.

While Nykaa is doing really great as the first unicorn start-up headed by an Indian woman in India, its level of experience and stability in online sales is not as solid as what Amazon proffers.

If you need to get to the right place to buy your stuff online, a place you can trust, your safe bet is to put your money in Amazon and you will get your orders delivered to you in top condition.

Amazon has been doing this for years; Nykaa just started off in 2012.

Discount value

We have talked about discounts a lot already, and I’m sure that if you have some experience shopping online, you have been exposed to many of the huge discounts that Amazon offers its customers.

Compared to Amazon, Nykaa just doesn’t give its customers that many discounts and price slashes. Amazon can afford this type of things for the benefit of customers every day.

You can start to enjoy the great discounts that Amazon gives on its products once you make the decision to start doing all your shopping on this cool e-commerce app today.


Nykaa is an e-commerce start-up that should duly be commended for its quick rise to success in the online sales of its specialty. Given a number of years, we can expect more greatness from this business with enough hard work and smart work.

However, for the benefits of this conversation, it is right for us to point out that Amazon is the better marketplace for you to shop online right now if you are located in India.

You can benefit today from a plethora of products that are sure to satisfy your personal tastes and preferences once you take your time to scroll through the Amazon feed.

The Amazon app is designed to cater to every individual shopper in very unique ways.

Indians love using Amazon, and so do the rest of the world. I believe that you must have used Amazon at least once in your life when you needed to make some online purchases.

It’s easy and safe to use Amazon from anywhere in the world – once you make your orders, you are sure to get them delivered to you in the proper condition and with the right customer service.

Amazon is better, more efficient, more reliable, and far more diverse than Nykaa.


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