Shoes for Crews Vs Skechers: Similarities & Differences

Both brands are actually American brands that have carved decent spaces for their names in the footwear market. Nonetheless, their similarities are as much as their differences.

Sketchers is a footwear brand that was founded in 1992 and based in California. Manhattan Beach precisely. It has become popular for its casual, cool, and trendy designs.

Right from the conception of the brand, it majors on the creation of skating shoes and utility boots.

The Skechers brand is big on both performance and lifestyle footwear and is also recognized for being a stylish and comfortable, athletic, and classy footwear brand.

Shoes for Crews Vs Skechers

Although a good percentage of the brand’s fame is traceable to celebrities’ advertisements and endorsements.

When the brand was founded in 1992, the original intention of the brand was for the distribution of Dr. Marten’s shoes.

On the other hand, Shoes for Crew was founded in 1984. It was founded by a man named Stanley Smith.

And it was together with Matt Smith that both started making the production of these shoes right from inside their family apartment. They produce the footwear for nurses.

Their product has played a significant role in the reduction of slip-and-fall accidents. All thanks to its unique rubber compound from which the slip-resistant footwear is produced.

The company, backed up by its superior quality, has made waves to have been listed among the top industry leaders, and now makes supplies of approximately 92 that constitute the biggest 100 largest chains of restaurants that are in the US.

Here are some of the similarities between both brands

Shoes for Crews Vs Skechers
Skechers shoe
  • Shoes for crews and sketchers possess high durability
  • Both brands are affordable
  • Shoes for crews and sketchers are multifaceted
  • Both brands have been serving for a long time and have proven worthy
  • Shoes for Crews and Sketchers both possesses high quality

They both possess high durability

The primary rationale that has made both brands to have won the hearts of many people is because their products have proven to stand the test of time.

No one wants to get substandard products that get damaged in no distant time.

Everyone wants to get value for their money. And these brands came through and have satisfied this very yearning of the populace.

The beauty of footwear is not entirely tied to its outward appearance.

What happens when looks override quality? Value definitely becomes subjected to shambles, and soon, ruins will come rolling over.

And no one wants that because the feeling that comes thereafter will reek of disappointment and all sorts of vexation.

I have had first-hand experience of using certain footwear that got ripped off from the sole at just my third use.

I was really pissed off and made a decision right there and then never to have anything to do with that brand ever again. Low-quality products can be very annoying.

The materials that shoes for crews and sketchers adopted for the production of their footwear are quality ones, this, in turn, proceeds long-lasting shoes.

And on most occasions, customers’ satisfaction in its entirety, is what gets customers glued to brands. People will always stick to where they find value.

Both brands are affordable

There’s one thing about most substandard products; they are always cheap. But do not confuse affordable products for lack of originality as most lesser quality brands have seized that cognitive bias and stereotype to produce low-quality shoes and still place a higher price tag on them.

However, shoes for crews and sketchers have thought it wise to strike a healthy market balance between quality and price, such that these footwear are still affordable despite their excellent quality.

The only way to have good products reach a wider number of the market populace is to have these footwear affordable even in their good worth.

Although, shoes for sketchers are a tad bit higher in price than shoes for crews. This simply means that, relatively, shoes for crews are cheaper.

The extent of price difference between the two brands is not very distant. And the difference even boils down to the exact shoe type that one has in mind as there are also different price tags between products of individual brands.

The price for an average product from shoes for crews cuts across $55, while that of shoes for sketchers hits across $60.

There are also other products from the two brands that go as low as $30, this simply spells out that low-income earners can also get the ones they can afford. Cool, yeah?

Both brands are multifaceted

One of the common things between the two brands is that they are multifaceted and not limited to a specific style or pattern. They both have many facets that make them suitable for diverse areas of fields of work.

For example, the Skechers Men Running and Walking Shoe have diverse features. One of which is its comfortable and soft mesh vamp that makes for to be kept moderately dry and cool all day. This is because of its air permeability.

It also has an excellent high-memory insole and great sweat absorption. It also functions well for good ventilation. It comes with an outsole made of rubber that gives your feet the impact cushioning that it deserves.

These and many other features are great for sport, exercise, outdoor, traveling, and also cool for casual wear. I have seen restaurant workers use it too because the shoe’s design is one that gives a massage-like feel which helps in combating fatigue.

Another example is the Shoes For Crews Holden Slip-resistant Sneaker. The design of this shoe is accompanied by style and class which makes it cool for both partying and for official duties.

The sole is one that has been treated to repel water, hence, it is slip-resistant, this, in turn, puts it on a list of shoes that can suffice for use at water factories and other areas where slip-resistant shoes should fit.

Both brands have been serving for a long time and have proven worthy

Both brands have been serving for a long time. Although shoes for crews had been in the market 8 years earlier before the birth of sketchers.

For any brand to have been in existence as far back as the aforementioned years, and are still very active on the scheme of relevance to this present time, then they are sure great.

Their relevance has gotten knock-offs, copycats, and other recent entries from other designers that have been toiling hard to divert the customers of crews and sketchers down their path.

But the move was and is still laughable as they have no credibility and good track record to stand a chance.

And of course, there are credible reasons why these brands have been in existence for more than 28 years.

Shoes for crews have been around for over 36 years even. The core reason for their market longevity is buried in the layers of quality that are embedded in their products.

Worthy to note also, is that it is one thing to recently pop up into the market with quality products to the populace, it is another thing to have been in overtime proving genuineness and winning the hearts of many.

The former, though if backed up by good publicity, will pave way for it into the relevancy scheme, the latter makes for an easy ride of continuity as the trust of the people is with the brand.

Hence, the market boom. Shoes for crews and sketchers have proven worthy of the latter.

Shoes for crews and sketchers both possess high quality

The materials used in the production of footwear are a high contributing factor that determines how long that said footwear will last.

And to prove this, both shoes for crews and sketchers used quality materials in the production of their footwear, and this has been visible in the quality products they pull out, year in year out.

Skechers, for example, use memory foam technology. And this memory foam mainly consists of polyurethane and a couple of other chemicals that elevate the levels of the shoe’s destiny and viscosity.

And the elevation of this viscosity and density comes with the increase in the quality of product.

Shoes for crews are made from quality leathers also which gives them the unique quality of being lasting.

Their durable rubber soles give the brand its signature slip-resistant quality. The quality of both brands is inarguably top-notch.

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Differences between Shoes for Crews and Skechers

Shoes for Crews Vs Skechers
Shoes for Crews
Technology Main objective Shoes for Skechers Shoes for Crews
Instep technology difference For added comfort to the wearers’ feet and overall balance The instep of Skechers has the spongy type of cushioning The instep of shoes for crews are designed to offer long-lasting, therapeutic and massage-like feeling
Outsole technology difference Firm connection to the floor/ground Skechers soles are lightweight and comfortable ones  Shoes for crew comes with a slip-resistant outsole
Overall quality difference For restoration of energy There are Carbon fiber features in Skechers for restoration of energy and to help propel the wearer forward Shoes for crews has Supportive footboard and high-level cushioning system
  • The Instep technology difference
  • The outsole technology difference
  • The overall quality difference

The instep technology difference

The instant you put on a Sketchers shoe, you feel like putting your feet on a pillow, shortly, you get this wonderful and comfy feeling. Let’s relate it to buying a spongy cushioning mattress and developing back pain in the end.

This is to say that cushioning should not always be equated to “being good for you.” People are always washed by the illusion that spongy, flexible, and ultra-soft instep will be great to make their sore feet less severe.

On the other hand, shoes for crews has its instep technology built primarily on the basis of delivering a long-lasting, thorough, and therapeutic massage-like feeling.

The instep is equipped with this quality owing to the presence of its massaging gel therein. The memory foam used in Skechers is very sensitive to temperature and pressure, hence, the deterioration of quality.

And for real, the shoes for crews brand has had very good customers’ feedback in a far more good light than sketchers in this aspect of their respective features. Why sketchers lag on this end is because the polyurethane used is easily compressed and leaves your feet hurting.

This memory foam on sketchers mostly takes on the past gait pattern of the wearer of the shoe to result in lower back pain, ankle pain, knee and foot pain. This is to say that shoes for crews, if it relates to instep, beats sketchers by a far longer margin.

Outsole technology difference

There’s actually no person that knows shoes for crews that don’t know its signature slip-resistant outsole. In fact, it is one of the core reasons for the design of the brand.

The fact that it was made by NASA, yes you read that right, it was made by NASA, and that puts it on the table of sole’s excellence.

On the other hand, the outsole of sketchers are usually made of synthetic foam, and sometimes, mesh. 

These materials adopted for the outsole of this brand are not bad in themselves, besides, they add to the comfort and lightweight of sketchers, but they are just not as slip-resistant as shoes for crews.

It has become apparent that the main deciding factor that tells whether or not a shoe is slip-resistant, is its outsole material. This means the materials and tread pattern used in the outsole.

A slip-resistant outsole is softer and made of rubber, such that when it has direct contact to the ground with oil, debris, water, or other compounds, it still sticks to the floor.

The rubber outsole always effectively grips a slick floor. And while shoes for crews are big on this, sketchers are not very much.

Overall quality difference

The overall quality of both brands touches on many ends. Skechers use carbon fibers in their midsole which helps in the storing of energy when the heel makes contact with the ground.

What this essentially does is put the shoe in a state of less flexibility and comes off like a level to help propel the wearer forward.

But then, how shoes for crew aimed for this same balance is seen in their inclusion of a footboard that is very supportive and backed up by the deep type of cushioned insole.

Shoes for crews also feature an added arch support system that should help in propelling the wearer forward, just like sketchers did with the carbon fiber.

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