How Do Baya Crocs Fit?

The Baya Crocs are one of the amazing footwear in the crocs product line. They fuse the iconic cushion and heel strap of the classics with a soft and fleecy lining.

They could be your go-to any time particularly if you are used to walking on cold floors. The Baya crocs are so designed to provide comfort and keep your feet toasty.

How Do Baya Crocs Fit

So, how exactly do the Baya Crocs fit?

The Baya Crocs are a roomy fit and they are the most generous you will ever find in terms of foot room in the Crocs product line.

From the width to the length, the footwear was designed to make sure that there are no short ends. You don’t have to bother about the Baya crocs coming off your feet as the heel straps will make you more secure.

Primarily, the Baya crocs are designed true to sizes with no half sizes. So, you will most likely have to size up. The footwear could feel a little boxy and square at first.

They could even make you a little awkward as you take each step in them. This is where the heel strap of the Baya crocs comes in handy.


How you can a big Baya Crocs to fit better?

The Baya Crocs might not be quite comfortable when you size up. These crocs products are normally longer than the classics, so sizing up might make them too long.

Several people have wondered how to go about it because sizing down makes for a very tight fit. Not to worry though, we have just the right insights for your Baya crocs to fit better.

There are two recommended methods you can work with making your Baya crocs fit better.

  1. Resizing with the aid of a dryer
  2. Resizing with the Sun

Method 1: Resizing with the aid of a dryer

To work with this method, you will need a dryer that you can use for clothes. You will also need a set of wet and thick fabric or a set of towels.

Step 1: Adjust the required settings

To get started with this process, you have to ensure that you adjust all the required settings on your dryer. This will encompass the temperature and the timer settings.

You have to ensure that they are at minimum levels if not it could cause overheating. Overheating could cause damage to the material of the crocs and that damage cannot be reversed. So, you must take extra caution in adjusting the settings.

The timer ideally should be set to not more than ten minutes and the temperature could be between the low and medium levels. Do not for any reason exceed these limits.

Step 2: Place the Baya Crocs and the wet towels in the dryer

Once you have adjusted the settings, then, you can put your Baya crocs in the dryer. Also, ensure to put the two extra towels.

The towels must not be too wet though and they must not be dry. Then, set the timer of the machine to ten minutes.

Step 3: Keep an eye on the machine

Once you have started the process, you must keep an eye on the machine. This is to help make sure that the heat is sufficient enough for the resizing process.

Just as we have mentioned, if the heat applied is too much, it could damage your Baya crocs beyond repairs. So, you must make sure to check the heat level from time to time.

At this point, you should be able to observe some noticeable changes in the size of your footwear. If not, there must be somewhere you have gone wrong in the entire process.

Step 4: Inspect the condition of your footwear

Once the set time is up, you can take out your Baya Crocs and carefully inspect them. See if they have resized enough to give you the desired fit.

Ensure you do not try them on immediately as they may still be quite hot from the heat of the dryer.

Step 5: Allow your footwear time to cool down

When taking out your footwear from the dryer, there is every likelihood that they are still hot. What you are to do is to immediately remove them so that further heat from the dryer does not affect them.

Then, you are to place them in a space that is well ventilated. This will help them cool down appropriately. After they have cooled down, you can try them on to see if they fit.

Your Baya Crocs should fit in comfortably at this time. If they still don’t fit, you can repeat the process.

Method 2: Resizing with the Sun

If you do not have a dryer in the house and none is within reach, then, you can simply leave your Baya Crocs out in the sun. You could do this for a few minutes.

This method is usually effective on a hot sunny afternoon when the sun has assumed its peak. Just as in the case of the dryer, using this method will also require active monitoring.

You will have to check from time to time if the footwear has resized to the perfect fit. Always keep in mind that excessive heat could damage your crocs, so monitoring is key.

Is it possible for me to tell if my Baya Crocs are real?

Yes, it is very possible to check if your Baya Crocs are real or fake.

With the crocs increasingly growing in demand and with everyone wanting a pair of crocs, there is every chance that there could be a fake-out there.

It is not uncommon to see fake products trying to take advantage of high demand for a particular product.

The Baya crocs is no exception to this. In buying a Baya Crocs, there are some things you have to pay attention to so that you don’t buy a fake.

So, let’s help you out and show you those things. Read along as we highlight them.


Every Baya Crocs model has its barcode. If the barcode of what you are buying is similar to another model, then it is most likely a fake.

The Baya Crocs also has a custom-made design of the word CROCS at the right side of the toe cap.

Size and design

The size of fake crocs will most likely not tally with what is printed beneath the sole of the footwear. This is one pronounced way of ascertaining if a Crocs model is fake or not.

Also, the Baya Crocs does not have ventilation ports around the toe caps. The ventilation ports are further behind and they are thirteen in number.

The ventilation ports are arranged in a set of 3s and 4s in a straight and orderly pattern. This is also another way to spot a fake Baya crocs. The Baya Crocs also has contours on either side of the footwear.

Circulation nubs

Each Baya crocs boast a circulation nub that makes it ergonomic and comfortable. Fake crocs could also come with their nubs but that ergonomic feeling is never in place.

Original Baya Crocs should have nubs that you feel beneath your foot sole as you wear them.


Every Crocs footwear comes with an embedded logo. This logo is usually located on the footbed of the Crocs footwear. Original Baya Crocs must carry the two eyes of the Duke and even bumps on the back.

These bumps are usually six in number. The fourth bump when you start from the top is a little bit bigger than the others.

The Duke should also have two hands and each hand should have three fingers each as though they are holding the edge of a box.


The Baya Crocs are made from a croslite material. This material is responsible for their lightweight and durability and it also makes them slip-resistant.

Usually, fake crocs are made of a rubber material that does not allow a firm grip. This rubber material also makes counterfeit products heavy and slippery, especially when used on a wet surface.

You can also tell the two materials apart when you observe the quality and finish of the fake and the original.


The Baya Crocs could be a great addition to your footwear collection as their loose fit allow your feet to bend and expand making them reduce the risks of fatigue. They also let your feet breathe properly increasing the comfort you experience. So, they are the ones to try out.

We have been able to show you how the Baya crocs fit. They usually do not come in half sizes, so it is just ideal you size up and let the heel strap come to your rescue.

You could also decide to try out our resizing hacks to turn the size to the desired fit. We have also been able to help you see how to spot a fake Baya Crocs when you see one.

So, bear all of these details in mind and have fun with the Baya crocs.


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