Crocs Literide Fake vs Original

There are a lot of fake Crocs shoes out there in the market that promises to deliver the exact quality as the original Crocs.

They come at a cheap price which makes them attractive to people who don’t have enough money to buy original Crocs.

These cheap Crocs have some slight differences from the original Crocs and I would be talking about these differences in this article.

It is my intention to give you the necessary guidelines that would help you discover the fake Crocs clog and avoid them.

One of the crocs shoes that have been mostly duplicated is the Crocs LiteRide.

We would be looking at the things you should look out for in these fake Crocs to know they are fake.

Let’s get into it.

S/n Features Original Crocs LiteRide
Fake Crocs LiteRide
1 Logo design There is a clear and shiny logo design on the surface The logo is always placed on a sticker
2 Packaging It is sold with a banded hanger which has the company’s logo on it It is just packaged with no hanger
3 Label There are a lot of stickers which states certain relevant information about the Crocs There are no stickers attached to it
4 Branding Crocs come in either total capital or small letters The word crocs comes with a mixture of both small and capital letters
5 Material It is made from Croslite and has no odor It is made from plastic or rubber
6 Color The colors listed on the Crocs are found It is made of colors not found on the Crocs website
7 Price It is expensive It is cheap

Logo design

This is one of the things you need to look out for in your Crocs LiteRide clog. There is a high possibility of making a wrong judgment once you don’t pay attention to details.

One of the places you should look at whenever you visit a store to purchase Crocs LiteRide clog is the right side. You should check on the logo design in order to confirm certain things.

Crocs Literide Fake vs Original

The original Crocs LiteRide has a clear and shiny logo design on the surface of the crocs.

The logo design is found in several places on an originalCrocs. It is also printed on the Crocs as an application.

Crocs Literide Fake vs Original

Fake Crocs LiteRide would however have a sticker placed on a button or have a different logo entirely.

This is why you should ensure to touch the surface of the logo in order to confirm if there is a button underneath or not.

Once you can’t feel a bump underneath, then it is obviously a fake Crocs LiteRide clog.

Apart from looking at the logo from afar, it is very important that you touch the surface to confirm if it is printed directly to the Crocs or on a button.

One important thing you should check when it comes to the logo is how the logo looks like. There are certain things to check on the logo:

  • The logo must be CLEAR.
  • The Croc has six humps
  • The fourth hump must be larger than every other hump. The fourth hump from above must be a little bit larger than other humps.
  • Pay attention to the Croc inside the circle. It must have 2 arms with only 3 fingers each.
  • The eyes of the crocodile (or duke as popularly called) must be 2 and it must be very clear.

Once these features cannot be seen, then it is probably a fake/duplicated Crocs LiteRide clog.

The logo design is one of the most important places you must check to ascertain if the Crocs you are holding are original or fake.

It is very easy to spot a fake Crocs LiteRide clog by checking the logo design.


Crocs Literide Fake vs Original

An original Crocs LiteRide clog would be packaged with a banded hanger holding the right and left foot clogs together. This black-banded hanger would also have the Crocs logo on it.

Once this is not present, then it is obviously fake.

You must check this very well.

I have not seen a fake Crocs packaged in the exact manner of the original. However, it is possible to find a duplicated Crocs LiteRide clog packaged in the same manner.

Ensure you check the logo.

Use the guideline in the first point to ascertain the authenticity of the logo. Once it falls short of that quality, then it is obviously fake and you need to avoid it.

Crocs come with quality packaging compared to fake Crocs. The branded bag and banded hanger are something to consider before even making the purchase.

The picture above is an example of an original Crocs with the banded hanger showing a clear Crocs logo that is directly printed on the hanger’s material.

Ensure you take out time to check this very well. Don’t be in a haste to make the purchase because it looks so good.

Check for how it is packaged and observe carefully with this article. You would be able to spot the difference.

Real and original Crocs LiterRide clogs are sold in a branded bag and not a cardboard box.

This is also very important. No matter how beautiful it looks.

Once it is packaged in a cardboard box, then it is fake. Authentic Crocs LiteRide clogs always come in a branded bag that might either be transparent or white. This is something to find out as well.


The picture above is a typical example of an original crocs LiteRide clog.

The original crocs LiteRide clog must have labels attached to it that fully describes the following:

  • Model
  • Color
  • Country of manufacture
  • Barcode
  • Product code
  • Fit
  • Size

This information must be found on the labels attached to your crocs LiteRide clog. Once these descriptions are not present, then it is possible that it is a fake clog.

You should ensure all the necessary information is stated clearly on the label.


Another difference you must check very well is the barcode. Every shoe has its barcode. This barcode is unique and cannot be used by 2 Crocs clogs.

Once the barcode is similar to other Crocs shoes and clogs, then this is a genuine and authentic sign that it is fake.

Cross-check the barcode to confirm if it is unique to the Crocs LiteRide clog you are about to purchase or not.

Furthermore, you can check the product using the product code on the crocs official website.

Once you check using the product code and you can’t find the product, then it is not an original Crocs LiteRide clog.


Carefully observe the word CROCS on the adjustable strap. There is something to notice and pay attention to.

An original Crocs LiteRide clog has a different lettered word compared to the fake Crocs word.

An original Crocs literide clog has the word ‘Crocs’ written as crocs or CROCS. The words are not mixed with both upper case and lower case letters.

However, the fake Crocs LiteRide clog has a mixture of both upper and lower case letters.

Once you see this, then it is a fake Crocs LiteRide clog and you should avoid it.

Material quality

Crocs Literide Fake vs Original

This is a very important thing to also consider and look out for if you want to ascertain if your Crocs LiteRide clog is fake or original.

Crocs is a comfortable, durable, and lightweight shoe that is made of Croslite foam material. Croslite material is not plastic and it is also not rubber.

I have seen a lot of people talk about Crocs as a rubber or plastic shoe. This is not true. Crocs are not made with rubber or plastic.

Crocs is made with Croslite. Croslite is a closed-cell resin that is inflammable and water-resistant. This is the material used in producing the original Crocs LiteRide clog.

Because of this amazing material, the original Crocs LiteRide clog has the following amazing qualities:

  • It is comfortable. The Croslite foam material makes crocs soft and easy to wear. Wearing Crocs LiteRide clog makes your feet feel like walking in a feathered pillow. This is one of the highlights of every typical Crocs clog in the market. As a matter of fact, this was why I got attracted to Crocs some years ago. The comfort you would get from original Crocs cannot be compared with that of fake Crocs.
  • It is durable. Croslite material makes Crocs a very durable shoe to wear for a long time. Croslite does not deteriorate easily compared to fake Crocs which is made of plastic or rubber.
  • It is lightweight. Croslite material makes Crocs lightweight which makes walking around easy and comfortable. I have never regretted using crocs for my everyday activities. Crocs generally make lightweight clogs and one of these clogs is the Crocs LiteRide clog.
  • It is odor-resistant. Croslite material does not smell. This simply means that an original Crocs LiteRide clog has no repelling smell or odor.

These are the common qualities of an original Crocs LiteRide clog.

A fake Crocs LiteRide clog is made of plastic or rubber. They are not made of croslite material. This is easy to notice because of the following features:

  • A fake Crocs LiteRide clog is heavy compared to an original one. Because of the material used in producing the fake Crocs LiteRide clog, it is always heavier than the original Crocs LiteRide clog.
  • Fake Crocs LiteRide clog comes with a certain smell of gum or adhesives and chemicals. Once you buy a Crocs LiteRide clog that has a smell, then it is fake.
  • Fake Crocs LiteRide clog is not as comfortable as the original. Croslite makes crocs-like foam. However, plastic or rubber-made crocs are hard and stiff which makes them uncomfortable to wear.

Once you can pay attention to these differences, you would be able to know the original from the fake.


The original Crocs LiteRide clog comes in 7 different colors as listed on the Crocs website. Once you find a Crocs LiteRide clog with colors not listed on the Crocs website, then it is fake.

Don’t get carried away by how beautiful it looks. As long as these colors are not on the Crocs website, then it is probably a fake Crocs LiteRide clog. You should watch out for this as well.


Crocs are expensive compared to fake ones.

The material used in producing Crocs are of high quality and this is why they are pretty expensive compared to the fake ones.

This is what you should watch out for. Once the price is ridiculously cheap, then it is fake.

An original Crocs LiteRide clog costs from $60 – $80. Any Crocs LiteRide clog you find that is lesser than this is fake.

It is possible for the price to be cheap because it is produced of inferior and cheap material which makes it less of quality compared to the original Crocs LiteRide clog.

There are other differences I would list below:

  • Fake Crocs LiteRide always comes in smaller sizes than what they indicate in their product description. You should watch out for this.
  • Fake Crocs LiteRide clog is not as durable when compared with the original Crocs LiteRide clog.

Always carry out extensive research before purchasing Cros LiteRide clog.

It is safe and advisable to buy your Crocs LiteRide clog on the official crocs website.

You can also get original Crocs LiteRide clogs on Amazon by clicking the links below:


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