How to Get Rid of Smell in Crocs

One thing that makes the Croc footwear quite appealing is that they let your feet breathe. It feels like that should be enough to ward away the smell that plagues other shoes.

Well, that is not always the case. Sweaty feet can cause a foul smell in any type of shoes, Crocs inclusive.

After much use, the Crocs footwear surface can become polluted with residues from smelly feet. The organic bacteria produced can cause a foul smell and that smell might be difficult to get rid of.

How to Get Rid of Smell in Crocs

Not to worry though, there are some household hacks you can try out if your Croc is already smelly. The hacks will help you wipe out the smell and get it back to that fresh smell of a new Croc.

Different ways you can get rid of that smell in your Crocs

There are several ways you can use to get rid of the foul odor in your Crocs. We will be looking at five simple hacks that you can use in getting that foul smell out without issues.

You could drown your Crocs in white vinegar

The white vinegar is very effective in neutralizing the odor that has developed for a while in your footwear.

You will need to mix a solution of vinegar with water in the ratio of 1:4.

This means that for every part of white vinegar you mix, you will need four parts of water to complete that mix.

Next, you will have to dip your Crocs into this solution and ensure that every bit of the footwear is entirely submerged.

Crocs usually have this tendency to float in water, so you must make sure to place a solid weight on top so they remain in the solution.

Then, you have to wait for a period of four to six hours before removing the Crocs.

Once you’ve removed the Crocs, expose them to sunlight to air dry. The smell will be completely gone after drying.

The use of open-air and sunlight

You can make use of this method if you are not in haste as it will require a couple of days. You can expose your Crocs footwear to sunlight for days. It could come in handy as a deodorizing charm.

You must find a location around your house that can guarantee at least eight hours of direct sunlight every day. At the end of every day, you can check to see if the odor is still present in your footwear.

Once you cannot detect any odor, then your Croc is good-to-go and ready to be worn again.

Bury in Cat litter

A lot of persons might feel like what good can a cat litter be? The granules from the cat litter have a deodorizing effect that could put away the foul smell from your Crocs.

You can fill a container, big enough to swallow up your Crocs, with unused cat litter.

Then, bury your Crocs footwear within the granules of the litter. Leave it for three days, and by then, the foul smell should be all gone. Then, you can put back your Crocs in your footwear collection.

Soaking in enzyme

If the stench from the footwear is a very difficult one, then, you have to consider using an enzyme solution that will not react harshly with rubber. It could easily take away any odor from organic foot residue.

So, go ahead and fill up a large tub with water and the enzyme solution in equal parts. Then, dip the smelly Crocs in this solution and as before, ensure they remain submerged.

Make sure that the footwear stays in that solution for at least three hours. You can then go ahead to air dry it. Your footwear should be as good as new after drying.

Don’t hesitate in your actions

Foot odors have a funny way of building up especially within rubber footwear. It is of high importance therefore to treat your Crocs the moment you notice any foul stench. Leaving it for a while before treating it can cause the rise of bacteria.

These bacterial organisms will result in a worse smell. So, you cannot afford to be hesitant at all in treating your crocs. You must make sure you act fast before the odor gets any challenging.

How then do I get rid of the smell from a fuzzy Crocs?

How to Get Rid of Smell in Crocs

Crocs that are lined up with faux fur are cozy for your feet. They are however more prone to having odors and a little bit more difficult to clean than the Classics. They are more difficult to clean because of the fuzzy lining.

These Crocs are not machine washable so throwing them into the washing machine won’t be ideal.

Major recommendations are around using mild soap and water for both the footwear and the liner.

So, let’s show you the easy-to-do steps in washing your fuzzy Crocs well.

Step 1: Pull off the fur liner

Make sure to turn the fur lining heel up so that it is no longer wrapped around the back of your footwear.

Hold your thumb on the exterior of the rivet as you gently pull the liner away from the rivet. Do the same on the other side of your Crocs and pull the liner free.

Step 2: Hand wash the lining with the aid of mild soap and water

Ensure that the water is not hot but mildly cold. Scrub any visible dirt out of the lining and make sure to rinse properly.

Step 3: Expose the lining to sunlight to enable it to dry well

Ensure you do not use a dryer.

Make sure you do not heat-dry the footwear. Make sure to put the liner back in the Crocs when they are both dried.

After drying, the smell in your fuzzy Crocs should be all gone. So, they are as good as new again.

So, why do Crocs smell?

The material that your Crocs is made of makes it quite restricting for air to flow in and out of the footwear. When this happens, your feet begin to perspire. This in turn leads to smelly Crocs.

One of the ways to combat this issue is wearing thick socks with your Crocs. So, what are the major reasons that make your Crocs develop a bad smell?

Presence of moisture in your Crocs

When you wear your Crocs for far too long, sweat and moisture could mix in the footwear making it develop a bad smell. So, in this case, if you usually do not expose your Crocs to fresh air, you will experience a bad odor from the Crocs.

This is because there is no fresh air to limit the impact of the unpleasant gas in your footwear.

Just as we have said, if your feet are stuck in a region that restricts the flow of air, it starts to perspire.

When the perspiration is trapped, such that there is no ease in movement, then your feet begin to smell. This in turn leads to your Crocs smelling.

So, you must ensure that there is a sufficient amount of airflow in your footwear. The best practice will be to expose the footwear to sunlight or air to dry it regularly.

Exposure to dark and damp areas

Another reason why your Crocs could smell is the terrain you wear them on. Is it on muddy ground or some other difficult terrain?

If you usually wear your Crocs on the muddy ground, unlike sand and dust, if mud and the dirty water around it splash into your Crocs, it starts developing a bad smell.

Dirty water or mud can cause a foul stench that if you don’t clean it just after such an occurrence, then the smell could last longer.

So, you must ensure that after wearing it through a muddy region, you clean your Crocs properly. Not just that, ensure it dries before putting them back on.

If it still smells, you could try out some of our hacks in cleaning the Crocs. One or more of the hacks will get the foul smell out.

So, what if I don’t fit into any of these scenarios and yet my Crocs still smell? What could be the reasons behind such? Well, it is most probable that you don’t practice good hygiene towards your footwear.

You must make sure you wash the footwear regularly. You are to wash the footwear with a brush with extra care and gentleness. Washing it with a brush will not make your Crocs overly elongate and become elastic.

You must also ensure that you use a soft brush. A soft brush will come in handy to prevent damages that could be a result of scratches.

Another reason why your Crocs could smell badly will be that you don’t properly dry them. We have noticed that most times, people are always in a haste to wear their Crocs after washing.

You might think that should not do any damage but it does a lot. Many times, some persons could even take it to the bathroom, bathe with them, and immediately wear them back without allowing the footwear to properly dry.

This is what usually happens, whenever you wash the footwear and you do not allow it to dry properly, some water molecules remain in the foot’s space.

You should know that a part of your Crocs is covered, so there won’t be a lot of entering to dry it. If the water stays there for a long time, it starts reacting with the color of your Crocs and gets smelly thereafter.

You might most likely not even notice this. The waterworks well with the material of the Crocs to produce a foul odor.

So, after washing them or using them in the bathroom, ensure you give ample time for your footwear to dry. You can decide to lay your Crocs on a wall so that the water particles can easily drain out of the Crocs.

If you want to wear it urgently, then you must ensure to sun-dry the Crocs. Although, you must tread carefully when sun drying this footwear. Sun-drying your Crocs could lead to a shrink in the size.

You must therefore make sure you do not leave your Crocs too long under the sun. The best practice will be not to expose your footwear to too much sunlight.

Do smelly Crocs cause smelly feet?

How to Get Rid of Smell in Crocs

Yes, smelly Crocs can make your feet stink. If your feet happen to sweat from wearing Crocs, then the foul smell already presents in the Crocs could mix with your feet and cause a really bad odor.

The best practice will be to ensure that you maintain good hygiene for your Crocs and feet. Try washing your feet more than once daily, especially during hot weather conditions.

You could also try wearing socks to stop smelly feet after wearing Crocs. You should try out wearing socks that can absorb the sweat your feet produce.

Wool socks are efficient in doing this as they absorb the moisture in your feet. Making your feet dry and comfortable.

You must also make sure you avoid Crocs that are tight. They are not comfortable in any way. They increase the possibility of your feet getting sweaty and developing a bad smell.

You should wear Crocs that leave space around your feet. This helps with the flow of air and helps to reduce the temperature around your feet. You could also try out foot powder, antiperspirants, or deodorants.


Crocs are very versatile footwear as you can wear them to any place without issues. However, you must ensure you take proper care of your Crocs to curb bad smells.

In cases where your Crocs have started developing a bad odor, we have shown you a few hacks that could help get rid of that. So, feel free to try them out. We are very certain you will get optimal results.

We have also shown you how to get rid of the smell from fuzzy Crocs as they require extra care than the classic croc. So, follow through with our guidelines and enjoy wearing your Crocs.


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