15 Best Shoes for Burpees (in 2023)

The “best shoes for burpees” as contained in this article is written based on the shoes’ alignment with how burpee exercise is done. Not all shoes are conducive to all types of exercise.

This is because specific features are intentionally embedded in the designs of footwear to meet the need in their areas and places of use.

Before we get into the review proper, see my top 15 shoes for Burpees:

Best Shoes for Burpees

  1. Puma Zone XT
  2. Adidas Men’s Fitboost Trainers Cross
  3. New Balance Prevail Cross Trainer
  4. Reebok Women’s HIIT Training Shoe
  5. Nike Air Women’s HIIT Class Training shoe
  6. Puma Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Trainer Shoe
  7. Nike Women’s Fitness Shoe
  8. New Balance TRNR
  9. Nike Free Women’s Shoe
  10. Metcon Training Shoe
  11. Women’s Memory Foam Tennis Shoe
  12. Nobull Training Shoe
  13. On Cloud X Running Shoe
  14. Women’s Nano X Running Shoe
  15. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline Trainers

The burpee exercise is a High-Intensity Interval Training; most of these exercises are cardiovascular training where there are just short resting periods.

This involves mostly aerobic exercise with very not very much recovery periods between each rep of the exercise. And this goes until you are exhausted.

Best Shoes for Burpees

Now, this is highly energy-demanding. As such, nobody involved in this type of exercise can make do with any shoe that has the slightest bit of inconvenience.

This calls for the need for shoes that meet the right weight, material, design, and overall pattern.

For this reason, I have come up with a list of shoes that were specifically designed to suffice for burpees and other exercises of its like.

You should understand that your comfort during burpee exercise that will lead to the enhancement of the result you will get is hugely dependent on the type of shoes you wear.

Below is the list of shoes recommended by my friends who are professional high-intensity trainers.

Puma Zone XT

Best Shoes for Burpees

This shoe is the first on this list of good burpees shoes because it is a perfect hybrid of many types of training shoes.

Its features are perfect for explosive speed work and exercises that involve a quick change in direction. It is great for weight lifting too as it has better cushioning and aids stability.

My first impression of the Puma Zone XT was that it didn’t appeal much to me. Owing to the look of its upper, I interpreted it as flimsy and thought it wasn’t durable.

And the shoe’s sole too gave it off to me. Especially at the base of the line where several units are joined. The major feature that makes this shoe an all-rounder fit for performing different tasks is the sole – it is made of hybrid foam.

The excellent cushioning of this shoe is traceable to the foam too as it is combined with NRGY beads.

They also help for energy return and responsiveness. You can see the NRGY beads in a small section just right under the heel of the sole.

From my experience, this shoe felt more stable on the solid side with better cushioning and is great for burpees but not very much for weight lifting.

You get underfoot comfort from the insole made of deep spongy foam and singular material. Although, with time, it becomes flaccid in areas where more pressure is applied.

There’s a thin layer grip underneath the sole which enhances the flexibility of the sole for good contact balance.

Adidas Men’s Fitboost Trainers Cross

Best Shoes for Burpees

This Adidas Men’s Fitboost Trainers Cross comes second on my list of the best shoes for burpees because of its excellent features.

One of which is its good base for support – the primary need for everyone engaging in burpees exercise. Made with impeccable material.

The design of this Adidas Trainer gives it the versatility to have turned out as an all-purpose working out shoe.

It is made with a boost technology in the midsole, such that gives balance during burpees exercise and its medial side has a denser foam which works perfectly for arch support.

The designers paid attention so much to detail such that its breathable knit upper and thick TPU overlays to give an elevated structure and support.

Compared to other training shoes, its heel and tongue are padded, they rise upward to the ankle for a primary effect of massage-like feeling during burpees.

For an extra shoe-to-foot bond and comfort, it is made with flexible and large outsole wraps that are a tad bit up the literal side.

Although the grip is a bit slow on the outside so that during burpees exercise, you are ensured stability and awesome ground contact.

The aforementioned full-length boost gives a plush type of cushioning during fast movement as expected of burpees exercise, as every High-Intensity workout is.

New Balance Prevail Cross Trainer

Best Shoes for Burpees

This shoe, being third on my list, is specifically designed for both high CrossFit, High-Intensity training, and weight training.

It answers the demand that burpees exercise calls for and it works for feet muscle guide and has injury prevention features.

This is one of the few footwear that comes with two widths. This is an ideal choice if you have had previous struggles with other training shoes as regards width.

Its engineered upper is very durable and contains TPU for a good dose of abrasion resistance during workouts sessions.

Compared to other traditional shoes, the New Balance Prevail Cross Trainer hardly wears out. Just so there is a healthy extent of breathability, it comes with a thin ventilated tongue.

It is just 4mm from the toe drop to the heel which makes it an ideal training shoe as your center of gravity becomes positioned just right under your heel when you squat.

All of these targets the untended muscles and deliver a memorable burpees exercise.

A compulsory quality of every shoe that is worth being called “good for burpees” is surface contact.

And thus the shoe’s durable Vibram outsole is magical in increasing your surface contact with the ground to help with a better feel of the floor and good grip so that you’re not thrown away by means of a slip or unbalance.

Unlike other weighty shoes, this New Balance is pretty light, so you’re spared the burden of having to worry about two wights – you and your shoe. Think burpees, think New Balance Prevail Cross Trainer.

Reebok Women’s HIIT Training Shoe

Best Shoes for Burpees

It is apparent that the name “Reebok Women’s HIIT Training Shoe” subtly tells that it is designed for High-Intensity Interval Training, such as burpees, short runs, jump squats, lunges, and other exercises.

Primarily anything that pumps up the rate of your heartbeat, they usually take within 30 – 40 minutes. Exercises that get you moving in different directions and other rapid movements.

The demand for these rapid movements are shoes that support your feet in far better ways than casual traditional shoes.

This shoe is ideal for this cause (burpees exercise) as it is both lightweight and breathable such that it perfectly suffices for gym and sweaty studio too.

As regards looks, the Rebel HIIT has some similarities with the famous Reebok Nano training shoes. Although the Reebok HIIT is more flexible and lightweight than even the most expensive Nano Training Shoes.

The upper of this Reebok HIIT has a breathable mesh and a good inner liner that gives your feet the perfect snug fit. For fashion; its bright colors and trendy design give you a modern sportsman look, both in and out of the gym.

One major problem faced with people engaged in this burpees exercise and other fast movement workouts is ankle twists resulting from shoes with poor foot grip.

This shoe eliminates that problem as it has a well-padded heel collar and a reinforced midfoot cage that gives your feet a secured grip – moderate grip, not too tight to cause discomfort but good enough for a secured feet lock.

This shoe doesn’t seem much of a running shoe but surprisingly does great. Especially on short runs. Fast treadmills sprint precisely. Thanks to its lightweight components. Although, not recommended for long-distance races.

The bottom line is, the Reebok Women’s HIIT Training Shoe does better than an average shoe when it comes to bodyweight exercises and all forms of High-Intensity Training. Great for burpees.

Nike Air Women’s HIIT Class Training shoe

Best Shoes for Burpees

Nike is the first sports brand to bring to the public this category of intense training shoe that is not just limited to CrossFit but also for fast-paced exercises like burpees.

This Nike Air Zoom is one of the few footwear that falls in the category of high fitness shoe class and has been making waves right from early 2020.

Nike has sucked from their own vast experience from multiple products and designs to come up with this all-rounder.

As a result of societal construct, an ideal training shoe is basically something with a bit of midsole cushioning and somewhat flat and just good for a short run.

But the Nike Air Zoom has succeeded in combining the varying amazing features of different running and general sports shoes to have come up with this all-rounder.

This is an awesome design that takes on tough and rough workouts in different types of exercise environments as the sole unit is loaded with technology for energy balance during high-intensity workouts.

And to make sure that your feet are secured during lateral moves are the large containment sheet plates on both sides. This is an uncommon feature and not seen on traditional running shoes.

Puma Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Best Shoes for Burpees

This sleek Cross-Trainer Puma product has more than 7,000 great reviews on Amazon – most of which are five stars – a pointer to its excellence.

The footwear is pretty comfortable and very supportive. The upper is a perfect blend of leather and synthetic fibers, which allows for easy foot movement when you jump and bend, and the burpees exercise necessitates, just moderate enough to result in slips.

This shoe features a low heel that guides your feet against trips while giving you the needed support from its foam cushioning.

The design of the outer sole has a good grip for tons of traction. The fact that its shank is made from thermoplastic polyethylene gives it better stability and high-level contact balance during use.

The customers’ reviews of this shoe and other Amazon reviewers have proven in no small way that this shoe is one of the best.

Nike Women’s Fitness Shoe

Best Shoes for Burpees

This is another footwear with one of the best reviews on Amazon. The awesomeness of this shoe doesn’t just stop at its looks but also on its ability to hold and keep your feet in place during working out sessions – even through the worst sessions of burpees.

This shoe has a heel clip on its low heel that ensures your literary movements are stabilized. Added to this is a proprietary hyper lift insert that primarily helps with additional balance during lunges and squats.

There is a traction enhancement feature embedded in the sole that makes your feet firmly planted to varying grounds of exercise.

New Balance TRNR

Best Shoes for Burpees

At a very reasonable price, the New Balance TRNR offers a great value training shoe that meets the requirements needed for burpees.

It is exceptionally supportive and stable and has excellent cushioning. Apart from its plethora of awesome features, look-wise, it is appealing.

The main reason I love this shoe is because of its versatility as it can handle varying workouts patterns.

The new balance TRNR has a lacing system that locks and secures the foot for balance and to guide against ankle twists. This is because it makes both your feet and the shoe a uniform body.

It’s one great shoe for most High-Intensity training because of its outsole being slightly larger than the upper.

The midsole has a Dyna soft system that gives your feet exceptional cushioning during burpees and other High-Intensity Training.

Unlike other shoes with average cushioning, this one is very springy and still firm enough to provide support. The upper also has some peroration that enhances its breathability.

It is one of the few shoes that has a nice pad for added comfort. This shoe weighs just 11 oz (213g) thus, you feel like you’re wearing clouds. Easy to use.

Nike Free Women’s Shoe

Best Shoes for Burpees

One of the primary needs for shoes that should suffice for burpees is flexibility and grip.

The sole of this shoe doesn’t just give you the aforementioned needed quality for burpees, but it also delivers excellent arch support.

This is one of Nike’s game-changers. Although this isn’t quite great for people with wider feet but cool for small and mid-range feet.

Being a sportsman, I won tons of footwear, this inclusive. Its durability is nothing short of incredible. Its looks are pretty flashy and come off as though it will wear out in no distant time.

But the truth is, its looks and durability are certainly not going to recognize each other if they should meet in broad daylight.

High-Intensity Training like burpees always gets your feet sweating. It is only ideal that you get a shoe with a good extent of airflow that maintains a perfect balance between moderate breathability and dry feet from too much air.

The Nike Free Mervin 4 has been great with this.

Metcon Training Shoe

Best Shoes for Burpees

Whether you’re just going out for some squats, short runs, or other exercises that involve bends and twists, this shoe will help in no small way as it is equipped with all the necessary features that would suffice for the aforementioned exercises, and burpees inclusive.

It has the stability you need for High-Intensity workouts.

The general quality of this shoe includes reinforced side panels that help for the securement of your feet during working out, supportive midsole, grippy outsole, breathable and flexible upper, and cushioned heels for the absorption of impact. Perfect for burpees!

From the words of a tester, “it’s tights at first wear but adjusts to foot size for perfect fitting.” One of the core features every shoe for burpees should have is excellent cushioning.

Women’s Memory Foam Tennis Shoe

Best Shoes for Burpees

Amazon reviewers have proven that this is one of the best and real kicks for burpees. It features a flexible outsole and cushy insole.

It is one of the few shoes that still manages to hold a balance on varying topographies. It’s very big on slip resistance just in cases where swear litters workout floor to result in slips.

It is made with a super light foam design that cuts weight to deliver good enough comfort where you do not have to deal with your weight and that of your shoes. A shoe’s comfort determines the extent to which you enjoy working out while using them.

The burpees exercise usually involves sharp turns and short steady moves; this demands a shoe with a good extent of shock absorbency, otherwise, you’re calling for ankle twist and foot fracture.

This is why this footwear features the necessary qualities like shock-absorbing heel and grip-filled insole where all the hurdles that burpees come with are eliminated.

Nobull Training Shoe

Best Shoes for Burpees

This footwear is traceable to the all-star pack, thanks to its versatility. Beautiful and fantastic for all types of workouts that cut across jumping, squats, climbing,g, and other High-Intensity workouts.

It has a HOVR midsole foam feature that helps you with cushioning and comfort. The HOVR also helps with agility-based exercise, and it is equipped with all that is needed for joint protection whilst still giving you energy return for explosive exercise that burpees.

This is also great for weight-bearing exercise because its rubber outsole gives you stability. Its overall lightweight is cool for short runs, jump squats, and all there is in burpees exercise.

Unlike other shoes with discomfort, the Nobull Training Shoe has a moderate roomy fit that gives your feet the space it deserves. And from reviews, this has greatly elevated the brighter side of users’ experiences.

On Cloud X Running Shoe

Best Shoes for Burpees

This was initially made for runners. But how it turned out amazing for burpees is quite hearth soothing.

Its outsole helps it to maintain a good level of cushioning, not only is it great for short springs and High-Intensity workouts, but also for impact Trainings like box jumps.

Not quite great for stationary athletes like weight lifters though. Not all running shoes are great for burpees, but we have seen this ON CLOUD X breaking that edge.

For all sharp and fast bends, twists, and turns that are involved in burpees, this shoe has bounce-back energy and layered support for safer landings.

As landings are common in burpees owing to how switches are made from one exercise to the other, key shoe features must be included in shoes for burpees.

Women’s Nano X Running Shoe

Best Shoes for Burpees

Every High-Intensity footwear must have a perfect or near-perfect fit, offer excellent grip and stability — it is just great that this Women’s Nano X Running Shoe passed this test with flying colors.

This shoe allows for natural motion, thanks to its wide toe box. Its midsole on the other hand is big on balance while its molded insole gives your feet flexible support. The low-cut feature helps for high energy return during working out sessions.

The outsole is specifically designed with high-wear resistance technology, as such, it is relatively durable.

The vamp is pretty soft to just hold your toe roof in comfort for a better experience. Nothing beats comfortability in the world of fitness. Every wear that should be deemed fit for burpees must pass the comfort test.

Adrenaline GTS 21

Best Shoes for Burpees

Technically, this is a running shoe, but a certain Doctor (medical) friend of mine who had a history of planar fasciitis called this one her favorite.

She wears it during High-Intensity Training, long-distance races, and some field events. According to her, as long as she has been using it, it has proven to have a great track record.

According to reviewers and testers, this is one cool shoe that is big in arch support. Thanks to its midsole. Its insole is soft and comfy enough to give you better comfort. Burpees and shoe discomfort are two things that should never be found in the same place.

The breathable mesh upper works for good airflow so that there is no trapped sweat to result in offensive foot smell.

Great shoe, breathable lining, better grip, what more could be perfect for burpees?

Here you have it delivered to your doorstep.

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