Are Clarks Shoes Worth The Money?

Yes! Clarks shoes are actually worth every penny you spend. Clarks shoes are worth it because they are long-lasting and before you will have to change the Clarks shoes.

It will not be because it got spoiled or because it is worn out, it is going to be because your foot has grown bigger than it.

This is one major question that a lot of people have been asking probably because they want to get themselves a pair of Clarks’ shoes and they want to be certain if it is actually worth the money.

They last really long and do not get damaged easily. You can actually go for them.

Are Clarks Shoes Worth The Money?

Reasons why Clarks shoes are worth every penny

There are several reasons why Clarks shoes are worth the money, which is what I will be sharing in this very article:

  • Clarks shoes last long
  • They have a very good fit and comfort
  • They have a GORE-TEX ® Range creates a waterproof feature
  • They are completely breathable
  • They are true to size
  • They are slip-resistant
  • They are made from real leather
  • Clarks are made with Ortholite® high-performance footbed.
  • Clarks shoes fit for width

Clarks shoes last long

This is one very good feature that a lot of potential buyers are looking for in Clarks. They want their shoes to last long for them. This is also a good reason why Clarks are worth the money.

Clarks Shoes last long for you and the only reason you may want to change it will be because your feet have grown bigger, not really because the shoe got damaged. It hardly spoils as long as you take care of it so well and you do not wear it too much.

When I say that the shoe lasts longer, it does not mean you should make use of it anyhow and any day with proper caution. It lasts long, but you still need to be cautious while wearing it.

They have a very good fit and good comfort

Are Clarks Shoes Worth The Money?

Nothing is more enjoyable than when you spend a good amount of money to buy a pair of shoes and it fits you so well. I am going to talk about the shoes being true to size later in this article.

No matter the shape of your leg, if you wear the Clarks shoes, it will be very comfortable for you and it will not really hurt your feet or cause any form of blisters. This is another reason why Clarks shoes are really good and worth the money. To this day, people still buy Clarks because it is really worth it.

Clarks are not like those regular shoes that when you buy it, it ends up changing shape or even getting damaged easily. When you get Clarks Shoes to wear, be rest assured that it will be very comfortable for you and it will fit you so well.

You will not have any cause or reason to complain about it. You can check out Clarks Men’s Wallabee Boot Chukka, if you like it, check the size and you will see how fitted it will be for you.

They have a GORE-TEX ® Range

Clarks shoes are not all waterproof, but they have a Gore-Tex ® Range feature which creates waterproof features on the Clarks shoes. This is a rare feature that other shoes do not have and it is what makes this Clarks shoe entirely worth the money.

If the Clarks shoes do not come with a waterproof feature, it needs a feature that would help to protect it from water damage, that is why this Gore-Tex ® Range feature was Introduced to protect the shoes from damage when in contact with water.

Imagine the Clarks shoes without this feature, it will not be of so much value if they could easily be damaged by water. With this waterproof feature, you can be confident enough to wear this even when the weather is a bit wet.

But try not to submerge it in water for too long. If you do that, you’re only endangering the shoe. The fact that this feature was added to it makes it worth the money.

You can go for it and purchase any of the Clarks shoes at any time you want.

They are completely breathable

This is a feature that you cannot compromise in any type of shoe brand. If the shoe is not breathable, what will happen is that it will start to get so moist and messy.

People love this Clark shoe because of how breathable it is, how the breathability works are that it keeps your feet dry despite the weather conditions.

While you walk, there are tiny pores in the shoes that allow air to enter and keep your feet dry. This feature will help to prevent your shoes from smelling always and it will also help to prolong the lifespan of your Clarks shoes.

This is why Clarks shoes are worth the money, imagine spending so much to buy a shoe and it does not come with this breathability feature, it will not look and feel so good at all.

If you want to purchase a pair of Clarks shoes, you should definitely look out for this breathability feature because it is very important if you want your shoes to last long for you and if you want to enjoy them too.

They are true to size

Are Clarks Shoes Worth The Money?

It can be annoying when you go to buy a shoe only to find out that size 12 was written on it and you actually wear size 12, but after wearing it, you discover that it does not fit you.

When this happens, you already know that the shoe is not true to size. This does not happen when you buy Clarks shoes. Clarks shoes are entirely different.

What I mean by that is, if you buy a Clark shoe which is size 12 and your foot is size 12, when you wear the Clarks shoe it will be your exact size, it will not be too big or too small, it will be exact.

That is what I mean by the shoe is true to size. You can always trust Clarks if you want to but your exact size, Clarks will always be True to size.

With Clarks, if your actual size is size 12, buy Clarks that is size 12, if you wear size 9, buy a size 9, it will be True to size and will fit you so well.

Clarks Standard EU size Clarks EU size Clarks Uk size
35 34 2
35.5 35 2.5
36 35.5 3
36.5 36 3.5
37 37 4

Clarks are slip-resistant

When it comes to wearing shoes, nothing is as good as wearing shoes that make it difficult for you to slip and fall, especially when it is a wet day or snowy day, depending on your location.

Shoes that have slip resistance are usually the best to go for and that is what Clarks offer you. Clarks shoes are made with a certified slip-resistant rubber Outsole that makes you so comfortable and confident while walking, knowing that you are not going to slip off while walking on wet ground.

This feature is what makes the Clarks shoes worth the money.  You can wear it to school, work, etc, and still be very confident that you are not going to slip and fall easily.

It will be quite embarrassing if you dress up well and then only wear shoes that make you slip and fall on the wet ground simply because the shoe is not slip-resistant.

You should always lookout for this feature when you are buying not only Clarks shoes, but other shoes too.

They are made from real leather

When you hear of, or you see Clarks shoes anywhere, what you should think first is authenticity and originality. What this means is that Clarks shoes are 100% original and also Meade from real leather. Can you see why Clarks shoes are actually worth the money?

If you check all the extensive range of Clarks shoes you will see that they were all made from real leather without compromising. This is what you will enjoy if you get yourself one of these Clarks shoes.

To confirm if the Clarks Shoes was made with real leather, you can always check the product description in the store where you are getting it from, you will be able to see the information there.

Can you see why these Clarks shoes are worth the money? Of course, they are supposed to!

Clarks are made with Ortholite® high-performance footbed

If there is an additional feature that enables these Clark shoes to be worth the money, it would be the simple fact that Clarks are made with Ortholite ® high-performance footbed which delivers a long-lasting cushioning while you are wearing the shoe and also some good breathability.

Ortholite is an advanced propriety polyurethane with a recycled rubber content that delivers good benefits like great cushioning and good breathability. Imagine a shoe with a very bad cushion system, what it will end up doing is that it will end up hurting your feet.

The cushioning will prevent your feet from shock while walking, this is a very good one and this is why Clarks are worth the money.

Aside from the good cushioning, another good thing this Ortholite feature comes with us it provides a good lightweight construction, moisture management, and being machine washable.

The moisture management prevents your leg from accumulating excess moisture while making use of the shoe, the moisture management feature will keep your feet from being too wet, it will be dry despite the weather conditions.

Being machine washable as well is good because it is not all the time that you will have the time to wash the shoes with your hands, you can easily throw them in the washing machine and the machine does the washing for you. This is why these Clarks shoes are worth the money.

Clarks shoes fit for width

This is where the Clarks shoes shine, Clarks understand that the width fitting of your shoe is as important as the size of your shoe, that is why it was built in such a way that when you buy your exact size.

For example, if you wear a size 9 and you have a very wide foot, the Clarks size 9 will still fit, not only that, the width will be completely fitted. This is a good feature and because of this Clarks shoes are worth the money.

The Clarks shoe brand offers a wide range of wide fitting for both men and women, you are not left out if you are a man, the same thing applies if you are a woman, you are not left out as well.

If you are someone that has a wide foot, you are not going to have so much to bother about because Clarks shoes have got you covered.

When they manufacture their shoes, they have those with wide feet in mind. You can always trust Clarks’ shoes and when you want to go get shoes, you should look out for Clarks shoes.

They are very good and you will not have any cause to regret because Clarks is worth the money.


Are Clarks Shoes Worth The Money?

 One thing that buyers do not want is that they do not want to buy shoes only for them to end up being not what they expect. Buyers always want to buy shoes that are worth their money.

No one wants to buy shoes that are not worth the money at all.

Clarks are totally worth it and I have shown you some of the reasons why I think Clarks are worth the money, some of the reasons I mentioned was how Clarks shoe fit your foot width, how they are true to size and also how breathable they are.

This is something that you may not see or experience in other shoe brands. Clarks also have the Gore-Tex ® Range that creates a waterproof feature to help prolong the lifespan of your Clarks shoes.

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