20 Best Shoes for Muay Thai (in 2023)

Muay Thai is a sport that requires flexibility and free movement of the feet, hence wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes or guards will alter your performance in the sport.

To ensure maximum performance in the sport, you must endeavor to put on a comfortable shoe or ankle guard which protects your feet and has a strong grip to avoid slippage.

Meanwhile, the decision of using either a shoe or an ankle guard should be based on the location. Ankle protectors are preferably worn indoors while shoes are preferred for outdoor training and fights.

If you are still trying to figure out which shoe or ankle guards to use for your Muay Thai training and fights then you are definitely at the right place, because in this article we will be looking at the 2o best shoes/ankle guards for Muay Thai.

So, let’s get right into it.

  1. Unow Traditional Chinese Shoe
  2. Motoor Mar Shoes
  3. Sanabul Ankle Guard
  4. Lorsoul foot protector
  5. Adidas Contestant Pro
  6. Wonzone foot protector
  7. Majitangun Embroidered Shoe
  8. Pro Force Lightning Kick
  9. Kenso Lightweight Shoes
  10. Hayabusa Foot Grip
  11. Taekwondo Lightweight Shoes
  12. Meister Muay Ankle Support Wraps
  13. Zooboo Monk Shoe
  14. Lazutom Wushu Shoe
  15. Dilwe Taekwondo Shoe
  16. Laooo Foot Protector
  17. Adidas Taekwondo Adilux Shoe
  18. Doublestart Ultra 6 Series
  19. Gingpai Taekwondo Shoe
  20. Tiger Claw Sparmaster Kicks

Unow Traditional Chinese Shoe

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

If you need a shoe for Muay Thai training or any other martial arts activity, then Unow Traditional Chinese Shoe should be on top of your list.

It is flexible, sturdy, simple, and comfortable. It is made from a combination of modern and traditional crafts and methods.

The upper body of this shoe which has been representative of the Chinese culture of 3,000 years, is made with cotton lining and its soles are made with thick rubber, which makes it nearly impossible for you to slip while training.

Another advantage of this unisex shoe is that it can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities.

The countless positive reviews which have been received by this product speak volumes of how reliable it is.

The only complaint made about it is its existence in only black color.

Motoor Mar Shoes

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

If you are looking for a great shoe that can provide convenience during Muay Thai practices, then you should consider this pair of mar shoes.

This sock-type shoe has a synthetic rubber called neoprene which absorbs moisture from the feet and keeps it dry and warm.

It also has a non-slip material on its shoe which prevents you from slipping while training.

It has a very convenient closure type that even a 4-year old can put on.

This shoe which can be used for other activities such as jogging and yoga is available in navy and red color, and in various sizes for both men and women.

Sanabul Ankle Guard

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

This pair of angle guards is an exceptional gear with features that makes it irresistible.

It is designed with shin coverage, ankle compression, and a gel layer which provides constantly protects your feet from pain during kicks and buckling of ankles while fighting.

Its sole is made with rugged materials which provide a strong grip on your ankle and prevent you from slipping even when your feet are sweaty and the floor is wet.

Its strong support and comfortability coupled with its tiger and warrior designs is the reason why top-class athletes like UFC Superstar Michael Bisping use it.

Lorsoul foot protector

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

The Lorsal foot protector is a gear that offers one the best protection for your feet and ankles and can be used in place of shoes for Muay Thai and other martial arts practices.

It is made with high-quality premium synthetic PU leather, EVA sponge, and lycra fabrics.

Its 5-8mm protective pad is designed to reduce the impact force of kicks either on your opponent or on bags.

It is also optimized with a side-foot protection design that protects your heels and prevents you from injury, and a great design that makes it highly durable and hence ensures its long-lasting use which saves you from spending on another gear in a short period.

Furthermore, its half-finger design fosters flexibility of the feet, while its moisture-absorbing hollow-type lining keeps your feet dry and safe from slipping.

Adidas Contestant Pro

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

The Adidas Contestant Pro was selected as the official shoe for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics not just for the beauty of its white and black striped design but also for the comfortability it provides when worn.

Its hard and lightweight structure coupled with its ability to enhance speed performance makes it perfect for Muay Thai.

Its skin is made of ultra-durable material and mesh fabric, and a tight leg-hugging design which also makes it perfect for effective performances and training.

Other added advantages of this cordless shoe are its elastic and slim soles and the support and protection it provides for the ankle.

Wonzone foot protector

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

The Wonzone Foot Protector is an amazing footgear you should consider if you are on a tight budget.

It is highly elastic and very comfortable.

It has a 5.8mm pad which makes it easy for you to grapple and strike during training and competitions.

Although it shares certain similarities with the lorsoul foot protector like the materials they are made of, its hollow type design, and its half finger design which ensures flexibility, certain features like its stitches heel edge design make it stand out.

It is also designed to absorb sweat freely and avoid slippage.

This work-of-the-art footgear is available in gold, white, red, blue, and black color and can be worn by both men and women.

From the reviews this item has received, the notable complaint about it is its velcro design which could displace the protectors located at its back if you get the wrong size.

Majitangun Embroidered Shoe

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

The Majitangun embroidered shoe is a Chinese waterproof shoe with a lightweight and super comfortable design for activities like Muay Thai and kung fu.

Its middle layer is hand-sewn and its outer layer is embroidered with colorful threads, soft nano-fabrics, and deodorant effects which gives it an overall beautiful appearance that you can’t take your eyes off from.

Its sole is made with tough rubber material and is complimented with a non-slip design which aids excellent performances while training or competing.

It has a pull-on closure type and can be used by both men and women.

Furthermore, it provides strong breathability and adequate protection for the ankle in both indoor and outdoor activities.

Sadly, its beautiful appearance won’t last forever since its threads lose color over time.

Pro Force Lightning Kick

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

Pro force lightning kick is a lightweight and reliable sparring shoe you should consider for your Muay Thai practices.

It is covered with 1/2 thick vinyl foam which provides adequate protection for your feet and ankle while sparring.

It is secured with two reinforced vinyl straps at the bottom and fastened with an elastic strap which ensures the closure of the hook and loop.

Another reason why you should consider this product is its opening on the heels and toes which enhances a better grip on the floor and its cutout designs which aid in better movement of your feet and dexterity.

Kenso Lightweight Shoes

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

If you are in search of a practical shoe with reliable quality then the Kenso lightweight shoe is the perfect choice for you.

It is made with high-quality PU leather material that isn’t easily broken and is nearly impossible to wear out.

It has a simple and classic design that is optimized specifically for martial arts.

It is highly durable and ensures comfortable movement of the feet.

One of its stand-out features is its thick and elastic oxford soles which are complemented by a non-slip design to ensure a comfortable wearing experience.

This model isn’t set aside for a specific gender hence it can be worn by both men and women.

You don’t need to worry about the trustworthiness of this product cause its manufacturers offer a 180-day guaranty for it.

Hayabusa Foot Grip

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

Hayabusa foot grip is a unisex gear with enhanced grip and stability. The stability it provides gives you total control of how you move, attack, and defend on the mat.

It is made with an enhanced foot-fitted design which makes you feel invincible while training. This design is complemented with a four-way stretch fabric which gives your tools and heels enough exposure to standing firm.

Its agility-enhancing outer material which is made from silicone threads and its lightweight structure which gives comfort and support to your feet are added advantages you will enjoy if you acquire this product.

Taekwondo Lightweight Shoes

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

Made from breathable PU material, this quality taekwondo shoe with a classic and simple design is a pair you should consider for effective performance in Muay Thai.

It has a durable, tough, and non-slip sole that is made from a combination of thermoplastics, polyurethane, elastomers, and rubber.

Its soft and elastic buildup ensures freedom and comfortability of movement.

It is available in 20 different sizes and can be worn by men, women, and children.

Meister Muay Ankle Support Wraps

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

This pair of shoes from the Meister MMA brand offers a slide-on piece design and elastic-compression ankle support which is perfect for Muay Thai, MMA or any other martial art practice.

Its outer layer is made from the combination of polyester, spandex blend, and super elastic 4-inches thick cotton material.

This footgear model is made with no clumsy velcro design and is made especially for men with sizes 7 to 14.

Zooboo Monk Shoe

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

A Zooboo monk shoe is an easy-to-wear shoe with ancient Chinese heritage. It is made with high-quality breathable materials.

It is elastic, soft, and elegant with a long-lasting outer layer and a soft rubber anti-slip sole that protects and brilliantly reduces vibration of the feet.

It is best known for kung-fu practices and will be a great gear for Muay Thai.

Lazutom Wushu Shoe

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

The Lazutom Wushu shoe is a cotton-blend shoe that you should consider when you need footgear for any martial art activity.

It is highly durable with an anti-slip non-skid rubber sole which provides stability to your feet. It is also flexible and perfect for all martial art techniques.

Another aspect to consider is its indoor and outdoor use and its ability to provide maximum traction for better performance in training and competitions.

Dilwe Taekwondo Shoe

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

The Dilwe Taekwondo Shoe is an innovative footgear that is made specifically for taekwondo, karate and other martial arts activities.

Hence Muay Thai involves requires flexibility of the feet, this product’s lightweight and easy-to-twist design makes it one of the perfect gears for it.

Its outer layer is made from breathable fax leather and polyurethane material while its sole is made from a rugged rubber material, which makes it perfect for both beginners and professionals.

This product which is made from fine workmanship offers an exquisite design, with its durability, softness, and non-slip design as its stand-out features.

This masterpiece which carries a white outlook and a black stripe plays its functional roles excellently in training and competitions, and also ensures comfortable movement of the feet.

Aside from being used for taekwondo and other martial arts practices, this footgear can also be used for carrying out exercises like running and jogging among others.

It is weighed at 0.41kg and is available in sizes 26 to 45.

Laooo Foot Protector

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

The Laaoo Foot Protector is a product whose features make it stand out from other foot protectors.

This sparring gear is made from highly elastic fabric. This fabric is breathable and keeps the feet dry by absorbing sweat from it. It has an adjustable tightness which makes it easy to use and comfortable to wear.

This product possesses a velcro design and an over-locked heel edge which gives you excellent striking positions while training and competing.

This design is complemented by a half-finger design that enhances the flexibility of the feet and a great wrap design which comfortably grips your feet and aids stability on the mat.

This design also exposes the toes, the front and backside of the sole therefore preventing the practitioners from slipping in training and competitions.

Another reason why you should miss out on this product is its longevity. It is made with EVA sponge, lycra fabric, and premium synthetic PU leather which doesn’t wear out easily,  therefore saving you from spending on new footgear in a short period.

This model is available in gold, blue, white, black, and red colors.

Adidas Taekwondo Adilux Shoe

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

This lace-less shoe from Adidas is a footgear designed specifically for martial arts practices like taekwondo, kung-fu, karate, taichi amongst others.

It is made with soft and padded leather and a sleek design for the comfortability of the feet and high-level durability.

It is designed with a three-part torsion rubber sole system that possesses pivot points under the heel and front foot.

This torsion system provides the feet with arch support which aids the independent movement of the forefoot and a better adaptation to the surface.

These pivot points also allow the feet to turn freely with fewer restrictions.

This model which can be used for various indoor sports is available in two different colors. A black outlook with the traditional Adidas stripes in white color and a white outlook with the stripes in grey color.

Notable complaints about this product from its reviews include its loose width which prevents the shoe from having a firm grip on the feet which could lead to an injury and the removal of the shoe’s sole after a short time.

Doublestart Ultra 6 Series

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

The Ultra 6 series is regarded as the most classic shoe ever produced by Doublestar, who is one of the earliest shoe manufacturers in China with their company dating back to 1921.

This model possesses a high-quality and fashionable style which makes it stand out from the usual black and white kung-fu shoes.

Its outer layer is made with durable fabric and a breathable woven mesh canvas material which is well-fitting and provides great grip and protection to your feet.

Its outer layer is also non-chemical, oil-resistant, and possesses a cushioned foam which reduces the possibility of getting injured while you have them on.

Another feature that makes this product irresistible is its cotton, sweat-absorbing, and flexible insole design.

Its insole also possesses a nitrile rubber fraction and a slip-resistant design.

Its cotton lace, soft-lining, shock-absorption pad, and lightweight design explain why thousands of this model has been sold already since its release.

It might interest you to know that this state-of-the-art shoe has a top-grade anti-skud neutral rubber sole which ensures adequate safety and makes you feel every step you take while training or competing.

Gingpai Taekwondo Shoe

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

If you are in search of quality footgear with a top-notch design for your martial arts activities then your prayers have been answered, because this shoe matches those qualities with other additional features.

The Gingpai Taekwondo Shoe is a modern shoe made with superior workmanship from senior and upper breathable PU material which enhances free movement of the feet and a comfortable wearing experience.

This product was made specifically for martial art practices like taekwondo, boxing, tai chi and will also be a perfect gear for Muay Thai.

Its sole is made with thick rubber material and a non-slip design which makes it play its functional roles perfectly in training and competitions.

Furthermore, this model possesses a soft outer layer and a 0.26kg lightweight which is coupled with its high elasticity and multiple seams along tension points to enhance high-level performances.

It has 20 available sizes to choose from, a white outlook that could either carry a purple or orange interior color (based on your preference), and a tough breathable material that also makes it suitable for heavy workouts and casual wear.

Tiger Claw Sparmaster Kicks

Best Shoes for Muay Thai

This outstanding pair of sparring gear will be the best you will ever own. It has a patented strap lock and an easy-to-secure dual bottom design which ensures the comfortability of the feet.

It also possesses sporty air vents which are designed to aid maximum durability and safety.

Other stand-out features of this product include its multi-coating process and large velcro enclosure system.

It is available in blue, silver, black, red, and white colors and can be worn by both adults and children.

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