8 Best Insoles for Rucking (Reviewed in 2023)

The best insoles for rucking are insoles that can help to avert nerve compression foot injuries, stress fractures of the foot, ankle, and lower leg injuries, and some common foot problems too.

This is because these problems are commonly caused by rucking. This happens as a result of some foot twists, bends, and foot muscle compression that we make when we ruck.

Look at a brief snippet of my top 8 insoles for rucking:

Best Insoles for Rucking

Top insoles for rucking Features
VKTRY Performance Insole Best performance insole for rucking
Soft Sole Full-length Performance Insole Best full-length insole for rucking
Sole Softec Insole Best insole for foot grip
Superfeet Blue Professional Insole Best rucking insole for comfort
Billy The Three Magnetic Insole Best rucking insole for foot reflexology
Copper Fit Balance Orthotic Insole Best orthotic insole for rucking
Timberland Anti-fatigue Insole Great anti-fatigue insole
Shoeboy’s Evolution Protection Insole Best foot protection insole

When it comes to making decisions of what to wear when rucking, shoes are not the only factor to be considered. Insoles are a great deal to look at too.

The right thing to do is to find insoles that have a good fitting with most rucking shoes. And these insoles must be equipped with the right features that should prevent or minimize the possibility of sustaining foot problems.

We noticed that people sustain foot injuries after rucking, not because they neglect the need to guard their feet against these aches, but because it is often difficult to get the right insoles that can help them in this regard.

This is why we have done the research and have come up with the best insoles for rucking that would help you in no small way.

1. VKTRY Performance Insole

Best Insoles for Rucking

One of the best insoles for rucking are performance insoles.


It is because they have the injury protection feature that allows for a smoother ride. This is the quality that every insole that should be deemed fit for rucking must have.

A recent study has proven that four universities that have over 260 show less than 41% injuries on feet and toes. This research also shows 22% lower injuries on the leg.

What set of people is this insole designed for?


Why have many people adopted it for rucking?

The initial design of this insole is for athletes. But there are common problems faced by both athletes and people that ruck. This is because both parties often subject their feet and their entire legs to almost the same stress.

Hence, the same type of insoles suffices for them. Some of the injuries common with them are shin splints, ankle sprains, turf toes, foot fractures, and lots more.

How does this shoe help to prevent these foot problems?

  • Soft landing impact.

Feet muscles and fibers get strained and cause pains when there is the inadequacy of a good landing impact. So this insole prevents this by providing a soft landing impact.

  • Energy return.

Rucking involves several feet moves. When you ruck, you use energy for each set of moves, without which ineffectiveness plays out.

So, the energy return in this insole gives you the right dose of foot energy to ruck with much ease. This is so that your feet are not excessively stressed to cause muscle compression.

  • Arch and Heel support.

The arch and the heel are pivotal in rucking. They stand as the major receiver of impact. So, support to these parts from an insole makes such insoles great for rucking.

2. Sof Sole Full-length Performance Insole

Best Insoles for Rucking

The truest quality of insoles that are best for rucking are insoles that do not just have the best cast and shape, but also Insoles that have good fittings with most rucking shoes. This performance insole is a fine blend of both.

The qualities of this insole are;

  • Contoured neutral arch.

This insole comes with a contoured neutral arch that makes it great for many foot types and rucking footwear. Even in army combat boots too. Another of its qualities is its lightweight.

  • Cushioning gel pad.

This insole features a cushioning gel pad at the forefoot and heel area. This brings about comfort without much bulk.

  • Odor control.

Rucking makes the feet sweaty. Sweat build-up, if not accessed by air, stores up and serves as a home for bacterial growth.

However, this insole is breathable. It wicks moisture in a way that puts the feet in a moderate state of dryness. Perfect. All thanks to the Hydrologic moisture-wicking treatment.

This is one design that is made on the basis of functionality and comfort. It is flexible enough to hold your feet in all tenderness.

I have been using the Full-Length Gel Insoles for a while now and I can say they are pretty great.

I go on jogging, do squats and lounges on my leg days at the gym. With the result that I have gotten, it’s pretty cool.

Being a gym freak with credible experiences with different insoles, I can say this insole is more comfortable and durable compared to 95% of the insoles that I have used.

3. Sole Softec Insole

Best Insoles for Rucking

The manufacturer of this insole has this to say; “Your foot is not made flat, so why is it that many shoes are designed that way?”

Most shoe designs are indeed flat, and this results in a lot of foot complications. Rucking shoes are no exception.

The Sole brand has taken this into consideration to come up with this shoe insert that should serve as a correctional measure to combat the possibility of foot complexities.

How can this Softec Insole help with rucking?

  • Moderate cushioning

The cushioning feature in insoles that should suffice for rucking causes more harm than good when they are a tad high.

Hence, this insole comes with moderate cushioning (it is precisely 1.6mm of proprietary cell foam cushioning).

  • Foot grip

This insole comes with a foot grip feature that allows your feet to be held in one piece/place. The side-to-side shift of one’s foot inside of a shoe (especially while rucking) can cause foot joint misalignment.

  • Synthetic material

It is made of 100% synthetic material that is not easily decomposed by bacteria into organic compounds.

There are other insoles that easily get subjected to decompositions under the influence of rucking hours. However, this is not the case here.

Other benefits of this insole include; odor protection feature, mid-volume thickness, arch, and support. This is an ideal insole choice for rucking.

4. Superfeet Blue Professional Insole

Best Insoles for Rucking

One of the first key features to know about an insole that is great for rucking is its fitting profile. And the fact that this insole has a good one tells nicely about its compatibility with rucking shoes.

It comes with a foam layer that has a high density. Even though the molecules in this material are closely packed (which account for durability) it is still soft enough to deliver comfort.

This medium-profiled insole gives a thrilling feel underneath the sole of your feet. There are levels to the comfort that varying insoles offer.

This insole model ensures that your heels are naturally positioned in a way that softens and absorbs impact from the ground. Its heel cup does this magic.

In summary, this insole has these sets of qualities;

  • Durable construction for reliable support and long-lasting effect.
  • Fabric top for minimization of shifting and provision of step-in comfort.
  • Heel cup for stability and support.
  • Energizing foundation for energy return.
  • It is made unisex for a wider range of users.

How do you care for this insole?

It is almost indestructible. Little care like wiping it with a damp cloth soaked in warm water will get the job done easily. Plus, this model of insole can be trimmed for personal fitting.

5. Billy The Three Magnetic Insole

Best Insoles for Rucking

An insole like this whose effect is felt on the entire foot surface is not one that can be ignored.

This insole borders not just on foot reflexology which is a Chinese technology that focuses effect on key foot areas, but also on invigorating and energizing these effects to the body.

This, in turn, promotes the circulation of micro blood, alkalinity, and vitality – all of these are what combat and prevent the possibility of foot problems that come with rucking.

What happens is, the domes stimulate these points of reflexology when you ruck, driving a cause for satisfaction and relief to better your rucking experience. Hence, this is one of the best insoles for rucking.

The design of this insole has a total of 65 magnetic domes that massages the feet. It also comes with 45 holes through which air circulates. This brings about breathability and fewer chances of moisture build-up.

A lot of people do not know about magnet healing that works for even back discomfort.

How this insole helps in this regard is that the energy and blood circulation flows through our nerve zones that are underneath the feet and this drives healing to different body parts.

Another factor to consider is the pricing. The blend of quality and price here makes this insole relatively far cheaper than most insoles of its cadre.

This is an uncommon Insole model and a great choice for rucking.

6. Copper Fit Balance Orthotic Insole

Best Insoles for Rucking

The Copper Fit Balance Orthotic Insole is designed for three core foot needs that are very important for rucking; alignment, posture, and stability.

These qualities ensure that you get comfort, support, and the alleviation of foot misalignment caused by rucking.

Who designed this?


You should expect a value-filled design from people that have engaged in years of study and have specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of foot ailments.

How does this insole work?

Its full-length orthodontic design helps in cradling your feet. Its BALANCE technology ensures a massive reduction of foot fatigue that results from tiring foot activities like rucking.

Although the foot tiredness or pains that result from rocking largely depends on the level of comfort one gets from the shoe he uses while rucking, and not solely on rucking.

So, this insole guarantees the right amount of comfort so that rucking is done with much ease.

Looking up the Amazon reviews on this product tells a lot about the value you are getting for your money. However this may turn out, you are assured of getting value for every penny.

7. Timberland Anti-fatigue Insole

Best Insoles for Rucking

If you take pride in your work and want to be filled with agility always during working hours, then this insole screams your name.

It is designed with geometrical technology and a shock-absorbing system that helps you to stay afloat on waters of stress. You are guaranteed stressed free feet with the use of this Timberland Pro.

This is one of the few insoles that is engineered and geared to deliver and bring upgrades in comfort and performance as these are key areas to be looked into as long as rucking is concerned.

Who is this insole made for?

This insole is made for people that work in demanding environments. In as much as it is not specifically designed for rucking, it still meets the rucking needs as there is a high extent of similitude between the people in these demanding environments and prior that engage in rucking.

What type of design is this?

This is of the Anti-fatigue design. It is made from rare inverted cone foam. It works for the enhancement of energy return, balance, and bouncy moves to help carry out activities with much ease.

Looking for the best insoles for rucking? This is the way to go.

8. Shoeboy’s Evolution Protection Insole

Best Insoles for Rucking

Everything that involves insoles and shoes begins and ends with motion. It all revolves around motion. Rucking especially.

What does that say about an insole whose design is based on motion technology protection? Your answer is as good as mine.

This design totally makes relief, stability, and support available to the longitudinal and transverse arch without sacrificing the feet’ natural movement.

Rotation is a common thing with rucking. This insole betters rotational control and support while bringing relief to the heel and the ball of the foot.

Among all the features possessed by this Insole, why we actually deemed it for rucking is because of its EVOLUTION PROTECTION.

This protection accounts for cushioning and support and also helps in the prevention of injuries that results from excessive and intensive activities. These said activities define rucking. So, logically, it is a perfect rucking insole.


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