12 Best Insoles for Ballet Flat Type Shoes (in 2023)

The insole used to be a small and insignificant part of any shoe that nobody pays attention to. However, in recent times, the insole has gradually grown into the consciousness of people that it has now become a big deal.

The insole is just as important as the shoe itself and every feature it possesses. A bad insole can automatically mean a bad shoe.

For people who have ballet flat-type shoes are seeking the best insoles to use in them, welcome to the perfect article. Here are twelve (12) of the best insoles to use in your Ballet flat-type shoes.

Insole for ballet shoes Features
Summer Soles Suede Insoles Absorbs Sweat
Shoeslulu Lambskin Leather Insoles Flexible arch support
Odor-Eaters Soft & Slim Odor Fighting Insoles Neutralizes Odours
Dr. Scholl’s Cushioning Insole for Everyday Flats Keeps feet cool and dry
Soxsols Wool Flat Inserts Durable
Pnrskter 5D Sponge Barefoot Insoles Relief from Pain
Happystep Terry Insoles Full-length foot cushioning
Amope Gel Activ Flat Shoes Insole Ultraslim
Pedag Comfort Leather Inserts Natural Latex Padding
Bringsine Velvety Insole Reduces friction
Amazing Insoles Liquid Massaging Shoe Insoles Massages foot
LTOHOE Memory Foam Insoles Great Shock absorption

Insoles have now become such a big deal that in a study done in Europe and the United States, it was revealed that over 50% of people use modern technology to prepare comfortable insoles.

Further study in the foot care industry of the United States, uncovered that insoles now occupy up to half of the market share.

Right now, a shoe is just as good as its insole. It is now a common trend for people to replace the insoles that comes with their shoes with the ones that give the most comfort.

SummerSoles Suede Insoles

Best Insoles for Ballet Flat Type Shoes

This insole was one of the very first insoles I used in my ballet flat shoes and I loved every minute that I wore them. You will find this insole to be super thin and not take any space in your flat shoes.

This insole is called the suede insole because it actually does feel like suede when you use it. It is not designed to be removable, rather it has an adhesive bottom that you are supposed to peel and stick in your shoe.

Sweating in my shoes has to be one of the most uncomfortable things in the world for me, so I happily use this insole because of how it has liners that help to absorb my sweat.

This is one of my many favorite insoles to use in my ballet flats because of its chic style and the way it protects the footbed of my shoe. Lastly, it makes my shoes more comfortable.

Shoeslulu Ultrathin Lambskin Leather Insoles

Best Insoles for Ballet Flat Type Shoes

This is another brand of insole I have tried and think is worth recommending for you. This insole is made of lambskin leather and does a good job of absorbing moisture. This insole is very comfortable and it is one insole that has been with me for a long time.

This is a perforated insole that keeps your foot dry and it also comes with a breathable carbon bottom that does the job of preventing and controlling foot odour.

It is funny how this insole provides superb cushioning even though it is ultra-thin and weighs very light. The ground can be quite harsh and your ballet flats can not do much to protect your feet. However, all the protection you need is embedded in this insole.

Unlike the previous suede insole, this one is actually removable. This means that I do not have to get a different insole for all my flat shoes. I just have to take it off from the last pair of flats I wore and fix it into the new one I want to wear.

Use this insole and you will get to enjoy great cushioning and comfort, no matter how you walk or stand.

Odor-Eaters Soft & Slim Odor Fighting Insoles

Best Insoles for Ballet Flat Type Shoes

This is another brand of insole that is tested and trusted by me. I have used this insole multiple times and it has proven to be one of the best I have ever used in my ballet flats.

This insole is very soft and it was designed to protect your feet and shoes from all kinds of moisture and odor. Many things can cause your feet to be sweaty, it could be the weather or you could just be suffering from hyperhidrosis.

Whatever it is, having sweaty feet can cause your shoes to smell in a foul way, and asides from that, the moisture can as well spoil your ballet flat shoes. Using this insole helps to eradicate the chances of this happening.

I described the previous insoles to be ultra-thin, yeah? Well, this one is thinner than them. This insole is so thin that it is impossible to photograph it sideways. The thinness means it does not add any unnecessary weight to your ballet flats which makes them more comfortable to use.

I have been using this insole for a long time now and I have zero complaints so far. It has adequately protected the footbed of my ballet flats and also rid them of all odors.

Dr. Scholl’s Cushioning Insole for Everyday Flats

Best Insoles for Ballet Flat Type Shoes

I really do not have to write much about this brand because I believe you already know of Dr. Scholl’s. The brand is literally the biggest when it comes to making insoles.

There are many things I love about this product, and sometimes, I am happy that I did not try this one in my ballet flat shoes first because I would not have tried the other products I used.

This product has a wide design that provides cushioning to every area of your foot and also helps to relieve pressure. I enjoy using this insole because every time I wear it, my feet stay cool and dry.

This insole is fitted with a cushion flex technology that works dynamically with my foot to and provides massive support to my arch. The heel of this insole is designed in such a way that it supports and protects my heel whilst also keeping it in place.

Wearing ballet flat shoes without the right insole means your feet will not get enough cushioning and support which then exposes your feet to increased shock and ultimately, foot discomfort.

However, using this insole from Dr. Scholl’s ensures that you get maximum cushioning and comfort.

Soxsols Wool Flat Inserts

Best Insoles for Ballet Flat Type Shoes

I can easily vote this insole as the most comfortable insole I have used in my ballet flats. This insole is made of wool and it feels so good under my feet that I sometimes think I am wearing a sock.

This insole protects the footbed of my ballet flats and also provides great cushioning to my feet against the impact of walking and running,

Everything about this insole was tailored towards giving the best comfort. This insole is made with natural wool and cotton fibers that help to keep your feet warm or cool, depending on the season.

Asides from that, this insole also does a good job of absorbing sweat and other moisture. This feature prevents sweat from soaking into the footbed of your ballet flat shoes.

You do not have to worry about the sizing of this insole because it can be trimmed to fit into any shoe or footwear of your choice. This insole is also fitted with a patented silicon rubber technology that makes it safe to wash in a washing machine and a dryer.

This insole has been with me for years and it still looks just as new.

Pnrskter 5D Sponge Barefoot Insole

Best Insoles for Ballet Flat Type Shoes

To be honest, I had serious doubts about using this product but in retrospect, I am super glad I took the leap and went ahead to get this insole.

This insole helped me to protect my feet. Even when I hurt my ankle, the softness of this insole greatly contributed to my recovery.

This is one of the few insoles that I always go back to reuse and it is simply because I love how it keeps my feet cool and dry for the whole day.

In normal circumstances, my feet do a lot of sweating on warm and sunny days, but using this insole, the sweat has greatly reduced and my feet stay drier than ever. Using this insole led to the heel and base of my feet getting the extra support they never got when I do not use it.

My favorite part of using this insole is the unrivaled protection I get whenever I participate in activities like dancing. Trust me, this insole has made me enjoy wearing my ballet flat shoes more.

This insole can be trimmed to any size you want and it can fit into any footwear, not just your ballet flats.

Happystep Terry Insoles

Best Insoles for Ballet Flat Type Shoes

I consider this to be one of the most beautiful insoles I have ever used. It is an insole that is handmade and it has the edge of its seam designed with a humble three-step zigzag stitch which gives it great durability.

This insole carries a premium latex padding that provides cushioning and flexibility to all areas of your feet. You will love this insole in your ballet flats because of how super thin and very light in weight it is.

There are many other insoles that are thin and weigh much less but this particular insole weighs no more than 20grams!

Since I started using this insole, I have tried them in different shoes and footwear and they fit comfortably well. I love that I can use this insole in different footwear because it saves me the cost of buying different insoles for different shoes.

This insole is made with a soft and fine terry cloth that makes your foot comfortable and cozy. If your feet had a choice, they would never want to step away from this insole. This insole also does a good job of absorbing all kinds of moisture.

Amope Gel Activ Flat Shoes Insoles

Best Insoles for Ballet Flat Type Shoes

If I was to make ten lists of my best insoles, this insole will be the only one to make all ten. It is the insole I always recommend to all my friends.

This insole is just completely clear of the rest. With this insole, you are not compromising style for comfort, rather you get both.

Most insoles can either be removable or have an adhesive that makes them stick to a particular shoe, but this insole combines both features.

There is an adhesive gel that helps it stay in place in your shoe, but you are also able to remove it and place it in another shoe without it losing its ability to stay in place. Personally, I use this insole across three of my ballet flats and it still always stays in place.

This insole is very thin and so discreet that you do not even see it. I love that this insole has a thin design because a lot of insoles that I have tried tend to fill up my shoes and crowd my toes.

Despite the thin design, this insole does a great job at relieving my feet of any discomfort.

Pedag Comfort Leather Inserts

Best Insoles for Ballet Flat Type Shoes

This is an insole that is a tad bit different from the rest on this list. In length, this insole is not full length like the rest, rather it is three-quarters.

This means that it does not cover all parts of your feet, the toes especially. It stops just at the head of your foot arch.

I am adding this insole to this list because of the medical benefits it offers to your feet. This insole is a high-quality German handmade insole that was designed to lift and spread the metatarsal heads of your foot arch.

The insole provides support to your metatarsal arch by keeping it in the correct anatomic position. Although I seldom wear this insole, I acknowledge that it does my foot a great deal of good.

This insole comes with a water-based adhesive that helps to stick the insole to your shoe. The essence of the adhesive is to ensure the insole stays in place and does not slide when worn.

This insole improves the health of your foot and also makes sure your ballet flats do not expose your feet to more risk.

Brigsine Velvety Insole

Best Insoles for Ballet Flat Type Shoes

This is another product that I did not have to think twice before recommending because I totally enjoy using it.

This high-quality silicone gel insole helps to cushion my foot from the hard impact of the ground, and also provides pain-relieving support throughout my day. I am able to get on with my day without any form of discomfort in my feet.

This insole has an ultra-sleek design that is slim and flexible. It is an insole that I can easily slide into any of my ballet flat shoes.

The design of this insole makes it really comfortable and ensures that the insole does not add any unnecessary weight to my shoe and feet.

I am able to walk and run better in my high heels and ballet flat shoes because of this insole. As much as this insole makes me look great in my shoes, it also relieves me of the pain caused by flat feet or plantar fasciitis.

The insole is easy to clean. Washing with hands and a mild soap is the recommended way of taking care of this insole. It is of great quality but its lifespan is still dependent on how well you take care of it.

Amazing Insoles Liquid Massaging Shoe Insoles

Best Insoles for Ballet Flat Type Shoes

When I first heard of this insole, I thought it was too good to be true and can not do all that it claims. Since I bought and used it, it has never left the insides of my ballet flat shoe.

This insole has helped me say goodbye to all forms of foot pain. Since I started wearing it, I have not had to deal with fibromyalgia, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, or even heel spurs. It feels like I am walking on water every time I use this insole.

The insole offers a therapeutic massage to my feet with the help of the liquid glycerine fitted in it. The glycerine and massage therapy helps me to relieve stress and discomfort from my back and knees.

The shock absorption of this insole is incredibly high, and it also gives arch support that increases blood circulation across my entire body.

The insole has a trim guide that helps you when you need to trim it to fit any size and any footwear.

LTOHOE Memory Foam Insoles

Best Insoles for Ballet Flat Type Shoes

The last insole I will be recommending is this insole from LTOHOE. Like every other insole I have previously recommended, this product is great to wear in your ballet flat shoes.

I wanted to revamp old ballet shoes that were sitting idly on my shoe rack and the insole was the first thing I changed.

The moment I slipped in the LTOHOE memory foam insoles, I watched as the old shoe sprung back to life. It became more appealing to my sight and has now become one of my favorite shoes now.

This insole is tailored to fit perfectly to size. If it does not fit then you should probably order a size up or down.

When I use this insole, I notice that there is less fatigue in my feet and legs, and I can stay on my feet for long hours.

This insole is very versatile and can fit in almost all footwear.


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