7 Best Replacement Insoles for New Balance 990 (Reviewed in 2023)

Before I get into the detailed review of these insoles for New Balance, see the table highlighting all the insoles I have picked just for you for New Balance 990.

Insoles for New Balance 990 Features
New Balance Casual Orthotic Insole Best casual orthotic insole for New Balance 990
New Balance Sport High-impact Insole High impact insole for New Balance 990
Superfeet Black Orthotic Insole Best Superfeet insole for New Balance 990
Superfeet Run Comfort Fiber Insole Best replacement comfort insole for New Balance 990
Tread Lab Anti-odor Low Friction Insole Best affordable insole for New Balance 990
Superfeet Green Professional Insole Great heel cup for maximum support
Powerstep Pulse Maxx Running Insole Best arch-supporting insole for New Balance 990

“Our goal is to help you to achieve yours.” This is the mantra of the New Balance brand. This simply means that the best insoles for New Balance shoes, in general, are insoles that help athletes to reach their peak by propelling the movement of their feet towards gaining balance and traction through performance technology.

Best Replacement Insoles for New Balance 990

However, narrowing it down to New Balance 990 as it is a single variant of New Balance shoes that has a tad unique design, the insoles that can fit it are ones that are doctored to function in accordance with the functionality of the new balance 990.

How does New Balance 990 function? Why should insoles be good for it?

I will show you the best insoles for New Balance 990 and give you reasons why they are the perfect match for the shoe.

Insoles perfect for New Balance 990

1. New Balance Casual Orthotic Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for New Balance 990

While some insoles are used in New Balance 990 for mere improvement of fitting and added balance, there are some that are made specifically for people that are experiencing problems like; heel pains, arch pains, bunions, and a host of other foot problems.

This casual orthotic insole falls in this category as it is specifically made to help people with these foot problems to find relief and improve their feet’ structure.

How does it work?

First, this Orthotic Insole has a good alignment with the NB 990 shoe. It comes with a good arch feature that drives therapeutic feeling underneath your arch as a form of support to make sure that your feet are in the best-guarded condition possible.

Once people experience the most common foot problems, one thing they should try to avoid are insoles that make their shoes tighten up and compress their feet more.

And the fact that this insole has a moderately wide and deep heel cup which works for the neutralization of shock effect, and heel pains to put you back to your normal gait, is just perfect!

Knowing that this insole is shaped by the famous quality-filled Superfeet, tells volume of value. This is one insole that puts foot fatigue and shin splints in history books to prove it is worth every penny.

The best insoles for NB 990 are insoles that align well with it to the better user experience through the Impact of some strategically infused features that consider foot gains. Here you have it all here.

2. New Balance Sport High-impact Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for New Balance 990

There are insoles from other designers that have good features, fittings, and sync with the New Balance 990. However, that is not comparable with insoles made by the New Balance brand, for New Balance shoes.

For example, the sole area of this insole is a little tilted upward to match the upper of NB 990. This Insole, when inserted in NB 990, has its arch fashioned to be compatible with the shoe tongue when properly laced to hold your feet in one piece.

It is a deliberate design and no coincidence that all of these fall in place.

Who is this insole for?

This insole is great for sports enthusiasts and gym freaks. For all track and field events too. Nonetheless, it can still be worn for casual use, or at leisure time.

It is a great sports insole because of the bouncy feeling that it gives underneath the foot which serves as a gear that gives a push.

An insole that is best for sport is designed to suffice high-impact activities like this type. The added protection on the heel cups that help to cradle the heel is one major sports booster too.

A cool thing about the sports insole is its versatility — great for both men and women. It lasts longer too compared to other types.

It works great for odor control and wicks out moisture so it doesn’t build up and serves as a home for bacterial growth. This means it scrapes out the possibility of foot irritation too as it creates no chance for bacterial survival.

When it comes to balance, cushioning, insole-shoe alignment, and durability, this NB sport insert is the ideal choice.

3. Superfeet Black Orthotic Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for New Balance 990

This is an insole that is widely known for making provision for a supportive and energizing foundation that sets one’s feet on track.

Here’s the thing, Superfeet is responsible for making the designs of most New Balance insoles. This is why the compatibility of their insoles and New Balance shoes are common.

And from my research, it has a good extent of agreeableness, specifically New Balance 990.

For example, the high-level cushioning of this insole balances the moderate cushion that the NB 990 offers.

This type comes with a stabilizer cap too that makes the shoe give increased foot flexibility and superior structure.

The cap sits atop the base and drives support to the heel, thereby bringing stability to the foam layer of the NB 990 shoe. The cap’s reinforced rear foot is an ultimate source of balance.

There are other insoles that are not bad in themselves, they have good features too, but they occupy much space, and this defeats the purpose of their insertion.

The designers of this Black Orthotic Insole took this into consideration to have shaped it in a moderately slim and soft pattern that doesn’t allow it to take much space in your shoe.

4. Superfeet Run Comfort Fiber Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for New Balance 990

The Superfeet Run Comfort Fiber Insole is specifically sculpted for pain relief and added comfort. The insole thickness is standard and the arch type is medium.

Two things you must consider when going for insoles for NB 990 are; thickness and arch type. You must not go for an insole that is too thick or one with a high arch.

This is because the space in NB 990 is not too roomy, and the shoe itself has a medium arch. So a high arch insole would not be good, and a thick insole would not quite suffice for it.

This is why this Superfeet fiber insole is one of the best insoles for New Balance 990 because of its thin insole shape and medium arch.

Who is this insole for?

It is for runners.

What features are therein to help them run effectively?


This insole also features the Evolite stabilizer cap which is a great giver of responsive support. This is so that every step you take gets a propeller.

Another great thing that you are offered here is the dispersion of impact. The concentration of impact on one area of the foot often leads to different foot problems.

  • Heel Impact Technology

There is a heel impact technology (HIP) that makes this weight dispersion easy.

  • Moisture-wicking treatment

There is a moisture-wicking treatment just right at the little, almost-nonexistent space between the arch and the heel that works for odor control.

  • Aerospring Dual Comfort Foam

This dual comfort foam allows for a better ride. Running is rightly done on the toe. So this foam sits on that area to help you run with much ease.

5. Tread Lab Anti-odor Low Friction Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for New Balance 990

A common thing as confessed by most users of the NB 990 is not their inability to get insoles that are good for the said shoe. But insoles that are not easily subject to compression.

You see, it becomes difficult to strike a balance when you are trying to get a thin insole (as demanded by the shoe’s structure) that does not easily compress too.

Almost impossible, huh? This is where you would have to understand material science.

Do you know that open-cell polyurethane (PU) can resist compression five times better than regular foams? Now this polyurethane and polyester fabric are the materials used for this insole design.

Both materials account for compression and abrasion resistance. This insole is an excellent blend of shoe syncing, comfort, durability, plus the ability to return to its original size after having been under pressure.

And just so that your shoe doesn’t turn into an environmental hazard, this insole has anti-odor treatments that help to keep them fresher. The top surface has a low friction design that allows for calluses and blister prevention.

This insole adds bounce to your step. How?

This happens when an insole sticks to your arch and gives your feet support through its loop and hook. Added bounce also comes from its cushioned layers that elevated your pace by the support it gets from the molded top covers.

It is built for comfort too. But how?

The open-cell foam used is breathable. This keeps your feet moderately dry and fresh. The top surface does not allow calluses, athlete’s feet, or blisters to grow.

6. Superfeet Green Professional Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for New Balance 990

As explained in the insole above, one thing to always consider before getting any sole for NB 990 is the arch type. (It must not have a high arch).

But this Superfeet insole has a design that makes it cool with both shoes that have a high and low arch.

Who is this insole for?

It is pretty versatile. It is great for both casual and running footwear. Both for hiking and working boots too.

It is not easily worn out. This is because its cell foam allows it to withstand different degrees of stress.

It comes with a high profiled shape that makes provision for stability and offers foot support which brings about reduced stress.

This is because any foam that is of closed-cell construction gives the right dose of foot cushioning and gives you the ability to face many challenges.

Using this insole gives you extra structure and support, all thanks to its built-in stability cap. The wide and deep heel cup also makes it easier to go almost effortlessly on long distances.

You can easily tell the difference in arch support and comfort between this insole and other types when you use it for a full day at work.

Another thing you would want to consider is its affordability. There is a good and honest balance between quality and price here.

It may be a tad pricier than most insoles, but it is way cheaper than most insoles of its caliber. It is worth your penny.

However, ensure that you make your purchase from a verified distributor only so that you get the exact value for your money.

7. Powerstep Pulse Maxx Running Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for New Balance 990

The New Balance 990 is a running-inspired shoe. Research has shown that a set of running insoles is a perfect match for NB 990.

From all sane analysis, this Powerstep insole is one of the best insoles for New Balance 990 because;

  1. Good fitting with the shoe.

With the right feature, an insole can still be bad if it does not have agreeableness with its shoe of use.

  1. Neutral arch support

This is the perfect type of arch support for NB 990 because high arch support is bad for it.

  1. Designed for everyday use

All everyday use insole designs are pretty durable. They do not shrink and lose the initial good fitting that they have with their shoe of use. So this makes this Powerstep insole an ideal type for NB 990.

However, there is a transition period where the insole takes time to get accustomed to your feet. It does not take much time before this happens though.


Getting the best insoles for New Balance 990 comes with understanding the functionality of the shoe; its fitting, factors that positively influence its comfort level, and factors that mars it.

It is from this understanding that I have come up with the insoles that are ideal for it. It has proven that some insoles are not entirely bad for the NB 990, it is just a case of incompatibility.

However, this submission is based on research, and tested and proven results. This is certain to serve you better.


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