10 Best Replacement Insoles for Yeezy 350 (in 2023)

Tracking down the best replacement insoles for Yeezy 350 can be challenging. There’s a lot of options out there, and it can be hard to know what’s a good choice and what isn’t.

When I bought my pair of Yeezys, I also went out and bought a pair of Ultra Boost parallels for the sole purpose of using them as an insole replacement.

Can you do that? The answer is…maybe. Let’s find out what the options are!

Top 10 replacement insoles for Yeezy 350 shoes

Replacement insoles for Yeezy 350 Features
ABUSA Sheepskin Insoles Best moisture-absorbing replacement insole for Yeezy 350
Shoeslulu Ultra Thin Lambskin Leather Insoles Best replacement insole for sensitive feet
EASYFEET Premium Anti-Fatigue Shoe Insoles Best shock-absorbing replacement insole for Yeezy 350
Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Orthotics Insoles Best orthotic replacement insole for Yeezy 350
Heavy Duty Support High Arch Support Insoles Best anti-slip fabric replacement insole for Yeezy 350
Hefe Luxx Comfort Starter Insoles Best unisex replacement insole for Yeezy 350
Wonderfeet Foot Pain Relief Shoe Inserts Best pain-relieving replacement insole for Yeezy 350
LEXEBY1 Height Increase Insole Best height increase replacement insole
PCSsole Orthotics Shoe Insoles Best Yeezy 350 replacement insole for flat feet
Walkomfy Pain Relief Arch-Support Insoles Best feet-massaging replacement insole for Yeezy 350

ABUSA Sheepskin Insoles

Replacement Insoles for Yeezy 350

Insoles made of natural materials, we have ABUSA Sheepskin Insoles for women. Aside from its warm feel that keeps your feet toasty and see you through the cold days, these sheepskin insoles are made from 100% natural wool.

This makes the fleece breathable, elastic, and much more durable than other synthetic materials. Your skin will feel the difference compared to the hardness of other synthetic insoles.

Another feature of the ABUSA Sheepskin Insoles is that they are moisture-wicking, meaning they absorb moisture of any kind. This keeps your feet dry.

They are also ideal for any kind of footwear, especially Yeezy. They are 15mm thick and are very soft. They come in different colors and packs.

One thing to keep in mind is that they are produced according to the US sizing measurement. Be sure to convert properly before purchase to avoid dealing with return policies.

If you don’t mind the fact that they are specially created for women, they can be used for both genders.

Shoeslulu Magic Absorbent Leather Insoles

Replacement Insoles for Yeezy 350

Another one under the natural materials category is Shoeslulu Magic Absorbent Insoles. They are produced seamlessly which is ideal for sensitive feet that are irritated by seams.

The materials are leather and lambskin, both of which are genuine, comfortable, and durable. The insoles are one piece, with no other thing attached or sewn to them making them lightweight and ultra-thin.

With their new Magic absorbent technology, the handcrafted pieces absorb moisture. They are also slightly padded and cushioned with massage blocks to give support, especially at the arch.

The padding will however not take too much space or make it thicker because they are produced to fit a precise position on your footwear. Coupled with that is the carbon bottom that is designed to be breathable and avoid foot odor.

It comes in two colors: natural lambskin for regular insoles (0.2 inches thick) and cream for the massaging arch support insole (0.3 inches thick).

For sizing, men are to order half a size up while women should order their normal size.

EASYFEET Premium Anti-Fatigue Shoe Insoles

Replacement Insoles for Yeezy 350

Falling under the category of heavy-duty, these insoles are designed to help you get through the day comfortably no matter what you do.

These are also good for Yeezy because while they are attractive the insoles will give you the comfort you need.

These insoles are designed to give your feet the support they need throughout the day with a thin layer of foam and slight cushioning on the forefoot and heel area.

Aside from reducing fatigue, the insoles ease pressure on the feet and give relief through the perfectly fitting soles.

They also absorb shock and place the feet in the right position and help in proper body alignment throughout the day.

If you have foot pains, these are ideal because they are orthotic foot inserts. They perform special functions that other insoles can’t.

An advantage of these insoles is that though they are orthotic inserts, they fit into any footwear- sneakers, boots, sandals except dress and heel shoes. You are advised to replace them every six months.

For sizes, they are available in 7 to 8.5 in men and 8 to 9.5 in women. For insoles as good as these, I think the only downside is that they come in one color: black.

Dr. Scholl’s Heavy-Duty Pain Relief Orthotics Insoles

Replacement Insoles for Yeezy 350

Another orthotic and heavy-duty insoles are Dr. Scholl’s. They are made of plastic and made for men who weigh over 200 pounds that suffer from leg fatigue and back pain.

Designed with a low arch type, the arch guard helps to distribute your weight evenly so that there is less impact and less pain. This will also help ease pain in the muscles from your legs to your lower back.

They are also good if you have plantar fasciitis. Though they are made of plastic, the arch is well cushioned with memory foam that helps you stand longer on your feet through the relief it offers.

They are also ideal for people with oddly shaped feet. If you have flat feet, these are not good for you. You can wear them with casual as well as work footwear.

They should be replaced after  6 months or on the first wear. There are no particular sizing rules but they come in sizes 8 to 14. All with the same design, they come with one pair in a pack.

Heavy Duty Support High Arch Support Insoles

Replacement Insoles for Yeezy 350

These orthotic insoles are made of polyurethane and gel materials. Designed with a high and low arch and a deep U-shaped heel cup, the cushioning aligns the body vertically and to the middle while easing all types of foot or muscle pains from the waist to the legs like over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, and arthritis.

The Anti-Fatigue material reduces pain while the PU material helps to absorb shock and give stability, balance, and neutral position.

The insoles also come with an anti-slip polyester fabric that helps to prevent foot odor, keep the feet dry and absorb moisture like sweat even after long hours of wearing.

They can fit into any footwear, casual or office, e and are good for daily use. These insoles can be trimmed around the edges to fit into any footwear of your choice.

They are ideal for people weighing over 200 pounds, and people with flat feet. Although they come in only two colors (black and blue), they are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes for both men and women.

Hefe Luxx Comfort Starter Insoles

Replacement Insoles for Yeezy 350

These insoles are under the height booster category. With the extra inches, the Hefe Luxx Comfort Starter Insoles contain a lot of softened energy capsules that altogether give comfort and with the structure of the insoles, it helps to ease pain in the muscles and realign the feet.

This however doesn’t make it too thick. They are made from thermoplastic polyurethane and the tight-cell foam gives the foot the needed comfort to get through the day.

With a low arch, the heel is raised by a few inches and makes each step easy to take. The insoles are unisex and can be trimmed to fit any footwear. They come in only two colors: midnight black and neon.

The size range is 7 to 12 in US sizing. Hefe Luxx insoles come in starter, original and deluxe, each with its level of heel thickness.

Wonderfeet Foot Pain Relief Shoe Inserts

Replacement Insoles for Yeezy 350

These insoles are made of polypropylene and ethylene-vinyl acetate. These two materials, although synthetic, give comfort to the feet.

The insoles are structured into three layers: the wonder C-tex or copper fabric decompresses odor and prevents itching.

This handles smells as bad as rotten eggs and keeps the feet odor-free.  The activated charcoal layer handles humidity and removes the odor. Lastly, the EVA foam cushions the feet and ensures air circulation.

They are designed with a high arch to give comfort and stability to the feet while working or going about daily business. It also helps to ease pain in the feet and legs.

The EVA foam is 3mm thick. It is also designed for shock absorption. This allows you to do anything like running or hiking without hurting your feet.

They can be used for any footwear and the edge can be trimmed off to fit into any shoe of your choice.

LEXEBY1 Height Increase Insole

Replacement Insoles for Yeezy 350

Produced by LEXEBY1 and made of plastic, these height-increasing insoles come in 4 layers. Each layer adds a few inches to your height. They are adjustable, meaning you can remove a few layers if you want to.

The height increase is 2 to 9 cm (1.18 to 3.54 inches). Aside from the height increase feature, the insoles are soft cushioned and have a high arch to prevent pain when walking.

They are also non-deformable, meaning they can’t wear or spoil as quickly as other insoles made of natural materials. They are also shock-absorbing. They brace for impact and take it instead of your feet.

They are however recommended for high-top shoes because with low-top shoes, they would be visible and not be as effective as intended. The edge can be trimmed to fit into your footwear.

Ideal for both genders and available in different sizes.

PCSsole Orthotics Shoe Insoles

Replacement Insoles for Yeezy 350

These fall under the arch support category. Made with ethylene vinyl acetate, the insoles have a high arch of 3.5cm EVA foam. The high arch lessens the pressure on the heel and reduces fatigue and pains on the heel.

The high arch also helps to redistribute weight and impact. This is also ideal for people with flat feet. These insoles will slowly correct slight deformities like overpronation and fallen arch, and relieve the feet of pain.

The feet will take the shape of the structure of insoles and will over time be molded into the shape. When choosing your size, pick your regular size.

Designed for both men and women, they are available in different sizes. The only downside is the color: pink and purple combo.

Walkomfy Pain Relief Orthotics Arch Support Insoles

Replacement Insoles for Yeezy 350

This pair of insoles are made of ethylene-vinyl acetate and are topped off with EVA foam for comfort. Though they are solely designed to give arch support, they perform some orthotic functions.

It helps in the treatment of fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, and ball of foot pain through the redistribution of impact, pressure, and weight.

The EVA foam material is great for shock absorption making it good for strenuous tasks and even all day standing or working. The foam is very closed-cell making it soft, comfortable, and durable.

Aside from the arch support, the heel cup with a U shape helps to reduce pressure, fatigue and massage the feet.

Though it comes in one color – red – it is for both men and women and is available in sizes 9 and 9½ for men and 11 and 11½ for women.


And that is all for today. I hope one of these categories matches your Yeezy and your foot needs. Thanks for reading.

Be sure to leave your questions and comments in the notification box below. Till the next article, goodbye.


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