Asos vs Myntra: Which Is Better?

Although they seem alike, ASOS and Myntra actually have differences and dissimilarities that make them stand out from each other whenever they are mentioned.

The major difference between Asos and Myntra is that while Asos focuses only on the sales of fashion items, Myntra successfully sells fashion and lifestyle products to veritable customers.

Asos vs Myntra

Myntra also has a more diversified catalog of fashion products than ASOS does; for this reason, a lot of people find themselves patronizing Myntra over ASOS – just so they can get the freedom of choice to get whatever variety they desire.

The fashion products at ASOS are certainly diverse enough to cater to the needs of a huge number of customers, but, Myntra is known to still offer more options and preferences for the people who come to shop on the app.

ASOS and Myntra have quality fashion items on sale right now and you can go to either of them to get your style needs satiated as soon as possible.

However, if you don’t want to be bereft of options while you shop, it is best for you to shop on Myntra (rather than ASOS).

Which is a better brand between Asos and Myntra

When seeking for the best between ASOS and Myntra, most eyes finally rest on Myntra – and this is for a good reason.

ASOS has a lot of great features that give it a good name in the world of e-commerce, but in the long run, Myntra actually wins as the better online shopping brand of the two.

Myntra, selling its wonderful and customer-praised fashion and lifestyle products has had a successful online run that can be compared to very few of the e-commerce brands available today.

In fact, with the way Myntra is improving and walking with giant strides, they might soon be seriously competing with e-commerce industry leaders, like Amazon, in the fashion and lifestyle sales niche.

You can’t possibly exclude Myntra from the conversation of the top fashion and lifestyle e-commerce brands in the world today. Myntra’s dominance is especially felt in Asia; particularly in India.

For the purchase of awesome fashion styles and products, Myntra is a far better option than ASOS in the online world of e-commerce that we have right now.

You can surely find the right fits for you and your loved ones on Myntra – and for a good price too.

Myntra is better than ASOS for a couple of reasons that we will soon discuss in detail. As it is, Myntra is a renowned e-commerce brand that rubs shoulders with many of the high echelons in the business.

ASOS comes behind Myntra (arguably slightly) in terms of quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and business model. Honestly, Myntra has a better approach to selling fashion products online than ASOS.

For one, Myntra is owned by Flipkart, one of the biggest and trusted moguls in the world’s e-commerce (there’s even close parlance with Amazon). Flipkart facilitated the 100% acquisition of Myntra because of the genius behind the strategies of Myntra’s business dealings and acts.

Myntra has been known to show impressive displays of customer service and profitable Return On Investment (ROI) even before the celebrated acquisition by Flipkart.

To show how good Myntra’s business model is, even though Flipkart actually has 100% ownership of Myntra, the workings of the acquisition deal lets Myntra continue operating independently from Flipkart.

Flipkart loves how Myntra specializes in the fashion and lifestyle niche while it does general sales on the e-commerce space. Myntra’s genius sales techniques became Flipkart’s assurance in the sales of fashion and lifestyle products.

Some more reasons why Flipkart – owned Myntra is better than ASOS are:

  • Sales of Great Lifestyle Products Along With Fashion Products
  • The Try and Buy Feature
  • More Return On Investment

Sales of Great Lifestyle Products Along With Fashion Products

You can trust that you will get value for your money at Myntra. Not only are they involved in selling high-quality fashion items, you can also get great lifestyle products on Myntra as well.

Lifestyle products like personalized mugs, stylish pens, fashionable water bottles, flask, etc. can be purchased on Myntra for very affordable prices that leave you feeling satisfied.

Myntra surely gets some points up on ASOS for being able to sell and distribute both fashion and lifestyle products at the great rate that they are doing.

The efficient try and buy feature

The try and buy feature is one of the things that sets Myntra apart from ASOS. This great business model is one that lets approved customers to try products they have ordered online before they buy them.

When you use this feature, you can actually return products that you feel don’t meet your requirements; and you can do that easily enough to spare you the hassles of long customer service calls.

These days, since fashion products are mostly ordered online, and we can’t really be sure of the sizing and measurements, the need for features like Myntra’s try and try policy is great.

Trying online-bought fashion products before you approve payments is something that truly gives customers some more assurance and satisfaction.

The try and buy feature is one of the things that really gives Myntra an edge over ASOS.

More return on investment

Checking the stats, it can easily be seen that Myntra has a much better investment success than ASOS at the moment.

Apart from Flipkart, there are a lot of people, brands, and businesses that have invested their hard cash in Myntra’s dealings over the years.

It is really evident that investment in Myntra is not something that brings loss to the investor. The profits, iconic market shares, and positive feedback from customers of Myntra show that Myntra is a veritable e-commerce company that is built for success.

Compared to ASOS, Myntra is definitely much more profitable.

Similarities between Asos and Myntra

Despite the seemingly – several differences that differentiate ASOS from Myntra, and Myntra from ASOS, there are some similarities that we must point out between the two.

Myntra and ASOS both have great business models that are sure to stand the test of a lot of time – as far as there are general improvements and proper readings of the current market behavior.

The similarities that exist between ASOS and Myntra let customers and other industry investors really understand why these two e-commerce are sometimes discussed in the same conversation.

ASOS and Myntra have methods that ensure success in the online sales of products in the fashion industry. Let us now look at some of those methods; the ones they have in common.

Some of the similarities between ASOS and Myntra are:

  • Great Search Features
  • Top Brand Names in Fashion Niche of E-commerce
  • Secure Online Payments
  • On-Point Customer Service

Great search features

One great thing that ASOS and Myntra have in common is the fact that their search optimization features are cool and specific enough to let many customers get exactly what they want.

Whenever you shop at either of these e-commerce brands, you can be sure to get what you need; so far you put in the correct search combinations for the products you want to buy.

And as a regular customer, with an account on ASOS or Myntra, your search results will also be suggestions and choices based on your perceived and stated fashion and lifestyle preferences.

Customers don’t have trouble finding what they like whenever they shop on ASOS or Myntra.

Top brand names in fashion niche of e-commerce

ASOS and Myntra are not small-time in the e-commerce industry. Whenever the fashion niche is being mentioned, you have the surety that ASOS and Myntra will be one of the brand names that are brought into the conversation.

Being the top brands they are, it is not a surprise for us to be critically analyzing them like we are now. The level of success and customer satisfaction that ASOS and Myntra have reached makes them respected and well-known all over the world.

These brands are top online fashion sales brands that many customers love to patronize today.

Secure online payments  

High security for online payments is another great feature that ASOS and Myntra have in common. These two e-commerce brands have structured payments systems that encourage the privacy of the customers and the overall success of the transactions in place.

Without these secure payment platforms, it would be virtually impossible for paying customers to purchase the products that they really want to have.

ASOS and Myntra make online payments easy and secure for all the people that want to patronize them by shopping for their high-quality products.

On-point customer service

The customer service at ASOS is just like the customer service you find at Myntra – awesome. You can’t really fault the way both these businesses are run when you consider how customer-caring their customer service agents are.

At ASOS and Myntra, you can rightly get the customer service that satisfies your shopping experience in the way that great customer service should.

This similarity is what makes ASOS and Myntra top players in the fashion niche of the e-commerce world. Customers love businesses that relate well with them and understand their needs.

Difference between Asos and Myntra 

Since we now know the similarities between ASOS and Myntra, it is expedient for us to now delve further into the topic by understanding the differences that separate them.

ASOS and Myntra have diverse business techniques that make them unique and set apart from each other. If you are going to make a choice between them, you have to know the full story to get the full picture.

Some of the differences between ASOS and Myntra are:

  • The Kinds Of Products For Sale
  • The Try And Buy Feature
  • Search Optimization
1 The Kinds Of Products For Sale ASOS only sells fashion products. Myntra sells and delivers fashion and lifestyle products.


2 The Try And Buy Feature ASOS doesn’t have this feature Myntra lets approved customers to use the “try and buy” feature in order to test the items they are purchasing before payment is authenticated.


3 Search Optimization ASOS has an improved search engine that actually shows some of the popular fashion purchases on models of different sizes.


This gives customers an idea of how their proposed purchases would look on someone of their size.


Myntra’s search results and suggestions are always geared to matching the preferences of the customer as much as possible.


The kinds of products for sale

ASOS only sells fashion products online. On the other hand, Myntra involves itself with the procurement, sales and distribution of fashion and lifestyle products.

For an affordable price, you can either shop for Myntra’s fashion items or lifestyle products at affordable prices that are guaranteed to make you really happy.

The major difference between the two is that; apart from the niche of online fashion products sales, Myntra also has the job of selling lifestyle products on their platforms as well

The try and buy feature 

The try and buy feature is something unique to Myntra only. This feature lets customers to try new purchases before they approve payments for them.

If the products do not meet the requirement of the customer, they are free to return them for an exchange or for their money back.

When you use the “try and buy” method, you are guaranteed not to make those horrible mistakes you always seem to have when you shop for your style online.

Customers need the assurance that they are getting the real thing for the real money that they pay e-commerce brands for their products.

It is nice to see that Myntra took up customer satisfaction to another level by putting all the sizes and weights of its customers into consideration.

Search optimization

ASOS and Myntra have great search engines that give customers a lot of suggestions and search results that match their keywords and preferences as much as possible.

However, the differences come in with ASOS’ introduction of an improved search engine that lets customers have a very good idea of how their clothes and other fashion products would fit them after purchase.

ASOS now shows how some of their famous fashion products look on models of different sizes that reflect the general weights and sizes of the customers that patronize ASOS.

This search optimization method of ASOS is another thing that truly differentiates it from Myntra. They both have effective search features that mostly give customers the exact products they want.


When it comes down to the wire, Myntra is a better e-commerce platform than ASOS for many of the reasons that have been discussed here.

Although these two are both great for online fashion purchases, Myntra easily stands out because of its inclusion of great lifestyle products in its inventory.

For comfortable, trendy, and long-lasting fashion styles and lifestyle items, you should go down to Myntra today and create an account that lets you shop with ease.

Apart from Myntra’s effective sales of both fashion and lifestyle products on the e-space, one should also commend them for being so customer-friendly and actionable towards the satisfaction of consumer needs.

Myntra is more structured, more diverse, more effective, and truly more profitable to invest in than ASOS at the moment. You can only expect the best kinds of products when you shop on Myntra.

As for ASOS, they should be commended for their new and effective search feature which allows customers to view the fashion products of their choice on the bodies of different models with different shapes and sizes.

While ASOS and Myntra are both good at what they do – selling fashion products to diverse customers online; it is often clear to see that Myntra has the winning edge that probably won’t get slowed down anytime soon.

You can expect big things from Myntra. Create an account with them today and start shopping for your favorite fashion brands and products.

Good luck!


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