Meesho vs Amazon: Which Is Better?

Meesho and Amazon are two well-renowned e-commerce businesses that have been serving online customers with high-quality products and services ever since their respective inceptions.

The major difference between Meesho and Amazon is that Meesho is a social commerce app that gives newbie e-commerce professionals a chance to sell and resell the products while Amazon strictly sells new products that are straight from the manufacturers or approved vendors.

Meesho vs Amazon

Meesho gives users the tools to create seller accounts and professional websites, applications that enable them to sell and deliver different kinds of quality products to a diverse number of customers.

The great thing about this is that Meesho will actually have no business being too involved with the store that you have created through them – you own 100% of the store that you have set up with Meesho and all the profits return to you.

Meesho is different from Amazon because its users actually have a chance to showcase their entrepreneurship skills and earn what they can from the site, even as they shop.

Therefore, you can not only shop on Meesho, but you also have the opportunity to make some money there as well.

In India, Meesho is highly respected for its role in boosting the economy to enviable heights due to its inclusion of veritable resellers, retailers, and wholesalers into the e-commerce world.

Which is the Better e-commerce brand between Meesho and Amazon

Amazon is definitely the better brand. It really is a no-brainer which e-commerce brand is better between Meesho and Amazon.

After all the years that Amazon has put into the world of online sales and distribution, it should come as a surprise to no one that Amazon beats Meesho hands-down on most counts.

Amazon is a much better e-commerce brand than Meesho for reasons that are truly clear to people who have patronized Amazon fully in the past few years.

The rate at which Amazon progresses in its successes is something that cannot easily be duplicated by most other online sales businesses.

Most e-commerce brands (Meesho inclusive) can’t achieve most of what Amazon has achieved within the time they have spent in the industry.

For most people, it is clear to see that Amazon has dominated all the niches of the e-commerce industry as the best brand to buy from.

Meesho has a lot of strong points, to its credit, but it however cannot be said to be superior to Amazon in any conversation.

Amazon effectively holds the trump card of staying power and customer trust over Meesho and most of the other e-commerce brands out there.

The honest truth is that; you should shop at Amazon today, rather than Meesho. You will truly enjoy your time on the Amazon app.

Amazon is an e-commerce mogul that has been holding its own down with veritable online sales and deliveries before companies like Meesho arrived to get a piece of the pie.

When you check the way Amazon runs its business, you would see that, when compared to most other e-commerce platforms, there is a definite difference in the quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and ultimate game plan.

You really cannot compare Meesho’s success to what Amazon is doing (and has been doing). The business approach that Amazon takes up is one that shows the weaknesses in the other online sales apps that are rampant today.

It is definitely a no-brainer for Amazon to be ranked much higher than Meesho on the list of top e-commerce companies in the world that we live in today.

Amazon is better than Meesho for these reasons

  • Diversity in Products.
  • Huge Discounts for Customers.
  • Great Level of Experience in Online Sales

Diversity in products

The products on Amazon are more diverse and more consumer-rated than those that are on Meesho.

It is no secret that most of the world’s brands and products can be found on Amazon due to diverse and welcoming their sales catalog is.

You can successfully find any kind of consumer product on Amazon today and this is a very good thought/fact to know.

Unlike Meesho, the products sold on Amazon can be accounted for because they don’t allow resale on their sites as they get their products directly from the source or the verified distributors.

When you shop on Amazon, you are not only given the freedom of choice to pick anything you want to buy at a go, you are sure of the quality of the products that you are purchasing.

Huge discounts for customers

One thing that Amazon is known and praised for is the huge discounts that they give their customers daily. Indeed, every day you shop on Amazon, you get the chance to take advantage of one price cut and discount or the other.

Amazon far surpasses Meesho in customer satisfaction due to how many discounts and price-offs they are willing to give their loyal customers.

Even first-time customers of Amazon get to experience the goodness of having to pay less for particular goods and/or products.

Once you shop on Amazon today, you will surely get a hold of a discount or two that will benefit you greatly.

Great level of experience in online sales

Before Indian e-companies like Meesho came on the scene, Amazon has been in the business of procuring, selling and delivering different kinds of products to customers all over the world.

Experience really shows.

You can’t compare the level of wisdom and practical knowledge that Amazon has to the one that Meesho possesses. Industry leaders like Amazon have sure come a long way down the line now, and they are still going strong.

Amazon is way more advanced and experienced than Meesho in the business of online sales.

How can you sell Meesho products on Amazon?

Meesho vs Amazon

Yes! It is true. You can now actually sell Meesho products on Amazon today once you follow the basic steps and meet all the requirements that you need to appropriately meet.

Meesho already allows customers and users to use its online resale platform to sell products and get an additional profit percentage. Now, you can take things a step further by currently selling your Meesho products on Amazon, as well as Meesho.

Just think of the profitable returns and good business that you can do once you can successfully get your sales up on both Meesho and Amazon!

Users who have used this technique have reported a much more sustainable level of income as their products are now being ordered for and purchased on two reputable platforms.

Once you are a verified seller on Meesho, selling your products on Amazon won’t be a hassle for you at all. All you have to do is follow the simple steps that will be outlined now.

Selling Meesho products on Amazon requires you to have the Amazon Seller App so you have to download and install this app on your device (preferably your smartphone) if you want this to work for you.

The steps are all easy – as we have said – so just look through them right now and get the full explanation.

Follow these steps if you want successfully sell Meesho products on Amazon today:

  • Locate the Meesho App on your phone and log in to your account successfully.
  • Find the product that you want to sell and copy the product details accurately.
  • The product details should contain all the necessary information about the product that you are planning to sell on Amazon today.
  • After copying, you can download the product details on your phone by clicking on the “Download” option. Alternatively, you can just paste the product details in a secure location, until further notice.
  • Find the Amazon Seller App on your phone and launch it quickly. (Please remember that you can only sell products on Amazon once you have the Amazon Seller App)
  • Select the “Add Product” option from the drop-down list of options on the app’s interface and add the product details of the product here.
  • Search the downloaded product details and add them to the Amazon Seller App.
  • If you can’t find your product after searching, you can also effectively create a new listing that would accommodate the new product that you are bringing on board.
  • Select the category of the proposed product you are selling.
  • Choose the product type of the product you want to sell. There is a list of available products types on the app already, so you should choose one type and get on with the next steps.
  • Select the gender that the products should be used for. The gender that uses the product you want to sell should be clearly stated.
  • Again, confirm the category of the product.
  • Click on the “Next” icon at the rightmost corner of the app to complete the steps of a new product listing.
  • Add a clear and resonant image of the product you want to sell.
  • Click “Next” and the product’s image gets added.
  • At this point, you should also be able to see the product details as well.
  • Update information like seller name, retail price, etc.
  • Click “Next” and now, your product will be successfully added up on the Amazon app. You can now sell your Meesho product on Amazon.

What is the Meesho brand strong for? 

Meesho is a social commerce app that is highly reputable in India and all over the world as one of the top sites/apps for the resale of authentic consumer products.

The thing that stands Meesho out from the crowd of e-commerce companies is the fact that they allow many of their users to start-up successful businesses that go on to make a lot of profit while selling great products and services.

While Meesho is not yet at the top standards of great e-commerce brands like Amazon, it should be commended for all its efforts in boosting the world’s economy by giving several low-scale entrepreneurs a chance to have online businesses.

Meesho is strong for its social value and extended supply of affordable products that are sold on the site by customers and users that first have been verified by the management of the app.

Meesho gives its users the freedom to earn and shop as they please, and this is what really differentiates it from the rest of the pack on the e-space. Getting affordable products on Meesho for cool resale prices is something that will not be a hassle for you.

The great thing about this whole arrangement is that Meesho not only resells products, they actually have new products for sale as well – these products haven’t been used by any customer before and they are just waiting for their first owners to get them.

The business strategy of combining new products with products sold at resale value is one that makes Meesho very efficient and praiseworthy. Whatever budget you have, your shopping at Meesho is sure to come up with something that will give you good times.

You need to visit Meesho today in order to see some of these things we are discussing now. For real, your visit won’t be a waste of time.

Why the need for this comparison between Amazon and Meesho?

Meesho vs Amazon

Truly, there is not much need for comparison between Meesho and Amazon because we all know that Amazon is the better, more efficient, and more experienced brand. However, these comparisons help us to see other online options that may not be so obvious to us at first.

Once you pay attention to comparative articles like these, you might find opportunities that you have not seen before – despite your extensive searches and browsing.

Comparing Meesho and Amazon throws more light on these two thriving businesses, allowing us to gain extra perspective on the way that most online businesses are run today.

Although we know the clear winner (if there ever was a competition), we can still compare Meesho with Amazon in order to gain more insights into the shopping experiences of customers all over the world.

Once you are able to see things from different perspectives, you are able to make a much more informed decision whenever you need to make choices in matters like these.

The luxury of choice is something that shouldn’t be taken away from us as humans. Therefore, in order to make the right choices, we should endeavor to have all the necessary information that we need.

Amazon is clearly a better brand than Meesho when it comes to online sales, but we shouldn’t take anything away from the hard work that Meesho has put in to even make this comparison.

Amazon and Meesho are both great e-commerce that most people would enjoy shopping at today.


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