Are Vans Considered Sneakers?

Vans are generally considered sneakers. Sneakers are made for sports or other physical activities and are also used for everyday casual wear.

So, even as Vans may not be great sports shoes, it is used for everyday casual wear. Sneakers are also referred to as athletic shoes, trainers, sports shoes, gym shoes, or runners.

Are Vans Considered Sneakers

Vans may not be used for all of these, but they sure fall into the gym shoe category. If these are what qualifies a shoe to be called sneakers, then Vans are sneakers as well.

In this article, we will consider the features of Vans that make it to be considered sneakers, the type of sneakers Vans is, how popular Vans is, and the unisex nature of Vans.

What Features Make Vans To Be Considered As Sneakers?

Function as casual dress shoes

This is one of the features of sneakers. Sneakers are considered shoes that can be used for casual dress. And, knowing the history of Vans, you will consider that they are great dress shoes.

As a result of that, they are considered sneakers. Looking into the fashion world, dress shoes are not complete in mention when Vans are left out.

Among other things that sneakers are used for, casual dress is important. Vans may not be great for other sports, but they make a name in the casual dress category.

The lace-up design

Most sneakers come with a lace-up closure pattern. And, most Vans shoes are designed with a lace-up closure type. Because of this, they can be considered sneakers.

Although they are flat (some sneakers are), they are qualified to be called sneakers because they have a lace-up closure design that makes them unique.

You can hardly consider a shoe as sneakers when there is no lace-up in the design of that shoe.

Designed for some sports activities

The most popular sports activity that Vans is designed for is Skateboarding. Skateboarding is more of a recreational activity than a sport.

But, there’s some sport involved in it. This is where the strength of Vans is more visible. Because of this, we can comfortably consider Vans as sneakers.

The flat soles allow for balance while it is being used on the skateboard and this is a great sneaker for skateboarding. Some people use Vans for running. Even though it is not advisable to be used for running, it can still be used.

Enough toe space

Sneakers which are generally used for sports demand the availability of enough space in the toe in order for the athlete to easily navigate his toes while using the sneakers for sports.

Vans are designed with enough toe space and this gives them credence to be considered sneakers.

Some sneakers might be tight depending on the brand, Vans is just comfortable and suitable for the sports it is made to perform. Because Vans has this feature, it can pass for sneakers.

Cushioned insole

One major thing people look out for, especially athletes when purchasing sneakers is comfort and sizing. Some sneakers are embedded with removable soles that could be removed and washed.

Most Vans come with a cushioned insole and this adds to the comfort of the sneakers. The insoles may not be removable, but they provide comfort and because of this, they are fit to be considered sneakers.

Vans have features that make them sneakers. From the closure which is characteristic of sneakers to the soles, to the insole to the rugged construction to the grip enhancement.

Everything points to the fact that Vans is considered sneakers.

What Type Of Sneakers Is Vans?

Now that we know what makes Vans sneakers, what types of sneakers are Vans?

Vans are skateboarding sneakers

Long after Vans was invented, the manufacturer had to shift to making Vans shoes for skateboarding. Today, Vans is one of the most popular skateboarding sneakers.

There is no mention of skateboarding sneakers without the mention of Vans. Although Vans may not be the best for skateboarding, especially if you go for the cheap ones, the premium ones are the best in skateboarding.

Are you a skateboarder looking for sneakers to help you get the best experience, then check for any Vans sneakers.

Vans are also gym sneakers

There are gym exercises that Vans sneakers can be used for comfortably. The major activity you can use Vans for in the gym is the lifts.

Lifts like squats and deadlifts are best for Vans. There are good for these activities, but they should not be considered by lifters who are on the advanced level.

You can check other sneakers for advanced-level lifting. Generally, Vans are considered gym sneakers and they can only be used for these two exercises in the gym.

Vans are also dress sneakers

Judging from the population of skateboarders and casual people who just love to dress, Vans are more of dress sneakers.

Here, you don’t need to know how to skate or be involved in an exercise, you only need to know how to dress with your Vans as your everyday dress sneakers.

I think you might know 5 out of 10 people who have Vans sneakers in their collection of sneakers. This is because Vans can be used for a different style of dressing and still be in line with the trend.

Are Vans Sneakers Popular?

You can bet that. Vans sneakers are so popular. They have remained one of the most popular sneakers in the U.S and in some other countries.

It will interest you to know that a lot of shoe brands are placing Vans as their competition because of how popular Vans is. Vans stores are available in many countries all over the world.

There are not just available in physical stores, there are also available in online stores. You can literally purchase Vans shoes from popular online stores anywhere you are.

You can find Vans sneakers in the most popular online store like Amazon.

Another important reason Vans sneakers are so popular is that they are so affordable. Yes, Vans are very much affordable and everyone can afford to buy them.

It is one thing to find good shoes, it is another thing to be able to buy them. Vans is that brand. This is one of the reasons people keep patronizing Vans and making them popular.

You can always upgrade to the premium ones for better results. If you are just starting out in skateboarding and looking for a sneaker you can afford, Vans will help you out.

Are Vans Shoes Unisex?

Yes, Vans shoes are obviously unisex. I should also add that this is another reason they are so popular.

Unisex means, they are made for both men and women. That’s a very interesting thing. The fact that the shoes that a man can comfortably wear, a woman can also wear.

Because of the skateboarding nature of Vans shoes, they are made fitting for both men and women. There are different sizes available for men and for women. You can always check the size charts for your size.

You should also know that there are Vans shoes available for only men and only women. This way, you can comfortably purchase your size.

And this would most likely be dress shoes. Most sneakers are unisex sneakers and there are several unisex sneakers made by Vans.

This is beneficial as a brother can afford to make use of his sister’s sneakers for a day. A wife can also use her husband’s sneakers, that is, If they share almost the same size.

If I were to advise you, unless you find a unisex Vans sneakers that are exactly your size, you should go for the ones made for men if you are a man.


In conclusion, Vans are considered sneakers because of some features that they possess. Their unique flat soles, the space in the toe, and the closure type make them sneakers.

Also, how they function qualifies them as sneakers. For instance, Vans function as skateboarding shoes which is a sport. Remember that sneakers are also known as sports shoes and everyday wear dress.

Also, Vans function as casual dress shoes and this is another reason they are considered to be sneakers. Some runners make use of Vans shoes although, it is not recommended.

And then, you might be wondering what type of sneakers Vans is. Vans is a skateboarding sneaker, dress sneaker, and gym sneaker.

It is more of a dress and skateboarding sneakers than gym sneakers. And we also mentioned that Vans are so popular.

If you want to confirm the popularity of Vans, you can check among your friends, a lot of them have Vans sneakers. Lastly, we considered how Vans is a unisex shoe.

There are a lot of unisex Vans shoes out there, you only have to check the one that best fits you and purchase it. You will surely enjoy using Vans.


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