Are Vans Actually Good for Skating?

The way I see Vans, seems like it is just made for skating. You don’t think so? Well, let’s find out together. Vans are just the perfect shoes for skateboarding because of their thorough grip and durability. The design is cool and fashionable too. The best skateboarding shoes for the Vans varieties that I know of are the Vans Era, the Authentic, Slip-On Pro, the Sk8 Hi, and then the classic Old Skool.

Are Vans Actually Good for Skating

I love the Authentic the most because of the all-black shade but that is a story for another time. There are different kinds of Vans shoes that will make Vans fans always purring. I love Van shoes aside from the fact that they are built for skating, they are also very fashionable, versatile, and extremely comfortable.

The company started production for these fine shoe brands back in “76 in partnership with both Stacey Peralta and Tony Alva and have gone on to achieve pedigree in not only fashion, but also sports. They started with the Era series and down to the modern-day Sk8 Hi they have been able to maintain sturdy builds, fantastic grip, and sheer durability over the years which makes them crowned the best skating shoes and one of the most formidable sports shoes too.

What makes Cans Old Skool good for skating?

Are Vans Actually Good for Skating

Most Old Skool Vans have been redesigned for maximum progression when skating like the Aloha series which has the DURACAP feature.

Both the Uppers and the Underlays of the shoes have been reinforced with deeper knurl textures for bringing comfort and protection to the toes areas in case of bumpers. This enables more board control and the modern SICKSTICK rubber compound has been added to the sole for excessive grip and the board feel which is quite important for showcasing skills.

There are also some more tongue straps for tighter fit too. Another uniqueness is the POPCUSH cushioning which has been able to achieve energy-save for a more intense skateboarder. The footbeds have an energy return feature that is also comfortable with stockings.

While Vans continue to do their thing, we as users know exactly what we are looking for in the many attributes brought to the table. For fans of the Old Skool model, it is style. Other things like comfort and uniqueness can also be addressed here. These lots are much more fashionable than most and the reason I say this is backed up with facts.

The Old Skool model looks a bit like the Authentic series at first look but then again there are glaring differences. They were actually the very first that started imbibing more than one shade of color. They also had side stripes on the arches that introduced some really great flair to the Vans world.

They are utterly unique because a fine blend of durability and comfort were both things they had in mind.

What makes Vans ComfyCush good for skating?

Are Vans Actually Good for Skating?

ComfyCush entails textured uppers that are as simple as the underlays that provide the skater’s feet with utmost arch support. The tongue of the shoes is stable for both the toes and the heels where skaters are free to even wear them for fashion too.

They are quite different from other Vans given their foamy soles instead of the typical rubber but they possess a similar sole pattern which makes them extremely grippy for the experience.

They are a bit stiffer in terms of flex but make up for durability and a very flat balance for skateboarding. The tongues are sown in and there won’t be any distraction for a skater where the tongues move from side to side.

ComfyCush Vans are the more laid-back skating Vans shoes but do not underestimate them because of their light touch. This technology makes things a whole lot softer for skating and has been applied also to other Van models such as the Era, Old Skool, Slip-Ons, and Authentic.

These models are built for sheer skill because it makes skaters feel like they are actually flying! They are lightweight which is good for active skateboarding while also amassing grip and protection to the feet. I admire the construction of these Vans shoes because they feel very durable and have excellent traction on slippery days.

With all these mentioned, you will discover that these are great attributes for a good skateboarding shoe. The whole new experience of skating has been taking to a different level.

What makes Vans Authentic Core Classic Sneakers good for skating?

Are Vans Actually Good for Skating

Next up is the Authentic Core Classics. This shoe has a suede design that is fantastic for fashionable skaters. The sole is compact and thick and may be one of the best in the skating world. The Authentic Core sneaks feel like a slip-on with laces because they fit in and are very flexible as well as comfortable too.

Although there is no presence of padding like the Era Pro, it gives skaters with larger feet some good experience in kickflips and balance. They also have nice footbeds for skaters to have a better connection with their boards which is absolutely important.

As I have said, they are my favorite Vans and you will soon be discovering why. They are one of the oldest Vans models if not the oldest. I heard they have been in vogue since the late 60s! These were originally built for skating sport and were one of the most used too.

It has for me, the best grip because of the old school concept which represents sturdiness and flexibility. They can be worn on any outfit as well while skating and safety is 100% secured. The Authentic Core Classics are also very comfortable and durability is its defining power as well. Tested and trusted.

What makes Vans Slip-On Pro good for skating?

Are Vans Actually Good for Skating?

Kick flips are very comfortable with the slip-on Pros mainly because of the closer impact with the board because of its flat and simple design. The grip and control are reflected by its fantastic sole design. The cushioning is great because they fit well which makes up for its lack of laces or fasteners.

Speaking of laces, the Slip-On doesn’t have any which I see as an advantage for skaters because after all that skills and stunts, the laces of your other models might come loose and you will have to sit down to fasten them again.

Although this is an advantage, it might become a disadvantage if you are not lucky enough to get your size. When this happened, your Slip-On Pro Vans will begin to fall off easily.

The cushioning might not be as good as most Vans classic because of the light sole, but the impact is always okay and your toes and heels are very much protected if you are not an intense skater.

Vans Slip-On is also a skateboarding beauty that has been trusted for over 40 years. This one has no laces or fasteners and can be put on like flip-flops and are very easy to maintain. Many will take the lack of fasteners as a disadvantage for skateboarding but that notion is utterly wrong.

These shoes are very fit and compact while not being too tight. The design is truly a master class from Vans because there is some iota of comfort too. Is it casual? Yes. It is sustainable? Most definitely.

What makes Vans Sk8 Hi good for skating?

Are Vans Actually Good for Skating

Mere looking at the Sk8 Hi, you will discover that the design is way different from regular Vans shoes and even slating shoes In general. It features unique high ankle designs on the upper with triple stitching which runs all the way around the ankle collar. This is cool and good-looking as well.

It has laces and extra stitching for a breathable experience, especially for intense skaters. The most unique feature about this Vans model is its high ankle design which protects skaters with weak ankles. Your Sk8 Hi Pro will also protect your bines from board impacts which is also good news for the tricksters.

I have seen this model numerous times in skateboarding competitions both on TV and in skateboard parks which tell you all you need to know about its pedigree. It has some really great board feel due to the tongue and sole which makes them so much flexible too.

Underneath, the grip is amazing and surely one of the best in the skateboarding world. It consists of the usual Vans waffle sole pattern that is built for protection and sheer impact due to its sturdiness and quality. They are also one of the most fashionable skateboarding shoes out there as well.

Sk8 Hi Pro Vans also come with ComfyCush features too. Some might say this pair is the best for skateboarding but if you ask me, I’ll say; “maybeâ€.

What makes the Vans Era good for skating?

The Vans Era is some really great skateboarding shoes as they consist of a fine blend of protective uppers and comfortable underlays. It has a removable tongue and the heels are thick and extremely grippy for a thousand flip tricks.

They are low-profile shoes built for skating and with affordability in check, skateboarders are sure to get some of their best skating experience with this pair. They have some really good grip and one of the most durable with ultra-cush features.

Heel flips are amazing in the Vans era not only because of the fine combination of the suede and canvas style but also for, you guessed it; comfort. There is an extra material in the underlays called the DURACAP which I mentioned earlier. They are meant for sturdiness, protection of heels, and comfort.

The Era Pro models started taking the skateboarding world by the storm also in the mid-70s and are still doing just that today. The designs have always been simple and its simplicity even makes it more attractive in both sight and feel. The low-cut design makes it a very casual pair of skating shoes that will optimize the skater’s performances with its seamless padding for ankle support.

The Era series also increases comfort and sturdiness at the same time which makes them utterly shock-absorbent. They have also done pretty excellently in numerous skateboarding competitions, both local and international. For a thousand rides and more, the Era is with you all the way.

What are the other reasons why I should buy Vans?

Very fashionable

The number one and most obvious reason is that it is fashionable. This says a lot about Vans shoes given that they are some really great sport shoes.

They come in so many colors and design that makes it difficult to make a pick when perusing through online stores. It is no news that Vans shoes fit in well with most dress codes so there you have it.

Very comfortable

Vans are also some really comfortable shoes as I have explained thoroughly. They do well in terms of protecting your feet and keeping you comfy always when skating, so imagine how it will feel while wearing casually to school, parties, movies or any outdoor activity.

They are affordable too

Yes, affordability. Vans are very affordable shoes which you can get from about the $40-$100 range. This is a huge bargain because they are so durable and efficient as they are built for rough usage. Let’s not forget that they do pretty well in any weather especially in cold seasons where your feet will be protected throughout the winter.

Vans are also creative outlets for people to showcase decorative designs which help to promote art individuality and give back to the community.


Staking shoes are not means to be comfortable all the time especially when you use them extensively.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to enjoy some good comfort when skating on the go.

There are so many skateboarding shoes that are built to ensure skaters have the best experience while doing their hobbies in terms of comfort, durability, and protection.

Every skater should know what skating shoe will work for them as not everyone likes flips, kicks, or off-the-wall stunts as some prefer casual skateboarding. It all depends on your taste and what you are truly looking for in skateboarding.

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