Are Vans Non-Marking Shoes?

Vans do not have marking soles. Vans are non-marking shoes.

The Vans brand of shoes provides shoes that have a good grip, a firm deck, and a comfortable feel.

A marking shoe is a shoe that has a sole that leaves marks on the floor. This how the name MARKING/NON-MARKING came to be. Any shoe that has a sole which does not leave a mark on the ground while walking is not a marking shoe.

Are Vans Non-Marking Shoes?
The sole of a Vans Classic Shoe

However, any footwear that leaves a mark in the soil whenever you are passing is a marking shoe.

Vans do not produce non-marking shoes.

What makes a shoe a non-marking shoe?

There are certain features of non-marking shoes that make them easy to be identified in the market.

A non-marking shoe has a sole that does not leave marks on the floor unlike the marking shoe

Even a normal shoe leaves black marks on the floor. However, a non-marking shoe does not leave such marks either indoor (sports or casual activities) or outdoor. This is one of the major features of a non-marking shoe. Whenever you see a shoe that does not leave such marks on the floor, it should become clear to you at that moment that such a shoe is non-marking.

Non-marking shoes have a very soft sole

This explains why it would not leave marks on the floor. The sole surface of non-marking shoes is always so soft and very tender in such a way that it is impossible for any mark to appear on the floor. This is another feature of a non-marking shoe.

A non-marking shoe would MOST LIKELY have a white or light-colored sole

Compared to the marking shoe which majorly always has a black sole, the non-marking shoe does not have a black sole and that explains why they don’t leave such dark marks on the ground when you are walking in it.

Any shoe with a light-colored or white sole is less likely to leave dark marks on the floor whenever you walk in them. This is also another feature of a non-marking shoe.

However, there are non-marking shoes with black soles which can be found in the market. They are not so common, but it is not impossible to find them either.

If you don’t like white non-marking shoes, a black non-marking shoe is not less inefficient and functions than a non-marking shoe with a white sole.

Non-marking shoes have a very soft and tender sole compared to the marking shoe

This also explains why it is impossible for them to leave marks on the floor. Marking shoes have stiff soles which often leave scuff marks whenever you are walking in them.

However, one of the major features of a non-marking shoe is its soft and tender sole.

Non-marking shoes are most likely to have noise-resistant soles

Because of the make-up of non-marking shoes, walking in them makes less noise compared to the marking shoes which have stiff and strong soles. The sole of marking shoes are soft and tender, when they come in contact with the hard surface ground, they are less likely to make a sound. The sound would be very faint and it sounds like foam sometimes. This is one of the features of a non-marking shoe.

Non-marking shoes do not always have slip-resistant soles

The reason for this is that the soles of non-marking shoes do not have friction compared to marking shoes. They have a bit of traction; however, it has always been advised not to wear non-marking shoes to wet or slippery ground surfaces or to activities where you would have to make sudden jerky movements.

These are the major features of a non-marking shoe that make it easier to identify in the market. It would be unsafe to assume that all sneakers are non-marking shoes. The above-listed features should make it easier for you to identify a non-marking shoe.

The major feature of a non-marking shoe lies in the sole quality. Once the sole is not soft enough to not leave a scuff mark on the ground, then such shoe is a non-marking shoe.

Examples of shoes that have non-marking soles

There are a lot of shoes that are non-marking. However, in order for you to get the best out of the numerous shoes, I have narrowed this article down to talk about the best 4 non-marking shoes you would ever find in the market.

Below is the list of shoes that are non-marking which are the best for you and your choice of fashion. Furthermore, this is applicable to sportsmen as well.

S/N Name of shoe Ranking Rating (1-5)
1 PYTHON men’s deluxe (Non-marking) shoe Strongest Non-marking shoe 5/5
2 HEAD men’s sonic 2000 (Non-marking) shoe Most comfortable Non-marking shoe 4/5
3 HEAD men’s GRID 2.0 (Non-marking) shoe Best Non-marking shoe for indoor sport 4/5
4 KD vector (Non-marking) shoe Best lightweight Non-marking shoe 4/5

PYTHON men’s deluxe (Non-marking) shoe

This footwear is made of 100% leather which explains its strength and durability. It is built with what I call the “HEAVYWEIGHT STYLEâ€. This footwear can withstand any pressure and carry any weight without caving in.

This is the strongest Non-marking shoe you would ever find in the market. It has an amazing light feel which makes walking comfortable and very crispy. It has additional padding on the inside which makes it extra comfortable for you.

It offers arch-support which makes it very suitable for those with flat feet as well. It has a strong rubber sole. Unlike the general sneakers or vans, this footwear has a soft rubber sole which was deliberately built that way, the high-density rubber sole is perfect for abrasion resistance, strong skid resistance, and elasticity.

It has a thicker back heel for shock absorption. Furthermore, if you are using this footwear for sporting activities, it is important for you to know that this footwear provides adequately for you whenever you want to land.

For example, as a basketball player, this footwear ensures that you don’t twist your ankle while trying to duck the ball into the net. This footwear provides strong support for your feet and can withstand any pressure you subject it to.

Out of my list of Non-marking shoes, the PYTHON men’s deluxe (Non-marking) shoe stands out as the strongest. The beautiful fact about this footwear is that it is extremely affordable.

HEAD men’s sonic 2000 (Non-marking) shoe

This is another footwear I can recommend for you if you need a good non-marking shoe. The HEAD brand does not have as much visibility compared to other brands like Vans, Converse, Adidas, Fila, and Puma. However, I have observed that the HEAD brand makes comfortable shoes.

This footwear is made of leather material that is durable and comfortable. The leather material is also waterproof and does not crack due to pressure. It has a rubber sole that has a considerable amount of traction and is slip-resistant. It also has an added padding in the midsole for additional comfort.

However, whenever you are walking in this shoe, it does not feel like you are walking in footwear that has a stiff rubber sole. Walking with this shoe makes your feet comfortable and relaxed.

This is the best non-marking shoe that brings comfort. Most especially if you are into basketball and all other indoor sports, the HEAD men’s sonic 2000 Non-marking shoe is one hell of a shoe you should buy in order to have a combination of stability and comfort.

It also has a HEAD heel energy frame support. Compared to other non-marking shoes in this list, the HEAD men’s sonic 2000 Non-marking shoe is very light. It is also very affordable and it has an amazing design that gives it a difference from other non-marking shoes.

HEAD men’s GRID 2.0 Non-marking shoe

This is the best non-marking shoe for indoor sporting activities. Majorly, the sole of every piece of footwear is important when it comes to indoor sporting activities.

This footwear tick all the boxes and is suitable for you as a basketball player or badminton player, etc. It has a very soft sole with traction that keeps your feet steady.

The sole also provides adequate support for your feet and ankles whenever you are performing stunts while playing the game. Apart from the sole quality, it has a strong build frame that makes it attractive and classy.

It also has a breathable feature that keeps your feet cool and comfortable while playing games. It has synthetic upper leather and an air mesh upper. This is the best pick for you as an indoor sportsman.

It is also affordable and offers premium quality to its users.

KD Vector Non-marking shoe

This is a footwear that is “AS LIGHT AS FEATHERâ€. With the KD Vector Non-marking shoe, walking is easy and comfortable. This footwear makes walking extremely comfortable.

For an athlete, the KD Vector Non-marking shoe allows you to lift as high as you want to without ever dragging you down because of its weight.

It has a strong rubber sole which is Non-marking and allows for stability. It has a high traction sole which is the reason for the noise it makes whenever you are running or walking around. It is anti-slip.

It has an air cushion feature that also makes it comfortable enough for you. Generally, every piece of footwear in this article is lightweight, but this is the best lightweight non-marking shoe you would ever find.

However, I should bring to your notice that they run too large and you should order a little size lower for comfort. This shoe has a flexible feature as well which makes it break in after consistent use. It is very comfortable, but what makes it comfortable is its lightweight feature.

The KD Vector Non-marking shoe is also very affordable just like every non-marking shoe listed in this article.

Importance of non-marking soles

Are Vans Non-Marking Shoes?

Non-marking soles make walking easier and comfortable

Non-marking soles are soft which makes walking easier and comfortable. Walking in stiff shoes might making walking stressful and slow especially when your feet are beginning to adapt to it.

However, the non-marking soles make it very comfortable to walk around and run around.

Non-marking soles are noise resistant

When you are walking around in marking shoes with stiff soles, it is expected to hear sounds whenever you are moving on a smooth surface which might be a bit of distraction.

However, because of the soft rubber material of the non-marking sole, it is easier to walk around without causing distraction because of sounds generated as a result of strong and stiff soles.

Non-marking soles do not deface interior decors

This seems simple right? You don’t want to have dark spots all over the floor of your living room as a result of the black marking shoe sole. Walking with the non-marking soles especially indoors does not deface interior decors (the floor).

Non-marking shoes are good for indoor sports activities

This is because it is easy to glide through the smooth slippery floor for stunts and winning moves. Using a shoe with very high traction makes gliding around difficult which might slow down your movement in the basketball court, etc…


Are Vans Non-Marking Shoes?

Vans are non-marking shoes, but this does not make them bad footwear. Every footwear was designed for specific reasons and purposes. Non-marking shoes are good. They also have obvious differences from marking shoes.

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