Are Vans Considered Athletic Shoes?

No, Vans are not good athletic shoes. They are not really considered athletic as they are not the go-to shoes for most athletic activities.

Are Vans Considered Athletic Shoes

Athletic activities involve running, jumping, leaping, etc. Vans shoes were not originally made for athletic activities and so, the features do not support that.

Most athletes in the world would not consider Vans as their best choice. Regardless of how popular Vans are, they do not share that popularity in the athletic field.

In this article, we will consider further reasons why Vans are not great for athletes, what kind of shoes they are considered to be, and the features that make Vans suitable for skate shoes in particular.

Major Reasons Why Vans Are Not Considered Athletic Shoes?

  • Vans Design is not suitable
  • Outsoles are not made for running
  • Vans do not possess the strength to withstand running force


Vans are not considered athletic shoes because they were not designed to be so. A manufacturer of a thing should be able to say what that thing is designed for.

Vans weren’t made for athletic activities unless you choose to use them for that. There may be some people who find it comfortable to use Vans for running, as any shoes can be used for running.

But, the fact is, you should not use Vans as your running shoe. If you feel comfortable running barefoot, then go ahead instead of using Vans.

Outsoles are not made for running

The flat soles of Vans are not made for athletic activities like running. The slip-on Vans shoe is the last option you should consider for running, they might slip out of your foot at any time.

Strength to withstand force

Vans are not that strong to withstand much force and rigidity that is involved in athletic activities. You will be easily disappointed if you decide to use Vans for sports, especially the cheap ones.

Vans are more known for the fashionable dress styles available and for skateboarding not for other athletic activities.

What Kind Of Shoes Are Vans Considered to be?

Now, here’s the interesting part. Because Vans are not good for athletic activities doesn’t mean they have no popularity in a particular field.

Vans are considered great skateboarding favorites

Vans are mostly considered to be skateboarding shoes. This was what Vans shoes were made for.

This was not so from the invention of Vans in 1966, but Vans veered into the skateboarding field when they saw the need to do so.

When it comes to skateboarding, Vans shoes are the most widely used. So, if you are a skateboarder and you’re looking for a great Skateboarding shoe, Vans is your best call.

Vans are great for gym activities

Vans are not just considered to be skateboarding shoes, they were specifically designed to be so. Also, there are gym activities that Vans are considered good for.

Activities like deadlifts and squats. Inasmuch as they may be considered great gym shoes, they are only good for some lifts activities. Another thing that Vans are good for which is not so obvious is that Vans are good boat shoes.

The slip-on Vans was originally designed to be used as a boat shoe. I am sure you may just be finding this out for the first time.

As the years go by, people continue to discover what Vans can really be used for and how they can be used.

Vans are great dress shoes

What you should know is that Vans are greatly considered for skateboarding. That’s the most popular. Also, Vans are great dress shoes.

Vans are widely used as dress shoes by most people who patronize Vans. Apart from Skateboarding, Vans are most popular for being considered and being used as dress shoes.

The fashion world is evolving and Vans is patterning its shoes to meet up the dress sense of today’s style.

So, if you are not engaged in skateboarding and you want to join the train of people using Vans, you can best use it as a casual dress shoe.

What Features Make Vans Suitable For Skating?

We have established that Vans are great Skateboarding shoes, let’s now consider the features that make them so.

Grip enabled

Every skateboarder would search for shoes that will enhance their grip on the skateboard as they skate.

Vans are specially made with that grip enabled. While skateboarding with Vans, there is less chance of slipping out of the skateboard because the shoes have a good grip on the skateboard.

This is why Vans are great Skateboarding shoes. It offers what skateboarders need and they have used and trusted Vans for this.

Rugged Construction unique to Vans

Knowing what is involved in skateboarding, you will understand that it needs shoes that are constructed to be rugged and not fall apart while being used.

Vans are ruggedly constructed to meet this demand. They do not easily tear or fall apart. They are made strong and rugged and this is unique to the Vans brand.

Because Vans are affordable, you might be disappointed if you go for the cheaper ones and expect this attribute from them. If you really want to be satisfied with what Vans can offer, go for the premium ones.

Unique soles

This is the best thing about Vans being considered for skateboarding. Their unique flat soles are great and suitable for the skateboard.

Their characteristic flat soles are why people like and prefer Vans for skateboarding because that is what skateboarding requires. People cannot comfortably skate in heavy and ridgy soles.

This is where Vans becomes popular and widely used.


Apart from the characteristic flat soles, Vans are lightweight. In skateboarding, heavy shoes are not required as no one can enjoy skating in heavy shoes.

Vans are designed to be lightweight and this makes them best for skateboarding. A lightweight shoe and skateboarding are what contribute to a great skateboarder.


Vans are durable for skateboarding. In skateboarding, you need shoes that will stay through without breaking out or falling apart for a long time in order to enjoy skateboarding.

Vans offers this and this is why they are considered skateboarding shoes. Although the cheaper Vans shoes may not afford you this, the premium ones will surely stay longer and more reliable while on your skateboarding journey.

You don’t need to fear, Vans are generally made to last long and are good for skateboarding.


The above features are great and very important. But, this is what makes you not just stay balanced but enjoy skateboarding because of the comfort Vans shoes provide.

You can easily get flat shoes to wear for skateboarding, but you can’t easily get a comfortable one. Vans are embedded with a cushioned insole that aids comfort.

When you go into the store to get a pair of shoes, comfort is one of the things that comes to your mind, especially if you have what you want to use that shoe for.

Will it keep you comfortable while skateboarding? Vans answers that question by making their premium shoes very comfortable for skateboarding.

Are Vans Good For Sports?

Vans are generally not good for sporting activities including soccer, running, table tennis, golf.

The above sports cannot comfortably feature Vans in their fields. Vans may be great in one area but, definitely not for sports in general.

Sports require different features for the different sporting activities and Vans cannot function in the middle of all of these.

Just as Vans are not considered athletic shoes, they are not good for sports. It will be a terrible mistake to try on Vans for any sports activity.

Imagine using Vans for football. The flat soles of Vans cannot accommodate the fierceness of the football field and the sport itself.

Vans are too lightweight to be used for sports. Most sports require shoes that have great designs and are still lightweight to accommodate the sports.

Vans are not designed for sporting activities and they cannot function well in such.

Using Vans for table tennis will not afford you the swiftness and flexibility you need for the sport. The vans may slip out of your feet when you try using them.

Can you call Vans dress shoes?

Yes, you can. Vans are considered dress shoes too. In fact, they are widely used as casual dress shoes apart for skateboarding activities.

The modern fashion and style involved in Vans shoes are very appropriate for a stylish dress pattern.

If you look around you, a lot of people use Vans as dress shoes and it will not be out of place for you to do the same. You should be able to know how to combine your dresses to fit with Vans shoes.

You almost cannot get it wrong when it comes to using Vans as dress shoes. You can use it with jeans, shirts, polos, chinos and a wide range of dresses.

The stylish nature of Vans makes it go with almost everything. But, you need to learn and know how to dress in Vans shoes in order not to down your dressing fashion.

So, if you are not going to use Vans for Skateboarding, then you should consider dressing up with it. Vans are so popular that you should not be left out. Try using it as a dress shoe and also enjoy the feeling that Vans affords.

Can You do heavy gym lifting with Vans?

No, Vans can only be used to perform lifts activities like squats.

Squats demand that you stay balanced on the ground and you have a good grip of your foot on the ground. Remember we said earlier that Vans shoes afford grip on the ground in skateboarding.

This is the same thing here in squats. Using Vans means that you will be able to be well balanced on the ground and you can easily perform squats. Vans are lightweight and also flat. These are other reasons they are good for squats.

Another lift activity you can use Vans for is the deadlift. It happens that these are the only gym activities you can use Vans for.

This is so because these require flat and lightweight shoes and the toes must have enough space for easy grip on the ground.

While you might want to consider using Vans for squats and deadlifts, you should not consider it if you are a professional lifter and you want to engage in other lifts.

They are other shoes that can help you further in that. Vans are good for these activities, but not great.

Can I Do Cardio In Vans?

Doing Cardio in Vans is a no-no. Cardio, being one of the gym exercises should not be done with Vans.

This can lead to injuries and pain. Cardio exercises are meant to strengthen the circulatory system.

But, if not done with the right tools, including shoes, in the right way, it may lead to a fatal injury. Because of the slippery nature of Vans as it is flat on the soles, it is not recommended for cardio.

If you are looking for shoes to use for cardio exercises, you can check for a better one. You should not even consider Vans.

Vans shoes were not designed for cardio and they cannot be used for such. Like I have said earlier, Vans are great for dress shoes and skateboarding and any other thing, but they are not great for them.

Even if they are good for lifts, they are not great for them. Cardio is one of the many exercises you should not try with Vans shoes.


Vans can be used for some athletic activities, but they are not considered athletic shoes. You should not try them on sports.

The only activity that Vans are great for is skateboarding. And this is so because of the characteristic flat sole, lightweight, grip enhancement, and comfortability of Vans.

Because Vans are not considered athletic shoes, they are not also considered Sports shoes.

Vans are best for dress shoes and the fashion of today has enhanced that. One of the gym exercises you shouldn’t try with Vans is cardio. If you are a skateboarder, then consider using Vans.


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