Are Vans Good For Mountain Biking?

The Vans with waffle grip that helps to provide traction and a flat sole is certainly suitable for mountain biking, but you see those slip-on Vans, avoid them completely. They can come off the pedal of your mountain bikes.

You exert more force on the pedals when mountain biking and the lack of a supporting arch in a shoe would cause your ride to become uncomfortable as your feet tire quickly from the extra strain exerted.

Are Vans Good For Mountain Biking?

Vans have been known since its inception to be a skater’s favorite shoes, although the brand has a collection of Vans designed for mountain biking.

What makes Vans suitable for mountain biking?

Good Grip

Vans shoes have a grip which is a good thing when going mountain biking. You want your feet glued properly to your pedals as you race and bounce across uneven mountain terrain.

Vans are generally made of canvass material that lasts long and feels easy on your feet but due to the rigor involved in mountain biking your Vans shoes would only last about ten months. Your feet need to be protected as well as your ankles, so getting a lace pair of Vans would do you a lot of good.

Avoid slip-on Vans as they would easily come off and also get hi-top models which provide round protection for your ankles. Also, Vans are produced from canvass which provides protection to your feet during mountain biking.

Rocks and other objects like trees can easily cause injury and the toe of Vans has a reinforced rubber as well as the heels, this adds an additional layer of protection for you while you enjoy the mountain trails.

Shorb absorbing quality

Its thick rubber sole comes with another shock-absorbing quality which adds more protection and firmness when paddling.

Impacts encountered from performing mountain biking activity, jumps, walking, or running along hill paths would be very well reduced due to this feature plus the stiffness of the midsole runs through the entire length of the shoe adding more efficiency to your rides.

Great Dimension

Dimension is a quality that cannot be left out in stating the likable features of Vans footwear. While riding you need lots of surface contact with your pedals, and with the curvy but wide sole of a Vans shoe your feet make contact with all of the pedals and also trim enough not to hang off the excess over the outboard of the pedals.

Lateral Seam

Their excellent lateral seam and toe box gives adequate support when a sudden stop is needed keeping your inertia in place and not coming apart at the soles from the forces involved in stopping suddenly or having to move quickly with a burst of speed.

They are agile and very durable.


The light nature of Vans footwear makes it a great choice. Because of the materials used in production, Vans come in light and flexible designs.

They do not feel burly or cumbersome instead they feel like an extension of your feet. This gives confidence and stamina when mountain biking, reducing fatigue by letting your feet work the pedals much more easily and quicker.

Vans are also very affordable, a pair cost just about 40$ with limited models going from 60$ to 70$. The price range is fair compared to other mountain footwear, and they last about a year if you use them constantly.

The shoes can also be retired and kept as everyday walking shoes if you wish so, still keeping their style for an easy casual look. Cleaning is relatively easy and can be done using a soft towel and water.

The laces can be washed with light detergent and shoes dried in shade never in direct sunlight, making them retain their quality over a significant period of time.

What are the specific Vans shoes that will work for mountain biking?

As a mountain bike enthusiast who loves to wear Vans footwear, when riding your choices of design matter. For an effective and fun-filled experience avoid Vans with slip-on only use those equipped with lace for proper fitting and protection.

For mountain biking you need shoes you can readily trust at all times. Some models you can check out in your nearest store or online are listed below;

Vans BMX Shoes Warner

These shoes are known for their durability and strength. Features include;

  • Very light gum rubber soles with off-the-wall thread pattern: this provides excellent grip with the pedals when riding, making sure there is minimal loss of contact.
  • SPD compatible plate: this feature is especially liked by riders because it provides support during those extreme conditions.
  • Weather-resistant synthetic leathers: an added layer of protection is offered with this design, keeping off mud and dirt easily.
  • Molded EVA foam sock liners: the inside is covered with foam which gives a comfortable feel and protection to your feet.

Vans Men’s Old Skool Pro BMX

  • Strong suede and canvass covering: many uses find the versatile design good enough to wear as a casual outfit or any occasion required.
  • Pop Cush feed beds: these pop Cush feed beds makes it excellent for skaters as it gives balance and power.
  • DURACAP reinforcement rubber soles: the DURACAP in this Vans offers extreme flexibility that gives riding a pleasurable feel.
  • Vans waffle BMX soles: BMX soles give cushion and shock absorption encountered during rough mountain rides.

Vans gravel bike shoes

  • Water-resistant synthetic covering: protection from the elements is an added advantage providing durability and long life.
  • Suitable for flats: these gravel shoes are excellent for riding flats. It fits and grips the pedal well enough to give maximum effort in any riding situation.
  • Reflective sides trip: night or low right riding can also be fun and a reflective side strip provides security for riders, making them visible to others while riding.
  • TRAX Rubber outsole with waffle grip pattern: the waffle grip pattern prevents slipping and gives support while running or walking on different surfaces.
  • Impact absorbent heel: riding on mountains involves lots of impacts and with well-formed rubber heels, this can be reduced to give the ride a smooth feel.

Vans warner clipless

  • Laces fastened with Velcro: Velcro fasteners give extra fitness and firmness during pedaling. Not allowing the shoes to slip off your feet during vigorous rides.
  • Equipped with sticky gum rubber thread: the sticky gum thread allows for easy lacing and loosening. The laces do not entangle together.
  • Cleat placement is suitable for uphill biking: the cleat on the shoes makes uphill biking more efficient by giving extra support and firmness needed when going uphill, as extra energy is expended.

Are Vans good for riding flats?

Are Vans Good For Mountain Biking?

Vans are a suitable choice when you want to ride flats. The reason for this is because almost if not all Vans shoes and footwear come with a distinctive flat sole, with its rubber sole providing grip with the grooves of the pedal.

This ensures that your feet remain fixed on the pedals, but the action of fluids like water can make it get a little slippery. When using Vans to ride flats make sure to have a firm footing on the pedals because Vans shoes can lift a little causing you to catch air.

This can be remedied by adding an insole to the footwear to provide more rigidity and support. For those who perform tricks while riding Vans shoes provide freedom while riding flats.

Your feet can be taking off the pedals and back again without loss of grip giving you greater control and confidence as you ride uphill or downhill.

Some riders prefer clip-on shoes while others prefer flats and no one is better than the other, it all depends on the choice of the rider and their style of riding. So if you are to choose make sure you are making a decision based on your skills, choices, and style of riding for the best experience.

What other sport can Vans be used for?

Vans shoes and footwear has come a long way in the extreme sports scene. With most applications seen in skateboarding. Other sporting activities include tennis, parkour, free running, and general athletic activities.

Sports enthusiasts vary with choices of footwear with some sport having specially made shoes for use. The overall factor that influences footwear choice should tally with the sporting activity you want to involve in, taking into consideration the type of floor surface you will perform in from rubber floors to asphalt and concrete.

If you are involved in any of the above environments or frequently engaged in a high-powered sport involving dashing, jumping, or power athletics then Vans are a good pick for you.

Some of the qualities that make Vans shoes good for outdoor sports include;

  • Arches: Vans are designed with ‘zero drops’ within the last half-century. This means there is no arch between the heel and the sole but uniformly straight all through. The lack of arch in the footwear allows you to work your feet during high-powered activities building resistance and training that part of your body.
  • Sole Grip: The honeycomb design structure of the sole, is popular with the and brand. This provides firm grip and traction with various surfaces, be it on a board or ramp, or asphalt. The zero slip nature allows for acceleration and deceleration that occurs in sporting events, it also ensures maximum ground reaction force from the heightened coefficient of friction. Resulting in greater agility.

What other shoes can we use for mountain biking?

Are Vans Good For Mountain Biking?

Many sports companies and footwear manufacturers produce a variety of different shoes that can be used for mountain biking. The options are limitless when it comes to choices but we can list a few that you can pick from when next you go shopping.

Firstly, you want to be sure of the type of pedal you are using either flat or clipped. And generally, a shoe is considered a good choice for mountain biking if it enables you to remain solid as you cycle, securely fits you, and comfortable on long trail days.

Shimano are durable trail shoes that account for perfect positioning of your foot helping greatly for pedaling and descending. Their outer flap and lock lace mechanism ensure a strong fit while its neoprene ankle gaiter helps keep away dirt, cobbles, and mud.

The Five ten freerider is meant for riding flats, very lightweight, and a top pick for its very sticky rubber soles. It has a strong midsole while still remaining flexible ensuring a strong connection with the pedals and advantageous for those long uphill and jumps.

The Giro Chamber II is designed and made to feel like a flat pedal shoe. It is especially known for its use and efficiency when driving downhill, with its stiff sole to ensure maximum transfer of power from your legs. Its burly weight offers protection and durability against harsh mountain terrains.

The Fizik infinito X1 is specifically durable for cross country races these trail bike shoes are a good choice if you do long distances mountain biking.

It has a sole manufactured from carbon Fibre with lightly raised studs for off-road hiking. A rubber grip embedded inside of the heel cup combined with its unique boa adjuster ensures it stays glued to your feet no matter the conditions.

The Pearl Izumi x-alps elevate is known for its comfortable design, well-grooved rubber sole, and a combination of straps and lace for a perfect fit.

What to consider when buying MTB shoes

Here are some things to consider when you are buying a new pair of mountain biking shoes


Most flats shoes sport Laces that are easy, effective, and very simple to use. Laces account for an even distribution of pressure around the shoes. But cannot be easily adjusted mid-ride.

Hook and loop

Composed of Velcro straps that are common in most mountain biking footwear. They allow for adjustment of the strap to any setting you feel most comfortable with. The downside is that the Velcro can fail after much usage and usually hide mud and dirt inside them.


The best closure is the dial closure. This design allows for minute adjustments and provides the most closing force for shoes. Mud resistant and weather-friendly they usually become damaged after much use but are easily replaceable.

These few choices are just a drop among many, and in choosing the right pair your comfort is preferred among other qualities. So choose what works best for you.


Are Vans Good For Mountain Biking?

The Vans brand is recognized worldwide as a durable product with sports enthusiasts subscribing to its patronage for decades. To answer the question if vans are suitable for mountain biking, the answer is yes as long as you are using the correct shoes.

Always get the laced-up version and with its enhanced rubber soles and grip, you become masters of any mountain trail you decide to ride in. Always purchase a pair that fits and not too loose, then you are set for adventure in the wild.

I hope this answers your questions and gives you the necessary information to decide the best shoes for your mountain biking experience.


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