Are Vans Good Driving Shoes?

Yes, Vans are good driving shoes. Vans are not only known as Skateboarding shoes but can also hold their own while driving. They possess the ability to remain firm and solid enough when you step on the gas and when you apply your brakes.

Vans are one of the best shoes to use for driving because they have solid insoles and they are also flexible, which enables good and adequate foot movement on the pedals.

Are Vans Good Driving Shoes?

This shoe makes driving even quicker, they are not just fashionable shoes, they are also comfortable driving shoes.

Why Vans are good driving shoes?

The main reason why Vans are good driving shoes is that:

  • They are super versatile and their insoles are solid.
  • They are of good quality and the insoles are made of rubber to make sure that you do not slip while wearing them.
  • They also make sure that you feel the pedals well while driving.
  • Vans are not just shoes used for fashion, you know like those sneakers you just wear on your baggy jeans and animated shirts to drip with your friends, they are good quality shoes with fashionable style or design for driving.
  • They are also durable.
  • They also have waffle soles at the back of them, this gives an extra feel on your pedals plus you can use your Vans for skating so those waffle soles give an extra feel to your board.

Are Vans good for driving long distances?

Yes, Vans are good for driving long distances. Why do I think so? Let’s take a look at the design and style of the Vans. Vans have different types of designs and they are styled in a way that would be comfortable for you to wear while driving a long distance.

The waffled soles give you the perfect feel for your pedals no doubt. Although the only thing that might make you wanna feel uncomfortable is when your feet are excreting out sweats in the Vans.

You know, while driving long distances, your feet would surely let you know or feel how long you have gone plus most shoes like Vans do not have breathable materials.

What shoe should you not wear while driving?

Wearing the wrong type of shoes to drive could cause or result in a few accidents that we blame on the car or even the road. Most ladies put on their heels or most guys even put on slippery soled shoes, enter the car and drive.

These kinds of shoes you wear can cause a pedal error like your feet slipping off the brake or accelerator or even pushing the wrong pedal which can result in a car crash.

Well, the big news here is putting on the right kind of shoes can help you prevent those little incidents. In this article, I’d be listing the shoes you should not wear while driving.


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Flip-flops and mules are shoes that do not have any secure heel and any shoe that does not secure any heel can result in interference with the brake and accelerator because they can easily slip off the pedals.


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Wedges are shoes with a sole that is in the form of a wedge with just one piece of material that works both as the sole and wedge, cool right? Yeah.

But these shoes are not to be worn while driving because they can create a wrong sense of pressure to be applied to both the brake and accelerator and you know that there is an obstruction that modifies the driver’s distance between the upper part of your foot and the upper part of the pedal.


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These are shoes whose heels are higher off the ground compared to the toes because of these heels it is not advisable to wear them while driving, the heels can interfere with your ability to move your feet from the accelerator to the brake.

Putting on heels while driving could cause stress and also reduce the contact and pivot point for safe reaction time.


Work boots are those large boots used at a refinery, sites, etc and they can cause impediments while driving and they can be very tricky while you are driving with them, and wearing them could make it hard for you to feel the pedals.

No shoes- driving without no shoes can be pretty dangerous because you would have no means to share or offer the force required for your feet to engage in the brake evenly plus your feet could get all sweaty or slippery after some time which could affect your pedal grip.

Try as much as possible to at least put on some shoes while driving.

Do driving shoes make any difference?

Are Vans Good Driving Shoes?

To find out if driving shoes make any difference? Of course, they do. One would always go for shoes that can have that firm grip on your car braking and accelerating system and also be comfortable at the same time.

Right from the start, shoes are one of the most important we humans wear because they help keep your feet dry, protect your feet from those harmful objects and most importantly they help you press the pedals well.

Recently, shoe manufacturers have started making shoes for driving. Those shoes have the perfect sole that makes it comfortable for you to mash your pedals.

Driving shoes give a sole that expands from the down part of the shoe to the heel to provide a smooth and perfect movement.

Are they special shoes for race driving?

For those people that love taking their car for racing at the weekends or for those people that are professional race drivers, there is always a specific type of shoe that is required for you to wear to feel comfortable with the pedals.

While racing, you would spend several hours on track before getting to the finish line and that can be a bit exhausting for your feet most especially when you put on the wrong pair of shoes. If you have been there, you should be able to testify to that.

Technically, the right pair of shoes for racing plays an excellent role in safety. You know it provides you with a secure grip on your pedals and also protects your feet from extreme burns.

So yes, there are special shoes for race driving and I’d list them for you in this article.

RaceQuip Black SFI Race Shoe

This shoe is one of the most popular shoes that car racers wear while driving and the shoes are made in suede leather plus they have a molded rubber sole that makes it comfortable for you to mash your pedals. They also have nice arch support for your feet.

Sparco Race Competition Shoes

This shoe has an anatomic inner sole and it has suede leather with a breathable mesh panel plus they also have an asymmetrical outer sole with reinforced sides.

G-Force Pro Series Racing Shoes

This shoe ranks 4.4 out of 5 in the customer review and it is one of the best racing shoes you can get for racing. They have radial-grip treaded sole, they are made with carbon fiber and they have laces that are secured below a velcro closure to stop it from losing.

G-Force RaceGrip Mid-Top Racing Shoes

These car racing shoes are also one of the most popular, they are made with suede leather and an exclusive race grip sole. They are lined with fire-retardant cotton, the soles are made of rubber and they have ankle padding for comfort and fit plus they also have fit insoles for arch support.

They rank 4.6 out of 5 on the customer’s review. Isn’t that cool? Sure, it is.

Simpson Racing Adrenaline SFI Driving Shoes

These shoes rank 4.7 out of 5 in the customer’s review on amazon. They have the best of the best soles for comfortable feels on pedals. They also have built-in support.

Normal driving shoes are similar to racing shoes because they have flexible soles to help the driver feel the pedals in a more comfortable manner allowing more exacting control plus most driving shoes have uppers made of soft leather materials for easy foot movement.

How to take care of your driving shoes

Taking proper care of your shoes be it sneakers, suede leather shoes and some other types of shoes is very important for it to last longer and for it not to fade off.

The same goes for your driving shoes, you need to take proper care of them so you can make use of them for a long time. If your driving shoes are suede then cleaning would not be so difficult.

Dust your suede driving shoes with a leather brush

There would always be dirt from the car that has built up in your shoes. So you have to clean your Suede leather driving shoes properly.

Get a suede leather brush and a suede cleaner and scrub little by little till there is no dirt on the shoes. Do not panic, the suede brush would not damage your driving shoes because they are compatible.

If there are any greasy stains on them, take a paper towel, a little bit of baking powder and put it on the stains, leave it till the next morning and use the paper towel to brush it lightly.

Use a dry paper towel to clean your fabrics driving shoes

If your driving shoes are made with normal fabric. it can also be easier for you to clean if they are dirty. You can get a dry paper towel to clean or remove any oil on it.

You can also get a bucket of water, put 2 drops of liquid soap in it and make use of a toothbrush to wash the fabric and when you are done, you can spread it out to dry.

If there are stains on them, you can purchase an anti-stain remover from the store, spray it on the part where the stain is and clean it with a paper towel.


Are Vans Good Driving Shoes?

Vans are good driving shoes no doubt. They are not just fashionable shoes, they are good driving shoes because they are super versatile and their insoles are solid.  They are also of good quality and their insoles are made of rubber.

Honestly, Vans are made of unique features that you do not know, you keep thinking that they are those shoes that you use to drip with your friends and all.

Putting on the right pair of shoes to drive is very important, this is because they keep you away from little accidents that most people face blaming it on the car brand or the street road and all.

Driving shoes make a lot of difference because they help you feel the pedals well and also make you comfortable while driving. Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable while driving?

Everyone wants to feel comfortable, so yeah driving shoes make a whole lot of difference, trust me.

Although, understandably, you can’t wear your driving shoes all the time you can keep them in your car and when you want to drive, you would put them on and when you get to your destination you can take them off and wear your preferred shoe.

I have listed the driving shoes you can purchase online, I hope you find the one you like and purchase. Kindly put down your comments and suggestions in the comment section below.


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