Are Knockoff Crocs as Good?

Knockoff crocs have similar features to the real crocs. They were made almost to perfection, to look like the original crocs.

They share physical features but they are not as good as the original brand. Although they may be cheaper and easily available, they are more inferior to real brands.

They are not made from the same durable, odor-resistant, and comfortable patented croslite material. Some of the knock-offs are not heat resistant and could wear out easily. Some may shrink when exposed to the sun for a long period of time.

Are Knockoff Crocs as Good

Knockoff crocs are not as soft and light in weight compared to the real brands. They are made of heavier rubber material than the original brands. Though, some might not be very heavy; they are just not as light.

Crocs were created such that they fit every foot that wears them. They take the shape of your feet and are so light, that you will barely feel like you are wearing anything and this, the knockoffs lack.

They lack that ergonomic feel the original crocs give and even though they are soft too, they are not as soft.

Real Reasons why knockoffs aren’t as good as the real Crocs?

In terms of quality, comfort, durability, and material in production, the original crocs are way better.

They are not as comfortable

One of the characteristics that stand crocs out among several other rubber-like shoes is the amazing comfort it gives the feet. The presence of the croslite material which was developed for maximum cushioning and extreme comfort aids this.

This is one of the reasons why the demand for them is very high. They are very easy to wear and easy to clean when dirty. They are the best comfort shoes and can be morphed easily into different activities in the day and at night.

They are extra soft and lightweight compared to the knock-offs, making them extra comfy.

Aside from the croslite material, authentic crocs possess something that enables them to achieve this even better and that is the circulation nub.

This nub was created perfectly at perfect angles in the midsole of the croc shoes. They are those tiny projections on the surface of the footbed of the shoe.

These circulation nubs are to stimulate and soothe healthy feet. The nubs create a circulation of blood flow around the feet and massage your feet, giving extra comfort.

They are perfect for flat feet and very comfortable. This is one characteristic that each croc takes pride in.

While some brands have tried to imitate this characteristic, they have still not been able to provide the ergonomic feel that comes with it.

When the nubs are not rightly placed, they could become quite uncomfortable, and most knock-offs have not been able to recreate it perfectly as they tried to imitate the looks of the authentic brand.

The materials aren’t as durable as Croslite material

Authentic crocs are made of croslite material that makes all croc shoes lightweight, durable, slip-resistant, and are UV-resistant. The croslite material is a closed-cell resin material, which is neither plastic nor rubber.

It is very light in weight, discourages sweating on the feet, and is very easy to clean. Most fake crocs are made of rubber that is heavy and can be slippery when stepped on a wet surface.

The bottom sole of most crocs are slip-resistant, giving them extra grip when walking in them on wet surfaces but the fake crocs lack this. They are not as soft as the real crocs and wearing them for long period might not be as comfortable,

Knockoffs aren’t as durable

One amazing feature of the croslite and matlite material used in the production of authentic crocs is their heat resistance and durability quality.

They last very long, do not wear out easily, are very easy to clean, and are odor resistant. They are recyclable and very good for the environment, unlike the rubber materials used in producing fake crocs.

Many rubber materials are not UV-resistant, so when exposed to the sun, they could shrink or wear out. This might reduce the life span of shoes made with them.

Knockoffs are of lower quality

Fake crocs are very cheap and easy to access than authentic crocs but they are not as quality. They are inferior in terms of product finishing, physical appearance, and feel. Authentic crocs are revolutionary.

Mere looking at both the authentic and the fake, it is very possible to think they are the same. It is even possible to wear well-imitated crocs and find it soft too but, the original brand of crocs is produced with better material, they give extra cushion to your feet and last longer.

So, while considering how expensive it is compared to the fake crocs, you would rest assured you will be getting your money’s worth.

Knockoff Crocs that look like real Crocs

Several brands, in the bid to imitate crocs, have created several shoes similar to croc designs.

Well, any croc alternative should have, a rubbery foam that is light in weight, very soft, and provides exceptional cushioning while it absorbs shock and bounces back after every wear.

Many brands have tried to tick some of these characteristics on their list but here are a few;

Bigant Crocs

Are Knockoff Crocs as Good

As close as they could get to crocs without actually looking like crocs, these clogs from Bigant offer an easy slip-on style, a deeply-seated footbed, with a defined heel cup, and some mild arch support all in EVA foam with a slip-resistant sole and an adjustable strap for a nice fit.

Not very bad for a look-alike as they were able to tick many of crocs characteristics and it is very cheap

Teva Hurricane Drift Sandal

Are Knockoff Crocs as Good

This iconic summer camp sandal offers peak nostalgia and twenty-first-century comfort in a rainbow of injection-molded EVA sandals.

It has a contoured heel and toe on the footbed and an adjustable hook-and-loop strap at the ankle to ensure a snug fit. The deeply-etched sole delivers serious traction that can handle easy hiking.

A lot of people described it as “a croc and teva had a baby”. It is lightweight as well and very comfortable too.

FunkyMonkey Adjustable Eva Flat Sandals

Are Knockoff Crocs as Good

This affordable EVA sandal-like Crocs channels Birkenstock style. It has a very comfortable cushy EVA foam with a deep footbed, scooped heel cup, and arch support to spare.

You get the iconic look of Birkenstock and the legendary comfort of crocs. They are quite cheap and great waterproof sandals.

Merrel Hydro Moc Water Shoe

Are Knockoff Crocs as Good

For heavy-duty shoes like crocs, you will find this shoe an amazing look-alike or should I say competition based on function.

Their high rise around the ankle protects your foot, while a 2-millimeter lug sole offers traction on rocky shores, and that articulated heel makes the shoes easy to pry off. The EVA material sole promises comfort on dry land with built-in arch support.

The strap hearkens back to the croc clog’s heel strap, and this one slips over the heel to create a secure fit in rough water. They are very comfortable and lightweight as well. They are very versatile shoes.

Equick Cushioned Waterproof Slide Sandals

Are Knockoff Crocs as Good

These are chunky sandal slides with a high level of cushioning. Unlike other slides, these are extra comfy.

Their nearly two-inch sole feels like you’re wearing a very soft foamy mattress with a 30-degree angle at the toe that creates enhanced ergonomics with every step taken.

This slides checks most on the characteristic list of crocs. They have a raised border around the footbed, much like crocs but not exactly, with a non-slip sole that promises to keep you securely on your feet.

Native Jefferson Slip-on Sneakers

Are Knockoff Crocs as Good

This stylish slip-on sneaker is a functional alternative to crocs that looks more like a crisp street shoe.

They look like court shoes like converse or Adidas, but the EVA build is all comfortable and the built-in drainage holes look like part of the shoe.

They are very easy to clean under running water or with wipes. They are light in weight too and very comfortable.

Other brands include;

  • Funky monkey ultra-soft flip-flops.
  • Clarks Jillian jewel wedge sandals.
  • Yvmurain short rain boots.
  • Sperry original float boat shoe and many others.

They are made mostly of EVA materials, soft, very comfortable, and light in weight.

Why do customers buy knockoff Crocs

Crocs are highly sought-after shoes. Due to their high demand, and the fact that they are not easily available, people have settled for the most available ones they can find in every store nearby.

Since several brands have been able to offer consumers an almost perfect look-alike of the authentic crocs and at a cheaper price, they have opted for the knock-offs instead.

  • Physical appearance
  • Availability
  • The frenzy to have a pair
  • Price point

Physical appearance

Though the knock-offs might not be as quality as the authentic crocs, because they bear a very similar resemblance and functions, customers choose to purchase the fake crocs.

Knock-off brands have been able to produce croc look-alikes in various designs, colors, shapes, and forms, widening consumer options in fashion taste. Since they don’t look exactly the same as the authentic crocs, knock-off brands get away with infringements.

These brands have been able to produce almost any kind of shoe in crocs form, giving customers the choice of wearing their favorite design in a more comfortable material.


Real crocs are only produced in a few countries in the world like Brazil, Vietnam, Italy, China, Mexico, e.t.c. their unavailability in certain countries where the demand is high, cause customers to settle for the knock-offs.

Knockoff crocs are easily available at random places and at random stores, even online stores sell a lot of knockoff brands.

Most times, new croc designs get bought as fast as they got produced and when customers can’t purchase the original brand because they are sold out, they opt for the most available look alike.

The frenzy to have a pair

The popularity of crocs in today’s fashion trend and the desire of people to own a pair as soon as they can also increase the purchase of the knock-offs.

When people with that desperation go in search of a pair and cannot get the original, they opt for the available look-alike.

As long as it looks like crocs, almost feel like crocs, and performs the same function, they seem like the best option for purchase.

Price point

Since authentic crocs are quite expensive and are not very affordable for most people, the cheaper offer made by other brands has become very hard to resist.

Some knock-offs go as low as half the price of the original brands and that makes it very hard to resist a purchase.

Although manufacturers of the knock-off brands may be maintaining consumer satisfaction by making crocs very much available, the fact that zero percent of profits are remitted to the crocs company is a copyright infringement.

They may be providing similar satisfaction in comfort, style, and function, but they are still not the original.

Knock-off crocs are not as quality, as comfortable, or as durable as the authentic brand but they are more accessible to consumers. Wearing knock-off brands, however, will never downgrade how you look in front of other people.

Surprisingly, many of the knock-off brands are very much fashionable, and might be hard to tell if they are different from the original brands, so it might not necessarily be the fault of the customers for purchasing them.

Many brands producing look-alikes are protected from the copyright law since they are not exactly the same as the original and there are no concrete proofs to assume they were copied.

In terms of quality, of course, the original is better but the fact that there are several varieties to pick from with knock-offs gives the knock-off brand a bit of an edge there.


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