Things You Can Do When You Realize You Just Bought Fake Crocs

You visited your favorite online store, to purchase some cool Crocs, only to find out that what you ordered was fake Crocs and not the original.

You are quickly caught up in the web of confusion, trying to blame yourself for not being able to figure out the original Crocs.

At the same time, you are deeply engrossed in thoughts, thinking about the next thing to do.

Crocs can be quite pricey and expensive. It is a hard fact to absorb that you just got what you weren’t expecting.

Can you return fake Crocs after buying them? What if there are no return policies after purchase?

You are finding it hard to come to the agreement that you didn’t waste your money on less durable Crocs.

But, are fake Crocs as good as real ones? If they are as good as real Crocs, there wouldn’t be any need for returning them.

Here are five things you can do when you realize you just bought fake Crocs.

Five things you can do when you realize you just bought a fake Crocs

fake crocs

  • You can call return for a replacement
  • You can give them out as a gift
  • Don’t leave them out in the sunlight
  • You can rock them
  • You can decorate your fake Crocs

Return for replacement

The first thing that comes to the mind of an unsatisfied buyer is to seek a replacement or refund. This also depends on the policies of the store you purchased your store from.

A lot of times, buyers hate the idea of seeking replacement or filing complaints about refunds. Most times when you do, you will have to wait so long to get a reply.

On other occasions, the refund funds might not equal your initial purchasing value.

You might end up joining the long list of buyers, piling up multiple complaints on the web.

But what if you can’t return your fake Crocs? The truth is, fake Crocs are not entirely as bad as we see them.

A lot of Crocs lovers are starting to see fake Crocs as a cool alternative to real Crocs. This includes its affordable prices and the comfort it offers. If replacement doesn’t work, living with your Crocs ain’t a bad idea.

Don’t leave them out in the sunlight

You’ve finally settled with the fact that you cannot return your fake Crocs. What can you possibly do with your Crocs since you are them?

Fake Crocs shrink faster in the presence of heat. Unlike original Crocs which are components of croslite material, fake Crocs are made of rubber.

Because of the overall structure of rubber, heat alters the entropy of rubber, making it shorter or longer than normal.

Leaving your fake Crocs out in the sun for so long will cause it to shrink. You will not love to have a fake croc that swiftly becomes unfit for your feet.

Rubber is an elastic material. As a result of thermal expansion, the particles stretch in the presence of intense heat. You must always put your fake Crocs in a cool and safe place, to retain their beauty.

You can give them out as a gift

You are still not convinced that fake Crocs are beautiful footwear? Well, there are a lot of people that will love one as a gift.

Most fake Crocs are classy, and you will need an extra eye to identify that they are not real Crocs.

If you are strict about wearing only real Crocs, this might become the best opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face.

You don’t need to throw them away because they turned out not to be real Crocs.

A kid in your neighborhood, your favorite neighbor with needs, fake Crocs are cool gifts to hand out to anyone.

You can rock them

Have you tried wearing a fake croc? You’ll be surprised at how they turn out. They are fake Crocs does not entirely imply that they are products of inferior materials.

A lot of companies are advancing in the production of fake Crocs that meet market standards.

This includes the use of croslite resin and breathable soles. The goal is to provide comfort and ensure ventilation.

Most times, the only way people can spot the difference between these cool fake Crocs is by looking out for the Crocs logo.

Some fake Crocs companies have stood out as alternate Crocs brands. You just have to choose the best outfit that matches your fake Crocs and create a bold fashion statement with them.

You can decorate your fake Crocs

I am a fashion freak! If my fake Crocs are not as classy as I want them to be, I can customize them to any design.

From the use of charms to the use of paints, you can customize your fake Crocs. You can use acrylic paint to customize your fake Crocs, or you can use some charms to beautify them.

People will hardly believe that these are the same fake Crocs you got for a few dollars.

You can use the popular Jibbitz to style your fake Crocs, or you can create some DIY ways to decorate your fake Crocs.

Instead of abandoning them, apply some creative techniques to turn them into something extraordinary.

Ways to recognize fake Crocs?

fake crocs

If you can learn how to recognize fake Crocs, you wouldn’t make the mistake of purchasing them in place of original Crocs.

Fake Crocs are not bad purchases, but you should be able to tell the differences.

  • Logo and branding
  • Ergonomic design
  • Verification

Logo and branding

There are rare scenarios where most fake Crocs brands present themselves as the original Crocs brand.

However, you can easily tell the differences through the logo, the brand name, and styling.

The Original Crocs have a crocodile-looking logo on its top surface, towards the right end. It also includes boldly written Crocs on its upper.

The pivoting ‘buttons’ holding the back straps together are also branded. They feature the Crocs logo. In addition, the original Crocs come with a label.

This contains the necessary details of the shoe you purchased (size, material, color, etc). There are marks on the top side of the shoe and its sole.

These words are ‘boulder, Colorado, ‘’.

Ergonomic design

One of the ways that the original Crocs beat competitors is through its ergonomic design.

Crocs shoes have enhanced circulation nubs to ensure high-level comfort for users.

Its croslite-made design provides some level of aesthetics, adding up to provide users with therapeutic advantages.

The goal is to design a lightweight, comfy, user-friendly shoe. Fake Crocs do meet this standard in the same way as set by Crocs. They have slight variations.


Crocs have made it easier for users to verify the authenticity of their shoes by using the Crocs official website. Each croc comes with a unique barcode and color.

Each barcode is distinct to each Crocs model. The colors are also selectively assorted for each model.

You have to verify from the website that you are purchasing the right Crocs.

Different names Crocs are called

Naming and branding pass a peculiar message for each firm. Crocs have quickly grown to evolve through different phases.

Crocs are called different names, which have peculiar meanings. This explains what Crocs stand for and what they are.

  • Boat shoes
  • Clogs
  • Mules

Boat shoes

Crocs are usually referred to as boat shoes. This is because of its design and its ability to ‘walk-in water’.

It is indisputable that Crocs are great choices for beach tours, swimming, showers, or any aquatic adventure.

They have an easy-to-dry texture and a comfy overall design that doesn’t retain water.

Crocs have air holes and ports that ensure ventilation and breathability.

You wouldn’t have water stored in your shoes even after a long swim. They will easily pass through the openings.

For maximum user satisfaction, they come with a slip-resistant feature that maintains strong traction and allows a firm ground grip.

It replicates the non-marking soles of popular boat shoe brands. The concept behind calling Crocs, boat shoes is because they provide high-level traction even on wet surfaces.


There is an unending argument on the use of the words “crocs” and “clogs”.

Both are alternatively and similarly used in one line, that a lot of people feel they are different things.

Although,   is the company that designs clogs for sellers and end-users. A lot of people fail to make a clear difference between these two.

With the fast speed which Crocs are developing, most people find it less comfortable to refer to them as clogs,

Ideally, clogs have different fitting and styles. From fun wears to professional footwear, there are clogs/crocs for you.

Don’t get surprised when you hear someone refer to Crocs as clogs, they mean the same thing.


It sounds funny to see people refer to Crocs as mules. But we can’t deny the fact that it is also called that.

Probably, the reason why people refer to Crocs as mules is that there are mule-like looking Crocs. Open toes, enough space to accommodate your toes, with a slightly elevated heel.

As Crocs production kept evolving in the 2000s,  they adopted a new production style, which gave birth to the Crocs mule shoes.

While these bear similar structures to the initial Crocs design and structure, Crocs mules were exclusively made for adults and kids.

The primary purpose for mules was for gardening, sightseeing, or beach touring

Why you should try out fake Crocs

You want to buy fake Crocs, but you need some convincing facts that will make you see some good about owning a fake croc.

Here are four reasons why you should buy fake Crocs:

  • Fake Crocs are affordable
  • Most fake Crocs are made of similar materials
  • Fake Crocs are also comfy
  • Fake Crocs stretch and shrink like authentic Crocs

Fake Crocs are affordable

You don’t need to break a bank just to purchase some pairs of Crocs.

One of the fantastic things about fake Crocs is that they are affordable. You can get a good fake croc, half the price of real Crocs.

Some fake Crocs brands like Amoji, Beslip, and Hobiwear are swiftly growing to provide high-quality crocs that match market needs.

All at affordable prices. Instead of spending up to $34 – $58 for Crocs, you could get similar fake Crocs for $13.09 – $30.

This is roughly half of the initial price. You get cool value at a cheaper cost.

Most fake Crocs are made of similar materials

One of the factors that original Crocs used in beating fake Crocs are in their choice of materials. It is a widespread rumor that fake Crocs are made of inferior materials.

Most fake Crocs are stepping up their games to ensure that users get great value at a cheaper price.

This includes the use of EVA non-slip soles. This ensures that these fake Crocs are resistant to slips and offer users a strong grip.

With the new designs rolled out in the market, you might find it difficult to differentiate between a fake croc and a real croc.

From moves to replicate croslite resin and minimize the use of rubber, fake Crocs have stepped as a major competition for original Crocs. You can get great quality fake Crocs that are durable.

We refer to them as fake Crocs, but it does not mean that they are of inferior materials that are a threat to your health.

From the use of firmly fitted pivoting straps, fake Crocs are rising to meet the expected standards.

Fake Crocs are also comfy

Are fake Crocs good for your feet? Fake Crocs are not as bad they sound.

Judging from my experience with fake Crocs, mine feels like wearing warm slightly thick foam around.

To make it more amazing this fake croc also has an odor-reducing feature.

I would wear them with socks or without socks, and not feel any pain. You would love to own fake Crocs.

Fake Crocs stretch and shrink, just like the authentic Crocs

One of the beautiful things about Crocs is that you can mold them to a new shape.

Just like the original Crocs, fake Crocs also stretch and shrink. This depends on the technique used for the process.

Even on a rubber material, in place of croslite, fake Crocs can easily shrink or stretch in the right condition.

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