How Do Fake Crocs Look Like? (Find Out in 2023)

Crocs are one of the most comfortable and durable brands of shoes that you can ever purchase in the market today.

The shoes made by Crocs, Inc. have come to be highly respected and revered by people all over the globe because of their comfort, balance, ease, durability, and affordability.

Due to how functional and awesome these shoes really are, many people love to patronize Crocs, Inc. and get their own pair of comfy footwear for everyday wear.

How Do Fake Crocs Look Like
A collection of fake Crocs

However, these days, the purchase of original Crocs has become quite a hassle for the customers due to the high rates of fake crocs being marketed and sold on both online and offline platforms.

The management of Crocs, Inc. has repeatedly issued warnings to the manufacturers of these fake shoes claiming to be their legit products, and they even go-ahead to sue many of these defaulters, but this hasn’t however truly stopped the influx of fake Crocs into the fashion markets worldwide.

In order for you to be sure of the authenticity of the Crocs you have bought (or want to buy), there are some pointers here that will be thoroughly analyzed for you so that you know exactly if you are putting your money in the real thing or not.

Ways to know how a fake Crocs looks like

Fake Crocs are not that hard to identify and pick aside once you have a really good idea of what the true Crocs shoes look like.

The inauthentic Crocs sold these days are obviously of inferior quality and most don’t last as long as the shoes made by Crocs, Inc.

There are some indicators that customers can use to identify fake Crocs shoes at a short glance. These indicators are:

  • The Material And Design of The Crocs.
  • The Smell of fake Crocs is different
  • The Location of The Manufacturer.
  • The logo of fake Crocs is different
  • Fake Crocs are packaged differently
  • The Crocs Price and Information Tag/Labels.
  • They are not as durable
  • The Fake Crocs Brand Information on The Shoe Soles.
  • The Presence or Absence of Ankle Straps.
  • New Crocs come in pairs with conjoining hangers.

Different material and design

What do fake Crocs look like
A collection of fake Crocs

Fake Crocs are mostly designed using cheap rubber and/or plastic materials which don’t even measure up to the wonderful designs that Crocs produce using Croslite.

Croslite is very light and balanced, unlike the materials used to make the fake shoes masquerading as Crocs.

The original Crocs shoes are made using a specially-engineered material called Croslite which helps to make Crocs so comfortable.

Croslite is a foam-resin mix, also known as PCCR (Proprietary Closed-Cell Resin), which has no pores in it that would leave traces of sand/dust on the feet after wear.

Croslite helps Crocs shoes to have all the comfort, flexibility, odor-resistance, durability, water-resistance, and slip-resistance that they have today.

This special material is the biggest difference between the real Crocs and the fake Crocs sold in the market.

Apart from the huge difference that using a different material brings to the design, fake Crocs often use shapes that are alien to the normal kind of circular shapes that real Crocs feature on the top of their shoes.

The fake Crocs being distributed today often get manufactured with ugly-looking shapes that give a bad name to the brand.

Crocs, Inc. often sticks to its regular circle shape and Croslite material for making its shoes, therefore, if you see and/or feel something other than these, then it is a good indicator that those Crocs are most likely fake.

The Smell of fake Crocs is different

The Croslite material used to produce original Crocs shoes is odorless due to the awesome odor-resistance technology that was created to keep your feet and shoes fresh and clean as you wear them throughout the day.

Original Crocs don’t smell and they also prevent your feet from smelling even when you sweat on a hot day. This is because of the Croslite which prevents bacterial and fungal growth that can cause smells to worsen.

Fake Crocs, which are mostly seen to be made from rubber or plastic, cannot prevent bad smells from emanating from the shoes anytime you wear them due to the inferiority of their materials.

If you perceive a chemical smell (or adhesive) when you buy a new pair, you can be sure that those shoes are fake shoes pretending to be authentic Crocs.

The location of the manufacturer 

Authentic Crocs are made in China, Canada, Italy, Vietnam, Mexico, and the United States of America.

If your Crocs are said to be from a location that is different from the ones just mentioned, those are certainly fake Crocs made by a poser.

The location of the manufacturing company is always readily available on the price tags and labels with the new shoes and on the Crocs themselves once you examine them well enough.

Fake Crocs often don’t have this information in an accurate form that is similar to how real Crocs look like.

The Original Crocs look this way:


Original Crocs

Fake Crocs, like the ones below, don’t even normally have the information concerning the country they were manufactured in. See this:

How Do Fake Crocs Look Like
Fake Crocs

The logo of fake Crocs is different

The Crocs Logo is a Crocodile called “Duke”, named after one of the founders of Crocs, Inc. Duke appears as a logo on different parts on the Crocs shoes and the logo is also glued on the shoes as an application and/or affixation.

The Original Crocs Logo is clearly recognizable and the Crocodile in it (Duke) has six humps with the fourth hump being slightly larger than the other humps.

Duke also has two arms with three fingers on each of them. You should know all these details in order for you to identify fakes and forgeries.

See the Original Crocs Logo:

The logo is actually the easiest way you can know if the shoes you are looking at are fake or not. Crocs, Inc. often places its logo at the bottom of the adjustable ankle straps on its shoes.

If you don’t see the logo there, or you see it somewhere strange, those shoes are definitely fake Crocs.

Most fake Crocs don’t even feature the official Crocs logo as they do not have the rights and permissions to do so.

Original Crocs shoes will always have a bright and precise logo button on the surface of the footwear, while fakes usually just have a sticker placed anywhere on the shoes.

How Do Fake Crocs Look Like?
Fake Crocs logo
What do fake Crocs look like
Fake Crocs logo
What do fake Crocs look like
Fake Crocs logo

Fake Crocs are packaged differently

A quick indication for you to know if your pair of Crocs is authentic or not is the way they are packaged for you once you buy them.

Real Crocs are not sold inside just any kind of packaging (like a cardboard package), Crocs are supposed to be sold inside a Crocs-branded bag that will carry some company information.

The original Crocs packaging for newly-bought Crocs look like this:

Original crocs packaging

These branded Crocs bags are either going to be transparent plastic bags, or they are going to be made of white paper.

Either way, they will carry the Crocs company brand and seal, ensuring that you have made a quality purchase.

Fake Crocs don’t come with these kinds of excellent packages at all. They usually come in the kinds of packages that don’t represent the true Crocs company at all.

The Crocs Price and Information Tag/Labels

Once you purchase a pair of Crocs for the first time, a tag should be attached to each of the pairs of the Crocs you have bought.

The tags and labels attached to these authentic Crocs are one of the best and reliable ways to tell if your new shoes are fake or not.

These labels have warnings and terms of usage for the shoes and the shoe-wearer, most fake Crocs don’t even have labels to start with.

However, just so you don’t run the risk of falling for forgers, you should be aware of the complete list of all the information that should be on the labels and/tags affixed to your new Crocs.

The labels of true Crocs have the following information on them:

  • Model
  • Size
  • Barcode
  • Colour
  • Product code
  • Country of manufacture
  • Fit

You should also scan the barcode of the Crocs you have bought in order to be doubly assured of the authenticity. Barcodes of authentic Crocs can be confirmed on the Crocs website.

Once you search for the barcode, you should see the patent and full information of the shoes you have bought. If you don’t get a result from this search, then the shoes you have bought are not real Crocs at all.

Fake Crocs are not as durable 

Durability is one of the sure-fire ways to know if your pair of Crocs are fake ones or products that are truly authentic.

If your pair doesn’t last you for as long as a regular pair of Crocs are supposed to last (3 years), then those Crocs are certainly fake.

When you get fake Crocs, not only are you not sure of how long they would last, you will also be facing a lot of wear and tear and loss of design quality due to how ineffective and improper they are for everyday wear.

Authentic Crocs last longer than fake Crocs; that makes them really worth every penny that you spend to get them.

The Fake Crocs Brand Information on The Shoe Soles

What do fake Crocs look like

You should always look for the little details concerning the brand information of the Crocs you are considering buying before you buy them. Fake shoes claiming to be Crocs never get all of the brand information on them the right way.

For true Crocs, there is the Crocs Company Lettering that is either written in small letters or capital letters. If you notice that there is a mixed spelling (like Crocs – instead of CROCS or crocs), then those are certainly fake Crocs

Apart from the Crocs Company Lettering, other brand information on authentic Crocs includes their official website ( and the location of the Crocs Headquarters (written as Boulder, Colorado) which is located under the new shoes you have gotten.

You should also see another Crocs Logo in the middle of the Crocs’ soles along with information about the size of the shoes and the manufacturer.

The Presence or Absence of Ankle Straps

Big fakes of the Crocs shoes don’t come with the notable Crocs ankle straps that are meant to support the feet as you move around in your comfortable shoes.

Most manufacturers of these fake products neglect to add the ankle straps to the fake Crocs because they want to cut down on production costs.

Real Crocs always come with ankle straps, unless previously stated by the main manufacturer before the release of the shoes.

Ankle straps help to prevent your feet from slipping off the back of the Crocs whenever you wear them in pools, beaches, showers, and other wet places.

New Crocs come in pairs with conjoining hangers

Please note this final indication very carefully because it can be one of the quickest ways for you to spot fake Crocs with one glance.

When you see original Crocs on display, there are usually supplied and sold together with a hanger that features the company’s logo and other associated brandings.

If your pairs of Crocs aren’t conjoined with a Crocs-branded hanger, then they are most likely fake shoes that you shouldn’t waste your money and/or time on. It is much better for you to get yourself a pair of original Crocs that will serve you better in the long run.


Fake Crocs are rampant in the market today due to how many orders are being made worldwide by people who want to get these really comfortable shoes.

Over 300 million Crocs have been sold in the market as we speak and more are still being purchased up till this point.

The price of the Crocs should be one of the first indicators that people should use to know if they are getting the real thing or not. Crocs, Inc. has the official prices for its footwear posted all over the internet now.

If you see anything other than what the official prices indicate, you should be very wary of those shoes and their distributor.

The best thing for true customers of great Crocs shoes to do is to make sure that they don’t patronize the bad people who tamper with the reputation of a long-standing and reputed brand by associating their inferior shoes with the actual Crocs being sold.

Crocs will always remain the brand that customers and shoe lovers around the globe turn to whenever they want comfort, durability, flexibility, and functionality in a pair of shoes. Fake Crocs don’t give all the satisfaction that a true pair of comfy Crocs can give and more.

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