How Can You Tell If Crocs Are Fake

There are two major things I love crocs for – Comfort and support. And these are actually the factors that make Crocs a popular brand of lightweight foam sandals.

How Can You Tell If Crocs Are Fake

Crocs, over the years, are worn by basically anyone who spends the most time on their feet with the inclusion of beachgoers, doctors, and nurses.

Original Crocs Vs Fake: How to spot fake Crocs

Before we go into the in-depth details on how to identify fake crocs, the table below will show you a hint on what I am about to unveil to you in this post. The table easily explains the striking difference between fake and original crocs shoes.

Features Original Crocs Fake Crocs
Label Comes with an attached crocs label with details on the model, color, fit, product code, size, and country manufactured. Comes with no tag attached to the two pairs of the shoe
Name Has the crocs company lettering either in small or capital letters. Has the crocs company lettering in mixed spellings
Logo The Duke crocodile logo is clearly recognizable and has six humps – the fourth hump must be slightly larger than the other humps. Not exactly as the crocs logo on original ones. Most times the logo is not easily recognizable
Material Made from crosslite, odorless material Can have a smell of chemicals that feels like rubber or plastic
Packaging Sold inside a crocs branded bag featuring the company logo Usually sold in a cardboard package or sold without any package
Size Comes in the exact size that was stated on the show Usually comes in sizes smaller than what is stated on them.

Judging from the popularity of the shoe, it is no news that there are myriads of fake crocs out there that is not up to the standard of the original ones made by the manufacturers of crocs.

The worse part is that the fake ones could look carbon-copy of the original ones, making it difficult for one to tell whether the crocs one is about to buy are fake or not.

Well, my first mistake buying fake Crocs, I am here to tell you that you can spot imitation Crocs, but only when you know what to look out for in the original ones.

Full details on how to identify fake crocs from original ones

Once you know the exact things to look for in original crocs, it becomes easier to detect a fake one or one made with forgery. So here are the important features that are usually alternated when fake crocs are being made.

Crocs label

How Can You Tell If Crocs Are Fake
Original Crocs
Fake Crocs

First of all, you need no one to tell you that a croc shoe is fake or original when there is no Tag attached to each pair. There should be an attached tag and should come with information about the importer.

What you will usually find in the sticker label on the tag is information regarding the model, the color of the crocs, the product fit, the product code, the size of the crocs as well as the country of manufacture.

Crocs company customization

How Can You Tell If Crocs Are Fake

When you take a closer look at crocs shoes, the original ones, you will observe that they have the crocs company lettering either in small or capital letters.

So if you are about to buy a new crocs and it has mixed spelling like “Crocsâ€, just know that it is fake.

The Crocodile Logo “Dukeâ€

Going deeper into details, an original crocs shoe should have the original crocodile logo that is clearly recognizable and has six humps. Also, in the original ones, the fourth hump from above must be slightly larger than the other humps.

The logo is a very easy way to spot forgery because the original logo is printed in different places on the Crocs shoes.

The logo crocodile must also have two arms, each with three fingers. Once you notice that none of any of these are missing in the crocs, understand that you are about to buy a fake product.

How Can You Tell If Crocs Are Fake


The smell of the Crocs shoes

Original crocs shoes are made from crosslite, this material is odorless. So If you can perceive a chemical or adhesive smell or the material, that makes you think the shoe is rubber or plastic, that is a fake croc and not original.

Check underneath your crocs

Underneath your original crocs, there should be the words “boulder, colorado†alongside a comma. Take note of this.

Fake crocs: Colorado is not spelt correctly.

Ultimately, the material of the crocs shoe

Lastly and probably most importantly is the material of the crocs shoe. More can be said on this because it is easy for one to fall for the looks of the crocs shoe without knowing it is fake.

As I mentioned earlier, original crocs shoes are made from Crosslite.

Just incase you don’t know what Crosslite means, it is a patented foam-resin mixture, and sometimes called PCCR (Proprietary closed-cell resin).

It is unique in the sense that there are no pores and it is smooth and even material that is light. Also take note that all original crocs shoes will have the Crocs logo in the middle of them, alongside the information concerning their size.

On the material, original crocs are sold inside a branded bag – hanger- that features the company logo. Those ones sold in cardboard packages are usually fake ones.

Their branded bag is either a transparent plastic one or a white paper.

Are Crocs on Amazon fake?

The crocs you will find on amazon are usually reliable and from the manufacturer. You should know that crocs have been in the shoe production business since the year 2003. so if at all you come across any crocs on amazon that is sold older than that year, know it is a fake Crocs.

Again, if you are browsing through amazon, and you come across crocs shoe that does not state that it is odorless, then know that you can not be entirely sure they are actually crocs.

Most of the crocs I have seen on amazon do not include rivets with the word. Even on any other online store site, you should not pay attention to Crocs that are made with rubber that are heavy and can be slippery.

There are authorized retailers who sell crocs on amazon, and this can be trusted to a great extent.

All in all, you have not a problem with coming across fake or original crocs on any online store, as long as you already know how to identify a fake one from original crocs.

You can go through the Crocs Catalogue on Amazon HERE.

FAQS on Fake Crocs

Are Crocs made in China original?

Most people want to know if the crocs made in china are original, probably because they fear the situation of eventually wasting money on a cheap one. Well, crocs are manufactured in the United States, Canada, China, Italy, and Mexico.

However, bear in mind that crocs have only been in shoe production since 2003, just as I mentioned earlier.

So be it manufacture in China or otherwise, the pair of shoes is fake if it is older than the year.

Are Fake crocs as good as real crocs?

Definitely NOT!

You can’t match the value of fake crocs with that of original crocs. Some of the ways fake crocs are not as good as real crocs include:

The size: when you are about to buy crocs, you consider if it is going to fit your regular shoe size by checking the size that is printed on the sole and written in the product description. But the case of fake crocs, it is usually smaller in size compared to what’s printed on the sole.

The Material: When you buy the original crocs you will see that it is very lightweight, durable, and slip-resistant. On the other hand, Fake Crocs are usually made with rubber that are not only heavy but will also slip off when stepped on a wet surface.

The color: Just so you know, there are only selected colors available for every original Crocs shoe model out there. The color adds to the overall functionality. When you see that the color of the Crocs shoes is not listed on crocs website, it is a fake.

What to do when you buy fake crocs?

So what if you are reading this article a little too late? Perhaps, you have spent money on fake crocs without knowing? So what do you do when you buy fake crocs?

Throw it away and let your money waste just like that? I do not think that is cool.

When you buy fake crocs, it is okay to feel that they are not worth wearing out. So you might start with converting them into full-time gardening or yard shoes.

You can also use them as craft drawer organizers, or cute plant holders. Cute, isn’t it?

As the very least, no matter how you choose to eventually use the fake crocs, you are keeping them out of a landfill for as long as possible.

Do not be limited to these ideas only. You can also come up with other creative ways to use your fake or even worn-out Crocs

Should you stop wearing crocs?

Even with all my contributions in forums on the great sides of using crocs, there are still some who would not want to wear crocs or have chosen to stop wearing Crocs.

Well, to me, the only reason why I would want to stop wearing a particular croc shoe is probably when I have outgrown the size of the crocs, or I realize it is fake.

As long as the crocs are original, and it serves their full purpose of stability, durability, comfort, and elegance, you should not stop wearing the crocs.

Nevertheless, there are some considerable reason why people stop wearing crocs and these reasons are;

The price: this is probably one of the hugest reasons why one would say “I am going to stop crocs†Yes, I do agree that crocs are relatively expensive.

But when you consider the long-lasting durability of the original material which will never go out of shape and will not break or peel or fade, you will realize they worth the price.

The uses: I can say that the use of crocs as footwear is a little be complex. Unlike other shoes that can be worn for just a particular general-purpose, crocs are made for kitchen hands, and then some are made for nurses and others for tradesmen and drivers as well as boats.

In other words, not all styles are full of holes, but the holes allow sticks and stone to enter. But it is very easy to remove the stones, even without removing the Crocs. It is these slight things that people rant on that they should stop wearing crocs.

To burst your bubble, I have been wearing crocs for over three years now and I have never slipped over or tripped up while wearing them. So I do not think they are dangerous and should not be worn

Style of design: some will say that they walk with crocs that are covered in heavy mud and make their legs ache. Well, original crocs are designed to be lightweight.

This means that the mud should drop off easily. And for the issue of heavy mud sticking underneath the crocs, the soles are thinner than other shoes that allow you to have a comfortable surface you walk on.


So, we have finally come to the end of this post and I hope you have learned A LOT about identifying fake crocs. Crocs are really nice pairs of shoes, and you get to realize this by yourself only when you are able to cop an original one.

So we have been able to look at the different features that are always present in original crocs, but usually forged and altered in fake ones, which includes the logo, label, material, packaging, and even down to the smell of the crocs.

You have also seen how you can pick original crocs when shopping on online stores like amazon.

That’s all this article will take for now.

If you have any contributions to the above-listed ways to tell if Crocs is fake or original, you can hit the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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