Are Crocs Bogota Waterproof?

Unlike many crocs styles, the Bogota design is characterized by genuine leather uppers for a rugged, masculine look.

One of the questions asked by many buyers of this design is whether or not the leather upper, and other parts of the footwear, are waterproof.

The Croslite sole of Crocs Bogota is waterproof, and they dry quickly with no shrinkage. As for the leather upper affixed to the main rubber, it is NOT waterproof, but it handles getting wet and drying out quickly.

Are Crocs Bogota Waterproof

How did I get to know this?

I recently ditched my Classic clogs for a brand new Bogota but was conflicted on maintaining the leather upper of the footwear. To test it, I intentionally poured liquid on the upper of the slip-on, and it got soaked immediately after the water contacted it.

However, I went ahead to dry them in the sun, and they dried quickly with no shrinkage.

P.SCrocs styles like Bogota aren’tt ideal to wear during harsh conditions like rain or snow

If you get original Bogota crocs, you can rest knowing that the upper is genuine leather, and the stitching will appear well done.

What differentiates Crocs Bogota from Classic Crocs?

Are Crocs Bogota Waterproof

While both styles suit the same demographic and appeal, some notable differences between Crocs Bogota and Classic clog spans usage, appearance, comfort, and durability in selected conditions.

A good point to start is from the obvious. A look at the upper of “Classic Clog” reveals more holes on the toe of the shoe, in contrast to Bogota designs with just three tiny horizontal holes with affixed leather material.

Generally speaking, the differences that exist between Crocs Bogota and Classic clog include:

  1. Crocs Bogota has just a few horizontal holes on the upper while Classic has multiple small holes
  2. There are not many varied styles of footwear when it comes to Bogota designs, but it is the opposite for Classics which is available in varied style options
  3. Bogota may appeal more to those who love the touch of leather as it gives it a more fashionable appeal
  4. Classics Clogs are characterized by a fully molded Croslite™ material that points at the signature Crocs comfort. On the other hand, Bogota offers comfort too, but its foams feel like they are less sturdy
  5. A look at the heel strap of both designs will reveal that they offer a secure fit. However, some Bogota slippers’ slip-on styles do not come with a strap. Speaking of heels, Bogota is quite higher than regular crocs designs.
  6. Bogota seems to have lighter footbeds than many of the other crocs types in terms of footbeds.
  7. Both crocs designs have durable nonslip tread patterns underneath for steady walking. However, Bogota shouldn’t be used in conditions like going to the beach.
  8. The classic style has a long heritage of being the iconic comfiest shoe. Whenever Crocs is mentioned, the classic style is probably the first that comes to mind. On the other hand, Bogota is just another Crocs design with a rather unique aesthetic offering.
  9. Many of the Crocs Classic Clog Shoes out there are Unisex even withMen’ss Sizing, as they offer up plenty of versatile styles. Bogota may be as generously roomy and ultra-comfortable as Classics, but the suitability of many of its styles tilts to the male than the female counterpart.

It would have been a downside for Crocs Bogota when the issue of “Easy to clean, and quick to dry” is raised because of the leather upper affixed on it. However, the manufacturers must have considered this when producing the design.

Crocs classics can be easily cleaned since the entire body of the footwear is waterproof and dries quickly. If you are not careful enough to buy the original Bogota, you might end up purchasing one that will soak in too much liquid when it comes in contact with water.

Counterfeit products like that can even shrink when you expose them to the sun for drying, thereby making it tighter for your foot than the initial size.

Nevertheless, Bogota Crocs offer as much protection, arch support, and comfort for your feet as flip-flops. Waterproofing isn’t the only angle of comparison you should look at when deciding to buy a new Crocs Bogota, anyway.

Let me show you some other reasons why you’d want to consider the footwear and forgo other boring crocs styles.

Why should I buy Crocs Bogota?

Crocs Bogota is among the most recommended styles for the brand to rock, for a good reason. If you are tired of the boring traditional crocs styles, this Bogota design offers a variety of aesthetics – its unique selling point.

This is provided without letting go of the versatility associated with every crocs footwear. Bogota, in this connection, is very functional and totally fashionable now.

I know there are various opinions on the latter, but the appearance of Bogota design makes it more matchable when fashion sense is prioritized in a given outfit.

Aside from these, Crocs Bogota is also known for its durability. With the leather upper in the exemption, resin material found in the composition of the footwear makes them waterproof.

Also, Bogota is not like every croc that is baptized, with 13 holes on the top of each pair. I know that the holes help with ventilation and customization using charms, but such features are not sacrificed in Bogota designs despite the absence of those holes.

Final thoughts

Normal classic crocs can be worn out in the water or during the rain. But there is always a place to think twice when wearing certain croc designs like the Bogota. This is because the footwear has an affixed leather upper which is not waterproof, but it’s a good thing that it dries very quickly.

They are also easy to clean like every other crocs design using soap and water. Overall, I think many people buy Bogota for three main reasons: Soft, Comfortable, and different appearance that stands out.


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