How to Make Rubber Jibbitz for Crocs (3 DIY Ways)

Have you ever worn crocs that are super cute and attractive? Jibbitz can give your crocs the wow look you’ve been looking for, especially when you fill your croc holes with them.

Official Jibbitz are quite expensive and do not have varieties of options that may suit your style, so you might want to consider making your own Jibbitz.

Crocs are in styles, they’ve been in styles for long and people have always loved to customize their outfits. People have been making a living from customizing outfit and customizing crocs with Jibbitz is not an exception.

Crocs charms range from movie characters to cartoon characters. Each of these charms will fit into your crocs holes such that your personality would reflect through your feet.

3 different ways to DIY your rubber Jibbitz

How to Make Rubber Jibbitz for Crocs

There are several ways to make your Jibbitz, these methods are quite easy and do not require any special procedure. You can make your Jibbitz to your desired design that suits you. All you need to do is choose any of the methods below that suits your style or taste.

The thing you would need to make your rubber Jibbitz

It is cheaper and very easy to make your Jibbitz yourself, there are some things you need in order to get a nice Jibbitz.

To make your own rubber Jibbitz you would need to get some essential materials that would suit your style and make your crocs unique.

These materials can be gotten from Amazon at very affordable prices, below are the materials alongside their Amazon links:

Using glass stone

  • Get your designs/images for all the croc holes either by downloading them or getting them from Amazon
  • Cut out the designs/images you want to use using your paper cutter. Be careful not to give them rough edges while doing this.
  • Get glass stones for each of the images you would like to use for your croc holes
  • Apply a little drop of diamond glue or E6000 glue to the image
  • Apply your glass stone on the top of the image gently
  • Repeat the process for the rest designs and let them dry
  • Attach each glass stone to your croc holes
  • Repeat the process for your other croc.

Using beads

  • Get several beads of your choice i.e different patterns and letters
  • Use your wire to measure from one end of the croc to the other
  • Cut the wire to the preferred length
  • Use your beads to make whatever beautiful design you want using the wire
  • Measure the gold chain a bit longer than the wire measurement
  • Cut it using your plier
  • Attach the gold chain to the wire and add a few more beads
  • Attach the lobster clasps to each side of the wire using your plier
  • Close up the necklace in the process
  • Glue your magnetic clasp to the crocs side using your E6000 glue or any strong glue for a firm hold
  • Repeat the process for the next croc

You can get the tutorial for this video on YouTube for a better understanding of the steps:

Using shrink film

  • Print out designs, images, or characters you want on your shrink dink film
  • Pop them out carefully
  • Place them in the oven for about 120 seconds before bringing them out
  • Let them cool
  • Apply the resin to the designs
  • Place a UV lamp over them for about 90 seconds or more till they dry.
  • Attach them properly to each hole on your crocs.

For a better understanding of this step, you can watch the process on YouTube:

Why you should make your own Jibbitz

Jibbitz are used to customize Crocs and it is very necessary to make your own by adding your own touch and style to your crocs.

This is because the charms can be used to showcase your style and personality and you can personalize whatever you want however you want it.

Gives your Crocs a customizable feel

Making your own Jibbitz and using them on your crocs can give your crocs a different look from others, it makes your crocs look more beautiful and fashionable.

Just imagine your white crocs customized using your name and a gold chain across it would look like. It gives the crocs a different look from the ordinary crocs which you bought at first and makes it unique.

Making your own Jibbitz is quite exciting and fun especially when you have the right materials and tools.

Easy to make and less expensive

It is easy and less expensive to make your own Jibbitz, you do not need to have a long plan or so much money to carry out this process, all you do is get your desired charm and other essential materials.

Perhaps, you may not even use all the materials and you still get to keep them all to yourself for other crocs after making one.

You can get your desired charm from an online store and make your Jibbitz from the scratch. This makes you creative and open to various creative ideas.

You should make your own Jibbitz because it takes a very easy process, you are at the liberty to choose any image or write-up of your choice and you can easily change it whenever you wish.


When making your own Jibbitz, you are exposed and free to choose from varieties of options, whatever suits your taste and style. It is way cheaper because you’ll only get the materials which you need, nothing more, nothing less.

Are Jibbitz popular

Jibbitz are designs or charms like gems, beads, letters, characters, images, write-ups, and sayings used to customize Crocs.

Jibbitz are indeed very popular because people use them to show off their personality, nicknames, latest obsessions, hobbies, favorite cartoon characters on their clogs.

They are also popular because they are cheap to get and they vary. The charms are available in various images, letters, numbers, colors, characters, and so on.

Jibbitz are popular due to the fact that in the fashion world, people like to show off their nickname or favorite character or personality on the things they wear.

They customize their shirts, caps, chain either in the hand, neck, or leg, so making their crocs look stylish with some charms is not really are the new thing.

Jibbitz are quite popular especially in places where fashion trends are changing as the year passes. As far as fashion trends are changing and being followed, Jibbitz are also getting popular.

And the good thing is that Jibbitz comes in various styles, designs, and images, everyone, and anyone can wear them.

It suits any personality, gender, or age. It can be used for males, females, young, and old, this implies that anyone can customize their crocs according to their spec.

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